How Fast Can It Happen?

how fast can it happen? Manifesting timelines exploredIt’s a common question among both experienced and new manifesters: how fast can it happen?

I get lit up every time I run across a reminder that it can be instant; or that life transformations can take place in as little as 30 days.

My own personal experience has proven how quickly Universe responds to my shifted vibe:

  • my first pray rain journal entry delivered exactly what I wanted in less than 2 hours
  • my first scripting exercise netted spectacular results in under two days
  • I manifested chocolate out of thin air in minutes
  • I turned around a screwed up dating vibe with a 10 minute visualization that resulted in HUGE success within the hour
  • I’ve willed phone reps to give me good answers while on hold

So I personally know that it can happen FAST.

On the other side, I have a couple of manifesting projects that have been in the works for years.  Literally, years.

What I’ve learned from personal experience as well as working with hundreds of other deliberate creators is that the speed of manifestation is impacted by these things:

  1. how badly we need it (less attachment is better)
  2. how much contrast has been engaged (more is good)
  3. how well we can disengage from current reality (if we’re stuck on ‘w
  4. hat is,’ it’s going to go SLOW)
  5. how much we believe in it

Maybe a smart math person here could put that in some type of formula:

Speed of Manifestation is inversely correlated to level of need (i.e. attachment), exponentially connected to prior contrast, divided by the reality disengagement factor times belief.  ha  (I’m not the smart math person.)

But I am a smart and experienced deliberate creator.

I know that my past contrast works to my benefitwhen I let go of that contrast. (Contrast meaning the “sucky stuff” or the “don’t want” of life.)  That’s why the scripting and journaling worked so quickly – I was coming from huge contrast in both those experiences.

I know that needing results sends a contrary signal to Universe, blocking the very thing I want.  (Which is why present moment appreciation is such a powerful manifesting aid.)

I know that seeing “what is” is also a hindrance to results. (Start seeing what you’re creating, not what you’ve created.)

And I know that the more I believe/expect it, the faster it unfolds.

So to allow for fast manifesting, you want to incorporate these elements as much as possible:

huge desire, little attachment, and a strong focus on and belief in success.

With those elements in play you are guaranteed to turn some heads at your crazy fast manifesting skills!  I’d love to hear your stories of fast manifesting, if you care to share …

  • April 2, 2012
  • ChipEFT says:

    Contrast occurs when you have thoughts or habits of thoughts that run counter to what you want from life. They don’t feel good, which is why you don’t like them and why most people would rather not deal with them.
    This contrast serves you in two ways.
    1) It helps you refine and define what it is you want. For instance if you had no money, the bad feeling you have when you think about it is the contrast. The worse you feel, the more you want to scream, “I want some money.”
    2) The contrast points out thoughts that don’t serve you so you can bring them into alignment. For instance, using the above example, you visualize having the money, but in doing so you notice that every time you get a bank statement or a credit card statement it reminds you how much you hate bankers.
    Since you are aware of the contrast, you find a way to be okay that you hate the bankers and let the hate percolate a little. What comes up is the thought that “the rich get rich on the backs of the poor,” something your mother used to say. Clearly, this thought is in contrast to the idea of making money since you would rather not have to hurt other people to get money. The thought does not serve you.
    Now that you’ve identified that thought, you can choose a thought that serves you better. You might choose something like, “In my world everyone thrives.”
    Of course, these are examples and you will fine your own very specific contrasting thoughts.

  • Steve says:

    Since you didn’t answer my email I’ll see if I can get a response this way.
    Your step #2 says: how much contrast has been engaged (more is good).
    I don’t know what you mean by contrast in this context.
    Further down you say: Contrast meaning the “sucky stuff” or the “don’t want” of life.
    It would seem this is negative stuff and something you would want to get rid of or deal with in some way, but it would be good if it didn’t exist at all.
    Please clarify this for me.

  • ChipEFT says:

    You can’t change what your ex thinks. You can however decide what you want in a relationship and allow the Universe to sort out how it will come about. If it is your ex, okay, but if it is not, you might end up with someone that has all the qualities you liked about your ex, without all the baggage.
    Another point. Although being happy is a good goal, for a person i pain it is a little hard to attain at first. And forcing a happy face can boomerang pretty badly.
    Start just by finding a better feeling thought–and if it feels like relief, relief is always a better feeling thought. Keep finding those better feeling thoughts and before you know it, you will be happy.
    And if you want to get into that good-feeling relationship, you have to do the job of becoming happy first. It is only when you are happy that you will attract the guy you are looking for.

  • S.S says:

    Thanks a million Frank! I feel this is the best solution for me. I already started practicing…I am noticing everything around me and appreciating the moment and whatever it’s bringing just to get my mind of it.
    Another question, my desire is to get back with my boyfriend whom I recently broke up with. As you can imagine I feel pain inside but at the same time i have strong focus and believe in getting back with him. Does that effect create block?
    I am aware that I should try to be thankful and happy but at times the feelings go away.

  • S.S —
    I’ll chime in here because I’m in the middle of a similar situation.
    I’m actually surrounded by what I want more of but don’t know how I can do that (I’m in a very posh hotel room — literally surrounded!).
    The way I’m getting to the place of allowing the way in is to literally talk myself into it. So I’ve been saying things like this:
    “Right where I am is gorgeous and I love how it feels in here and the view out the window and the speed of the internet connection and the amazing shower and the perfection of the bed.”
    “No matter what happens, things are only getting better.”
    “I’m in exactly the right place right now and I know it. I can’t ever go backwards so everything really is getting better and better from here.”
    “I love that I got this far and how easy it is to sit in this luxury.”
    “No matter what happens, it’s all getting easier.”
    “I can see myself here tonight and tomorrow night and the next night.”
    “I can see myself getting to the end of this experience and feeling done with it all.”
    What I’m doing here is looking for thoughts that bring relief.
    Right before I saw that you had posted here, I was in the shower trying to figure out what to do and had the powerful realization that my only job is to pay attention to my vibration and let the Universe (God / Law of Attraction / The Divine) sort out the details.
    Part of what’s working for me is, instead of thinking about what might happen if this doesn’t work out is to take stock of how good things are right now. And they are really good.
    Although you’re not surrounded by your desire physically, you are surrounded by a mass of thoughts that probably feel pretty tangible. My one suggestion would be to go somewhere new (even if it’s just to a store you’ve never been to) and start noticing things to appreciate about that new place. That might not be exactly right for you, but anything you can do to break up your routine would probably be helpful.
    Also — remember that right now is a new moment and that no matter what has happened in the past, what you tried, how long it’s taken… all that is just old news.
    The new story is that you’re awake and alert to the having of your desire and you follow any hunch you’re given and you can be still long enough to receive what you’ve been asking for.
    I’m reminded of an affirmation from Florence Scovell Shinn:
    “My ship comes in over calm seas.”
    All the best!
    P.S. Playing on your nickname, I’m thinking of you as the S.S. Good Stuff!

  • S.S says:

    OMG! I just found this website today and have been reading everyone’s blog, I have the same exact problem as Lori Taylor.My only and major problem is my strong attachment. I can’t seem to let go of the results of my desire what-so-ever. It’s on my mind all day everyday. I tried to keep myself busy by doing things I love,shopping and hanging out with friends, but i just can’t escape the thoughts.
    Jeannette, are you saying that by appreciating what you have right now constantly will help manifest your desire faster and/or does lessen the attachment towards the results?
    Help people.

  • Lori Taylor says:

    Dear Tricia and Namaste,
    Thank-you so much for replying! Your suggestions were fun, insightful and really resonated with me. I’m someone who does well with “homework” or having a definite task to do to keep me occupied, so I love the idea of diving into something else completely for 24 hours, and I like the idea of just celebrating and getting happy now – especially with friends 🙂 I will work on these ideas and let you know how things are looking!

  • Namaste says:

    Lori Taylor,
    The million dollar question, “How do I NOT feel attached to something that I literally can NOT imagine myself without?” Up until a few years ago, the only way I found that worked, when I wanted something as badly as you describe yourself wanting your desire, was giving up in disgust. I was never able to give up in disgust purposely, it just happened after a lot of time passed, and I got sick of waiting for my desire to show up. Then like clockwork, a few months after I gave up in disgust, totally forgot about my desire, it manifested. THANKFULLY, I found another answer a few years ago, which I’ve been testing. I don’t have enough evidence yet to give this technique my personal 100% guarantee, but other than giving up in disgust, it’s the ONLY other solution I’ve found that works (and believe me I’ve looked). What’s the answer? Do what it takes to be happy RIGHT NOW. The happier you are RIGHT NOW, the less attached you will find you are to your desire. Why? Because the only reason you want your desire is to be happier. When you are happy already, you don’t need it anymore to be happy, thus you don’t feel as attached to having it. Would you like to prove this to yourself right now? Go get a bottle of wine (or two), invite some friends over and uncork those bottles. Three glasses in and I bet you are feeling so good that you can FEEL your attachment, to your desire, lessen dramatically. So how to do this without being a drunk all the time? If you are an EXTROVERT, go buy ASK & IT IS GIVEN by Abraham Hicks. Study the emotional scale and use the techniques to get into a happy feeling place everyday. If you are an INTROVERT go buy the book YOUR LIFE IS A GIFT by KEN KEYES. Use the simple, easy techniques to let go of your expectations of the way life should be. Letting go of these expectations, will feel like a huge weight off your shoulders and you will automatically find yourself in a happy mood. And if you really want to get the job done, use both Abraham & Ken, I do. In closing, regardless of what you do, like Tricia-Rennae said, remember that the whole point is to have fun =)

  • tricia-rennea says:

    Lori- try this for the next 24 hours become completely enamoured with something else. Anything really, study rocks, make a char of all the birds you see, create a complete menu for a 3 day cruise, get into details of something and have fun. Do not think too much at all about the big thing. Like cutting things out and gluing? I have some crafty thing to send you, that can be what you do. What it is does not matter as long as it is fun. The results towards what you want after this will ba amazing.

  • Lori Taylor says:

    I loved all the wonderful info shared here. I am desiring something very big right now, and I seem to be stuck on one point. I know that in order to manifest, we need to have little attachment to something. But this is such a big, beautiful desire, and it means so much to me, that I can’t begin to think of how to lessen my attachment to it. I do know that I am hindering it from flowing to me when I feel that I need it. I would appreciate any insight! 🙂

  • Julie B says:

    Melinda! – what a great story! I love these… just goes to show you when you are clear, trust, detach and go about your merry way… wonderful things happen! More! More!

  • Melinda in NC says:

    I have to share something that I experienced last week. One night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I decided to manifest some money the next day. I decided to be specific, so I decided to manifest a check for $5000. I went to sleep really believing that I was going to get a check for $5000 the next day, and I was going to leave it up to the Universe to figure out how it would happen.
    When I woke up the next day, I was excited about the $5000 check and was wondering how it was going to happen (but excitedly and not with doubt or judgment). The whole day I spent in a state of nervous excitement. I really believed it. I FELT it. It was great!
    Later that night, when my ex-husband came to pick up the kids for his custody (every other weekend), he handed me an envelope. In it was a check for $5000+. It was my monthly alimony and child support check! I was surprised because it was early and it was the full amount that he owed me (he has been whining lately about how much he has to pay me and saying he can’t afford it and that he would start paying me less–I don’t go down his sad roads. I don’t want to get sucked into the negativity.).
    So–later on, I figured out that the Universe had come through for me: I had manifested the check. It wasn’t what I had thought(and I think next time I need to get even MORE specific and say that it should be totally new and unexpected), but it truly was a check for $5000. So I’ll take that as a win!
    But next time, I think I will go for more of a non-monthly payment when I try to manifest something specific.

  • Berta says:

    I’ve found the letting go of the object of the manifestation the quickest way to get it. I’m getting better at letting go every day.
    Letting go and getting things at lightening speed on the little things (like see buffalo while driving cross South Dakota on our vacation to visit our kids and connect to the west.) But the big things, like attracting the perfect buyer who loves our property, are harder to let go of. Example: I find keeping the feeling of the call of the realitor’s phone call all the way to the signing the closing documents without getting the needing the buyer vibe in there too. And then when the property comes back into my mind, letting it go and replacing it with the “feeling” (not thought) of “it’s already their’s and they love it” has eluded me.
    On vacations, we’ve gotten those calls from our realitor, and I think that is because we are enjoying the scenery, the audio book, our conversations, and the conversations with those who we meet on our trip. We’re relaxed and “being” in the moment. We forget about those needs, and allow what the Universe has lined up to come.
    My point: little things that are for fun (seeing Buffalo on a road trip) come quick and easy, big things er, um, . . . not going to say it.
    My new maxis: Everything I want comes quick and easy.

  • Pat says:

    Wow, lots of great posts here! I love when instant manifestation happens!
    Thanks to Namaste and Frank for your stories and all the others! such inspiration especially to some specific things I am looking to manifest right now!
    In regards to Swati’s post I have often found that when you are “needy” for something it eludes you, because you are too attached to the outcome. It is the same reason it is so hard to be intuitive or psychic for yourself or a loved one sometimes because you are too attached to the outcome.
    I have explained to many of my students/clients that it is kind of like chasing a cat. The more you chase a cat or try to go after it the more it will continue to run away from you or avoid you. But if you stop (chasing), they will stop, and eventually find their way to you.
    Thanks everyone, enjoyed all the comments, posts, stories etc.
    Blessings, Pat

  • Ben says:

    After letting go of stuff around what I want to achieve, I usually notice signs of it the next day, like coincidences seem to happen in the emails I get, the advertising I get on facebook that are related to what I am working on. It’s very interesting.
    The most important thing is to focus on what your going for consistently and to let go of the things in the way and you will start going towards it!

  • Julie says:

    Oh, I have to especially comment on Namaste’s post and his manifesting stories… LMAO!!! Loved it… glad that story was shared!
    Now off to go walk thru a park and run an errand as one of my intentions last year was to be able to walk out my front door and walk to beautiful places, fun areas, waterfalls and forests. YAY!
    Love to all,
    Julie B

  • Julie says:

    I LOVE THESE STORIES!! THANK YOU for starting this current of high-vibin’ material. I am just basking in this flow of high-vibing content.
    Much love,
    Julie B

  • Tricia-rennea says:

    I agree this is a wonderful thread, it is very inspiring and fun to read about everyone’s instant manifestations, let’s keep this one going! 🙂

  • Wow Susan! There are a lot of goodies in your story! Love how you decided to find a way to feel better… Very, very nice!!

  • Susan says:

    This is a wonderful thread! I’m just loving these virtually instant manifestations. To add to the mix, especially when it comes to positively influencing relationships–this weekend I got into a slight spat with my husband over a party our teenage son was hosting that night. My husband stormed out, although, in my mind, I had done nothing to provoke any negative reaction. Just prior to the argument, I had told my husband that I had tried to purchase some special caramels for my mother for Easter but that the store seemed to have closed. There are virtually no retail outlets and the caramels usually must be ordered online. So . . . after my husband stormed out, I thought, I have a choice. I can feel terrible and have hurt feelings or I can go for my vortex. So, I meditated and then counted out in my head 68 things that make me happy, especially nice things my husband has done. It was almost like a movie of the highlights of my life. When my husband returned, rather than a continuation of the argument, he handed me a box of the caramels that he had found while driving around aimlessly. Apparently there is one of those caramel stores in a nearby town. He said he didn’t intend it, but he just looked up and there it was. I love the way we can turn around a negative situation with 68 seconds of positive focus!!

  • Swati says:

    OMG Stacy, you have got to be kidding me. This is fantastic, man how I wish I can see something like this for real. So cool.

  • One of my favorite stories of instant manifestation involves chips.
    Even though I’m not THAT into chips, the situation and the literally INSTANT manifestation make it so fun.
    One afternoon, I was making myself a sandwich in my kitchen. I thought, “I wish I had some chips to go with my sandwich.” But I didn’t have any in the house and even though the grocery store is all of a mile away I didn’t feel like going to get them.
    Literally as I finished thinking that thought of wanting chips, I hear footsteps on my front porch. No one knocked or rang the bell but I knew someone had walked up there and I could hear them walking down the steps.
    I open my front door to see a FedEx truck backing out of my driveway and I look down to see a box with a logo that had MY name on it. I was a bit apprehensive at first – what the hell was this? I didn’t order anything and why was my name a logo on this box?
    So I bring it in and open it – and it is full of various Stacy’s pita chips! Turns out they were doing a marketing thing and FexExing out sample bags of chips (grab bag/fun size chip bags) to people named Stacy!
    Talk about the Universe lining up things in ways you could never dream of. I usually am not a chip craver – but had that thought. And then had them brought to my door at that exact second. And I guess because I was on that wavelength I heard the footsteps on my porch even though I guess the fedex guy figured no one was home since it was the middle of the afternoon during the middle of the week. And of course I couldn’t have come up with the idea of “I want chips delivered to me via a marketing campaign for having the same name as the owner of the chip company.”
    Even though it’s a “small” thing – manifesting those chips is still one of my favorite manifesting stories.

  • Now that’s a good reason to take more vacations! (Or to bring the “vacation” energy to daily life in more ways.)
    Yay for you, Berta!

  • Tricia-rennea says:

    I LOVE your post. This happens to us often with rooms.
    Here is a fun one, I wanted a room at the Grand Californian that gave a view of the monorail going through it, when we got to our room we were directly above it, we could sit on the patio and watch it go by every day of our vacation. I started jumping up and down, and may have hugged the nice gentleman who showed us to our room. I want that room (or an even better one) next time.

  • Berta Bauer says:

    When my husband and I are on vacation, we seem to get the big things we desire. We both feel its because we let go of needs feelings and enjoy the time off. Really, it getting into play and fun.
    We are leaving for a two week vacation tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see what the Universe is going to bring to us.

  • Glad you found your way here and discovered some inspiration in these pages, Swati! Thanks for posting, too.
    Love the responses you’ve already collected to your question:
    ” … I don’t understand the part where you say the more badly you need something, the less likely it is to come to you. Isn’t this counterproductive in a way because unless I want something real bad, I won’t be able to give really strong emotions and desires to get it. Im slightly confused about that. Usually, I want something really bad, like a job and I give it my intention but it doesn’t come around eventually and im wondering what’s wrong. Maybe you could throw some light on “Speed of Manifestation is inversely correlated to level of need” to make it clearer!”
    Your follow up question is also a good one, so thanks for that, too.
    I don’t have much to add to what’s already been said (thanks, everyone!!), other than just to reiterate that need signals universe for more need. (Since like attracts like.) So a more empowering perspective (or vibration to flow) is that you’re satisfied (or even thrilled) with ‘what is’ and looking forward to more.
    It’s fine to fully expect something is happening – if you can do that without getting attached to those results. Strong knowing is a powerfully aligned signal – but sometimes when we’re trying to get to that vibration we unconsciously create a “charge” or an attachment to those results.
    But we can’t go wrong with appreciating what is, and looking forward to what’s next (more good stuff).

  • Swati says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks, yes that makes sense too. I’ll do that. I realise that at the end of the day resisting any change or situation is something that one shouldn’t do and just go with the flow !

  • Stacey says:

    Also, instead of ending your intention with “if i don’t get it, thats cool too”— you can say, “Thank you Universe, that you’re sending me this or something better.”
    This way you’re not attached to the “how” of your manifestation. Instead you’re open to it showing up the way you initially intended or in an even more awesome way!

  • Swati says:

    Got it, you’re the best !!
    Have a good week 🙂

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    Swati …
    I see where it might be a bit confusing, but here are two ways to look at it:
    1) If you are not able to get to that 100% place of believing/ total trust that the Universe will deliver that specific desire … and let’s face it, even us LOA gurus may have some areas of our life that trip us up at times and we have a smidge of doubt creeping in … those are the times where you have to embrace that attitude of “something even better is around the corner” or “All is well, because I know that the Universe has my back either way!”
    2) I also think that many of us get too caught up in a specific way that we want the Universe to deliver what we desire. But if you really think about it, we are all going after a feeling (of how we will feel when we manifest that desire). And we could feel that way with a gazillion options that the Universe could deliver to us. So, being in that place of “it’s cool if I don’t get this specific option” is not really saying that you don’t trust you can get it, it’s just saying “hey, I trust that the Universe will deliver exactly what I desire and who knows it might be something that I am not even thinking up in this head of mine yet .. and that’s OK .. because the Big U has my back!”
    See what I mean? I have had things manifest in my life in a manner which I never could have figured out with this logical mind. But my total trust in the Universe and my faith in follow my inner guidance, even when the action step seemed a bit “different”, led me to the exact thing that I wanted to experience.
    Hope this helps.
    ~ Maria

  • Swati says:

    Hi Maria, really appreciate you taking out time to answer this 🙂 I do understand what you mean however, I did not know that we can also feel that “if i don’t get it, thats cool too” because Rhonda says one should have full faith and never think “if they dont get it” It should always be like “when i get it…” So do you think it’s okay to keep the “if i dont get such and such thing” thinking…actually it is indeed the practical thing to do but i just wonder if it means you dont really trust the universe to deliver what you’re asking. Just confused.
    Hi Chip.
    This will stay with me “You see the more you want it, the more it emphasizes the belief that you don’t have it.” And dear god, it is really tough to not want something when you practically can’t feel it with you. I’ll try, I get what you mean. Thank you !!

  • ChipEFT says:

    Great answer Maria,
    In the larger scheme of things you are a powerful being of light and love. You create what you want through your thoughts of wanting and from a vibrational standpoint, you already have them. This should be enough, but we have separated ourselves simply by telling ourselves that we are not there yet, that we are not yet beings of light and love.
    It is this separation that leads us to believe that we don’t have what we want. If this belief was all there was to it, when we relax it would show up anyway.
    But we compound the problem by giving emphasis to the lack of having and crating what I call the “Circle of Lies.” It looks like this.
    I really want this!
    But I don’t have it yet!
    I really want this!
    But I don’t have it yet!
    I really want this!
    But I don’t have it yet!
    I really want this!
    But I don’t have it yet!
    You see the more you want it, the more it emphasizes the belief that you don’t have it.
    If you look within, you will find there is a feeling that you expect to feel when you have gotten what you want. Identify that and look around your for all the circumstances in which you already feel that way. Then from where you are, look for the thought or action that feels more expansive (or more like relief). That will be the fastest path to having what you want.

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    Hi Swati …
    I’m not Jeannette, but I am a Law of Attraction coach and just saw your post with the question. I hope you don’t mind if I post an answer to it.
    Wanting something “badly” has a certain type of energy behind it. It’s not rooted in abundance or the feeling of already having what you desire. It’s more of a “lack” type energy … a feeling like “I don’t have this yet, dammit and I want it” … you know what I mean? So, what happens is that we attract what we are feeling, not necessarily what we are saying out loud. You can say “I really want that job”, but it depends on what you are feeling underneath that statement that really matters in the Law of Attraction.
    So, here’s an example. Let’s take the statement above on “I really want that job”, you could be feeling underneath:
    1) Man, I really want that job. I know I’m getting it. Yeah, baby … it’s mine! And if I don’t get it, that’s cool too, because I know something better is around the corner.
    2) I REALLY want that job. If I don’t get that job, I’m screwed. I have bills to pay and I NEED that income now. I sure hope I get that job, or else I don’t know what I am going to do.
    3) I want that job. It would be a really cool job to have. Then again, I know there are so many other jobs that I would love to do too. So, hey, if I get it … great. If I don’t … that’s cool too!
    Now, #1 and #3 are going to set you up vibrationally for getting that job or something even better. But #2 is rooted in the feeling of lack and “not having”, which is going to keep that job and any other for that matter from coming to you until you can relax about it all and release the “need” and attachment.
    Does this help?
    Wishing you a Lovin’ Life rest of the day. And to all of you who celebrate … Happy Easter and Happy Passover!
    ~ Maria

  • Swati says:

    Hi J ! Great post. Just discovered your website and have been hooked on to it for 2 hours now. I’ve read Rhonda’s The secret and the power twice each to try and make sense of the whole law, it works sometimes and does not at others. But I really would like to manifest something in minutes firm my belief in it, because as far as LOA goes, believing is everything. For real.
    Also, I don’t understand the part where you say the more badly you need something, the less likely it is to come to you. Isn’t this counterproductive in a way because unless I want something real bad, I won’t be able to give really strong emotions and desires to get it. Im slightly confused about that. Usually, I want something really bad, like a job and I give it my intention but it doesn’t come around eventually and im wondering what’s wrong. Maybe you could throw some light on “Speed of Manifestation is inversely correlated to level of need” to make it clearer! Thank you!

  • Stacey says:

    Great post Jeannette!
    Fun topic.
    I totally agree, Maria.
    Attachment to the outcome and “needing” it to happen are the main “kinks” to our manifesting vibe.
    Thanks for putting it so succinctly!
    Here are two great posts on letting go (or the attachment part of manifesting):

  • mango says:

    Thanks everyone for clearing up my question about contrast. That really puts it in perspective for me. Am really enjoying reading everyone’s stories.

  • Maria says:

    P.S. This morning I wrote on my blog about another technique that worked for me to pivot the vibe and get un-kinked (it may surprise you … but it sure brought the feeling of “relief” to my vibration yesterday). Here’s the post =>

  • Maria says:

    Great blog post, Jeannette! I should hang out here more!!! 🙂
    My ears perked at “Maybe a smart math person here could put that in some type of formula!”
    You hit the nail on the head with what is correlated with the speed of manifestation! From my own personal experiences, I would say that the attachment to the outcome and “needing” it to happen is the main thing that “kinks” our manifesting vibe. And believe me, I have seen this happen in my own life … I am a really good “kinker” as well as a fabulous quick manifestor as well!!!
    Belief, of course, is another part of the equation. I ask my clients often “do you believe” you can have that and often you hear an answer that is wishy/washy like “yeah …” (with a bit BUT underneath … and I am not talking about the other kind of butt!)
    So, that’s the first place we start with the coaching … uncovering the dis-empowering belief system that they have that STOPS the flow of what they want coming into their life. And yes, we all send many mixed messages. So, uncovering these “mixed messages” and making sure they are all aligned with each other and the ultimate dream, is key to manifesting what we desire in our lives.
    WOW … I could go on and on about this topic. Love it! Thanks again for sharing.
    Oh … and one more thing. When I get in that space of truly deciding that it’s happening, without seeing any ounce of manifestation … but I just know it right down to my bones … that’s a magical place to be … because, IT IS HAPPENING BABY! 🙂
    BIG HUGS and Lovin’ Life wishes to all your followers (and you of course!)
    ~ Maria

  • Leigha says:

    One of my favorite manifesting stories is when I was really not liking my current job as a firefighter and decided a desk job would feel great. I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t apply for any desk jobs, but I gave my two week notice to not be a firefighter anymore and they OFFERED me a desk job. So from 2 weeks of thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if”…it happened!!
    Another favorite one includes pray rain journaling. I received a “bill” in the mail telling me I owed on something that I KNEW I had paid for in full at the time I bought it. Before calling the company I wrote about how nice the customer service was and how easy it was to get everything settled. So when I called, the lady on the phone was so sweet! And then she told me that they actually owed ME money!! Wahoo…it was $135 dollars or something!!! 🙂
    I LOVE this stuff!! 🙂

  • Tammy says:

    I read this yesterday and was thinking of all of my manifestations, and what I haven’t manifested yet and why…so this was all on my mind.
    My daughter called me in a panic, she had lost her eyeglasses at the pitching cage and her father was beyond angry with her….and her next softball game is coming up. Well, I knew she had another pair somewhere but she insisted she could not find them…needless to say she was in high panic mode.
    So on my drive home I felt her relief when she found them…heard the happiness in her voice…just awash in it.
    Sure enough on my way to work this morning I received her text that her sister had found her glasses. I told her I knew that I visualized it yesterday and again this morning.
    So that took about 12 hours.
    Now I feel pumped to visualize more consistently and positively…just plain have fun with it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I read this yesterday and was thinking of all of my manifestations, and what I haven’t manifested yet and why…so this was all on my mind.
    My daughter called me in a panic, she had lost her eyeglasses at the pitching cage and her father was beyond angry with her….and her next softball game is coming up. Well, I knew she had another pair somewhere but she insisted she could not find them…needless to say she was in high panic mode.
    So on my drive home I felt her relief when she found them…heard the happiness in her voice…just awash in it.
    Sure enough on my way to work this morning I received her text that her sister had found her glasses. I told her I knew that I visualized it yesterday and again this morning.
    So that took about 12 hours.
    Now I feel pumped to visualize more consistently and positively…just plain have fun with it.

  • Ashley says:

    Oh, and one more story. After I watched “The Secret”, my introduction to LOA. I thought to myself “Okay, if this is real, show me, send me a check.” Next day, sitting in the mailbox was an envelope from the IRS and inside was a check just shy of $12,000. I had over paid the taxes! Is that cool or what?

  • Ashley says:

    I’ve told this story before but it is worth repeating.
    Two Christmases ago, was a great Christmas, so much joy and I loved the gift that I gave my husband, an iPad. I was pleased with my choice and I had received a pair of Haflinger slippers that had a brown dog on them. I was admiring the slippers and thought to myself, “I just need a real brown dog to go with them”. We had some time before I had to start preparing Christmas dinner so we decided to got for a walk out in the woods with our big dog. 15 minutes later we found a young, dark brown hunting dog that looks very much like the dog on the slippers . Though I thought “I just need a brown dog” I held the thought very lightly because I don’t need a dog, I had four at the time, including a brown dog! The moral of the story is be careful about what you manifest! Just kidding, we love Sophia and she is my husband’s heart.
    Thanks Jeannette, I love this thread! What a vibe lifter!

  • Tricia-rennea says:

    I can manifest small things really quick, and there seems to be this (kind of cute) fluke. Here are a couple of examples, I will said to the Universe I could scissors right now (they are never where I lave them),and within minutes I had 10 pairs of children’s scissors, them first couple of pairs in a drawer right in front of me, so I sighed and said “uhm, adult scissors”, and found them immediately. Who knew so many children’s scissors where in my house! I can also tend to “touch” any paper I say I want as soon as I say it. That is small things, paper, stamps, scissors. I am not yet able to do this with bigger things, yet!

  • Kori says:

    This happened when I was 11 or 12, way before I knew about the law of attraction, and it’s the first time I can remember attracting something specific after focusing on it. The memory isn’t crystal clear, but I’ll try my best to describe it.
    I’d just come home from school and was standing at the edge of my bed, facing the bed, and I just thought how nice it’d be if I could have some pocket money to buy myself some sweets or a book or two sometime when I wanted. (I didn’t get an allowance back then). I might have focused on that thought for about 20 seconds.
    Then I listened to music on my stereo for a little bit…maybe I also did some homework, I’m not sure. But a little later that day, I went outside to go ride my bike for a bit. I lived in a U-shaped community at the time and I rode my bike near the front end of it on my side. As I was turning around to ride all the way through the community to the other end, I saw something green amongst the leaves on the side of the curb across the street.
    I thought, “Nah, it couldn’t be, could it?” and went over to take a closer look. Sure enough, that green was a U.S. dollar bill. I can’t remember if it was a $5 or a $20 bill (my gut says it was one of the other), but I scooped it up quickly and kind of looked around to see if anybody was nearby who could have dropped it. But it was only me and my bike there. To say the least, I was so excited…I think I actually entertained the idea that I might be a bit psychic and my earlier desire was really a premonition instead of just a random thought.
    I’ve always loved listening to music, and as a kid my favorite outdoor activity (besides playing in the pool in the summer) was bike riding. So I figure that not thinking anymore about my desire once I had the thought (aka not being attached), having fun doing what I loved (aka getting happy), and not having any money worries in general (since I was still a child whose basic needs were well taken care of) played a big part in how fast that money appeared for me. It happened within probably 3 hours, tops.

  • ChipEFT says:

    I like that you provide a space that people can come and find that highest aspect of who they are reflected back to them so they can reach higher and higher towards their own perfection.

  • Thanks, Chip, for helping to understand the role of contrast.
    The way I like to think of it, Mango, is like when a rubber band is being pulled back. If you don’t pull it back very far, it won’t go very far when you let go. Maybe it’ll flip over your finger or across the table. Maybe.
    But if you pull WAY back on it – as far as you can without breaking it – when you let THAT go – it will FLY!!!!! It’ll fly across the yard and out of sight! I mean, it TAKES OFF!!
    And it’s because it has more resistance.
    So, in that respect, contrast is POWERFUL. It fuels us like nothing else does.
    But we can only travel when we let go of it. So we leverage the resistance for the fuel/power it provides, but in order to benefit from it, we have to release it.
    And you’re right – huge contrast is often when we get huge attachment. Deliberate creators, though, learn to work with it, rather than be stymied by it.
    For me, just knowing that something even better is coming as a result of high contrast is enough to let go of attachment. I don’t have to make it happen or even know what it is, just finding a way to feel better is the “letting go” part that allows the magic to happen.

  • ChipEFT says:

    Contrast by definition is what happens when two thoughts are in conflict or opposition to one another. In term of how we manifest our lives, this occurs when we no longer like a thought that once served us.
    For example, at one point you might have thought that it feels so relieving to be making enough money to feed yourself and shelter yourself. Now the thought of living at a survival level is not enough and you want more.
    When you don’t like something you have created, in this case survival level existence, you are creating contrast.
    This contrast creates a desire to have something different and cause you to redefine what you want your life to look like. Without contrast, you have no motivation to create new things.

  • Just had to jump back in here…
    Nikky — I LOVE your story! Your manifesting mojo cut through not any red tape, but Indian red tape (which is like Chinese red tape, only not quite so red)!! Powerful stuff!!
    And Namaste’s story about feeling the rail is exactly what I do as well. I find that scents are very helpful for me. I used to pay a certain bill in an office that had a very peculiar odor, and all I had to do was bring it to mind and I was there. Perfect for imaging the movie where I’m there paying the bill and feeling relief.
    I LOVE THIS THREAD Jeannette!! Woo hoo!!

  • ChipEFT says:

    Contrast helps us define and refine what we want. The stronger our contrast, the more we want what we want. Manifesting is a combination of two factors, desire and allowing. The more we desire something, the less we need to allow, and the less we desire something, the more we need to allow.
    Some people are better at creating desire and some people are better at allowing. The politically correct stance is that one has to work more on allowing, because who wants invite that nasty old contrast in.
    But some people need to do what a friend of mine does and “throw a fit.” I mean they have to get down and dirty and get angry at Life, the Universe and Everything for not bringing them what they want. In this way they are ramping up the contrast and increasing their desire for what they want.
    Contrast, although by its very nature does not feel good, is a necessary part of the manifesting process.

  • ChipEFT says:

    I think Frank nailed it when he said you DECIDE it can happen. I think the dominant factor is our beliefs. We manifest through our thoughts and in terms of “value” there is not much difference between manifesting a Thai dinner and manifesting a billion dollars.
    But we believe a Thai dinner is possible but manifesting a billion dollars (or for that matter, a sixth toe) is not possible. As long as you believe it can’t happen, it won’t.
    So deciding it can happen is a big step.

  • mango says:

    Ok math question here.
    “Speed of Manifestation is inversely correlated to level of need (i.e. attachment), exponentially connected to existing contrast, and divided by reality disengagement factor. ha (I’m not the smart math person.)”
    I get the attachment and reality disengagement factors but I’m not sure that I understand the contrast factor. Usually when I’m experiencing some sort of huge contrast is when my attachment goes through the roof since that’s when I seem to “need” whatever it is that I want. How are you all able to use the contrast without getting too attached to the outcome or the “need?”

  • Nikky, I love hearing how getting a little bit feisty can be a good thing! lol
    Congrats on getting your passport – can’t wait to hear what you create next!

  • nikky says:

    Lovely story Frank…..very very inspiring …..
    Here is my latest one on manifesting something you want fast…..
    January 23rd 2012 I gave my indian passport for renewal in sydney ( where I live now )
    They said it will take 8 weeks and I had plans to travel beginning of April( easter school holidays) so I was chilling with the feeling that I will get my passport back well in time.
    But after 10 weeks passed and I hadn’t heard anything I went to the agency that handles passport renewals for the consulate, they had no information as well.
    So then I went to the Indian consulate and they informed me that there is some complication thats causing the delay. Apparently there is another passport issued on my passport no ( whew ! and i thought that only happens in movies)
    And the consulate is waiting to hear from the passport office in india on this matter.
    The lady at the consulate even asked me to send someone to the indian passport office in india to tell them to reply to the Indian consulate in sydney. So you can imagine how hopeless the entire situation was. The indian passport office in india was not communicating with the sydney office and they were asking me to bridge that gap…… it was a exasperating situation.
    So I went home did some visualisation and then opened my mail to see that there was a mail from my sons pre school saying that they are only closed for two days during easter and here I was thinking he will be getting a 20 day break and so the plans to travel early april. Suddenly I felt relief as there was no pressure to travel right away.
    So next day my husband and i went to the consulate again( My 4th visit) to actually have a fight to get things moving because I STILL wanted my passport to travel in April but was not fixed on the date of travel anymore.
    My husband was all set to fight it out and his vibe and expectation was that we will get the passport THAT VERY DAY ( highly unlikely logically speaking )
    My vibe was – I dont care …. it will happen when it is meant to happen ( unlike my earlier trips to the consulate when I was anxious and stressed)
    So they made us wait for 45 min and then the same lady comes out of the cabin….. my hubby all set to fight… and she looks at us and tells us that she has just received permission from her manager here in the Indian consulate at sydney to use their discretionary authority to issue a rarely ever given short duration passport for 2 years to me since its unlikely that the indian passport office in india will respond any time soon on this matter.
    I was blown away and humbled by the universes way of finding a solution beyond what we can even perceive with our limited vision.
    So now in a couple of days I can get my passport back 🙂
    Thank you Jeannette for teaching me so much about being deliberate creator.

  • Bama Girl, you are so right! In fact, I’m going back to edit the post to include an element in the formula about the “belief factor.”
    Because thinking of something as a “big deal” or something as “really easy” affects the speed of its manifestation. So if we could train ourselves to believe it’s all easy, our manifesting would get even faster!
    Thanks for commenting on this one, and congrats to your hubby on his new job!!

  • I think it depends on how we look at things as well. Something we think of as “simple”, like manifesting a cookie or chocolate can happen quickly. Sometimes we do it without even really thinking about it, like those little asides we say to each other, like “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to X or Y?” Then at some point down the road you end up at X or Y. I was playing that game before I even knew about LOA.
    My husband manifested banana bread. We went to visit his mom, she had banana bread. He never called her, never asked her to make it. It was just there. He also manifests coffee and Chai Tea from Starbucks. I manifest cookies and sometimes free lunches.
    It took two months for my job to come through. It’s taken longer for my husband’s new job to come through (he got offered the job today!), but I think that’s because I can’t manifest it for him. I had to release it and let him get to the place he needed to be for it to materialize.
    But as we are getting better at manifesting, better at believing, better at allowing, then better things are happening. And the more that better things are happening, the more we believe. And so far it’s been a wonderful circle of allowing and belief and patience and gratitude.

  • Thanks for asking, Heidi. I added a sentence to the post, but will elaborate here:
    contrast is the term Abraham uses to describe the experience of what we “don’t want.” It’s the sucky stuff – the arguments with lovers, the getting fired from jobs, the lost pets, the bad health, …
    Or to be more specific, in my pray rain journaling case it was a high stress job that I was not doing well at. And in the scripting case, the contrast was not making any progress in trying to help these animals who seemed to need it.
    It’s the contrast that inspires the new, stronger desire. So contrast is part of the gig – it isn’t something to be wished away. It’s an important part of the process.
    BUT, we don’t want to get stuck in it. Because the good stuff (the stuff we desire) can’t manifest as long as we’re still ranting and raving about all the bad stuff we don’t like.
    Does that help? Maybe someone else can do the explanation better justice.
    And thanks, Heidi, for pointing out to me where I was using lingo that not everyone knows!

  • Heidi says:

    Hey, Everyone!! Can someone explain what contrast is in relation to deliberate creation? I am not familiar with that term.

  • That is a manifesting skill every chocolate lover should have, isn’t it, Nancy? lol
    It would be a short course, though – simply employing Namaste’s skills shared above of “feeling the rail” (except this one would be tasting the delicious chocolate) then letting it go and following Frank’s advice of “only inspired action.”
    What a fun topic, though! 🙂

  • Jeannette, I second Janette’s assessment of your math skills! Pretty darn inspired, if you ask me (and I AM great at Math!) 😀
    …and weren’t we JUST talking about this on today’s GVU Scripting Call?!? LOL…were you typing this post while we were talking?
    Yes, it CAN happen incredibly fast…sometimes in minutes or hours, and sometimes a little longer. Even when it takes a little longer, when you look back on it, it’s surprising how fast things can work out for you! We can surprise ourselves. The trick is being open, and as Frank said “taking only inspired action”.
    Will there be an upcoming class on “Manifesting Chocolcate Out of Thin Air”? 😉
    Many blessings,

  • Janette says:

    OMG Frank – Paul just nailed it!! “It’s not polite”!!
    When I manifested my new car, I felt a tiny bit of hesitation in celebrating all over Facebook (though it didn’t stop me LOL) – and I realise now, that was exactly the feeling. It wouldn’t be polite to brag about my new car.
    Jaw drop.
    Jeannette, your mathematical skills look pretty darn good to me. I think that’s why SOMETIMES if there is something we’re ‘stuck’ on, the simplest solution is to give up. Not give up desiring it, but give up striving to manifest it. I’ve had huge success a couple of times by simply saying “ah, screw it” and walking away.
    Something like horse whispering, perhaps?

  • Indeed, Janette – giving up the striving to manifest it. I know that feeling, and I also know how powerful it is to let it go. Because that is NOT a vibe in alignment to how we will feel then.
    Yay for letting go to let Universe deliver our new cars! 🙂
    Thanks for posting, Janette.

  • LOL!!
    Way to use your power judiciously, my friend!! ha! Sex, hot wings, and rock ‘n roll! lol
    I have a feeling a lot of readers will be remembering your manifesting successes, so thanks for sharing your method! (That “feeling the rail” and “letting it go” – powerful stuff!)
    Thanks for sharing – and for the smiles! 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories, like you I love (nearly) instant manifestation stories. Here are a few of mine….
    I was at a hot wings restaurant in Las Vegas. I finished my hot wings but I was still wanted more. I thought, “I’d REALLY like 6 more hot wings” but I didn’t want to order more, the restaurant was busy, the waitress was no where in sight. A minute later the waitress comes over with my check and says, “Time to spin the wheel!” I asked, “What wheel?” She replied, “I’ll do it for you.” She walked over to the wall, spun it, and handed me a gift certificate for 6 free hot wings.”
    1 HOUR
    I was in Phoenix, AZ for the U2 concert. We arrived early and the line was already huge. As the hours passed, the line IN FRONT of us grew bigger. People kept arriving and found the one friend who had agreed to show up at dawn. An hour before the gates were opened, my friend said, “We’re screwed. The line in front of us is twice as large as when we arrived. There is no way we are going to be on the front rail now.” I REFUSE to engage in this type of thinking, so I thought, “Ok, how am I going to manifest us being on the front rail?” I decided to FEEL the rail in my hands. I felt myself grasping the cool metal rail. I did this over and over and over again. The gates opened, the crowd rushed, the crowd stopped because they people in front were confused by the layout of the stadium, and my friend and I sprinted through the confusion to the LAST clear space on the front rail. As my hands wrapped around the cold, metal rail, I smiled and laughed! The rail felt EXACTLY as I’d imagined it feeling. Awesome concert and so awesome to be on the front rail with nothing between us and U2!
    13 HOURS
    Normally, I wouldn’t share this kind of story but I’ve seen some of your posts, so I think you’ll appreciate this 😉 Before I realized that the answer to my dating issues, was to date other ambitious female workaholics, I spent a lot of time sexually frustrated. Even finding friends-with-benefits was a pain because I REALLY AM CRAZY BUSY, calling me randomly at 1 am normally doesn’t work, I’m still working at 1am. Anyway, I woke up one morning, frustrated as usual. But the frustration didn’t go away and by 11 am the only thing I could think about was sex. I wasn’t dating at the time, no fwb situations and the idea of going to a club… just not my style. Out of sheer desperation, I turned to manifesting. I told the Universe, “I want to get laid tonight. I want it to be fun, easy, without any work on my part.” I let it go and tried to get back to work. At 8pm that night I attended an event for graduates of a self-development seminar I’d taken. I had fun, nothing happened, and I drove home frustrated. When I got home, I saw a missed call on my phone, from a number I didn’t recognize. I checked my voicemail, it was a woman from the graduate meeting I’d just attended. She asked me to call her back if I got the message before 1 am. It was 12:30 am so I called back. She picked up and after some pointless chitchat said, “I’m nervous so I’m just going to say it. I’m looking for a friends with benefits situation and I think you’d be perfect. In fact, if you are open to that, it would be great if you could come over tonight….” I was stunned and grinning from ear-to-ear! And if you think that is amazing, it gets better! I live in Las Vegas. Many of the women who strip here are the definition of the word professional. They make a lot of money, invest, own their own homes etc. The woman who called me that night stripped at a top-tier club here in Vegas, was gorgeous, smart, total student of the law of attraction and within 3 months was my girlfriend =)

  • Because it’s “not polite”! Wow!!
    Yeah, we wouldn’t want to offend all the muggles doing it the other way, right? lol
    So funny to think about it that way – thanks for sharing that tidbit from Paul!
    And I love your money manifesting skills. In fact, this thought you shared: “It’s not because I have a trust fund (although, really, I do — it’s unlimited and held in trust by a universal manager)” deserves a blog post all on its own! LOVE that!
    Thanks for posting, Frank. 🙂

  • Hey Jeannette —
    This one is easy, but I hadn’t really noticed the enormity of what’s been happening until I read your post. So thanks for giving me a place to appreciate!
    I can manifest money in under an hour. Sometimes faster.
    As an example (one of many), I did this last Sunday. I was down to not much and decided I would be having a nice Thai dinner that night.
    So, I visualized doing so in the way that works for me: I see myself in the situation like in a movie, feel the relief (or better) that it’s bringing me, and then know that it’s done.
    The next step is to take inspired action, IF ANY. And sometimes there isn’t any. It’s important not to take action willy-nilly because that reinforces the “I don’t have it yet” end of the stick.
    Golly — as I’m writing this, I realize it happens so often that I can’t remember all the specifics.
    Anyway — I’m remembering several instances where I did my little visualization and in just a few minutes, a client would buy something or I would get an email or a phone call that would lead to money coming in.
    When that happens, it’s always very clear to me that this is happening in response to my vibrational call. And in the instances I’m thinking of, I took no action whatsoever other than to respond professionally to the inquiry, etc.
    So, back to last Sunday. After I visualized, I did have an idea of what action to take and I did so. I announced a discount on memberships to The Village (something I do about once a year and had forgotten to do this year). LITERALLY as soon as I posted to Facebook about it, two people signed up for a year. So, that took about 30 minutes at most.
    The key for me here, in all of this, is DECIDING that it will happen. You know my story about how I travel anywhere I want to. It’s not because I have a trust fund (although, really, I do — it’s unlimited and held in trust by a universal manager) nor because I save money saved up somewhere. It’s because I decide I’m going here or there and I go and the money comes for me to do so. So, the clarity that traveling this way brings has been very helpful. I’ve gotten laser clear on how to create specifically what I want as a result.
    By the way — what fabulous timing! In this morning’s call with Paul in The Village, this very subject was addressed. But it was addressed in a very specific way. They said this to one of the callers:
    “The reason many of you who know you are intentional creators do not allow instant manifestation of the more big ticket items is because it’s not polite. You say to yourselves: ‘But what would Aunt Martha think if I suddenly had this very big thing that I’m wanting?’ And we say that this is actually a very wonderful place to be because it’s just steps away, vibrationally speaking, from allowing a whole tidal wave of very delicious experiences into your life.”
    This may not apply to everyone in all situations, but I noticed this morning as I was thinking about it that there are some things I’m embarrassed to manifest because I don’t want _____ to feel bad that they don’t have it. Nice bits of contrast there!
    Thanks Jeannette! I can’t wait to read the other stories on this very delightful topic!!

  • Okay, Nicole. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but if anyone plays with it, please have them report back!
    Hey, I just got this Abe quote on this topic in the mail today:
    Fast Fulfillment of Everything You Want
    The only thing that keeps you from fast fulfillment of everything you want is contradictory thought….snip…specific thoughts about the absence of it.
    Once you have established a vibrational grid, if you don’t do anything that contradicts it, that vibrational grid, on a subject, will become increasingly specific. Law of Attraction insists that it must.
    In other words, that’s why we don’t worry about any of you. You could come forth into this physical body, get into a mode where you are feeling happy about something, maintain that happiness and all things wanted would begin to flow into your experience. It’s just the way that it works.
    And, if any of you are experiencing something less than that, it is because you are giving more of your attention to the absence of what you want, than you realize that you are.
    Boca Raton, FL March 24, 2012

  • Nicole says:

    Wow Jeannette. We can actually use this to create this thing called a causal loop diagram, and use a system dynamics simulation package to explore the relationships. I’m going to suggest this to my students this semester – they are just now picking projects – what a cool, fun little project 🙂

  • >