How I Know It’s All Good

All is Well and Life is GoodWhen the vibes get kinky this is how I remind myself that life is good and all is well.
I hope you like it …

Once upon a time I read a book by Kim Falconer called The Spell of Rosette. (It’s a fab story!)

The first night I went to sleep after starting Kim’s book, I had a life-changing dream.

In this dream I experienced everything a human being could. (You know how dreams are that way – impossible things and such.)

  • I was loved and I was abandoned.
  • I was successful and I failed.
  • I was healthy and I was sick.
  • I was adored and I was shunned.
  • I was murdered and I did murder.

I think I was even male and female. I experienced everything a person could experience in this dream. And felt every emotion a person could feel.

The last bit of the dream was betrayal. I was betrayed by someone I loved and in the next fragment I betrayed someone who trusted me.

I did it all – good, bad and ugly.

I woke up after the betrayal part, knowing that was the last piece of the puzzle. I’d officially experienced everything that could inspire the full range of human emotions.

Oh wait, I need to back up a little …

… back in the early 90’s I walked out of Petsmart one day and stopped at the fundraising table for the local animal rescue group.

I usually dropped a couple bucks in their donation jar, but this time I put my name on the volunteer signup sheet.

Which is how I came to spend an entire Saturday at an adoption event scooping cat litters, taking dogs for potty breaks, and wiping up spilled water dishes.

It was super busy and the only volunteer work I’d ever done before was give blood, I think. I’d fed a stray cat or two growing up, but never plugged in like this.

Litters and waters and walks – rinse and repeat. The day flew by.

At closing time when I had a chance to take a breath and reflect on the day, I felt something I’d never felt before.


I’d never known that feeling before. I was twenty something.

In that moment I knew my life purpose must be to scoop litters, because I’d never felt this good before!

(It spawned decades of volunteer work with many other groups doing many other things.)

Okay, fast forward to the impossible dream where everything happened …
As I woke up from that dream, with the betrayal fresh in my heart, in that moment I felt fulfillment like I’ve never known in my entire life.

And I’ve known fulfillment. (That’s why I told you the Petsmart story.) I know what it is to feel complete and whole.

But I’d never known it like this.

To have felt everything that was possible to feel was like winning the biggest prize. It was cause for celebration!

Not because I’d survived it, but because I’d experienced it. It was a treasure. It was complete fulfillment.

And it came from betrayal! And murder! And love! And loss! Everything you can imagine – good and bad!

It wouldn’t have been complete without all of it.

That’s when I knew – in the very core of my being – the truth of the statement, “It’s all good.”

Even when you’re sad, it’s all good. Even when you disappoint someone else, it’s still good. Even when you die or someone you love does – it’s all good.

I get it.

Never understood it at that level until that dream.

We came here for the whole shebang. Not just the “good” parts. The whole thing.

That’s why sometimes when I watch someone going through terrible heartbreak, I find myself smiling. (They’re getting some of the good parts that not everyone gets! They’re on their way to fulfillment!)

It’s why when someone’s in a major fight, I don’t always pray for peace because I know sometimes we gotta check off “battle” on our spiritual to-do list.

When I told Kim at about this bizarre dream that gave me a whole new spiritual understanding of life – and that it happened after cracking open her book – she laughed.

“Oh that,” she said, with a giggle. “Yeah, I wrote a consciousness-raising spell into the pages of the book.”

She what?!

Okay, well, I didn’t know you could do that, butΒ that’s got to be the best spell anyone ever cast on me.

(She said everyone experiences it differently, and it’s only for those who are ready and open. But I sure like how it landed with me.)

The fulfillment I felt – not just despite, but because of – the full range of feelings and experiences in that dream helps me remember that we came here for the whole ride.

All of it is a privilege.

That doesn’t mean I embrace all contrast with a smile on my face in the red hot moments of it. (After all, anger rocks! Frustration, too!)

But when I remember the pleasure that came from doing the whole range of emotions in that dream, it opens me back up to life.

And I’m not alone in this perspective …

On a GVU call the other day Nancy told the story from The Afterlife of Billy Fingers about how after the drug-addicted bad-boy brother dies he tells his sister saying something like, “Wow, what a ride!”

Not, “Well, that was unfortunate” or “Whoopsie, I screwed that up.” It wasn’t that at all. It was rich and exciting and wonderful – even though from our perspective we might look at his life like a failure and a waste.

Mellen-Thomas Benedict shares in his near death experienceΒ that from everything he saw (after dying from cancer), that he’d be happy just to even be an atom in this universe. An atom! Let alone a beautiful and amazing human being.

Jason Mraz sings that “Whether it’s your birthday or your dying day, it’s a celebration to rejoice.”

I wouldn’t expect anyone to get that “it’s all good” just because I or anyone else said so.

I’d heard ideas like this before from other spiritual teachers … Louise Hay kept saying, “All is well” and Abraham said it’s impossible to get it wrong. Which I believed.

Intellectually. Theoretically.

But after that dream, I got it in every cell of my being.

It’s all good.

And knowing that is how life gets even better. Because there’s no resistance to it.

Isn’t that a cool story?

I tell it because I think we all deserve to be touched by Kim’s spell-casting skills, and that we all expand when we share insights that help us embrace life fully.

  • November 8, 2014
  • William says:

    I have been learning that the simplest aphorisms are actually true. For instance, happiness comes from within.
    In seeking relationships, jobs, houses cars and money we are really seeking happiness. I’ve found you can shorten the whole process considerably by giving up the desire for all those things and going for the happiness within instead. Makes life a lot easier.

  • SandyG says:

    Question for Kim:
    Why not an Ebook?

  • Allison says:

    I have been reading Billy Fingers for the 2nd time – I read it at the beginning of the year, and I loved it, but in March my sister was killed in an accident – no other cars, no witnesses and it just left a whole lot of doubt, and suddenly I just thought it was a load of rubbish – how could I possibly believe that her death was something wonderful – even though she had a hard life and everyone kept on saying she is at peace now, I just kept thinking BS she will never be at peace having left 2 young kids behind, with her ex-husband whom she hated (and incidentally, often wished he would die in a car crash). Today for the first time in 8 months I woke up at 4.30 and was wide awake rather than dragging myself out of bed at 8. I lay there and did some thinking about how I have been trying to manifest from a place of darkness and that nothing is going to improve while I am asking out of desperation and sadness instead of joy and gratitude. Suddenly I was in the shower singing at the top of my voice – wishing myself a happy birthday from the universe (yes it really is my birthday)and getting ready I had loud cheerful music on, I was singing along to Bruno Mars’ Treasure to myself in the mirror, I danced into my clothes and out of the door. I have not gotten anywhere trying to just “be” with the darkness, so and I think that I am just going to get more of what I don’t want! And trust me, Pollyanna is my middle name and being positive has not been working for me. i realised there is a difference between being positive in a “fake it til you make it” kinda way to being positive out of joy and gratitude – because, despite all my ups and downs, my dire financial situation I am blessed in so many ways that I cannot possibly deny that gratitude x

  • Patrice says:

    I am trying to buy the Kindle edition on amazon of Kim’s book but it won’t let me πŸ™

  • Elaine, at first I thought we were on different wavelengths, but then I realized we might not be after all!
    You’re getting to check “dreadful” off the list with thoughts like that, and as I well know, fulfillment comes from the WHOLE shebang. Not just the good parts. So rock on with your bad self!

  • Elaine says:

    i’m sorry, but that sounds dreadful lol tell the little kids with their flesh melting off in hiroshima that it’s all good, that they just wanted a flesh melting experience to be fulfilled, ugh….

  • Eleanor, it’s a treat to see you here in the comments! Looking forward to reconnecting soon.
    And Mitch, I love how you said “the privilege of being human.” Goosebumps!!!
    Here’s to rich and satisfying lives all around. πŸ™‚

  • Mitch says:

    I *LOVE* this post! So timely for me, as always. I tell the same story often, that sadness and anger and all those darker emotions are such a beautiful part of the privilege of being human. They’re nothing to be afraid of or to take pains to avoid! At least not at the cost of a rich and satisfying life. What an amazing dream that must have been. You pretty much got the quick download of the whole point of everything. lol
    And Spell of Rosette has been on my to-read list for FIVE YEARS! :0 I think it’s high time I got to it.

  • Eleanor Moran says:

    Love that Jeannette! Missing you here in England, and feeling ever more grateful for the work we did together (and for Kim too) xx

  • Evan, if I know anything it’s that any post that draws you to it is a good sign. I love you!
    And Kim, we’re looking forward to that kindle version available again soon!

  • Jeannette!
    I’ve heard this said in so many ways . . . embrace your shadow side is a common one . . . but I’ve never felt EXHILARATED while hearing the message.
    You gave me thrill chills — you too are one powerful magic maker.
    I’m sending waves of affection your way!

  • kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, good question about the kindle version. The spell activates as the words come to life in the reader’s mind, triggered by the act of reading.
    Kindle or traditional, the magic happens. πŸ™‚
    I look forward to announcing the next series very soon – released in the USA as well as downunder. Ya Hoo!

  • That’s such a powerful attitude to make a habit of, Kim (seeing everything in a positive light).
    You’re reminding me of Pollyanna and what an inspiration she was to me for that very same practice!
    And you’re right, if we can be thankful no matter what, we’re guaranteed winners. Thanks for posting, Kim!

  • KimHardin says:

    That is so cool, Jeannette! I always try to see everything in a positive light. Even if I make a mistake or “fail” at something, I try to learn from it and move on. If we’re thankful for our experiences, no matter what we get out of them, all really is well.
    Kim’s book sounds amazing! I’ll be on the lookout for it!

  • You’re so cute, Quilly. Glad you enjoyed it!
    And thanks for reaffirming it was the right thing to do to share it here.

  • Quilly says:

    Jeannette, this is simply sublime … and so BIG …
    There’s more here than a post. There’s a book. Or a life. Or a fractal … and I’m not even sure what a fractal is …
    Or maybe an Atom … πŸ™‚
    Huge Love to You!

  • Ha! That’s LOA at work, isn’t it Isabel? lol
    Julie, you have a knack for getting powerful points across very clearly. I LOVE that dream you had! And the baby video is perfect for this subject.
    Thanks for commenting!

  • I (too) love this blog post. I had a similar spiritual experience. In mine, I was looking from the “other side” at what I valued from my life experience. What I saw was that, like in math, negative and positive are equally valuable. So if, for instance, a big win is a 6, then a big loss is a -6, and they are equally valuable — much more valuable and worth shooting for than a mild pleasure at 2 and a mild irritation at -2.
    It was very profound, but hard to convey πŸ˜‰
    So for good measure I’ll throw in the 1-minute video, “So cute – Baby wakes up after all emotions,” which pretty much demonstrates the point.

  • Isabel says:

    Aq1111111111Wow! To read this while in the middle of my Heal Your Life Coach certification right after hearing a lecture about how “All is Well” πŸ™‚

  • Pernille, it’s always a treat to see your smiling face in the comments!
    And Gary, when I told you that you had me with that first paragraph?! Now you know why!! (“It is always, always right.”) Love it!!

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Jeanette, you’ve got it totally right. We are here to experience and all experiences are expansive. The first words in Joshua’s book are “Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe.”

  • Thank you for posting to say so, Trina. Much appreciated!
    Melanie, you’re making me blush! lol

  • Pernille says:

    Awesome, amazing, wonderful post, and so timely – thanks for sharing, Jeannette

  • Melanie says:

    I’m So. In. Love. With this blog. What an amazing reminder! Wow.

  • Trina says:

    This post really resonates with me and it’s beautifully worded. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Nicole. Thanks for reading!
    And Terri, I envy your position that you have this treat in store for you!
    But Kim, I gather you’ve got new books in the works for those of us who are all caught up with your books?

  • Terri says:

    Fabulous post! And I love Kim’s spell! Going to get a copy myself. Thank you both! πŸ™‚

  • nicole says:

    I needed this reminder today, thanks for the timely post!

  • I always wondered how the spell would work for someone who was reading a kindle version. Or is that why there isn’t one, Kim??!

  • Annette says:

    Very cool Indeed!
    And shipping from Florida? Kim, that is awesome news!

  • kim Falconer says:

    Linda, there’s a paperback shipping from Florida right now. Just click on ‘paperback’ in You can order any of the books from Aus, but the shipping is tacked on. Check that first and google for the best deal?
    I have some review copies in a box. I think it’s $30 for me to send air. hmmmm…. Maybe surface?

  • LindaA says:

    I’ve wanted to read The Spell of Rosette since I first heard you talk about this, Jeanette. But I found it isn’t available any more in the U.S. When I queried Kim about it, she said it had to do with international publishing rights. I even tried to trick Amazon into thinking I lived in Australia, but it didn’t work.
    Is there any way we folks in the U.S. can get a copy? I recently checked Amazon and still no go, though I was able to purchase Kim’s Quantum Encryption books; I’m in the middle of the second one and enjoying them very much.

  • True story, Kim, that the reminders are helpful.
    That might be why I tell this story so often on different calls. It’s always for us to consciously re-choose and re-think what serves us best. Here’s to that continual expansion!
    And thank you for bringing your delightful magic to the world. πŸ™‚

  • kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, I get happy tears remembering your dream. What a powerful translation of magic!
    As the Native American saying goes, All roads are good.
    I’m so grateful for your reminder.
    And that’s what can be so helpful.
    A reminder.
    When we’re in the thick of it, a whisper saying “I’m alive. I’m feeling. I’ve got this . . .” can make all the difference in the world.
    Thank you! (best review of TSOR yet!)

  • Thanks for reading, LovelyMe.
    And Jen, isn’t this a treasure?! “It’s a big relief to know this, in my being, not only intellectually. Small things come up. Big things pass. I am still ok.”
    So cool that you have such a strong understanding of it, which makes sense considering how you came to know it! wowza – more than one NDEs!
    Well, I like the thought that as the rest of us hear more and more from those who have had experiences like that (where you pick up exceptional insights and wisdom), that that info IS shareable. That it helps us embrace that knowing on a deeper level as well.
    I like that thought. Thanks for chiming in, Jen. πŸ™‚

  • Jen C. says:

    Very cool post, and I’ll have to read the book you referenced. I have had a few near death experiences, and can relax in my “now” way better because of them. I use some creative visualization to see myself having more fun in my life and enjoying the every day things, and also finding purpose in my work, family, and community. Just breathing and knowing that all is well, in my right now. It’s a big relief to know this, in my being, not only intellectually. Small things come up. Big things pass. I am still ok.

  • Stephen says:

    Now you know. That’s what all the drama is for.

  • LovelyMe says:

    I get this – I really do. Great post.

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