How Often to Repeat Affirmations?

This manifesting question comes up often, so I thought it’d be worth all of us addressing it here.

The question is: when using affirmations (or even setting intentions), how often are you supposed to repeat them?

Is it a once and done sort of thing? Or is it best to repeat them regularly?

Some law of attraction teachers say, “Set it and forget it” and that the power is in “letting go.”

Others say you have to be persistent and patient in creating a new dominant vibration for Universe to answer.

If repetition is good, then how much? Daily? Multiple times a day?

What’s the best practice?

This question comes from both experienced manifestors as well as those new to conscious creation. And they wonder it about both affirmations and intentions.

I’ll share my two cents in the comments, and would love to hear from you as well.

What have you practiced, and how has that served you?

Thanks in advance for your input!

  • October 15, 2017
  • Danielle says:

    I love affirmations! I find they not only up my vibe when I say them but remind me of what I want and who I am. I’ve had amazing success over the years with one of mine; “money flows to me like water” because I want to send that out to Universe and also remind myself, oh yeah, money does flow to me like water! For me personally I find it works best to say them at a certain point in my day, usually when I’m walking to my car after being at one of the places where I bring in big money.

  • sharron says:

    I learned the Law of Attraction from Catherine Ponder. Her teaching was to say affirmations 10 times in the morning.

  • Jokey says:

    Anyone have any advice for me? Thanks in advance.

  • Kim says:

    I made a habit out of it. 🙂
    First, I always do it directly after waking up because my head is empty then and it makes me happy to get on my feet. I also always repeat my affirmations after a yoga or meditation session. Similar to waking up, in these moments it fells really easy to me to get the necessary steadiness.
    When you clear your head before you try to do your affirmations it is just much more easy. It’s like filling your wanted stuff into an empty shopping bag instead of trying to squeeze it between the unsupportive thoughts somehow… ^^

  • Jokey says:

    This is my biggest problem. I have trouble worrying too much about it not working, and worrying too much if I’m not doing something right in the moment. Also after I have done it I think way toof much about instead of just letting go and trusting. I have had this mental block for about a year now. There was a time before then when I didn’t have that doubt, and I was a lot more successful with it then. I really could use advice on this problem, so I can finally correct it. I really hope to finally get out of this slump, and back to positive success like before.
    I will check back here later. Thanks in advice if you read this.

    • Jeannette says:

      Time for some better feeling thoughts! I wouldn’t worry so much about whether I’m getting it right, because that sort of tension blows out any potential good vibes the affirmation or intention would create.
      Focus on anything that helps you relax a little, drop some attachment, and regain some confidence in your skills. It’s just a matter of finding one better feeling thought after another. 🙂

  • Susann says:

    I’ve never had luck with “traditional” affirmations — the ones you write out X number of times a day or repeat in front of a mirror. In fact all they ever did was bring up tons of resistance (which is fine as long as you understand that & use it accordingly). Then I read your book on Pray Rain journaling, Jeannette, and over the years have created a practice that really works. As soon as I understood that it’s not about the words, it’s all about the feelings, things started falling into place. (Yeah, I know — duh!)
    So now when I’m working on manifesting a particular thing, I stop numerous times a day, close my eyes, take a deep breath & invoke both Julia Hamrick’s “Easy World” and the Universe as I visualize it. I start the same way each time: “I know magic & miracles are possible; I experience them every day. I now open myself to the magic & miracles of the living, loving Universe that supports & nurtures me.” I’ve been doing this long enough now that repeating that statement makes something go “click” & I’m in the zone.
    Then I just start talking, usually in my head, sometimes out loud. I just riff on the situation I want to have happen, & I do it as though the Uni & I are old, close friends: “OK, I have no f%#$& idea how you’re gonna do this, but I know from experience it’s not going to be a problem, so yadda yadda . . . .” I keep talking, detailing what I want, focusing on how I feel. I often use phrases like “I am SO f%$#! ready for [this situation]”, or “I know [this situation] is coming to me now and I am SO ready for it” — I get myself really jazzed up & enthused & excited.
    I keep going until the energy shifts even slightly, then I wind it up [“This or something even MORE fantastic is coming to me now!], thank the Universe & go about my day. Some days I do this 20 times. Others, maybe once. It’s all about how it feels. If the energy & excitement isn’t there I don’t bother. It’s never the same twice & I don’t have anything written down, although when I’m just starting out on a new manifestation I’ll often spend a few days jotting statements down until something clicks emotionally, at which time I know I’ve aligned with what I want.
    One benefit I’ve found is that when I’m riffing on something, any hesitation or doubt or gremlin that pops up is right there in the headlights because it immediately shifts my energy and I can FEEL it happen instantly. Sometimes it’s big enough I have to stop & backtrack & spend some time rooting it out. But often it’s just a little left-over doubt that’s more habitual than real & I toss it onto the side of the road as I go 🙂
    Right at the moment I’m working on a real biggie. Lots of old gremlins of various sizes are being dragged out into the light & I’m actually enjoying kicking their scrawny butts to the curb. It’s amazing to me how much actual measurable progress I’ve made in a month, coming from “oh man, it’s crazy to even THINK that’s possible!” to where I am now: “ok, let’s get this done because I have a million things I need to do once it’s in place & we’re burning daylight!” LOL!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh wow! I just love this! I am so going to try this “talking to the universe” thing like old pals 🙂 Anything to just jazz it up. I am working on some really big stuff that needs some old beliefs to shift too. ANY TiPS on how you do that would be so great to hear, Susann. Like what do you do when a gremlin pops up? I am not that great at mental affirmations and visualizing. I don’t feel like I am doing the ‘work’ unless I am writing in my journal so any help in changing that up would be great.
      S xx

      • Susann says:

        My usual response to a “gremlin” is to address it directly, just like I do the Uni. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why are you in here harshing my mood, dude? I know you’re only trying to help, but, seriously, we have this!” I believe that my gremlins are trying to protect me but are simply out of touch with the fact I’m an adult (“the other kids won’t like you if you’re too smart or successful”), are too cautious (“too fast, too fast, I’m scared!”) or believe things that aren’t true (“if you make a ton of money no one will like you”). I use my journal all the time, especially to get to the real root of a resistance gremlin. Then I pull out every LOA tool I know about, & that includes coming here to the GV blog (& every other LOA blog I know) & rummaging through the archives looking for tips. Mainly, though, I “talk” myself through the resistance, verbally & on paper. “I know that’s not true & here’s why” — & I list all the people I know who have what I want & nothing bad happened, all the times I’ve been successful with LOA & nothing bad happened, all the good things that will happen as a result of my manifesting whatever it is I want & so on.
        This time around I’m finding the biggest gremlin is an annoyingly persistent idea that I’m attempting too big a “jump” from where I am to where I wish to be. It goes: “everyone knows you can’t make a jump that big, that you have to work your way up to big manifestations incrementally; you should try for something smaller/less ballsy”. I counter it with a variation of: “yeah, well, I’m not everybody. I’m MORE than f&#king ready for this, I find the thought of a big jump like this exciting & fun, I can handle it, look at all the times I’ve blown through a block in the past & manifested things I honestly thought were “too big” & impossible or wishful thinking [give examples]”.
        How well this all works remains to be seen. I’ve been working on this Big Goal for about 7 weeks now, although for the first 2 I wasn’t taking it or myself seriously. Then I suddenly thought, hey, why the heck not just go for it? I went from “let’s pretend” to “let’s do this!” & the change in my own acceptance of whether it’s possible or not has gone from laughing at myself [“nice daydream, no way”] to absolute belief it’s going to happen. To the point where this week I started carrying a notebook everywhere to jot down all my ideas, To Do lists, supply lists, contacts & resources & plans for when it does manifest because support information & contacts are popping up every time I turn around & I have this strong sense I need to be ready because when it happens, it’s going to happen fast. And trust me, when it does finally manifest, I’ll be back here yelling it from the rooftops! Hope this helps a bit . . .

    • Tia says:

      Awesome tips Susan! Love your affirmations, I gotta try that. I find that certain affirmations click better with me than others. Some feel like effort while others resonates with my soul and feels effortless and possible.

  • HappySandra says:

    I like to sprinkle them throughout the day. I have quite a few affirmation apps on my iPhone, so I always have some close by! I was never comfortable putting them on a strict schedule. I like to think of them as vibrational jellybeans! 🙂

  • Gabi says:

    I repeat affirmations throughout my day until they begin to feel like work-once I hit that thresh-hold where they no longer feel affirming and supportive and feel like work and non-joyous then I know it’s time for me to stop. sometimes that means I say my affirmations once a day and sometimes 333 times a day…for me it’s about how I feel when I say them.
    P.S. 💗 That pic!

    • Jeannette says:

      Ooh, that’s a great tip, Gabi! Pay attention to how it FEELS. If it’s not fun, it’s not serving.
      Thanks for chiming in!!

    • Daria says:

      Gabi, I right there along with you. It varies from day to day but if it starts to feel like work then I too know that it’s time to stop, but I have developed the habit that if I’m not affirming I’m always in a state of gratitude so I may just walk around all day saying “Thank You” it may be for something specific of just a general thank you. I find that by doing this it makes me more aware of what I’m thinking

  • Ming says:

    Yep based on how I feel. I say them in the morning as well before meditation. If in contrast, even if I’m not feeling it, I say them anyways cause I know the power in them. They work! Sometimes I’ll say them again during the day if I find that I’m feeling a bit wonky.
    Great to wake up to this post, because I was thinking a lot about affirmations this weekend. Synchronicity Jeannette! 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Ming, I’ve been curious about this …
      You know how Abe says don’t do any manifesting processes, including affirmations, when you’re “out of the vortex”? Which I understand.
      But before I heard that, I had used (and still do, on occasion) affirmations to help feel better.
      So even when I’m not in my vibrational sweet spot, I could repeat an affirmation and it would work. (When we base success on our vibrational state.)
      Sounds like you have that experience as well?

      • Ming says:

        Yes, it works. It totally works. I used to say them (when I wasn’t “feeling it” ) because I know the power of words and our thoughts which is why I would say them when I was in contrast. HAHA, so that meant I wasn’t in the vortex eh? I didn’t think about it that way.

  • Jeannette says:

    Short answer from me: I repeat affirmations (out loud, in the morning) once a day.
    Unless gremlins are noisy about it, and then I’ll also repeat the affirmation whenever they tell me why it won’t work, what’s going to go wrong, etc. Just to make sure they don’t have the final say on the matter.
    Intentions I more often use as a “set it and forget it” type tool.
    Both of those approaches have worked and continue to serve me well.
    Curious to hear from other fellow creators on this! 🙂

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