How Simple Is It?

In this five minute workshop excerpt, Abraham says we are making too much of all this.

It’s this simple: find something to be happy about, focus on it, and be happy.
Abe also recommends holding these two simple intentions:

  1. I want to feel good as much as I can feel good.
  2. I am determined to tell the story of how I want it to be.

We’re also advised to stop answering questions like “How’ve you been?” and “How are you?”

Rather, the better question to answer is “Hey, where you going?!”  Because it allows us to begin telling the new story.

From the clip:

“Your old story is counter-productive to what’s in your vibrational escrow. Don’t tell the new story because you’re trying to use it to get where you want to be. Tell the new story for the joy factor in the telling of it.”

Find something to be happy about and focus on it.

Pretty simple, huh?

  • May 6, 2009
  • Marti Major says:

    How do I handle disappointment? I think music can help us up the emotional scale very effectively. There’s this song by The Roaches (three sisters that sing great close harmonies) and it’s on a delightful cd called Will You Be My Friend?”. It’s called “Dissappointed”. It’s a song that teaches us to sing when we feel disappointed. To acknowledge how it feels, and be confident that we will get over it, and move on. In the end it shows us how something might seem disappointing at first but things turns into a boon, if you don’t heap more negativity on top of the disappointment. The song is up beat and playful and can raise my vibes to just remember the right vibe. By the way the same CD has a great song about kitties being playful and one about how great it would be to visit other planets and get to know other beings. I think music can help us up the emotional scale very effectively.

  • Universe is getting this message through to you one way or another, huh, Dana?! lol

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    Kind of funny, considering the question I asked today on the PC Graduate forum: Can it really be as simple as getting happy? I hadn’t read this yet, but now I’m laughing.

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Kevin! Thanks for reading and especially for sharing your appreciation here. 🙂

  • Kevin Boon says:

    This has been something that I’ve been bringing more into my consciousness and is very important! Thanks for the reminder and the video.

  • Somethin’ about Abraham material that really brings the message home, huh, Cindy?
    Thanks for posting your comments!

  • Cindy Leech says:

    Thanks for posting this, Jeannette! It pretty much says it all and certainly something shifted within me even as I watched it! Oh, yeah!! The new day is here in all of its wonderfulness!! 🙂

  • Yep – simple AND easy! Thanks for the “smile and move” mantra, Debbie. I’m loving that one!

  • Debbie says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    You’re always there when I need it. I had an email yesterday from Nightingale-Conant advertising a new CD series called Smile and Move. I didn’t read the whole thing but the gist was by smiling and moving you can solve problems, overcome negative thinking and bring more joy to the world.
    Simple and easy, right?!?
    Today I’m smiling and moving (grooving, really)
    Debbie Lattuga

  • Pure Potential Coach says:

    I started a ‘help’ list along with my daily Appreciation List. Today – the person who parked within the lines and made my parking easy. The person who waved thanks as I made space for them to merge in the morning commute. The powerful group who gave me suggestions for intensifying my vibe.
    Makes life soooo easy when I acknowledge how many help me moment to moment.

  • I see that often, MissyB: “When you feel low, commitment always seems to be the first thing to bolt”
    and your observation is inspiring me to toy with the thought of Easy to Commit!
    And that’s a nice habit to share, Pure Potential .. thanks for posting it here!

  • MissyB says:

    I’ve been toying with “simple” solutions for a time. None of this is meant to be as hard as we sometimes make it. BUT, there is a hard component to all of this me thinks…commitment. Commitment to always see the best, the good, the love no matter what. Is that were faith pops in ? If you believe that the 40 day mantra (or whatever floats your boat) works, then is that faith that gives you the commitment to see the best no matter what ? When you feel low, commitment always seems to be the first thing to bolt, the commitment to cook decent food, keep up exercising, remain positive…fill in the rest for yourself ! But my eyeopener here is, as I type, is commitment meant to be simple and easy too ?
    Thanks GVC and my lovely friends here – you are simply the best. x

  • Janette says:

    Wow, you really are reading my mind – does anyone know where I can buy a good foil hat? (KIDDING! 😀 )
    This is so brilliant I’m going to put it on my wall.
    Have just been LMAO on the way to the office – had the radio news on (which I rarely do, but my usual station was playing early 20th century classical – not my fave). Australia Bureau of Statistics figures have just come out and show a DROP in unemployment, a RISE in the proportion of full-time jobs, and great results for the retail sector. Fantastic!
    And then along comes an “expert” commentator who was amazed and disbelieving and full of dour warnings about “rubbery figures”. Poor man is so wedded to his gloomy outlook, he couldn’t even feel better with hard cold stats. I’m sure other drivers wondered why I was driving along, grinning like an idiot!
    Maybe I should send the station a link to you, Jeannette!

  • Ha! I love how we’re on the same page, Janette! Yours is a nice place to be. 🙂
    Thanks for reading and for writing!

  • The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Thanks Jeanette, I remember when I first started coaching with you you sent me a staples EASY button. I still let it tell me how easy it all is.
    Really it is simple. I enjoy getting into the science of it because knowledge helps my vibe get sky high but truly, the best part of learning it the complex way, is the full circle back to easy. Truly a joy.

  • THANK YOU, Iyabo, for pointing out the enjoyment available in the journey back to easy! ha!

  • Yep – big or small – they still count and they all help, Leslie. 🙂
    Sending good thoughts your way …

  • Leslie Richter says:

    I am not having fun these days. I am in circumstances that are making me very unhappy. I was reminded today by your blog to do the best you can. To just find the feel goodS to the best of your ability, no matter what the circumstances.
    To be honest I was thinking those small feel goods were not big enough. I think I was missing the point that no matter the SIZE of feel goods they are still in the right direction.
    And once again the reminder of what you focus on, ie where you are going instead of what you are standing in right now is where the vibe shifts.
    Thanks Jeannette. As always you rock.
    Love Leslie

  • You know the way I ask it, Michael .. I say “Whatcha up to?” That’s a non-strange way of asking a question that allows someone to talk about where they’re headed instead of where they’ve been.
    Makes for much better conversations.
    And you’re right – that IS a wonderful world to imagine! 🙂

  • Michaels says:

    That is the best! ‘Where are you going?’ That just puts the perfect spin on life. Thanks for this Jeannette. Imagine a world where everyone asked each other where they were going, what they were up to, and were focused on how great it was becoming!!

  • I was just talking with a long term client this morning, Ann, who reminded me how she manifested top producer status (for two years in a row) breaking every record in her company’s entire 20 year history by – get this – throwing parties.
    She refused to pursue her job description in the traditional way, and instead did what she enjoyed most, which was inviting people to connect in person over food and drink while learning something new.
    Powerful reminder of how beautifully Easy works!
    And I love your Michael Beckwith quote, Ann – I tweeted that as soon as I read it!
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, my friend. 🙂
    You’re right, JudiesJuice! I have an Easy button right here in the office (and used to send them out to clients, too). It helps me remember that I get to choose whether to do it Easy or Hard. Fun way to connect with our power, huh?

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Doesn’t Staples sell a big red button that says “That was Easy!” I should get one of those as a reminder to keep it simple.

  • Ann Strong says:

    Wow! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard in the past week, “Well, you know, with this economy, we all have to work harder.” As Michael Beckwith says, “just because an idea is ‘popular’ doesn’t make it right.”
    Thank you, Jeannette, for snapping me out of that mass consciousness stupor. Working harder doesn’t work when it doesn’t feel good. Duh.
    Here’s to the power of easy!!!

  • JudiesJuice – you gotta know we’re gonna want to hear more!!!!
    Let’s hear details! Unless you want to save them for a Day 40 recap!! lol
    Congrats, at any rate! 🙂

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Love it. Thank you for sharing! PS- I am doing GREAT! I’m on Day 6 of my mantra and amazing things are happening!!!!!! So many of my dreams and wishes are manifesting right before my very eyes. Even things that I haven’t even thought about are coming true. I am so freaking lucky!!

  • It IS the little things, isn’t it, Ms Nikki?! lol
    Thanks for the smile today!!
    That’s what it’s all about after all, huh?!
    You rock!

  • MSNikki says:

    This happened to me last night at my neighborhood Safeway. I was really shiny & happy about getting the last box of Borax for $4! A nice looking older gentleman dropped out of the ceiling and said that I was absolutely gorgeous! Talk about the power of 20 Mule Team Borax and the pursuit of happiness!

  • Wise words, Deb: “Well, it can.” Just like that.
    We’re making it all up anyway – why not make it easy, huh? 😉
    Thanks for launching our conversation here!

  • deb says:

    Yep. pretty simple. Sometimes we make it so hard.. or we need someone to remind us how simple it is when we’re stuck in the paper bag.
    We think at those tough times, “Naaaaa… it couldn’t be that easy”. Well… it can.
    Thank you for the reminder… and the constant source of how easy creating your life can be. 🙂

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