How to Amp Up Belief

beliefWe know the two keys to successful manifesting are desire and belief.  When these two elements are present, you’re home free to getting what you want!

For most of us, desire comes pretty easily and it’s our belief that could usually use some work.

Doubt is kryptonite to miracles and dreams come true.  Belief, on the other hand, doesn’t just grease the wheels, it requires things to happen!

Which is why clients know that believing is key to receiving, and thus often wonder how to best believe that what they want will happen?

Because it’s a common question, I thought this was a good topic for our consideration.

Here are four of my favorite ways to amp up belief (and I’d love to hear yours next):

1. I’m a big fan of Abraham’s Amp It Up exercise where you write down what you want on the top of a sheet of paper, then underneath that list the reasons why you want it, and then on the backside write the reasons why you believe you can have it.

Abe says it doesn’t matter how many reasons you list, but you’re done once you start stretching to come up with another reason. That exercise puts a nice spotlight on both desire and belief, which makes it a powerful manifesting tool.

But there are other effective ways for amping up belief as well.

2. One is to keep a running tally of successful creations – an accounting where you track things purposefully manifested.  Writing down past “wins” is a great way to start the list, then adding even “little” things like rock star parking and green lights in traffic and fabulous waiters (you all practice that one, too, right?) – all those things go on the list as well.

We know that wherever our focus goes, more of the same follows, so using this tally method to deliberately get our attention on successful manifestations is an empowering habit.  (Shoot, even thinking of others’ stories is uplifting, isn’t it?!)

3. One of the easiest ways to increase belief is to tap into a powerful reminder, like The Intention Experiment or Quantum Success or The Answer or Infinite Possibilities or I know for many The Secret works, and for others plugging into a like-minded community like this one helps.

Surrounding ourselves with reinforcing material about how the world really works helps to undo old teachings about the necessity of working hard or taking massive action to succeed.

4. Another method I ask clients to play with when they’re not feeling their manifesting muscle is “practice projects.”

A practice project is where you choose a unique thing or experience to manifest (something you don’t have any “charge” on), then just hold it in mind briefly once or twice a day for a couple of days in a row – and then simply keep an easy eye out for its appearance.

(No figuring out “how” or worrying if it will or being attached to what/where/when.  Just nice simple holding pleasant thoughts of little things that would be pleasant to see unfold, and then let the Universe bring it to your feet.)

Once you do a couple of those in a row, you not only start to properly acknowledge your manifesting skills, but you also have a nice template of how you best get the job done.

In fact, last week I joined a client in a practice project of her choosing – $50 from out of the blue.  I added that my $50 would be a “pleasant surprise.”
We spent maybe 25 seconds each imagining a $50 surprise windfall before we wrapped up our call.

Three days later I wrote my client to admit that I hadn’t remembered to do our homework of holding it in mind over the following days.  But before I sent the note, I realized Universe had already delivered it!

It turns out the day after we initially chose our practice project of 50 pleasant surprise dollars, a check arrived from another client who had inadvertently paid $250 for our one time session, rather than my real rate of $200.  I wondered if she paid extra because we’d gone over time, or if there was a misunderstanding about the fee.  Regardless, I wrote to tell her I owed her $50.

Her email back cleared things up:

“HA! Are you having an issue accepting a tip? I see why the universe had me send you one!

🙂  Love Ya!”

I’m not positive, but I think that’s the first time that ever happened.  (PS – thanks for the tip, my friend!)
Which is my proof how easy it is to miss the delivery on a practice project!  (Don’t let this happen to you.  lol)

My point being that there are lots of easy ways for us to amp up our belief, and when we do, magic happens.

Your turn: what are ways you’ve found effective for increasing your belief about having what you want?

  • September 21, 2009
  • Dana - Your Inspried Coach says:

    This is fun, Jeannette. Thanks for the ideas. Some of those are new to me. I love the reasons why I want it and reasons why I believe I can have it exercise and will be trying it immediately. 🙂
    I have tried some of the others and they are powerful. I know I’m a really fast manifestor, especially when there is no charge on something, of course. I did a course with my friend and coach, Lori Hamann, called the Butterfly Experiment. In that course she guides her clients through 30 days of manifesting butterflies to simulate manifestation, practice it and realize how easy it is to manifest any object you desire. Whether you take the course in December or March or August you will manifest butterflies everywhere. I took it during winter months and began seeing butterflies on china patterns, tv ads, clothing, logos, billboards, pasta shapes and even my own comfy pajama pants that I always wore but thought they had colorful flowers on them all along. Do you know they actually have very colorful butterflies on them and I NEVER noticed until I did that course? I now call them my “manifestation pants”. And the really neat part is that I see butterflies everywhere even now, over a year later. I’m in the habit of manifesting them.
    I guess it wouldn’t have been so easy if I was thinking, “Jeez, I’ve never had butterflies in my life before. I am not good at getting butterflies. I don’t deserve to see a butterfly. My family never had any butterflies. I’m not good enough to experience butterflies. I’ve manifested a butterfly, so that’s enough, I can’t manifest an abundance of them. What will my friends think of me when I suddenly start to see butterflies everywhere?”, or any of the other gremlins we experience about the things we do have charges on but want to manifest for ourselves.
    Interesting way of putting it into perspective, isn’t it?

  • Juliet says:

    And seriously, a good cry can do miracles for me, keeps me in the flow! 😉

  • Juliet says:

    Best way to manifest for me: writing it down with my favorite pen on some nice and soft paper in a nice notebook, then having a bit of a ‘what the heck’ attitude about it; doing ashtanga yoga; meditating, just having fun and doing things that I love to do. Actually I’m so good at it that I started to add ‘if it will bring me joy’ because not all things that I want bring me real joy! Mmm, now I think of it, I can solve that one too with some praying rain.

  • Mitch says:

    Practice projects are great tools for building manifesting skill. When I am successful with them it is always because I trusted enough to let go of them.
    Sometimes I use Shakti Gawain’s Pink Bubble Technique where I briefly imagine myself enjoying some thing or experience that I want, then surround the whole scene in a pink bubble and send it off into the sky which shows the Universe that I’m not attached to it. It sounds corny, I know, but it’s a lot of fun!

  • MissyB says:

    Do you know what nessa – sometimes I forget these kind of ways to feel good. I for one have looked for LOA tips to increase my vibe and overlooked the basics recently. Then on Sunday morning at a particular low vibe point, I watched Le Chocolat and had a thoroughly enjoyable few hours. Thanks for the reminder to look beyond LOA for my mood busting voltage.

  • nessa says:

    oh and when I really need to let go and allow good to flow, “take a vacation form my problems” so to speak…i watch What About Bob. It’s a classic.

  • nessa says:

    okay don’t laugh… I love movies like Field of Dreams, Lean On Me, Fame! Those are oldies but goodies. Some newer ones that I love are Finding Neverland or The Pursuit of Happyness (this one is reaallly good!) And I may be in the minority on this but I’m a sucker for musicals! Singing, dancing and dreams come true?!….I’m always lifted after this. yeah, I’m a corn-ball. 🙂

  • Adrienne says:

    Jeannette, I love this post and all the wonderful tips from your community!
    I definitely sometimes lose grip on the “belief” part. I am fortunate to have a few dear friends who are into LOA and they help ground me and remind me to have “faith” that Universe is taking care of it perfectly (one of them is my Gratitude List partner …every day we email each other at least 10 things for which we’re grateful … helps start the day on a good vibe AND by reading her list, it opens my eyes/heart to more things to be grateful for AND just makes me happy to see her grateful/happy). Other times, I think about one of your previous posts about the french fries … we have no doubt that the fries are coming …and so, I shift my belief to trust the Universe that my x,y,z manifestation (really just an “x” so far 😉 ) is coming.
    Another addition to making a list of actual manifestation successes to have “belief” that LOA is working is to make a list of “coincidences” or “signs” that are pointing to the actual manifestion. Like the baby steps or substeps to show me that INDEED the Universe is out there and responding to my vibe…even if the “coincidence” is not something I was trying to manifest but was just a sign from the Universe to be aware of this or that, it is always a confirmation to me that YES I should “believe”.
    Jeannette – totally noticed your poll on the left!! Thank you for giving us a voice in blog topics!! Lots of love to you!!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Oh Jeannette, don’t feel foolish, I just wanted to remind you how you needn’t worry about the shoulds because your spirit is many steps ahead.
    Can you see the wonderful confirmation you received that you are indeed a very fast manifestor and the ampage was already there for the fifty bucks. Who said it has to be in three days or three weeks, instant is always an option.
    Love to you!

  • Pamela says:

    Writing really helps for me, writing and drawing the outcome I desire. I’ll do it until I get to the point where I feel like my heart is so full of happiness over this outcome that my chest wants to burst and I feel like crying (tears of joy of course).
    I don’t know if it’s helping me reach my goals because I’ve only just started, but it makes me feel good so it’s got to be doing something positive right 🙂

  • Laura says:

    Hi all..first how do I get my photo here? I did a gravatar thing but don’t know how to get it here? Am I just a little slow? lol…
    Anyway..I loved this article, Jeannette! First, I could not believe your $50 story. I actually intended to manifest $50 this week from an unexpected source…(it’s only Tues…hehe). The timing is just so funny! I was actually able to manifest two dates in the last month when I said out loud that I wanted to manifest a date that week! It worked both times! (one was better than the other – but then again, I was not specific..did not ask for a “good” date, just a date).
    One thing I started doing recently which REALLY has been effective is doing a morning mediation. I do it before I get out of bed (it is actually a recording from David Morelli – if anyone is interested I can sent a link) and it is about feeling in your body what abundance feels like. You go to that place and start feeling – I imagine what abundance in all areas of my life would look like (the house with the water view, the perfect relationship, seeing the huge bank account balance, etc) and you really start to feel it run through your body…and then you keep turning up the volume of that feeling and you ask to see how abundance will show up in your day. It is a great way to start the day and it really has made a difference.
    I also love your exercise about writing down why you want something. It is like Abe’s exercise where you keep asking why – keep drilling down and it always comes back to feeling good. So, when you realize that you want to have these things to feel good it takes the charge off of feelings like “do I deserve this or am I worthy of this or can I really have this?”…really like this one. Plus, as you mentioned, you get the vibe going on desire and belief. Just doesn’t get better than that!
    Great post..great responses – always love reading this!
    Thank you Jeannette and everyone!
    xo Laura

  • MissyB says:

    Well number one amp has to be my surrender box – just knowing “someone” is taking care of it.
    But – before I came by to the blog today I’d been having an issue that was totally bringing my vibe down. A “friend” that I wish was more can’t be. I was trying to change it round to what I do want, which obviously I can’t because it involves a person, and try as I might, putting down what I do want just seemed so second best bearing in mind its my “friend” that I want at the moment. So I asked for the best way round it and low and behold the answer came. I remember Lynn Grabhorn – just take your mind off the problem. And do you know this works ! My vibe is improving. Simply thinking about something nice instead releases the pressure.

  • Erik says:

    @Leslie: That’s a good one 🙂 ‘remember I can chose to accept better’.
    @Melody: I like the “you need more proof that success, abundance and all that is good is your divine heritage?”.
    Yeah, pray raining worked really good so far for me too – I will try out #2 also, sounds a good way to even better acknowledge the ‘manifesting successes’ so far and get you into the vortex.
    Number 4 sounds like treat also, I’ve read about it ages ago but curiously never went for it – so maybe now is the time for some practice projects to hone my manifesting mojo.
    Have fun manifesting 🙂

  • Alora says:

    I use your Pray Rain journal technique. No kidding! It totally works!

  • Leslie, thank you for highlighting the importance of creating awareness. That’s an easy step to forget in this work, and yet it’s where it all starts.
    The power of choice – that one is HUGE!!! I appreciate the spotlight you’re giving it for us here.
    Much love to you!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Writing and venting does it for me! I let go of all that is making me feel less than, because as soon as I voice it I go oh!
    I know I am tripping on a big fat not helpful belief when it feels like this is the only choice…the only way…the only truth.
    My ampage goes up when I remember I can chose to accept better.

  • Ooh, Nessa! That’s another great ticket! Care to share your favorite movies for that? I’ve got a couple myself, and would love to hear yours (and others) that I might not have taken advantage of yet!
    Melody, I love that: “whatever it takes until it takes on a life of its own”! Brilliant!! I love that you’re walking that talk, too.
    Thanks for the inspiration, you two!

  • I like #2 on your list. I do that all the time. I go through a mental check list of old wins, someone elses wins, recent wins – Sometimes this is the only thing that works when I get really stuck. It’s like I say to myself, “What you need more proof that success, abundance and all that is good is your divine heritage? What about the time… and the time… you know that was no coincidence!” So I just talk myself right into an almost giddy anticipation.
    I like Nancy’s scripting of future events. I used to do that when I was a kid – not with the recording, etc – but I used to act the whole desired scenario out in my head over and over. I didn’t realize what I was doing but looking back it helped me to get through a lot of “stuff”.
    And I do the watching an inspirational movie thing too. In the past when I’ve been in a really icky spot I kept myself from staying in the “ickies” by watching a movie of someone else manifesting strength, courage, and success.
    What do I do to Amp up Belief? Whatever it takes until it takes on a life of it’s own.

  • nessa says:

    My favorite way to amp it up is to watch inspiring movies… even if their cliched or corny as long as it’s about a person or people who achieve their dreams. For one thing, it doesn’t feel like “work” to me so I’m relaxed and can let my mind wander to my own goals and dreams. And afterwards I’m always on a high for a few days feeling like I can do anything or be anything I want to be, no matter the circumstances! And if the movie is based off of a true story-even better!

  • Sounds like you’ve got it down to a science, Nancy! Thanks for sharing that!
    Leslie, I felt a little foolish twice in that – first for forgetting homework and second for not immediately recognizing the manifestation when it appeared! ha

  • Leslie Richter says:

    I sure chuckled with this post Jeannette. Way to go client sending Jeannette $50. more than requested. And how wonderful that you were able to recieve it.
    I find it extremely funny that it was already gifted to you and you were going to confess to your client you hadn’t done your homework. Like who needs to do homework Master Creator! You are so funny!
    Love Leslie

  • Hi, Jeannette,
    I look for ways to amp all the time. :o)
    One of my favorites is to write out a whole scenario (with me IN IT), experiencing what I’ve maniftested and enjoying it. I write it to it evokes all the feelings I can imagine having, as well as sights, sounds, tastes, smells, etc.
    Then, I record the scenario as an MP3. The basic MP3 goes on my MP3 player to listen to during meditation. I also embed the basic file in a pre-done relaxation script, then burn it to a CD that I listen to each night before I go to bed. I used the latter technique when I decided to manifest the solar-electric generating system on my roof. Worked like a charm!
    Many blessings,

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