How to Be a Slacker

My new ebook is officially published!

It’s one of my all time favorite topics – doing less to get more, aka slacker manifesting.

I wrote it in response to everyone who wanted more information after hearing the Slacker Manifesting interview with Kristen Howe at Manifest

Everything Now.  (A copy of which is included in the download package.)

And it was created in a total slacker way – only working on it when inspiration hit!

I couldn’t be more pleased with this whole project.  Writing the book was fun, and I’m loving the feedback you guys are giving from the early readers.  Sounds like it hit the spot, which is just what I intended for us all!

Here’s who Slacker Manifesting was made for:

  • It’s written for those who may not realize that working so hard for what you want is actually keeping you from it!
  • It’s for those who know that relaxing is a vibrational improvement over stressing, but can’t seem to shake the stress habit.
  • And it’s especially for those who have trouble enjoying the holiday season because they’re doing too many things they don’t love!

Here’s the download page to purchase your copy for $17, where you’ll also find other fun slacker stuff (videos, articles, group classes and more):

Next time you’re on facebook, you can look us up there, too.

It’s practically a Slacker movement!  If slackers rallied like that.  🙂

Thanks for checking out my latest work!  I’m excited for it to inspire you to more relaxation and enjoyment this holiday season.

  • December 3, 2012
  • Heard this great slacker manifesting story on a GVU call yesterday, and asked Terri if she’d be kind enough to share with us here at th blog!
    Here’s the scoop:

    Thursday found out I needed money to pay a bill due Friday afternoon, and did not have the money at that moment.
    Spent the remainder of the day doing things I love: group meeting on spirituality that evening, awake late for the meteor shower. Didn’t sleep much that evening as I was feeling really good.
    Up early Friday morning and about 8:30a, the thought occurred that I needed to pay that bill early afternoon. I checked in with myself and asked, what is best for me right now? The answer: sleep.
    So I went to sleep for three hours.
    When I woke up, I had a message from a woman I had done some work with on a committee – unusual to get a call from her.
    When I called her back, she said I had been on her mind and she was wondering if I needed any money – this is her season of sowing, she said.
    I said, yes, as a matter of fact, I need a couple hundred dollars today. She said she would be happy to give me a couple hundred dollars – would I allow her to take me to lunch and she would give me the money then.
    We had a fabulous, fun lunch and afterwards, I stopped and paid my bill.

  • Matt, my go-to trick to turn something not so fun into something fabulous is to incorporate a core value or two.
    When we bring one of our values to the party, it AUTOMATICALLY gets better, no matter what it is! For example, if I’m having a conversation with a family member that I’m not loving, I’ll go sit by my dog and scratch their belly while I’m on the phone. Or if I’m at a meeting I’m not loving, just reaching out to make a connection with someone immediately improves my experience of it.
    But in order to practice this you have to know what your core values are. This post can help if you don’t already know yours:
    I know my business partner has a process where she turns bill paying night into margarita night. (It works for her!) And I know plenty of music lovers who will tell you everything is better with your favorite playlist going.
    That’s my two cents, anyway. Who else has a suggestion for Matt?

  • Matt says:

    Jillian that’s another great tip, made me realise I’ve done this as well in the past – overdoing processes. That just gives off the same lack vibe as overdoing any other action. I like your idea of checking it off.
    Jeannette, got the book yesterday and have almost finished it, really good read.
    There is one thing that trips me up in particular and that is housework. I like having a clean flat, so if I leave it it bugs me. But having a routine also stresses me out as well. Any ideas how others deal with this would be great!

  • Jillian, I loved your “OCD LOAers” so much that I used it on the blog widget for the book!! lol
    You are so cool!!!
    Love your to-do list tip, too. THANK YOU, Jillian!

  • Jillian says:

    “Future’s so bright, [we] gotta wear shades!” LoL
    Thanks, guys :O). You’re the bees’ knees yourselves!
    Another tip for those ocd loa’ers out there: as soon as I set the intention, focus on it, and FEEL its essence, I check it off of my “to do” list–literally. Jot it down as you’re “asking” for it, and then “x”/check it off immediately thereafter. Treat it the way you would any completed chore or errand, and you will experience that same sense of not only relief, but accomplishment. The latter enhances your sense of “worthiness,” and releases that pesky resistance felt by most of us proactive “do’ers” who have difficulty
    believing things will happen without our input, and can’t wholly shake our need to micromanage the universe, lol. The “act” of making that check mark is a vibe-lifter…and a simple but effective segue into the “forgetting about your wish/intention” & living
    life” steps that round out loa “process.” Works wonders for me, anyway!! :O)

  • Matt says:

    Agreed! Jillian that was a great comment, I can see how I’ve been doing this all this time, constantly looking for evidence, where things are. No wonder there are things that haven’t shown up.
    Jeannette I’m looking forward to downloading the book sometime soon

  • Oh my gosh – how cool would those goggles be, Jillian?!
    Wow. In my vortex!! lol
    LOVED your follow up post!!
    In fact, I’m creating an updated second edition of the ebook to include these thoughts, because I want EVERYONE to read this!!
    You are SO cool! Thank you a billion times over, Jillian!

  • Jillian says:

    Awww yay! Interestingly, when you take the “lack” out of “slacking,” you get “sing”—which is exactly what I was doing when i happened upon my manifestation. You mention in your “How to Do Nothing” post that “doing nothing in an attempt to manifest something is not actually doing nothing.”
    This rings true to me, because, for the first time in months, i was totally oblivious to my desire for that money/resolution to that “problem” that morning. I operated on the Abrahamian principle of “Okay, i have asked for it (the night prior), and it is (already) done.” So while i was walking to work, singing along with my ipod, i was not looking for signs from the universe, or trying to feel clues about what “inspired action” to take. Instead, I had forgotten about it entirely that morning, going about my day as if i were in need of nothing–as though my money “issue” never even existed. I enjoyed the sense of freedom and reckless abandon that the old me would have reserved for times when my problems had already been resolved–or when i even believed in the concept of “problems” as such, per se…
    Basically, trusting that the universe has delivered your desire the moment you asked for it (whether or not you are aligned to it/cognizant of it as yet…)allows you to release your resistance to it, insofar as you are no longer looking for it to happen. I know that was a hang-up of mine in the past. Once I gave up the TRYING to make it happen, i got tripped up LOOKING for signals that the universe was en route to delivering it. But there is no need to do so, because the universe will deliver it to you perfectly and explicitly. You never need to worry that you will miss it if you’re not paying attention; that paying attention is what is keeping it at bay, because it has already been given to you! Only when you give up obsessing over it will you be aligned with it in a very tangible way.
    If there were “frequency goggles” that detected our waves/vibrations (not unlike the way night vision goggles do), it would be apparent that we and our manifestations are always present. that’s right. we have asked, and our desires have already been given–but we will be blind to them until we manage to radiate to them the same sensations of relief, joy, satisfaction, etc.. etc… that they are sending to us. We have to magnetize to them, and them to us, by feeling as we would feel when our “wish” (for lack of a better term) has already been granted. Because, in reality, it has—

  • Jillian, I’ve had email requests to interview you – you’re becoming a Slacker hero already! 🙂

  • Jillian says:

    @ Jeannette-
    Sure! E-mail me anytime :o)

  • Rakesh says:

    Thank You Jeannette for writing this book. It’s a difficult concept to convey authentically, though you’ve done a great job – as always.
    The message I get from this is:
    – “Get out of your own way – you probably do not have as much control over events as you imagine”
    – Don’t be obsessed with trying to create things. The only thing you should try to create is Patience.
    The French have been asking for a 4 day work week for a long time now – maybe they are on to something here!
    Thanks again. Brilliant work.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Love the cover too! Awesome! 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Congratulations, Jeannette!
    Oh my, what perfect timing! After these 90+ hour weeks, I am ready to shift some gears!!!

  • Kitty says:

    This book arrived right on time. My natural slacker nature has been bamboozled by all this Christmas-New Year’s nonsense that I have bought into and my head was twirling. As soon as I got notice of this book, I started to relax and after reading have made the decision to just chill through the rest of the year and to give myself an Advent treat each day. So far I have taken a walk and looked at NYC store windows, had a long soaking bath, and spent 10 minutes just doddling. Its fun to think of ways to treat myself instead of driving myself crazy. Life is meant to be enjoyed and picking that next good feeling thought will take me in the direction I want to go.
    Have also shared your book with my BFF who got laid off end of November. She immediately got the concept of “slacking” and I know it helped her ease into her transition.
    Congratulations on another great LOA read!

  • Robin says:

    So cool!! It’s timely for me because there is a goal that my husband and I are trying to reach, of trying to find a specific type of building to buy. We have lots of ideas for this building but no clue exactly how the money part is going to line up. Maybe a little more slacker attitude will help. (Ha! So against conventional “wisdom”….I love it)

  • Louise says:

    I’m an expert in slacking, even now.

  • Stacy | Online Reputation Marketing says:

    @Jillian – what an awesome story!
    Getting this ebook is falling right in line with a decision I made yesterday. I got my first client a week or two ago. Got the contract signed and got a nice, fat check cut. That money gives me the relief and ease I was desiring. Because of it I know all my bills are paid for several months.
    I’ve been having the goal of being able to quit my part time job by the end of this year. But when I thought of taking the actions to get more clients, it just hasn’t felt good.
    So yesterday I decided to make peace with staying at the part time job longer and not making that “goal” in the timeframe I decided. Instead I’m taking the month of December “off”. Of course, I’m going to do the stuff for the client I do have and will be working at my part time job, but I won’t be taking any actions towards getting clients – unless I feel inspired.
    I’m going to spend December “working” on my vibe – especially the vibe of clients easily finding me. I already have some momentum to work off of – the client I did just pick up found and contacted ME. So I have the “proof” that it can happen. Just want to really solidify and amplify that vibe.
    Thanks for the book, Jeannette – I love the timing of it for me!

  • Hellooooooo, Jillian! What a great story! Thanks for posting it for us here!
    PS – I think I might email you, if you don’t mind!!

  • Jillian says:

    How’s this for a success story:
    For the past several months I have worried myself sick trying to figure out how to come up with the $3438.00 I need my tomorrow. I’ve lost countless nights of sleep and endured a perpetual knot in my stomach, as the days went by & every “solution” I came up with fell through.
    Last night I downloaded your “slacker manifesting” e-book. After reading it, I reassured myself that the universe never let’s me down, and trusted that it would find a way to help me. I also reminded myself that I would be okay, even if the money didn’t turn up in time.. I had no idea how, but I believed that, one way or another, it would all work out. Then, for the first time in months, I enjoyed a good night’s sleep.
    Upon waking this morning, I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I listened and heeded when something told me to take a different route to work today. And guess what happened as a result of my listening to my “inner guidance” and my trusting the universe? As I took a street to work that I never take, I ran into an old friend. We chatted for a few minutes, and he told me about a part-time business opportunity for which he said I would be the perfect person. The job pays $3500 upfront (as in TODAY)!. What’s more, he said that he had been seeking a candidate for this project to no avail, and finally gave up looking for one…drum roll…last night. Slacker manifesting worked for the both of us, and I’m on my way to the bank as we speak to deposit the $3500 I needed by tomorrow.
    I cannot begin to thank you, and the universe, enough!!! But I will start by saying: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  • KanKan says:

    Thanks ladies, I got some reading to do :).

  • Janette says:

    KanKan, my favourite resource for those self-esteem issues is a Worthiness Magic exercise I actually learned from Jeannette 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll find her instructions for it on this blog, and I also have my version of it over at if that helps.
    You might like to adapt it slightly to reflect your current situation – maybe include things like feeling worthy of inspiration, courage, etc. The key is to be super gentle with yourself and if you catch yourself doing any self-criticism or beating yourself up…. stop it immediately! Then take a few slow deep breaths and remember that change is a process and you’re a rockstar for even beginning it.

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Jeannette —
    Oh yeah! I was just trying to figure out which book of yours to buy next after enjoying The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling so much — thanks for solving my dilemma.
    (How’s that for slacker decision making . . . )
    Can’t wait — !

  • Right, KanKan, fear and lack of confidence would be alignment spoilers … so if I were in your shoes that’s what I’d be working on first.
    And the answer to your question is yes. If we have a belief that we should be doing something, then doing nothing does not create the alignment that allows results to manifest.
    Before you take any action – work on those contrary energies of fear/low self esteem. Does anyone here have a favorite resource they can share with KanKan for that work?

  • KanKan says:

    I have the opposite problem. I slack off too much. Due to fear and low self esteem I don’t act on things for fear of failure/ humiliation. I don’t work, I have low energy, I rarely leave the house and I’m afraid of talking to people. It’s kinda hard for me to believe that doing nothing all day is helping me get what I want out of life.
    Do you think the problem is that even though I don’t do much all day I feel i should and that’s why slacker manifesting doesn’t work for me?

  • Thank you, Pernille!
    And Terry, I appreciate the tidbit as reinforcement for why I wrote this book! I’ll check out the link … thanks for sharing!

  • Terry says:

    Here is the Today link, in case you’re interested (it takes a couple of seconds to load):

  • Terry says:

    Love you and your work, and I’m just about to download your book. Right this second on Today, Savannah Guthrie is interviewing an expert who says Americans are taking less vacation time than ever (the average American, she says, gets 12 days and takes only 10). She attributes this to fear.
    This might be a great opportunity to present your book and slacker philosophy to Today. If they’re smart, they’ll be interested!
    Good luck, and thanks for all you do.

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Highly recommended!!!

  • Susan says:

    Hi all,
    So sorry for the delivery hiccups. The link for download will come via email, but if you’ve never downloaded one of Jeannette’s previous ebooks you’ll receive an optin email first. So that’s two emails total. Please don’t forget to click the confirmation (optin) link. If you’ve already downloaded one of Jeannette’s other ebooks, then you shouldn’t receive the optin email.
    Please feel free to email me at with any delivery or download issues and I’ll be happy to help out right away.

  • Sorry about that, guys! I’ve asked Susan to help out with the delivery issues. You should be hearing from her soon!

  • Ashley says:

    I haven’t received the email link either to download. Can’t wait to read the book!

  • dee says:

    Never received the email with the link, but really looking forward to it. Love your blog!

  • Janette says:

    Best. Concept. EVER.
    Is my easy-peasy slacker-style comment 😀

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