Busting 5 Muggle Money Myths

Earlier this month I suggested there is a better way to be rich than what we typically hear from financial experts or best selling money books.

I promised a follow up post series on that subject that has since turned into a full fledged course at Good Vibe University. (It begins July 10th.)

Over the next week at this blog I will publish the foundation of what I believe is really required in order to be rich. For those of you who want a deeper dive in this material, join me at GVU next month for a six part course where we will not just study these principles, but will put them into real time practice together.

Let’s begin with getting clear on a couple of key principles before we start manifesting fabulous financial prosperity. Busting muggle myths about money is a good starting point for engaging the magic that makes the difference …

Here’s what I think is essential to know when it comes to successfully creating wealth and abundance:

Myth #1: Money is what makes you rich.
Truth: Money is what shows up once you decide you are rich.

Most people think the money comes first and that’s what makes one rich. But the way our system works is that the money comes in response to feeling rich. It’s what keeps most people from having the money they want – they don’t know how to feel what isn’t so in their reality yet.

It’s a catch 22. But there is a workaround – and that is your all-powerful imagination. That’s how you break out of a current reality to create a new one.

Myth #2: Making money requires certain specific action.
Truth: Making money requires a specific vibration.

The essential ingredient to wealth isn’t what you do, it’s what you vibrate. Actions are a result (not the cause) of abundance. What I mean is that actions are incidental, not primary, to creating abundance.

Being rich isn’t about figuring out how to make it happen through the right actions. It’s about training your energetic instruction into one of wealth and prosperity rather than striving and lack.

Myth #3: Money (and the desire for it) isn’t spiritual
Truth: Everything that exists is spiritual.

Everything that exists comes from Spirit. Including money. So get over it if that one’s been tripping you up. There’s nothing wrong with having or wanting money. Period.

Myth #4: Making money is hard.
Truth: Keeping money out of your life is more challenging and requires more focus than letting it in.

It takes way more energy to block the natural abundance that is yours rather than to conjure it into reality. Abundance is our default state, so when we stop doing the things that block it, money flows in naturally, joyfully and easily.

Myth #5: You’re not good at manifesting money.
Truth: You are excellent at it already!

However you are manifesting money to be – whether it’s plenty or hardly any – you are a master manifestor money already. You’re either manifesting it here or not here, and either way it shows you’ve got money manifesting skills.

So you don’t have to learn any new skills – it’s just a matter of putting your current skills to better use.

This is so much easier than you ever thought it to be.

You ready to have some fun with money? It’s ready for you, too.

Stay tuned next week for the second post in this series where we learn the ways to really be rich.

And if you’d like to tune in for the full course at GVU, you can join now and get started on your prep work before the course officially begins on July 10th.

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