How to Catch a Dog (& Anything Else You Want)

how to get what you wantHave you heard the colloquialism that a chased dog will always run? Owners of adventurous dogs have likely experienced the truth of that!

But it’s not just true for dogs. Chasing anything will send it running in the opposite direction!

That “graspy” chasing desperate type energy is not a super attractive vibe.

In fact, I just emailed a family member suggesting he make peace with impending divorce – because clinging to his marriage was making his wife want out all the more.

The saying about how a chased dog will always run reminded me of the trick that savvy dog owners use to get a dog on the run to return home.

You simply get in front of the dog so they can see you, then run in another direction.

They follow. They can’t help it. Even if they’ve fallen for it a hundred times before, they have to join the running pack leader. It’s what they do.

So instead of chasing stinkerhead Koda through the neighborhood when he sneaks out an open gate, I know my job is to get in front of him and start running. Neighbors might think I’m nuts as I run barefoot across lawns and down streets in a totally different trajectory than my dog, but that’s okay. This is no time to worry what neighbors think.

(Just like in LOA work.)

I get out in front, get his attention, and start running in a direction that leads us home. (Even a big circle works.)

I can run right into the garage or backyard or front door and he gleefully follows.

Unless I turn around to try to catch him. Which sends him in a different direction immediately.

Or if I lose speed, he loses interest. It’s got to be a full on sprint to keep him engaged!

I’ve learned not to look back to make sure he’s following, because a leader of the pack doesn’t wonder about that. I have to run with confidence that he’s right behind me.

And it works like a charm! (I’ve done this with enough dogs to know its reliability.)

This is very similar to engaging the energy of whatever in the world we want to come to us.

  1. Get out in front.
  2. Be someone they’re happy to follow.
  3. Show it a good time and it’ll join the party!

How does that work with men in the dating world? Have a good time with or without them. Let them follow your fun lead.

How does it work with money? Don’t make your happy life dependent on it showing up – get out, do your thing and money will find you.
The same with health, jobs, success, etc.

We lead with the energy that requires it to line up with us.

Joy, happiness, freedom – all those vibes work great for getting what we want to follow us home.

Or in the case of dogs, simple running will do.  😉

My invitation to you is to see where you’re “chasing” and start leading instead. You’ll like what happens next.  🙂

  • August 25, 2010
  • My border collie dog walks off lead – but always ahead of me. If I want to remind him and myself who is in charge I hide behind a tree and wait and that bolshi dog comes running back to find me. He cant be a leader is no one is following. I on the other hand am happy to lead, even if it is only me that I am leading 🙂

  • Amanda42 says:

    This is my very favorite post. I truly feel it has changed my life. I could wallow in self-pity when things don’t go my way, or I could take this advice and “Get out in front!” When I do the latter, good things happen! To steal a phrase from Jeannette, WOOHOO!!

  • Sarah says:

    LOL!! This even works for small children. In the mall yesterday I got in front of my nearly two year old toddler and started to jog to the supermarket and he followed. Even when I deviated and went round the donut bar (to see if he would follow) on the way… he was right behind me laughing his head off. Hilarous fun!

  • Dragonfly says:

    Just found this post by accident (LOA?) and I think I found it at the right time – my faith in the Universe was starting to get pretty shaky! Thanks to everyone for reminding me that things can and do work when we’re positive!
    I love the concept, so a big thanks!

  • Erik says:

    Lol @ the dog’n’bike picture :), hope nobody of you needs a bike to catch your dog – a bit cumbersome to carry around in just case your dog runs away ;).
    About catching a girl or a guy with loa – I think trying to catch a specific person with loa would mean that I pretend to know what’s best for them: me. But the point is, how can I know? How can I know that *I* am the most downstream thing to this person to happen in their life?
    By tuning in to what I really am and what I really like it *might* turn out that I am, but it is a ‘might’ only. I find this a bit painful to realize but on the other hand, don’t people say ‘If you let go of something you love and it comes back, it is yours to keep, if you let go of it and it goes away, it never was in the first place’? That is one of those sayings that for a ‘normal mortal’ might be difficult to live. But then again it matches with what Abraham said in the video link posted above: get tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and the rest will follow :).
    Whew, sometimes really difficult to just *let go* (working on that one too ^^) but hey, it feels good to let go so it might get easier with time :).

  • Max says:

    Where did every one run off to? Are you out chasing your dogs. Did he not follow like you planned? Do you not care if he is following or what?

  • Max says:

    Read the different input with the word non attachment in mind. When we get there, things happen because we relinquish control and agenda’s to the things that are happening to us. When we don’t do it, don’t be hard on yourself. Learn and try again.

  • That was lovely, Bella! I appreciate your sharing it here!
    And Elizabeth, here’s to our willingness to RECEIVE the goods! 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hello Bella…and all the other lovely bloggers. Thank you for posting this link – really enjoyed the uplifting writing. I love to be reminded of the power we all have to create and manifest and the RESPONSIBILITY we all have to be in dominion of our minds.
    I love the manifesting tools that are available to us all – I find I simply have to be willing to make the effort to use them. They work for me – visualization & affirmations but ultimately it is up to me with how much I’m willing to RECEIVE. I can manifest men for sex – easy. I was about to type that I have to keep working on myself very deeply and keep shifting all that blocks me from deeper love BUT I realized I don’t have to make it so hard!
    I have my ideal lover now. I have all the love I need now – I AM LOVE!
    Love and Light to all…I’ll keep you posted.

  • Bella says:

    Hi there,
    I stumbled upon this thread and found the topic coincide with what I am reading currently. I have been searching for the true meanings of the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to my life. My conclusion is that it works in most things: how I got my car, my job, friends, my home (yes! I bought a condo last year!) and now I am trying to apply it on LOVE. When it comes to the matters of the heart I mess up with LOA. If you know how to do this please let me know lol… Anyway, I think everyone who is thinking of living a happy, healthy and wealthy life will somewhat try to practice LOA one way or another. I just want to share what I am reading with you hopefully it will perhaps answer some of your questions and doubt. Note: the author mentioned God in the text while I substitute that with the Force/Universe etc.
    Happy reading!!

  • Okay, Melissa (and everyone else interested), your question is up over here:

  • Jeannette says:

    Melissa, if you’re game, I’ll make this our next Q&A post, because I think this is a question a LOT of people wonder about!!

  • Melissa says:

    One question I’m always confused about is this: If there is a specific man I want to date/have in my life, can I use LOA to have him? I met this really great guy, and I think we’d be a good match. But how can I get my energies to flow to attract him to me? The only connection I have to him is his sister (who adores him and thinks we’d be a good match, too).

  • Big kisses, Jack!! MWAH! 🙂

  • Jack Bhanded says:

    Dear Jeannette,
    This is the best post I’ve read in months!
    Keep Running!
    We are following!
    Warm Regards,

  • Max says:

    Thank you. And I think you just set a perfect example of how it will manifest in life.

  • Is anyone else in as much love with Max as I am? This is great, my friend! “Take care of yourself, Get to a good feeling place and walk your own path and heal yourself first. Things will fall into place.”
    Thank you. 🙂

  • Shimigirl says:

    Thanks for your comment. It is awesome to know that the universe is supporting me while I try to spread the love and happiness around. I attempt to leave each day a little better than I found it which can be tricky as a high school teacher. Sometimes though I may be the bright spot in one of my charges day- What an honour and a buzz! I have used the LOA and chased dog theory at school. It Works! If I’m having fun they probably are too. I passed this blog on to 2 friends today who so get the concept. They had been talking seconds before my arrival about chasing dogs and voila! Thanks universe!

  • Max says:

    When we are going through times like this, I call it the dark night of the soul. It really is growth as you will see much later.
    We are spiritual beings and we give off energy which is spread out from us. It is subtle and people can and do feel it.
    When you learn to reach for a better feeling place and get clear with yourself, I promise things will change. Take care of yourself, Get to a good feeling place and walk your own path and heal yourself first. Things will fall into place.
    You are a spiritual being that is worthy. Love yourself first then other people will love you also. Smile.

  • Thank you for that, Angel. 🙂
    Shimgirl, get focused on what makes YOU happy. If it’s not your ex, it’ll be someone else even more fun who is attracted to your world.
    Sending big love your way, as I know several people in similar situations who are feeling on shaky ground. It’s going to be fabulous. I promise you.

  • Shimigirl says:

    Thanks so much for the posts and the concept of out in front. The universe put your thread in front of me today when my belief in the universe supporting me was shaky. So super thanks to all those who’ve commented. Trying to live my newly separated (after 23 years) life along those lines. I am trying new things and saying yes because I have an opportunity to. If my ex husband has no contact with me, will the out in front principle still work??

  • Max says:

    Just now focused on your statement Missy. The reason I did not notice is because I didn’t see anything! Keep thinking positively!
    Boy are we bad.

  • Angel says:

    Loved your article & the 3 steps:
    Get out in front.
    Be someone they’re happy to follow.
    Show it a good time and it’ll join the party!
    I do believe in LOA & its working for me. I have a new leash on life after I began living it for my own! I created a wish list years ago but sadly never checked off anything:) Now I’m letting my heart run freely, trust my gut intuition & rest is taken care or follows shortly or I believe it will someday soon.
    Positive thinking is the best thing one could do.. because our thoughts at some point take shape of our actions & the universe is listening all the time.. so cheers to you all for happy thoughts .. always:)
    Life is beautiful even when we dont have everything:)

  • Me, I love that your sense of humor is intact! That will take you far!
    For some reason, I keep thinking of this video:
    But you might also want to pop over to this thread and watch the Abe videos, too:
    Max and MissyB, I love the depth you’re creating on this topic – THANKS for it!!

  • Max says:

    I think you are right on! We must learn to live our life as that is all we have. When we start projecting our needs to another, it puts a responsibility on them and takes the focus off us.
    Sure we make mistakes which is how we learn, sure at times our heart breaks because we aren’t moving with the expansion, but if we just get quiet, listen and wait, things happen!
    What a wonderful day today is!

  • MissyB says:

    Max – perhaps it was because I ran the other way up the beach topless that made it work on men 😉
    Hey – I just must be lucky…for its worked for me. But I know one thing for sure… I choose to have fun…I choose to be happy…ALONE ! Because if I put all of those things on hold, waiting for a bloke to do it for me, well then I could be waiting my whole damn life. If it attracts a bloke then bonus…but if it doesn’t, well at least I had fun.
    And Me…who says they would not want you around anyway ?

  • Max says:

    I also used to train dogs but THAT won’t work on women.

  • me says:

    I’ve head people say things like that, but never seen it work, honestly. Any time I give up and just do my own thing, that’s what it is- I’m just doing my own thing… alone. It’s never ended up any other way. Heck, guys don’t even know what I’m doing, they’re just glad I’m not around them! [hence me not getting the whole ‘get in front of them’ thing. What are you supposed to do, email them how much fun you’re having alone? lol.]

  • Oooh, thanks for that elaboration, MissyB! I think with that this whole topic just got a lot clearer for folks!

  • MissyB says:

    Dear Me (not dear me!)
    I think Max pretty summed it up…but I’d just like to add this…
    When I went to one to one dog classes, the reason my collie never came back I was told, was because what HE was DOING was far more interesting than I was. Yep – that smelly fish was far more intersting (to him) than all the sausages and crazy high pitch calling I could do. But the game got so much better when I started running up the beach…and suddenly I was much more fun.
    This principle has worked numerous times in my love life. All the time I chased…nada. The moment I got in to doing something interesting for me, that didn’t involve them, I suddenly became more interesting than what they were doing…and hey bingo. And even if they hadn’t changed direction, I didn’t care because I was off having fun anyway.
    So in short, my thoughts are, if I get busy doing my thing, being who I am to the best of my ability, not only will my collie love me, but I’ll bag a bloke to boot 🙂

  • Thanks for that, Max.
    And Linda, I’m glad the metaphor is working!
    Lily, so cool to hear you’re putting it to work with the kids! woo hoo!

  • lily says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read, and at the right time too, so thank you!
    By the way, it does work for children. Without knowing the metaphor, I have been trying it lately on mine, and it’s amazing how well it works.

  • linda says:

    love love love this advice…..!!!!!
    and all of the stories.
    Somehow, the dog metaphor is so easy to visualize, that i will be trying the getting out front and leading
    thank you

  • Max says:

    You won’t like this most likely. I hear a lot of negative thought going on.
    First, being a man and most likely a bit older than some, I would say ~~ how long are you waiting to be noticed? Are you doing it as it is supposed to be done? You must put no expectations on these things (Yes, I know it’s magic only when it shows itself) There is also the possibility that on occasion, we just make the wrong choice. Be alert, live your life and if it’s wholesome you’ll be noticed. Just maybe by someone that is a lot better than what you are stretching for.

  • Me, I think when we’re really truly doing our thing, we don’t notice/care whether the men are there or not.
    Know what I mean?
    As long as the party doesn’t feel complete without them, we’re handicapping ourselves. So the work is to truly engage enjoyment with or without them.
    When we’re out in front, not looking back, it doesn’t matter whether they’re there or not. And that energy has to be genuine in order to work, I think.
    In terms of the job, I think the person who isn’t desperate for the job is a more attractive candidate than the person who isn’t as secure in their well-being.
    Hope that helps?
    (Ooh, that was NOT an “out in front” ending sentence – can you feel it? I can! It was tentative, unsure, NOT good leadership energy and certainly not attractive to confident understanding and inspiration. I’ll leave it, though, for educational purposes. lol)

  • me says:

    Maybe I’m just slow, but I don’t get how this metaphor applies to men. How do you “get out in front” of them? You can do your thing all you want, if you’re not super hot and easy, they’re not going to notice what you’re doing, they’ll just be glad you’re not ‘chasing’ them anymore. How is it possible to have them notice that you’re ‘leading’? And doesn’t that defeat the purpose since it’s just another tactic to attract them?
    Same with jobs- HR managers don’t think “well, she’s been unemployed over a year, and her rate of applying for jobs has slowed down- this must be the time to hire her!”, lol. I don’t see how this works or makes a difference as a metaphor in these cases… Thoughts?

  • Running fast, Max, might inspire others to follow faster! 🙂

  • Max says:

    Well, I must say I really enjoyed the input. I write a nightly email to people as they sign up, am writing a book on life lessons etc. How easily we forget these concepts. I’ve always known this but now I’m in trouble for being honest and operating from the heart. Hope I don’t run too fast. Max

  • Kim, you are such a hoot!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Just a quick note. This works with babies too.
    My 11 month old grandson doesn’t liked to be picked up when playing in his sisters room. I was sent in to get him (be the ‘bad guy’) so I went into the room, got down on hands and knees and said,’I’m running away!’ I crawled off at full speed down the hall. He was right on my heels, laughing and giggling!
    Got em!

  • Amen to that, Sabine! “Running away in terms of a relationship not so much as playing games yet as in feeling complete.”
    Right, it’s not “game playing.” It’s managing our energy to get aligned to what we want.
    Thanks for adding to the conversation here!

  • Sabine says:

    Hello all, I love this blog, have been reading it faithfully for a while.
    I look at it like this: Running away in terms of a relationship not so much as playing games yet as in feeling complete, so you allow him to come to you, being a challenge as in being complete with yourself and knowing who you are and not worrying about him getting away. Men do like a challenge by nature to a degree. I feel it is about enjoying the relationship once established by coming to him as in ‘hey I like to see you’ for example, and being detached from the outcome. He will sense when you ask out of worry he may lose interest. If you ask feeling confident you still remain a healthy challenge to a man IMO. He senses “wow, she likes me and won’t stick around if I don’t show her I feel same”. Hope I make sense? lol

  • Stacy, you’re showing the art of allowing at a whole new level.
    I finally learned how to trust the cats outside without worrying about them … it’d be a bigger stretch for me to be able to do that with the dogs. lol
    Although I did have to practice it on purpose once when I lost a foster dog on a canyon walk. Had to let go of the control and the worry, and sure enough, he turned up later on the same day (my ex found him).
    I love how you introduced EASE to this topic – so everyone isn’t thinking we have to literally do something strenuous in order to get in front of it.

  • Stacy says:

    My dog was quite the escape artists at points (her nickname became Houndini because I had no idea HOW she was getting out). I figured out a few things from her escapes. If I just let her do her thing, she’d ALWAYS come back home after a few hours. Usually she’d be waiting on the front porch or would get back in the back yard somehow. Or if I didn’t want to wait (because sometimes she’d be gone overnight) I found that if I got in my car and found her, then she’d hop right on in. Never did try the running FROM her.
    Also whenever she got out I quickly learned, like what Ande said, to either NOT scold her and act like it was no big deal that she was back. Or maybe give her some praise if she came back, but I wouldn’t reward her for coming back ie for having left in the first place. But she wouldn’t be punished – even if I had to go get her in the car.
    The car thing makes me thing – well, driving is easier than running – so somehow that could translate to finding tools to make getting what you want easier.
    Something for me to ponder.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    This is just wonderful, Jeannette! Thank you.
    I love the three simple steps!
    1. Get out in front.
    2. Be someone they’re happy to follow.
    3. Show it a good time and it’ll join the party!
    Do you ever think nature is our first and most primary teacher? This feels like an ebook for you to write…. LOA, Natures Guide to Deliberate Creation!
    I already want to pre order that one!

  • PhilG says:

    Great blog, Super J! The only ting I would add is that this technique (running ahead and letting them follow) doesn’t work so well for cats! I ran and ran and ran and ran….;o)

  • Yes, SHG! Because when we’re in enjoyment, we’re in alignment.
    That simple.
    Well said!

  • Tammy says:

    Love this!! Inspiring, uplifting….ahhh. I love you guys!

  • Jessica and Selwyn, I have noticed that too!!
    Dogs (and men!) will come running the minute they sense you’ve taken your attention off of them and are engrossed in your own thing… so I think that’s the answer to the whole ‘enjoyment’ issue. As long as we’re truly enjoying ourselves and enjoying our lives, dogs (and romantic partners) will come sniffing around to see what we’re up to and join in on the fun! So we don’t necessarily have to “run” away from them, as much as just be sure we’re enjoying ourselves and are not flowing that needy, I need you to fill me up vibe!

  • selwyn says:

    jeannette !
    this was good..
    is that the same as ..when my grandmother would say just go have fun ..he will call you.
    or..if you love them set them free and they will come back..or like my cats if I let them go and do what they want they always want to be near me ! or..when I want to read or work on my laptop that’s when they want to cuddle ! or how bout with a dog he will come better when I say “good boy !” his tail always goes happy..never comes to BAD BOY !
    if you can’t beat them ,join them..just run out in front..and they (it) will come…
    thanks !! how fun is that !

  • EXACTLY, Selwyn! Exactly that!
    Sounds like your grandmother had a much more succinct way of saying exactly what I was trying to share here. lol
    Smart woman! “Just go have fun. He will call.” I think that applies to EVERYTHING we want to come into our world: jobs, love interests, good news in general.
    Thanks for posting, Selwyn! 🙂

  • Thanks for this, Lucille: “looking forward instead of backward can only help you in your forward movement through life.”
    I love that!

  • Lucille says:

    Jeannette, what a great topic and so many great interpretations. Running out front and letting it catch you, is so true in so many ways. And looking forward instead of backward can only help you in your forward movement through life. Looking backward should be for remembering fond memories and good life lessons. And Jeannette, you are a great example of that!

  • Jessica, I’m laughing out loud because that one has worked for me a time or two as well. With foster dogs (young ones) who are in the yard that I’m not wanting to chase down to come back inside.
    I think “getting engrossed in something” (or pretending to be, when it comes to the dogs) is sort of the same as getting in front of it. WE lead. We don’t chase. And how that “leading” looks can be a very wide variety of things.
    Thanks for the chance to explore and expand the definition of that. 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    Reading about Ande’s springer and Jessica’s comment on getting tired running, I realized something… When I want Izzy to come (and he’s the first dog I’ve ever tried this with, so I have no idea if he’s unusual) and he’s paying absolutely no attention to me, I sit and get engrossed in something nearby. I don’t have to call him, or do anything to get his attention, I just have to sit and do my own thing for a minute or two and he comes running towards me. So, perhaps we don’t always have to get up to something as big as a fun adventure to attract what we want–maybe sitting quietly works for some things, too?

  • It is an easy to way to get a grasp on the “energy” at play, isn’t it, Glad? We all know about dogs who run when we chase – to be able to apply that to the job we’re pursuing, or the perfect body, or the relationship – it does kind of “click.”
    Thanks for reading and for the encouraging post! Much appreciated.

  • Glad says:

    This is a perfect metaphor for LOA. I think even the poo-pooers in my life might finally figure out what I’m talking about. Love it. Thanks for continuing to do the work you do here.

  • Tami!! You’re the one who’s rocking!! Loved listening to your Squirrel Radio with Sarah today!!
    If you see this comment, please come back with a link – your energy and your topics are right up the alley of this group!

  • Tami McCall says:

    Oooh…Jeannette, I LOVE this! Getting “out in front” is such a cool concept…VERY intuitive yet the polar opposite of conventional thinking. You ROCK, woman! I am inspired! 🙂

  • Ande says:

    A wonderful analogy and right in my dog park. 🙂 I’m wondering how it looks specifically about money when the money you need is to keep the roof over your head. Desperate action (getting more jobs, working harder etc) would be chasing for sure. Being happy even as you work and live in the uncertainty of keeping your home would be going the other way, but is running the other way being okay with losing the house?
    I’m one of those lucky dog owners who has a dog who comes when I call about 99 percent of the time and my method is the give her over the top praise every time she comes to me–make it a big celebration. I think that’s part of the energy too–appreciating when things start moving your way even a little bit. 🙂 The one percent she doesn’t listen is when she has sandpipers in her sights on the beach. Then she loses her little Springer mind and MUST HAVE sandpipers, so she chases them, they get away, I chase her, she gets away. 🙂 So my mother (Ducky’s grandma) got one of those training collars, and I find I have no need for the negative part of it. I trained her to a positive tone, which I associate with a treat, so now I can push a button, which she can hear even if she’s 400 yards away, and she associates the sound with “treat” and if the treat is good enough it trumps sandpipers and she comes to me. Yey! It’s all about the positive, right? 🙂

  • Wow, Ande. You’re onto something with that!
    “It’s all about the positive.”
    The Abe clip that was shared in the comments of the last post had a powerful message about being able to make positive whatever it is we’re up to. That one is still ringing true for me.

  • I don’t think I could say it any better than that, Mary! Making enjoyment the focus, rather than the person or even the relationship, seems to be a not just smart but also an effective and fun approach.
    Thanks for adding to the richness of this conversation, my friend. 🙂

  • You have really outdone yourself with this post, Jeannette!! Absolutely brilliant, and oh so relevant to our everyday lives… thank you for it!
    I totally agree with Jessica, and I love your response to her Jeannette. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what to do when you DO get the guy (to bring it back to dating). Cuz yeah, I can always get the guy, but like Jessica said I’d like to “let down my guard” and actually enjoy the guy once I get him!! And I’d like to not always feel like I have to keep running away in order to keep him interested. I’m sure there’s a limiting belief in there, but I really like your emphasis on enjoyment Jeannette.
    Maybe not making the relationship the ultimate prize, but finding enjoyment along the way… and also finding other ways to reach enjoyment even when you ARE in a relationship, i.e. not making your ultimate happiness depend on a relationship, because we all know that doesn’t work! Good reminder for myself there! 😉
    Anyway, great post and just what I needed to hear today!

  • Wise words from your Grandma, Lisa! Very sweet of you to share that with us – I’m glad for the spotlight Robert gave it, otherwise I would have missed it.
    Thank you for a great call, girlfriend!
    PS – LOVED your last newsletter (as usual!) on when the Universe is “broken”!

  • Lisa says:

    I’d take credit for it too, but I can’t.
    My Grandma said that. “A chased dog always runs…” Let me tell you, that was a woman who didn’t chase after a damn thing!

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    I used to embrace what MissyB talks about – slow down and everything you desire will come to you. And of course that works! Now I’m ready to experiment by speeding up and seeing what happens.
    So, I’ve decided that I would like to have a few more intuitive consulting clients chasing after me. Tomorrow morning I will run down the beach calling out the “Pup pup pup pup pup” mantra, giggling like crazy, as I see them chasing me like happy dogs. Won’t that be fun? Talk about a vibe raiser for me!
    “Energetic leadership” – that’s a term I use when I talk with clients about taking the lead in their own lives, whether it’s with their animals, their businesses, or their relationships. It’s all the same thing, and it’s always about one’s inner placement.

  • Nicole says:

    Tia – Love it!
    This puts a whole new perspective on “Run, Forrest, Run!” lol

  • Suzannah, can’t wait to hear how this translates with children! That’s one I don’t have experience with. lol
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting. 🙂

  • Suzannah says:

    What a great post! I have a dog (who often runs away from me at the beach) and I do the same thing, I run the opposite direction and she always chases after me!
    But I hadn’t thought about that in terms of LOA.
    And I also love Jessica’s comment about how thinking this way also gets you to be in the moment and enjoy it.
    I am always chasing my 1.5 yr old around as well so I may try doing this with him too! 🙂

  • Girlfriend, you’ve been rockin’ it already! Great to see you take ownership of it, though!
    woo hoo!

  • 😀 How dyu like my new siggy? No more boring old Coach T.I.A – I’m Tia SPARKLES and I’m about to rock this joint!

  • Harmony, this reminds me of Amanda’s “Hey Expert” post at GVU and some of the responses that’s eliciting.
    Much of the advice about attracting a following is saying don’t wait for your people to show up. Get out there and do your thing FIRST, then they’ll find you. You write the articles before you have readers; film the videos before you have subscribers; etc. etc.
    It’s a pretty interesting phenomenon, if you ask me. !!

  • I’m glad you repeated it, Robert, because I hadn’t heard that on the call and I was on for the whole thing.

  • Robert says:

    I love it that I get the credit for starting this topic, but I was just listening to the call and I heard someone say, “a chased dog always runs.” It was hard to hear so I typed it in the chatroom for those that didn’t hear it. What if I heard it wrong? What if I got “out in front” of this conversation by accident? Maybe there is a lesson in that, maybe we don’t always have to TRY to get out in front.
    (Who else was on the call? Do you remember who said that? Or did I really hear it wrong?)

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    Fabulous thoughts. It’s all about energetic leadership. With the dogs, it’s about being the most fabulous thing around. Dogs love being with people who know their value, and who kindly walk their worth in the world. And so do other beings & things that are sensitive to energetic alignment.
    Several years ago, a clicker trainer taught me to run away from the dog and call out “Pup pup pup pup pup!” in a quick, high-pitched rhythm, sounding excited and happy. It’s my dog-call mantra! (Does it work with men, too?)

  • Yes, Jessica, the “running” can look different for each of us. Like for my sweet family member, it’s probably a hobby or a friend or even some quality alone time.
    For me it’s literally hanging out with the dogs. For someone else it might be investing some time in their writing, or taking a dance class.
    It’s not waiting for the thing or person to come in before we begin to enjoy. But we lead with enjoyment; fun; aliveness.
    You’ve brought up another point, too – that the enjoyment isn’t when the dog comes home, but also in running through the neighbors’ yards. lol
    Or translated: it’s not that I jump on my motorcycle to get my wife to adore me again; but that I enjoy being on my motorcycle. Period. And maybe that leads to a wife who sticks around, maybe it doesn’t. But either way, I got dialed in on enjoyment.
    Obviously I’m not talking about MY wife. 😉
    I think we’re onto something good with this dialogue – please feel free to continue exploring it here in this conversation, Jessica!

  • Jessica says:

    I totally get this leader energy that counters desperation or “checking on”… but it brings up a question. What if I don’t want to “run” all the time? I may get tired! LOL!
    This is great for the times that I feel like an adventure around the neighborhood, but I’m being followed by my dog; What if I want to snuggle instead? Or play catch? Or go for a stroll? Or take a nap? There is something in this that feels a bit of an “end result”… okay, I got the dog, the man, the money… but then what? What about just to “be” or enjoy it?
    I love this post, and there is a great lesson in it, but now I’m clarifying it in my mind, in order to put it to good use.
    I guess there something about wanting to engage with whatever it is I am attracting… and so I can’t seem to bring the two concepts together, even though I understand both of them! Any perspectives?

  • Oh, great quote, John! I love that! ha ha

  • Peregrine John says:

    Works on women, too. Like a bloomin’ charm. Best thing about humans is, it works even if they know you’re doing it! ;^)
    Reminds me of a line from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, where Quasimodo is fleeing Esmeralda. One of the gargoyles admonishes him, “Don’t run too fast, Quasi, or she might get away!”

  • You are definitely one of those super members, girlfriend! I SO appreciate and enjoy your contributions there!!

  • MissyB says:

    “Slow down and everything you are chasing
    will come around and catch you” doesn’t ring exactly true here !
    So I’m running in the opposite direction…and look who and what is chasing me…the man for me and some money to boot !
    Love this GVG ! And I love what is coming out of GVU as a result of all the super members you have there…what a congregation of like minds.

  • I am imagining this is pretty easy and natural for you to practice, Tia. You have an exuberant “leading” energy already – and when you purposely go with it, you are golden!!
    Shoot, I’m already excited about where you’re leading us!!

  • Ahahahha I. LOVE.IT!
    This is the awesomest post ever – get in front get in front! I’m singing this to the tune of the SMarty PAnts Dance

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Robyn! Thanks for writing to say so.

  • Robyn says:

    Good, good, good! Perfect! Exactly what I was asking for.

  • Ooh, I like that term, Harmony: “energetic leadership.”
    We learned that call in puppy class, too – I totally forgot how much fun it is to use!
    But what would be even better is seeing you use it in other ways! lol

  • Me either, Jessica! Any excuse to write about the dogs! lol
    But this one really hits home, and not just because I’ve chased my share of dogs, and led my share of them home, but because it translates so well to other things in life.
    Thanks for reading and especially for jumping in to start the conversation! 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    Your metaphors are always awesome, Jeannette, but I especially can’t resist the dog-related ones ;-). Step #1 is the one that tends to trip me up in everyday situations–that getting in front part… So, next time I sense that’s what’s next, I’m going to think of how much easier it is to do it metaphorically than in bare feet, across neighbor’s yards, through sprinklers. Thanks!

  • So my dear family member writes back to me saying maybe if I do this, she’ll do that. Or if I say this, she’ll think that.
    I’m like, dude, stop thinking. Get out in front and start running!
    What that might look like for him: find something you like, and spend time with it. Your motorcycle, fishing with the kids, going to the drag races more often.
    Don’t look back and worry about her. Get in ENJOYMENT with or without her, and everything will work out fine. Either she’ll come around or you’ll find a way better life partner.
    Regardless of how it turns out, it is time to lead, not chase. We can chase a damn running dog across the damn country. I know. I’ve chased some of them right into oncoming traffic. I’ve chased some of them right into another woman’s arms. I’ve chased some of them right into disappearance (when opportunities dissolve before my very eyes as I cling to them).
    We’ve got to lead. And we’ve got to do it with love & joy.
    Nothing else works.

  • >