How to Erase Debt with LOA

How to erase debt with LOAIs it possible to magically manifest zero balances on big bills? Can you use law of attraction to erase or eliminate existing debt?


Here are three stories of how it’s been done, with specifics on processes used so you can replicate the process. (We’d love to hear your tips in the comments!)

Case Study #1
$1,000 Legal Bill – Erased

Earlier this year I got an attorney’s bill for nearly a thousand dollars that I wasn’t expecting. I thought my account was paid in full, but this invoice showed time documented that I hadn’t paid for yet. Sigh.

It irked me that I would be out of pocket on another chunk of change that I already didn’t appreciate spending.

Frankly, I didn’t want to pay it. I thought about the consequences of that … collections, credit downgrade, creditor calls … ugh.

I let myself be mad about it for a minute (more like a day and a half) before I tried to shift the vibe.

When I was ready to start moving the energy, I used Olivia Pope’s “It’s handled” affirmation to practice the feeling of a happy ending.

Then I emailed the attorney asking for clarification. He wrote back the next day with an explanation, and it didn’t sound like he was budging.

I let myself be mad again, then that night wrote out some “I am worthy” statements, including a few about being worthy of good service, good support, and attorney bills that worked out perfectly.

The next morning I remembered Easy World, and said, “I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy, including perfect resolution of attorney’s bills.”

Four hours later I got an email from the attorney saying “Don’t pay me anything.” Apparently there was a problem with his billing system that he was going to investigate.

A few weeks later I got a zero balance (“paid in full”) statement in the mail. Woo hoo!

Case Study #2
House Full of New Furniture – No Bill!

manifesting free furnitureA friend of mine was furnishing a new apartment from scratch, and putting the entire balance on credit. (She didn’t have any cash to put towards the purchase.)

As she stood at the counter doing the paperwork for her new account, she thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if they lost the paperwork and I got all this for free?” It wasn’t even an intention, just a brief moment of letting herself enjoy the thought of getting all this wonderful new furniture for free.

Several weeks later when she hadn’t received any payment instructions in the mail, she called the company.

Which was tricky to do, since they’d been recently bought out or management had changed in some way.

But when she tracked down the new folks in charge, they couldn’t find any trace of her purchase. They had no account of her as a customer at all.

She phoned again the following month to give it another try, but after they still had no record of any more that she owed, she decided to gratefully and gleefully accept this gift from the Universe.

Case Study #3
$5,000 Bill Transformed to $10k in Income

magic moneyOne day I had to write a big check for professional services totaling five thousand dollars. I’m not used to spending money in big chunks like that, and it wasn’t an expenditure that was bringing me tremendous joy, but there was no avoiding it.

When I caught myself doing the math in my head and thinking that I would have $5,000 less in my account, I decided to give Universe a different instruction.

I intended that spending this money would make me money. That some how some way this money would come back to me multiplied.

That was kind of like intending that paying a big doctor’s bill would somehow magically reappear even bigger in my bank account. Kind of ridiculous, but I’m not afraid of magical money, and I know Universe can do way crazier things than this.

Before I mailed the check I gave it a big kiss (instead of resenting it – big vibrational difference) and asked it to do lovely things in the world. Then I placed it next to my smoky quartz crystal for a few hours, asking the crystal to help this money make us more money. (I’ve heard quartz crystals can be all sorts of magic.)

Off went the check in the mail that day. And get this – about a week later my ex-boyfriend wrote me a check for exactly five thousand dollars, as a show of support because he knew the situation was likely to get more expensive. (Someone had estimated I’d be out $50k before this gig was over.)

So that was cool. And shortly after that I learned that I would be reimbursed by my insurance company for almost the full five thousand. And that they’d cover future expenses. woot!

So my money has doubled already and I don’t even think the magic is over yet!

There are lots of stories from fellow creators telling how they eliminated million dollar debt, had debt paid in full, as well as tips on how to accomplish this yourself.

On this subject Edwene Gaines writes:

“All financial debt is about unforgiveness. Financial debt is a socially acceptable way to punish yourself. When you no longer have a need to punish yourself, you will allow your debt to disappear.”

So perhaps self-love is a path to eliminate debt as well?

Let’s hear your stories … how have you manifested resolution of debt you didn’t want?

  • April 21, 2014
  • Wens, as I was considering your question, a thought popped in, “What if you simply stopped believing in your $10k debt?” What if instead you started believing in your abundance and well-being? That in itself could be a really big vibration shift!

  • Wens says:

    Hi all,
    Thank you GVC for this great outlet 🙂 I am new to all this and just reading and soaking it all up.
    I’ve been reading and re-reading all the comments, but still stump as to how to eliminate a $10,000 credit card debt. Frank what did you mean by,”There is a difference for me between hoping something will be taken care of and deciding that it is already done?”
    And Sophie how can I really make this LOA happen for me?
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • What a great story, Kori! Kudos to you for being able to “let it go” under pressure. woot!
    And C.F., thanks for such a nice compliment! Practical, down to earth, and simple are definitely my intentions with what I’m delivering here. Here’s to letting Easy World deliver you a powerful economic upswing!

  • C.F. says:

    Plus, I just want to say, that of all the law of attraction/manifesting blogs that I frequent, yours seems to ring the most true with me.
    It is just so down to earth and common sense, and so EASY. It should be easy, that is the point, right?

  • C.F. says:

    I am definitely in an economic downturn.
    I decided I will invoke “easy world” and quit worrying about it. Right? Because worrying about anything ever helped.
    Whenever I feel “anxious” I say, “Universe, I trust you to take care of this however you need to take care of it”, but that, you will take care of it. The $ will be there. The outcome will be good.
    Universe has brought a beautiful man into my life, and, I think everything else will be ok too. Universe takes care of things, but not necessarily how you think it should. I am practicing letting go of the “how” and embracing that it will be done.

  • Kori says:

    “I simply focused on how much fun it would be when I could spend the $$ I was spending on the debt payment every month on something I wanted.”
    Holy smokes, I love that suggestion Cassie!
    About a decade ago, I was a college student who’d just discovered internet marketing. I decided to take up one of those student credit card offers they like to send through the mail. I used it to buy all sorts of stuff in the IM world, including a couple of MLM programs. And like many people, I racked up the debt (about $1,000 in my case).
    Fast forward a couple years later, and the company’s suing me. That first day or two, I freaked and was incredibly nervous. I had no money to pay it off and no way of getting it. But after awhile, I figure there’s nothing I can do about it at this point (and they can’t send you to jail anymore for being a debtor), so why waste my days until the court hearing sweating it out? I LET IT GO.
    On the day of the hearing, I get called into a room to try to negotiate. When I sat down with the attorney, he asked me to confirm that I lived in a certain northeastern state…I’ve never been to the northeast, much less lived there. But apparently, that’s what they had on file for me. Long story short, since they somehow got the paperwork mixed up and couldn’t prove that I owed the debt, I didn’t owe the debt anymore.
    So I was free to go, and I struggled not to smile and whoop for joy before I could get to my car.

  • You know, I didn’t mention it in the post, but it seems worth pointing out that our feelings about debt have a lot to do with our experience of it. We know that what we resist persists, so getting friendly with debt – rather than just wishing it away – seems a smart LOA move. I’ll publish a guest post tomorrow on that subject.
    But in the meantime, Paige, I’m delighted that you’ve found your way to the “handled” vibration! That’s such a different energy than the “what am I going to do?” energy, right?!
    Looking forward to your success stories, my friend! 🙂

  • Paige says:

    Okay so I have read this post 3 or 4 times right now (which means I should probably comment) because I am scripting a situation exactly like this.
    Can I please just say how much “It’s handled” is working for me? I am such a learner I actually googled “Olivia Pope” thinking it was the next teacher to look into ha ha. Oh man. I am a dork, looks like I need to jump on Netflix!
    Also, wow, on all of the comments and success stories. This is awesome. Thank you Jeannette for the awesome post. I have having so much fun playing with this. Thank you to everyone else who has commented so good.
    I will get back with you with my success story on this front!

  • Wow, what a powerful turnaround, Michelle! I love it!
    And Deanna, yay for choosing Easy World! Here’s to more lightness and ease and abundance around money from here on out!

  • Deanna says:

    These stories are absolutely fantastic and so timely for me!!guess where I am going in two hours? court for my bankruptcy hearing. For me, this is a step toward the home loan modification I am intending. You all have shared some fabulous tips and suggestions about how to change my thinking and my vibe as I go through these steps. I actually have zero debt (except my mortgage)- this plan is about taking care of areage on my mortgage… Universe brought me to this blog post and your stories right now for a reason. choosing EASY WORLD for court today… -Deanna I choose Easy World where hearings are easy and the loan modification works out much better than I can anticipate or dream of..

  • Frank, Yes, up until that point I had been afraid to even look at the bills, but it was when I listed them all out and gave thanks that I had paid them that the money came in. It created a shift in the way I felt about the bills. Pretending they weren’t there didn’t work, but acknowledging them and imagining them already paid did. 🙂

  • Michelle — I love your story and the last line really hits home:
    It was like making that list turned on the money flow to come and take care of those bills.
    This has been my experience, over and over again. There is a difference for me between hoping something will be taken care of and deciding that it is already done.
    Thanks so much for what you shared!

  • When my husband and I moved here to SC 8 years ago we were living on limited funds while we were starting a business and we had so-so insurance that we were paying cobra on because I was pregnant and we wanted to be covered for the birth. It turned out to be a complicated delivery and I spent a week in the hospital. Even with insurance, our portion of the bill was a little over $40,000.00.
    When we first received the bill with a letter saying it full payment was due in 30 days, I freaked out a little bit, but then I decided to tell myself the story of how hospitals love to forgive debt. I called and talked to one of their billing specialists who said they could put me on a payment plan of 600.00 a month for 6 years or something crazy like that. She said just think of it as a car payment. I asked if they might consider reducing the payment based on our finances since we had just moved. She told me she doubted it but I could fill out a form and send in copies of my tax returns and they may reduce it some. I followed the instructions and waited. Finally after a month a called them and my debt had been canceled and taken out of the system. I paid zero. 🙂
    At this same time we had accumulated a large amount of credit card debt building our business. We were making good cash flow but we had a lot of debt to pay off. I think it was about $50,000.00, so I made a list of all of our bills and I wrote on top of the list “I give thanks for the immediate and complete payment of all these debts.” Or something along those lines. Then, I systematically chose the smallest one to pay off and paid the minimums on all the rest. I estimated it would take me four years to pay them off at the current rate of cash flow. I paid them all off in three months, plus put another $30,000.00 in the saving. It was like making that list turned on the money flow to come and take care of those bills.

  • Thank you, Stacy, for that lighter perspective on bankruptcy.
    And Evan, I couldn’t agree more! Woo hoo for all the contributions from the brilliant creators here in the comments! 🙂

  • Jeannette —
    One of the reasons I love hanging out at the Good Vibe Cafe is all the commenters.
    Each and every one of you who have commented here have added something valuable to Jeannette’s original thought. To me at least.
    It’s as though Jeannette states a principle and you all give it even greater context.
    Thanks to all of you!

  • I was working with an energy healer/coach at the time I was going through my bankruptcy. And she actually used me as an example of perspective in an email she sent out to her list. Because I was looking at my bankruptcy in a very positive way and feeling grateful for it while another client of hers felt really stressed and negative about going through bankruptcy.
    Yes, I did have some guilt and negative feelings about bankruptcy. But overall, I was so appreciative to have the option to do it. I release probably over $70,000 in debt (I’d been living off my credit cards for some time). In some ways I did look at it as a huge money manifestation. Now, I didn’t put all that money on my cards with the intention of going through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy was a last resort.
    And since that time, I’ve been able to start building up my credit again. In fact, I have 3 credit cards (had a 4th that I recently closed because I can get a credit card without an annual fee) that are all at 0% interest.
    Also got my dream car last year – and financed it at a much better interest rate than I thought I could get at the time.
    Anyhoo, all that rambling to say – bankruptcy is definitely a debt elimination route – but it isn’t for everyone and I think you need to come at it from a positive perspective if it is something you opt to do. Bankruptcy does not have to feel like a horrible thing.

  • Janice, did you see Body Love Lab starting on Monday? (It’s free for GVU members; $47 for everyone else.)
    And I have to say I love your story of the free meal! (That’s never happened to me before!)

  • Sophie — Thanks for your reply and now I get it! I realized I have a similar thing I’ve been doing for a long time: “Is it possible that…” and “Could it be that…” Thanks for clarifying!

  • Great article! Great stories! And now I’m thinking about a trip we took to California several years ago. We were sitting having dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant in Pacific Grove and I said to my husband this is so amazing WHAT IF… turned out to be free! We just looked at each other …of course by the end of the meal the owner came over, we talked and connected as though we were cousins, and she comped the meal! That entire trip was magical in those kinds of ways, one experience after another like that. My WHAT IF…? Quantum Questions are kind of like Sophie’s question in that they simply open us to Infinite Possiiblities.
    Now I’m wondering how to apply this very same process to releasing weight, eliminating the debt of excess weight. I LOVE “It’s handled.” and now am inspired to some new WHAT IFs…?
    Any suggestions from you lovely people? Thanks for this great article Jeannette! xo ~Jan

  • That effortlessness and “unimportance” around it seems rather helpful and magical, doesn’t it, Maria? Love your story!
    Sophie, love the spotlight on “being” that you offer here. Thx to you both! 🙂

  • Sophie says:

    So glad you asked Frank! When I ask a question – any question – I am not looking for an answer. I am opening up to all the ways the universe can deliver 1000 times this amount that I cannot think of. I am, in a way, becoming the vibration of it.
    I do get awarenesses when I ask these questions and they are NEVER logical. Like “change your shirt” or “make a left here” or “smile, the world will smile to you”….. and they ALWAYS bring me toward what I was asking for.
    The questions I ask are all about what and who can I BE to create this? Being includes doing of course, but it all stems from being.
    Hope that clarifies it?

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    LOVE THIS, Jeannette! And it takes me back to one of my road trips where I stayed at a hotel in Florida for 2 weeks and I remember when I was checking out I said something like “wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have to pay for this?!” And similar to your story above of your friend and the furniture, it never got charged to my credit card and there was no record of its transaction. Like you said, it was not an intention, it was just something I said for the fun of it with a light-hearted attitude, in an easy breezy fashion – being open to the abundant possibilities. It actually surprised me when I wasn’t charged – a pleasant surprise at that!
    This blog post makes you realize that when you open yourself up to the positive alternative, even if it sounds crazy and out of the realm of possibilities initially, if you allow for the possibility of it, ANYTHING is possible!
    Wishing you a Lovin’ Life rest of the week! 🙂

  • Sophie —
    Can you, briefly, explain why this question works for you:
    What would it take for this money to return to me 1000 fold?
    This feels soooo upstream to me, in my perception of the wording and what it means, although I know it works powerfully for you.
    And it seems like this is a good place to ask!

  • Wow, what a contrast of experiences, Frank! So interesting.
    And important to highlight that we be conscious of any guilt that’s flowing so we can rethink and release it! That quote from Edwene about debt and unforgiveness is an interesting concept to me.
    Here’s to all of us cutting ourselves some slack and finding better feeling thoughts about money in general and debt specifically.
    Thanks for posting, Frank!

  • I have several stories as well and they all are basically the same:
    — Get overwhelmed by debt
    — Try to fix it
    — That doesn’t work
    — Finally give up
    — Give it over to the Universe to sort out
    — BAM! Money shows up in some sort of fun way
    I’ve been using this approach since 1989. And it used to take years. Now, it takes days. The difference is that I no longer feel guilty and I better understand the nature of contracts.
    A few years ago, two friends of mine declared bankruptcy at the same time. They were quite a study in contrast.
    The first one was living in the smallish town where he grew up. Some of his creditors were people he was doing business with that he had known for years. He had a tremendous amount of guilt. We did quite a bit of coaching where I got to remind him about the fact that bankruptcy is built into the cost of doing business with all major companies. And that anyone doing business who extends credit knows that it’s a possibility. That’s why contracts are written the way they are. He turned his court process into a kind of confession and purged the guilt that way. It was painful to watch, but probably not nearly as painful as it was for him. He was, in essence, taking on every judgment he assumed would be assigned to him and trying to sort it out on his own without really (from what I could tell) letting the Universe do any of the heavy lifting. He came out fine on the other end. In fact, he’s doing better now in his business than ever before and recently told me he had hit some professional targets in terms of exposure and income that he never thought would happen.
    On the other hand, my second friend, who is quite familiar with how he creates his reality, was very dismissive of the whole process (he’s not exactly a ball of sunshine, but when he gets clear on something, it always happens). He went through the motions because it was the path of least resistance. He is a real estate agent in a very large city and wasn’t doing very well at the time. When the notice came in that he was going to be sued, he immediately said the timing couldn’t be more perfect since his bank statements would show so little cash flow (which was a good thing in his proceedings). In the middle of all this, he told me that he knew as soon as the bankruptcy was completed, clients would start rolling in. So, the weekend after all the paperwork was done and the judge had granted his case, he and some friends went on a long weekend trip out of the country (with no cell service). I went to pick them up at the airport when they got back and, sure enough, as we were driving back into town, he checked his voicemail and there were three new clients who had called while we were gone. He’s now hugely successful (just bought his third house for cash) and it’s partially due to the fact that one of those calls was from a person who was very well-connected and has given him loads and loads of referrals, which have created a perfect foundation for an ever-improving business.
    Again I say to you Jeannette — TIMELY! Thanks for the post! Can’t wait to read other stories!

  • Cassie, where did I read a longer version of your story? Was it in your Money Money Money group or the GVU forums? I could have sworn you shared some more details with folks somewhere else …?

  • Cassie says:

    I like the instant stories here! Mine was a longer process, but I used LOA. I simply focused on how much fun it would be when I could spend the $$ I was spending on the debt payment every month on something I wanted. Great post Jeannette!

  • Sophie says:

    I have so many stories it’s hard to pick one 🙂
    First thing that came up when I read your post was that we actualize having money or receiving something but we don’t actualize erasing debt. Universe does not get “erasing” and will give us more of debt if that is the focus of the desire.
    Also, the last story is very similar to me asking: “What would it take for this money to return to me 1000 fold?”. Works every time I truly ask instead of expecting.
    How does it get any better than that?

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