Q&A: How to Feel Rich When You’ve Never Known It?

how to feel wealthy when you're notAn astute question came in from a new reader here that I thought you all could help answer:

I’ve read your suggestion that to manifest what you want, you should “feel now how you would feel then.”

That makes sense, but I don’t know how to feel something I’ve never experienced.  Specifically, I want to create my financial wealth, but that’s not something I’ve ever known.  All I’ve ever known is struggle and lack.  (Unfortunately, that is not an exaggeration.)

So while I understand it’s important to feel financially abundant now, I don’t have a clue what that would be like. Does that mean I won’t be able to create it?  What do you suggest I do?

It’s been a while since we’ve covered this, so I thought it due for a revisit.

Plus, people ask questions like this on a variety of manifesting subjects – whether it’s enjoying being a parent, thriving in a happy relationship, landing professional success, etc.

What do you guys recommend to someone who might be manifesting something they’re completely unfamiliar with?  (Specifically money?)  How do you vibrate something that might be a brand new frequency for you?  Or is it really even that important?

Thank you in advance for sharing your favorite tips, wisdom and insights with our friend.

  • January 15, 2012
  • Kelly says:

    Giving time and not being rushed is one way to feel richer. I let cars go ahead of me and try to show my kids that we can be rich in minutes. Same with letting someone in line with fewer items go ahead of us. It feels sooooo good!
    In our family we tithe our time and volunteer and it always feels amazing! Feeling like we have something to give back makes us feel fortunate and blessed.
    When we come in the house I say, ” Thank you for our warm house!”
    Ditto when we get in our warm car on a cold bitter day. All day long we say small thank yous.
    Love this blog!

  • HI, just wanted to share an affirmation I’ve just discovered from a friend who’s very talented at manifesting – she starts each day saying, “Life is fun and easy because I’m so good at the Law of Attraction and always draw wonderful things to me!” This is now my mantra, thought it might help anyone struggling with fully embracing LOA.
    Also wanted to comment on Lynn Grabhorn’s book ‘Excuse me Your Life is Waiting.” I also enjoyed the book, but it’s interesting to note Abe’s take, apparently all Lynn’s info was taken directly from Abe presentations, which she readily admitted to the Hicks, but she deliberately left out that it was channeled info, because she felt people weren’t ready to hear that.
    She also left out the very important detail of where she got her information. So my recommendation would be to go straight to the horses mouth, nobody does Abraham better than Abraham!

  • Steve says:

    Something from A-H. Take the manifestations out of the equation, and feel good now. I have a pretty good imagination so knowing how it would feel to be wealthy is pretty easy for me. But the advice I try to live by everyday is, feel good now, it’s important.

  • Ashley says:

    I love your story! How exciting! I was shocked when I got to the paragraph that starts, “That was only a few weeks ago…..” I wasn’t expecting that; I was expecting that to read a couple of years ago, lol. Good for you! I think it is amazing how quickly things turned around for you. What a great example of how changing your thinking and appreciating where you are in life opens up so many new wonderful possibilities.
    I was thinking of the old saying “Glass is half full/empty” and from were we are coming from it it is full, brimming over. Let’s change the story!

  • Kimberly, Keep the Tail Wagging says:

    The best advice I received (and it’s still going strong in my life) was from the GVU forums. I was told to back up a little and focus on the easy stuff. How good I feel right now, what a beautiful day today is, how much I love my family, how much fun I have blogging.
    My question was similar – how do I make more money, gain more success with my blogging – once I stopped trying to manifest specific things, once I stopped wondering “how.” Everything turned on a dime. Within an hour things changed.
    That was a few weeks ago and I’m astounded by how much has changed – it’s truly like it’s all waiting in the wings, we just have to accept it into our lives. I stopped worrying about money, I always have money, I have a day job, I have money in the bank, each of my blogs is making money. I’m gaining momentum fast with my blogs – so fast that my head spins and I have to take a knee. It’s amazing.
    So my advice (long story short) is to celebrate what you do know. For me, I know my boyfriend loves and supports me. When I think of that, I feel warm and secure. I smile whenever I think of our dogs and cats – I can bore you for hours with stories that are probably only funny to me about them. I love that my stepson is so insolent and rude, because it reminds me of how I was at his age which makes me appreciate my parents so much. They did a bang up job with me. I love having a day job that allows me the funds to live in my dream home with my best friend and our animals and fulfill my dream of becoming a writer.
    Of course, tell your own story – but let all of that well up inside of you and that feeling you get – that amazing joy that is bursting inside of you – that’s what going to let all the good things you want come flying into your experience.
    Good luck and sorry I got so wordy. I’m just so excited!

  • Loved this, Harmony: “stop that familiar struggle. Surrender it, and go do what really matters to you in this moment.”
    You know, it makes me think of some conversations I’ve had with LOA savvy coaches, who know that if their client was aligned to what they want, they wouldn’t be on the phone with a coach talking about it. Which makes some coaches wonder whether the best thing they could do for their client to tell them to forget about it, stop talking with a coach about it, and get on with their life. lol

  • Harmony Marie Harrison says:

    I have a different take on this. When we finally have something we’ve needed for awhile, usually we start to focus on needing something else.
    So when you finally have the money and financial relaxation you’ve been longing for, there will be something else you’re focused on — guaranteed. It might be your creative potential, your spiritual path, your health, your relationships. Focus on what you’d be focused on then.
    The key to this is to know that, if you had a sense of financial relaxation and all-needs-met, you wouldn’t be struggling with money in that same familiar way. So stop that familiar struggle. Surrender it, and go do what really matters to you in this moment. Not only are you getting into that allowing place for greater income, you’re also creating a satisfying experience in this red hot moment — and that’s all that really matters.

  • Janette says:

    I have a couple of favourites for this. The first I unashamedly stole from Lisa Hayes (heheh) – I go to my fave coffee shop, wearing my sunglasses, and I pretend I’m super famous and rich…. and I sit sipping a latte and appreciating how well-mannered everyone is, respecting my privacy and not even staring. Complete fiction for 20 minutes and it feels SO FUN!!
    My other favourite is to check the global rich list (http://www.globalrichlist.com/) and realise that even at my most broke, I had resources that are still inaccessible to many millions of people. Clean water, piped right to me. All my own teeth. The right to work and drive a car (even if I don’t own one). Internet access (whether via my own computer or smartphone, or simply free at my local library). A reasonable chance that my nephews & nieces will make it to adulthood. The ability to read and write and use technology. Not to mention all the amazing things that cost nothing!! – hugs and trees and sunsets and YouTube videos of cute animals lol! If I ever feel struggle or lack, this is a quick reminder that indeed… I AM rich, right now.
    Thanks Jeannette for posting this question, to help me reconnect with that fabulous abundance yet again!!!

  • Well, not COMPLETE fiction, Janette. There ARE people who would have that response to seeing you!

  • Great quote for this topic, Stephen!
    And yes, appreciation is a habit that helps us get focused on loving what is.
    Great tips collecting here – thanks, everyone!

  • Stephen says:

    just came across this
    “The reason you want every single thing that you want, is because you think you will feel really good when you get there. But, if you don’t feel really good on your way to there, you can’t get there. You have to be satisfied with what-is while you’re reaching for more.” ~ Abraham ~ ♥ ~

  • I like what you’re highlighting, Ashley. We don’t have to necessarily vibrate “rich” in order to get rich – just plain old appreciation will do just fine!

  • Ashley says:

    Great posts with lots of stellar ideas. Appreciating all that we have now is such a great way to be in the vortex so the universe can bring more gifts; it just snowballs and your vibe goes up and up and up!
    I can’t wait to go try on cars! I love you guys because you know how to have fun! xo

  • Mary, I love your girlfriend’s story, especially as an example of how we don’t have to get it 100% perfectly aligned to our true higher self free of any need or desperation before something good can happen.
    Lots of relief there! Thanks for posting, my friend.

  • Mary Bar says:

    Find ANYTHING that resembles what I want. Sometimes we try to do everything perfect and with as much strength as we can muster so we put asking aside for the perfect time and only once we feel “perfectly happy”. We all know that trying to manifest in the wrong state of mind can backfire on us….Lord do I know….however so long as you have just a bit of faith, it will work.
    Then in terms of what you ask for, the Fly Lady says take “Baby Steps”. Ask for an extra $10 or $100 (depending on what you believe is possible). It may not be enough to get you where you want to be but it will get you the $1000, then the $10,000 and on and on.
    Finding the feeling is not necessary – it helps but we can just set an intention and it works. Remember when you received your first pay cheque (check) or when you won $2 at the newsagent. Sometimes we can’t find those feelings but that’s OK, we just have to set the intention of more stuff like that. Getting the feelings involved helps but it’s not necessary, you just need the will….tell me how much will do you have to be financially free.
    Let your message be heard. My girlfriend was desperate (which isn’t supposed to be too good in LOA) for a great male companion after her divorce. I told her to scream it out the window while we were driving (along the beach so as only to wake up the fish) and she did….2 weeks later, guess who arrived into her life….CRISP! He’s almost perfect!

  • Glad you’re finding inspiration here, Katy – and thanks for putting a spotlight on Sophie’s comment about shifting stories.
    Elisabeth, I LOVE the “detective work” suggestion! That really speaks to what this person was asking, too, in how to become familiar with something that isn’t.
    Thank you, ladies!

  • Elisabeth says:

    I love this questions because it stretches my imagination muscles and gets my creative juices flowing! WOO HOO!
    If there is something I want to feel or experience that I have no familiarity with, I start with a little detective work. I observe people when I AM out and about. I watch movies and TV shows for living breathing examples. I flip through magazines for even more images and then …
    I let my imagination run free and I imagine myself in those situations, in those clothes, wearing that jewelry, etc. Now the more I let my imagination run wild, the easier it is to conjure up those images and feelings and funny enough, they start appearing in my own life.
    Easy peasy and lots of fun! 🙂

  • Katy says:

    Sophie…I agree with you and love your examples! It has been a while since I’ve ‘stretched’ my stories and even acted on them as you did by even trying them on or visiting stores that have high-ticket items I love. I know my unconscious reaction has been ‘why bother it’s not like I can have _____ ” And I think that thought or feeling flits by so fast in my head I don’t even realize I’ve done it! Talk about automatic.
    So I do believe it takes practice…practice feeling good ‘intentionally’ and the ‘intentional’ gratitude as well.
    Thanks Jeannette for revisiting something I can always use refreshers on!

  • Sophie Mihalko says:

    Actually, my take is a little bit different 🙂
    Ask yourself: why do I want money? How do I think it’s going to make me feel? Relaxed? Busy and Creative? Confident? Scared to lose it all? (yes, you got to be honest, because if you don’t have money now, chances are, you have some stories around it that need to be cleared first) Generous? Greedy?
    Spend some time clearing the stories that don’t serve you and then go out and act in those rich ways. Give $1 to a homeless person, smile and hold yourself straight, find a way to make these delicious foods that you think only rich people eat, etc….
    But many times money is also about receiving. So anytime you receive anything, milk the feeling. When someone gives you a compliment, a hug, a gift, an idea, anything, thank them and feel your being expand. Increase your receiving.
    Finally, go the fanciest stores and try on the cars, clothes or jewelry that would stretch your stories around money. I got to try a $135,000 bracelet at Tiffany’s and I simply said “I will put this on my christmas list”. It felt amazing.
    What else is possible?

  • That’s my typical response, too, Sophie. Well not exactly the same. But I often ask what do you think this is going to do for you (emotionally)? Whatever that is, find ways to feel that way now.
    We know releasing the need for anything is crucial to letting it in. When we’re feeling now how we would feel then, we’re not vibrating need!
    Thanks for chiming in here, Sophie. 🙂

  • Stephen, I just got the biggest smile reading this!
    “Being rich means enjoying fine food. I can do that now. Being rich means feeling like I don’t have a care. I can do that now. Being rich means noticing sunsets in beautiful places on the planet. I can notice the sunset today.”
    Thank you for that!

  • Stephen says:

    I agree completely with Cate.
    You can start with where you are. If you were rich, would the sunset be more beautiful? Would your dog’s ears feel more like silk? Would laughter somehow feel better? Regardless of your financial circumstance, you will always be moved and delighted by music and literature and relationships and art and nature.
    You want wealth because it will feel good. Take time to feel good now.
    I love to use food to celebrate the feeling of wealth. Even in my leanest times financially, I would occasionally “eat rich.” It doesn’t have to be fancy. Jackie makes a killer mac and cheese and recently we popped for some pricey Guyere and parmesan just to enjoy the luxury of those tastes.
    Being rich means enjoying fine food. I can do that now. Being rich means feeling like I don’t have a care. I can do that now. Being rich means noticing sunsets in beautiful places on the planet. I can notice the sunset today.
    Be joyful with what you have and joy will expand.

  • Thanks for your post, Cate. I’m not sure there is a more powerful practice to get whatever it is we want than appreciation. Wherever we can find it.
    I think Abraham has said before that if you dial in nicely on Appreciation, it’ll eventually raise the vibe in the other area where you’ve been kinked.
    That makes sense to me and the thought feels good, so I guess my inner being agrees.
    Thanks again for posting, Cate!

  • Cate F-N says:

    It’s helpful to start with appreciation and gratitude, as an effective way to raise your vibration. Keep a notebook, and start every day by listing 10 things you can truly be grateful for. And on those days when you feel you can not find anything, start with something you might ordinarily take for granted, such as two feet to walk upon or running tap water.
    I know, I know, it seems like such a far cry from what you want to manifest! But sometimes these things are most effective when taking small steps.
    I also keep lists of thanks for people in my life. Even a phrase like, “I am grateful for my high school Latin teacher because she had a great sense of humor.” These things all start to raise vibration but they have to be practiced, like you are learning an instrument or sport you love. (and I say this to remind myself!!)

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