April 26, 2007

How to Get Fired

Earlier this week I finally got around to reading a couple articles in the latest issue of “Choice” magazine (professional coaching trade journal). This issue was dedicated to handling difficult clients, and the article I read was about different ways to handle the ending of a coaching relationship.
Author Melanie DewBerry-Jones’ opening sentence of the article talks about how just as she was finishing writing this article (about clients leaving), a client called to end their coaching relationship.
My first thought was “Helloooo – what do you think’s gonna happen when you write an article about getting fired?”
You know where this is going, don’t you?
I hadn’t even finished the whole article, but my second session for the day was with someone who told me she’s done with our work together. lol
Hellloooooo!! What do you THINK’S gonna happen when you read an article about getting fired?
I crack myself UP!
So … thought it was worth mentioning so we can all be more deliberate and intentional about what we read/vibrate.
Happy Thursday to y’all!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yes, Vanessa, I think slipping back is extremely common. But the good news is that we can – and I believe will – change that habit over time. I suspect that soon our default vibration – what we’re slipping back to – will BE what we want. That thinking on what we Don’t Want will become the exception rather than the norm.

    I’ve noticed progress myself over the years, and I know that progress will continue – and I’ve got great company – including YOU – in creating this new habit! woo hoo! Watch us go!! 🙂

  • Vanessa says:

    This article really rang so true with me.
    I lost quite a few clients when I moved from the UK to Spain.I felt some anxiety of moving my business. There was no real foundation for the fear, I just had some trepidation. Over the next few days my anxiety heightened, and guess what happened? For no reason I lost two of my best clients. This continued for a number of days until I got a grip of myself and made the decision to focus on all the reasons I was so excited about living in a new country, instead of focusing on what I didn’t want to happen. Consequently within 3 dyas I had 5 new clients. Jeanette you said it all…..don’t focus on what your don’t want! It seems so logical, but how many of us slip back time and time again?


  • Sugandhi Iyer, Coach Joyful Manifestation says:

    Sometimes things like ‘difficult clients leaving’ happen just so that we can choose to be with clients who we vibe with better.
    So somewhere it was already part of our consciousness to have some particular clients leave us, and then we vibrate that, and then come across articles that just pushes us to loose that difficult client. We can only remain in something for as long as we can match with it.

    After that something has to change, or people exit. Success comes when we hang out with those who vibe that, or those who want the same thing. Even loosing a client who is difficult shows that we are moving towards success even more firmly. Old energies have to change or leave us when we firmly keep walking ahead in our beliefs.

    Nice posting! Thanks!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yeah, it’s the kind of clue that helps me be more diligent about what I read – and teach! Example, putting together a “High Demand” telecourse has been a much better vibe to hang out with than “Difficult Clients.”

    Good reminder to choose my reading, writing and speaking opportunities more .. mm, I don’t even want to say “careful” because that’s not the vibe I’m after … I’ll just say “from a higher perspective.”

  • Sonora says:

    So true!

    I’ve vibrated clients in and out of my practise – just as easily.

    Good point!


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