How to Get What You Don’t Want

how to manifest what you don't wantI have newly acquired expert status in the skill of manifesting what you don’t want.

As evidenced by my most recent travel experience.

Here is a sure fire formula to get what you don’t want, shared with the intention that you won’t follow in my footsteps:

1. Declare how much you don’t want it.
Universe loves clear signals.  And strong emotions. Declaring how much “I hate to travel!” is an irresistible beacon to Universe, guaranteeing delivery of more travel along with more reasons to confirm my distaste for it.

2. Keep an eagle eye out for signs of it.
We get what we look for, so when we have a close eye out for what might go wrong Universe has all the material it needs to deliver the “goods.” (Or “bads,” rather.)  Universe loves when we focus like this!

3. Elaborate on the stories about it.
When something starts to go wrong, revel in it. Tell everyone about it, over and over again. We’re empowering Universe when we give extra attention like this.

4. Become known for it.
Develop a reputation for exactly what you don’t want. When others “know” this about you, you enroll them as co-creators of the very thing you don’t want. So establishing a strong reputation for the stuff you don’t appreciate is an excellent method to get more of it.

5. Declare you will never do it again.
The Borg says resistance is futile, but I know resistance is an incredibly powerful force. The more I resist something, the stronger a magnet I am for it. So if you really don’t want a particular thing or experience, be sure to proclaim you will never allow or have it again. That’s an extra compelling signal to Universe.

6. Deny it.
Pretend it’s not an issue or that you don’t run this vibration. That ensures it won’t get cleared up.  As Bashar says, “You  cannot change what you do not own.”

* * * * * * * *

So there I was, with my trusty old “I hate to travel” story firmly in place, when an irresistible reason to travel presented itself this month. I love the place, I love the people, I love the work – I just hate to travel.

But there I was doing it. And before even leaving the house I was looking up weather reports that reported potential trouble. Sure enough, a snowstorm arrived for my trip home. Although I made it to the airport okay, my plane didn’t. A one hour delay.

Which I complained about vociferously – to myself, friends and facebook. “I could have slept in another hour!” “I could have had breakfast!” “I could have had a shower!” (Oh, how I would come to wish I’d taken that shower.)

With that kind of focus it didn’t take long for Universe to turn my one hour delay into a full on cancelled flight.

And while others were getting out on other flights, I wasn’t. I was stuck there for ten hours. Without food or drink, too, because the terminal wasn’t equipped to take credit cards that day and I had no cash. (You gotta give Universe credit for creativity there!)

I wasn’t even in the clear when I finally got on a plane that night … there was a tight connection that would leave me stranded if I didn’t make it on time. Stressful. Running.  Through. Airport. I hate that.

By the time I did get home, I declared that was it! No more travel for me this year.

Within three days another irresistible (albeit unpleasant) reason to travel presented itself. (Couldn’t skip cousin’s funeral.)

So there I was again – doing exactly what I hate most: traveling. But this was just a short little flight to Arizona. How much could go wrong on a one hour trip that has several flights back and forth each day?

Well, if you’re flowing a strong aversion to travel, Universe won’t let you down.

The biggest contrast on this trip also happened on the flight home … we were in the air, wheels down, feet above the runway, about to land in a pretty significant snow storm, when the pilot suddenly averted the landing. We were airborne again.

(It was rather exciting!)

Instead of circling around for another shot at it, we flew away from my home sweet home.

And took haven in Twin Falls.

Where we sat on the tarmac for hours. (Because there’s no TSA in Twin Falls, so if you get off the plane, you don’t get to get back on.) Long story short, the Salt Lake airport closed, they eventually opened one runway, and we made it in that night. Although no one wanted to pick me up in that hellacious snowstorm.

A brave taxi driver from the Congo was willing to give me a ride home, though. Once safely arrived, I at least knew better than to declare I would never do that again.

Why am I sharing all this? Because the first step is admitting that a problem exists.

And then embracing it.

And that is the last I am going to say about how much I hate to travel. (I hope.)

If you’re a coach who is manifesting exactly what you don’t want, listen to the call Lisa and I did on this topic. It may help you mend your manifesting ways. Lord knows I’ll be working on mine.  😉

  • January 30, 2013
  • Hannah says:

    Somehow the strength of your “KNOWING” came across so clearly in the negative side of the stick – Oddly it really helped to GET it from this perspective…because of course the same is true for what you DO want!
    I have the almost opposite ingrained view of travel and..interestingly enough, I always have “lucky” experiences on my travels. 😀

  • Cassie says:

    I have to admit, I am LMAO right now. I love how you brilliantly presented this story as a lesson. I’m wondering if I could get my dad to read it as he was already checking weather reports assuming we won’t make it to our destination next week. Luckily for me, I know better. The weather always bends to my travel plans 😉

  • Lyly says:

    Sorry just a precision : no sign of him really wanting to get to know me romantically rather than him wanting to be with me…. we barely know each other so it’s too late to talk about being with any one:)
    Thank you all for your insight

  • Lyly says:

    I was wondering about something :
    I manifested a gentleman that looks exactly like the man I put on my vision board. ( Actually even better). I manifested seeing him a few times and even manifested him giving me his phone number ( he’d left his at home) = Exactly what I wanted.
    Super Excited, I went home and texted him only to not get a reply. Then a few days later because I was starting to go a bit loca, I contacted him on whatsap’ and he replied immediately and though he was very nice and seemed pleased talking to me : there were no fireworks or declarations or anything that hinted to him wanting to be with me = NOT AT ALL WHAT I WANTED.
    My main mistake ( after reading silence is golden was to tell my friends because I am that girl that rarely meets anyone she likes). Maybe I should have kept it to myself, so when I did contact him I only tld one person ( because she caught me not making sense at someone point – )
    How did I manifest him so perfectly with the rest of the story ( the really fun part) missing ? I’ll say I wasnt’ surprised he didn’t reply, not because he came accross like that ( actually quite the opposite so it really didn’t make sense), but because my love stories have always been delivered with a sour taste.
    And I’m not sure for the rest if I should focus on aligning with his vibration or just take the experience and tweak it while focusing on someone better… or give up, sell my belongings and become a none?
    I’d love some of you professionals insights!!!

  • If you can laugh about a TSA pat down, you are definitely traveling in the vortex, as Abe would say. lol
    Here’s to translating that gift to other contrasty areas, as well. 🙂

  • Karen says:

    hey Jeanette – I know exactly what you’re talking about. I, too, am a recovering travelphobe… love the destination, not at all crazy about the getting there.
    I had a chance to visit my family in CA last November, and I was feeling cranky about the travel, so I decided to practice manifesting a good travel experience. It worked! I had a fabulous trip, from the minute I left the house to the minute I got back home. Even the TSA pat-down in San Francisco was highly amusing (still don’t know why it happened).
    Apparently I’ve got the manifesting good travel thing down. Now to work on the money thing and several other things. (Aren’t we a weird and wonderful species. We can have clear proof that LOA works, and have so much difficulty with it in some particular areas of life!)

  • That’s too funny, Frank!
    Oh, Evan, you are so kind. And this blog is about to get even better since your fabulous guest post will be up shortly!

  • Evan Griffith says:

    This is it, this is it right here, this is the reason I can’t stay away from the Good Vibing Blog — a meaty message sandwich wrapped up in the funnest fixings ever ——-

  • And by Have above, of course I meant Get.

  • I kid you not. As I was opening this page, the Stones were just starting to sing “You Can’t Always Have What You Want.”

  • Thanks, Flavia. That is my intention – raise our awareness! And thus to get better at manifesting what we want.
    And Jacqui, you crack ME up! Nice to know I have good company in some of these manifesting adventures.
    Thanks for posting, you two! 🙂

  • Brilliant. Hilarious. Deeply insightful.
    My favorite of your posts so far, Jeannette. And a very pertinent reminder to mend some of my manifesting ways too.
    It’s amazing – and rather enlightening – to realize just how much attention/intention/emotion we give to the stuff we don’t want, like love handles, and traffic jams, and a very large and obvious pimple on video-shooting day. *sigh*

  • Flavia says:

    Oh my gosh! I love this style of sharing:) cracks me up! It can make things easier to identify when we’re in the process of creating something we don’t want.

  • Well, Nat, if I believe that I create everything, then while I can certainly see that I had co-creators of this experience, I can’t actually say I didn’t manifest it. I don’t believe that I experience anything that I wasn’t in alignment to. So for me, the buck always stops here.
    And having said that, it is also very easy for me to see the good that unfolded in this experience. It is a long list of what went right and what I enjoyed even when things didn’t go according to ideal plan.

  • I curious whether it’s possible that you didn’t personally create this experience Jeannette with the delayed or cancelled flights, even though you were vibin’ that you hate to travel. Flights do cancel or delay for various reasons, like snow emergencies. I’d rather be delayed than dead (in this moment). So if you’re intention to be alive and well is strong then it makes sense that the flight was not on time. What’s clear to me is that you did create the drama around the whole travel experience. So if you let that part go, you can enjoy your travel experience no matter what happens.
    As deliberate creators, I think we can fall into a trap and blame ourselves for why things didn’t go our way or rationalize a specific course of events. As multidimensional beings, there is so much more to us than we are aware. Every thing that happens is for the best, if we choose to see it that way. It’s important to trust that our life is unfolding perfectly and then just enjoy the process.

  • Exactly, Parul! Or you could look at it as do these exact same steps on what you DO want. Either way will serve well! lol
    Lesley, I’m trying to think what the word is for those who join us in our positive stories. I know that’s what we practice regularly at GVU, but is there a verb for that that’s like the opposite of commiserate? Champion? Celebrate? Trying to put my finger on it – because that would be a POWERFUL friend/community to tap into!

  • Isn’t it amazing how easy it is? And admittedly creating what you don’t want seems to make more repeatable stories than creating what you do…..because *everyone* seems to commiserate with those stories, and often seem to want to throw tomatoes at the positive ones where you create what you wanted.
    Thanks for sharing your cautionary tale!

  • Parul says:

    Oh and all this while I’ve been tearing my “cake manifestation” story apart to figure out my sure-fire manifesting process!!! Lol!! 😀 And it really means doing the opposite of what this post says!
    Great post, Jeannette! As important as it is to know what “to do”, it’s equally important to know what “not-to-do”! 🙂

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