Q&A: How to Help Another Heal?

How to Help a Loved One HealHow to help manifest a loved one’s healing? It’s a situation many of us bump into sooner or later.

Today’s question comes from a reader who has tried visioning her son’s health and wellness, but his symptoms persist.

Here’s the question:

It’s easier to manifest healing in oneself. However I am having challenges when it comes to healing for my son.

He developed some pain on his legs and all the doctors and lab tests come up clean. The doctors are stumped and I am at my wits’ end. I try to see him healed and well again but … it does not seem to be working.

Any ideas or tips on what process I can do?

I’ve run into this challenge myself when it comes to the health and vitality of my dogs and cats. (That’s one of my toughest times for being able to focus on what I want vs. don’t want.)

Since this can be a highly charged situation even for LOA savvy folks, I’m soliciting your wisdom.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and experiences, fellow creators!

  • April 13, 2014
  • Sam Curtis says:

    On top of all the fantastic wisdom and insights shared here (and thank you so much guys, because I have a friend who starts a 3 month treatment course today for a dis-ease), I can wholeheartedly recommend any of the late Iranian Dr Batmanhelidj’s books on Water and Salt – that’s mineral salt, not the table variety! When you take into account the research carried out in Japan in particular ref how our feelings and emotions can make water molecules purer too, here we have a perfect correlation between science and spirituality for healing.
    But I hope now several months down the line from this post (sorry I am late again, but I have only discovered Jeanette’s blog!) that things are fantastic πŸ™‚

  • Sharon says:

    About 13 years ago, my mother was upset about my nephew (3 yrs old) being sick. Dr’s said he was iron deficient and the pills were not helping him. She wrote a letter asking for his health to return. She mailed it to a man (cannot remember his name) in Green Cove Springs, Post Master General. Then an old woman at the Drs office overheard their situation told my sister to fix him a grilled cheese sandwich in a cast iron skillet. That he would be well, before she knew it! It worked! We believe the Universe, met them up with the woman for the answer.
    She also wrote another letter for my asthmatic grandson. He almost immediately stopped using the breathing machines and inhalers.

  • Jeannette says:

    So glad to hear that, Carolyn! Thanks for sharing the good news with us!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the “All is well. Now what do you want to create.” It was exactly what I needed to read and so illuminating/helpful. Thank you, thank you. πŸ™‚

  • Carolyn says:

    A quick update. My son is all better now. Turns out he has low potassium levels that caused his muscle pains. He is now taking foods rich in potassium. The most interesting thing is his pains subsided and went away completely after the comments made here gave me such relief and trust in well being even before I saw a doctor who was finally able to pinpoint the source of pain.
    Thats LOA for you! Thanks to all of you who held a vision if wellbeing for me and my son when it was hard for me. Love to you alll.
    And thanks Jeannette for this blog that makes such co-creating (even with strangers) a beautiful reality.

  • Sharon says:

    Yes, I am the youngest of six children and to my knowledge we all had them (growing pains) growing up and yes, they were very painful while having them but again taking aspirin or Tylenol always helped to make the pain go away. My husband had them also when he was a child.

  • julie masters says:

    Sharon, good point! Your post reminded me that a couple of my children had literal growing pains. I say “literal” because I never had them, (one of the benefits of being short? :)) and always thought they were metaphorical! LOL But when my oldest son had leg pain, as a young teenager, his father said that he remembered having them himself. Apparently they could be quite painful, but fortunately they didn’t last too long. Growing and changing…
    Ease and flow,
    Julie Masters

  • Pamela — That’s precisely what The Golden Key says, very succinctly stated.

  • Pamela says:

    I listen to Wayne Dyer’s meditations. On the introduction of this meditation CD Wayne said that whenever you are struggling with anything in your life to just think of GOD and only God. And you know what I do find this helps me. I’ve been in tough situations and it’s the only thing that has calmed my mind down.
    Hope this helps.

  • Sharon says:

    I don’t know how old your child is but if he is still growing, it could be what we use to call growing pains when I was younger. It would usually occur around the time that we would start to have growth spurts. It was something that stopped once we stopped growing and thankfully would not be a constant pain. We would simply take aspirin when the pain would occur and that would take the pain away. This would be the path of least resistance. However, if your son is older according to Louise Hay, leg problems can be a result of the “fear of the future, not wanting to move.” Legs carry us forward in life and if a person is in fear of moving forward in their life it could express itself in physical symptoms in the body. The body is designed to help a person find what emotional issues they have that they might not be dealing with. Once that is determined and released, the pain can be too.

  • Carolyn says:

    Thanks so much everyone for all the comments/sharing.
    Jeannette, without you posting on this blog the wisdom shared here would never have been. Thank you for that.
    I think your idea to “enlist” others to hold the vision for me when we are not able to is great! And I thank you and all those others holding a vision of me and my son’s mutual relief and enjoyment. it means a lot to me.
    So all in all I will cut myself some slack, have fun with my son and surrender to the higher intelligence.
    All is well. Thanks for all the love.

  • julie masters says:

    I’m late to this conversation, and there’s so much rich information that’s already been shared. Because I’ve been mothering for 36 years now, I just wanted to add something I’ve noticed with all of my children. (And now grandchildren)
    Starting before they were even a year old, I noticed that right before they went through a change, whether it was a physical, mental, or emotional leap, they would show some sign of mild illness, or they would become very clingy with me, or fearful–something that always seemed a bit like a reversal of whatever progress they were making. Most of it was quickly relieved by my surrendering to their needs for more attention or care. I remember also though, feeling incredibly frustrated by the fact that their needs seemed to require that I let go of my own expectations, that they’d finally grown past that point! But then they’d make their leap and start doing something new!
    I’m more conscious of this common pattern of resistance now, and because I’ve learned so much about the upper limiting process that we NEVER grow out of, I understand it as being an early experience of that. My interpretation is that our children intuitively sense a change, and they kind of back away from it initially. Fortunately, with children, their inspired desire to grow and change is very powerful, and they move pretty easily past those “glitches”.
    Knowing that they came with their own guidance system and spiritual support system is a huge help during such times for me! And as Jeannette has said, asking for support from others, who are not as attached as we often are with our loved ones, is a great relief too!
    Ease and flow,
    Julie Masters

  • Sophie says:

    A lot of time we assume that an intensity in the body means that there is a problem when really it’s simply the body “screaming” at us to pay attention…. So the first thing I would do is ask a lot of questions and the FIST THING that comes up is what is going on… no matter what it is.
    Also, children often take pain out of their parents or care givers bodies. So I would ask the son whose pain is it? Mom? Dad? Sister? Friend? and let them see that they cannot heal it for the person.
    What does the mom know about this that she is not acknowledging she knows?

  • Rob says:

    I would vision a healthy son commenting on how much better he felt.
    A Mothers natural care for a son is SOOOOO strong maybe she is blocking the visioning by her own natural care for him – it’s a tough one to overcome. She wouldn’t do it deliberately but fear may overcome her visioning process.
    Hope this helps.

  • Sherry says:

    I think (in my humble opinion) she can’t let go after she asks for healing…she is too close to her son (and animals). It’s so difficult to ‘get out of the way’ when our hearts and whole being is wanting a cure. I’m hoping she has others who subscribe to loa and can help her son…see him whole and happy. full of health and vitality, walking and running free of pain. God Bless

  • Steve, you make a great point about how much easier this is when we’re not attached to the outcome. I think that’s why all the “small” stuff happens so easily and swiftly – and the stuff that really “matters” to us can take so long to unfold.
    Here’s to less attachment, more surrender, and more allowing all around. πŸ™‚

  • If this is the Anna I think it is, then your words carry even more weight because you’ve walked this path yourself, right? (With your son?)
    Carolyn, thanks for giving us such a good opportunity to remember and practice what we believe works. I’m going to join Frank in the vision of your mutual relief and enjoyment.
    In fact, that’s what I wanted to post as a response myself … when I’m stuck with something that I can’t find a way to shift, I ask others to do it for me. I just do my best to get my attention off of it (which I’m not always successful with, but I get better all the time) and I ask my powerful creator friends to tune in to the vision I’m not able to hold. Lisa, Nancy, Kim, OutSourcerers at GVU, they’re my go-to girls when I’m not rockin’ it myself.
    Also, I hand it off to angels, guides, Universe & whatever other power player I can think of to call in.
    That way I cut myself slack for not being able to do it 100% perfect myself, but I’m still plugging into the power via friends in high places. And just knowing others are on the job helps me relax about it.
    I appreciate all the wisdom that’s being shared here. Thanks again, Carolyn, for being the catalyst for it!
    Big love to you & son. πŸ™‚

  • Steve says:

    Just from my personal experience I had the best results when I wasn’t that close to the person. I guess because I wasn’t that attached. I was able to blindly believe and vision the person well. A person I knew was so very depressed for a long time that I honestly thought that the next I would hear of her was that she committed suicide. Every evening I would picture her well and enjoying life. It was a year when I heard from her again; she said you don’t know the news do you? I said no. She said she went to a different type of doctor who found that her thyroid glands weren’t working right, she had them zapped and was taking pills to replace their function and was just was well as could be.

  • Carolyn says:

    Hey guys. I am the mother with the son and I thank Jeannette for posting this question on her blog as all the comments here are so very helpful.
    Frank, thank you for holding that image of “mother and son having the relief they are wanting.”. Also, the “all is well” mantra has always been so useful to me and I usually do get the feeling of relief when I say it.But sometimes the relief is hard to find when faced with pain of a loved one so in your face and you feel so helpless.
    Affirming Spirit, I do agree that my work is to find my real faith and trust in infinite intelligence. Hmmm Like I said, sometimes easier said than done…but that is the work right?
    Kim Falconer, very interesting thoughts there.
    Anna, your comments resonated with me when you share that I should “find a way to have fun, giggle and laugh WITH him – bliss-joy-love for all involved. Find the Beauty of the situation – it’s there!”
    Love it. The fact that all the doctors and lab tests reveal no physical reason for the pain may mean the pain is more psychologically connected than anything. I know faith in infinite intelligence is therefore the key. I will continue to say and truly believe in the mantra “all is well” and find ways to have fun with my son while finding the positive in all this.
    Thanks guys. Actually feel better already!!

  • Anna says:

    Let go.
    Of who and how you want him to be – these are your intentions, not his.
    Find a way to have fun, giggle and laugh WITH him – bliss-joy-love for all involved.
    Find the Beauty of the situation – it’s there!
    – more time for one-on-one between mom & son
    – snuggle up on the couch and watch something funny (highly recommended: Monk, Mr. D, Modern Family, what can I say the M’s are good)
    – play Crazy 8’s
    – blow raspberries (the pfft kind with your mouth, unless they’re in season in which case I suggest outdoor picking, eating & pondering cream
    Just take this experience as an opportunity to play – PLAY – together, for the purpose of laughing and having FUN.
    Always works for me!
    P.S. Water works too. In about every way shape and form (freezing water balloons not included) πŸ™‚

  • Kim, I love what that perspective opens up.
    And I know that’s so much easier for me to see in someone else’s situation than when it’s my own (or my dearly loved one’s). But it’s a perspective worth practicing, I suspect, even when (or especially when?) it’s hard.
    Thanks for posting, my friend. πŸ™‚

  • kim Falconer says:

    I love all these comments. These were my thoughts, that I posted on the Facebook link . . . I guess “nothing is broken” is similar to “all is well” . . . but more applicable in this case, maybe.
    From Jeannette’s FB page:
    The question that comes up for me is, what if that body experience the other person is having is a message for them to read? What if it’s not ‘wrong’ or damaged, but part of their journey? Do we have the wisdom to know if a thing needs ‘fixing’ or if it is actually an ally? If we create everything, then we create the body challenges and contrasts too, presumably for a reason . . . I’m thinking, “nothing’s broken” . . . ???
    I have more questions than answers. <3

  • Yay for more expansion, Frank! πŸ™‚
    Jackie, kudos to you for finding the connection that feels better. No doubt good things will come from that, one way or another!

  • Jackie says:

    As I read the short version of the Golden Key that I found, I could feel it’s energy. I have an aversion to all is well because of one time in my life when all was not well and I truly don’t expect to ever feel that way about that one event. I have let go of thinking that I ‘should’ get over it or find some kind of peace with it and just let it be what it is in my life. Everything else that I’ve thought was awful or that I’ve felt pain around in my life I have found that it was,in the end, in my best interest. Not that one thing, though. However, when I say/think about Golden Keying a situation, I can feel the energy of connection to All That Is, the Universe, God or whatever your name for IT is. I am going to work with it a lot and see what happens. AT the very least, it feels good.

  • Jackie — So interesting you should write this:

    It occurs to me that this may be what people are trying to get at when they say β€˜all is well’, which does not resonate with me at all.

    Emmet Fox suggests to use an affirmation to divert from whatever the matter is when using The Golden Key and “All is well” was the one I used for a very long time.
    But, recently, Paul (my non-physical friends) have whispered in my ear whenever I say, “All is well,” to myself: “That’s the basis of your reality. All IS well. Now, what do you want next.”
    This has opened up a whole wide world of possibilities and has helped me turn away, in those instances, from just getting through or getting by to thriving and alignment with expansion.
    I know this my be slightly off-topic, but it is very delicious to write these words!

  • Nancy, you’re making me think of this quote I picked up from Julia Rogers Hamrick:
    “Faith isn’t really faith if you lose it at the first sign that things might not be going the way you desire.”
    I love the idea of reframing the situation to glean the wisdom or message the body might have for us. Thanks for chiming in.

  • Love what Frank shared.
    It sounds like the mother is also trusting more in the doctors and tests than in the Infinite Intelligence coursing through all of creation (which includes her and her son, btw). She has faith, but only so far…not all the way to every cell and every atom. To me, her work is to find her real faith and trust in Infinite Intelligence.
    Also, if I were this mother, I would take a quiet moment to engage with my son…maybe on a mutually enjoyable project as boys talk more when they aren’t feeling pressured.
    I would ask him to feel his legs, feel the pain, give it his full attention, then speak freely any thoughts that come to mind in that moment. He could also ask the pain what it is there to tell him. The body stores pain and sensations so we can address them later when we have the consciousness to deal with it.
    Many blessings,

  • Sounds like I should go look up the Golden Key thing.
    For anyone else looking:

  • Jackie says:

    Thank you for the tip about the Golden Key, Frank. I found a short version of it and could feel the energy as I read it. I have a couple of people/situations to which I will apply the Golden Key and see what happens. Maybe I’ll sleep better. It occurs to me that this may be what people are trying to get at when they say ‘all is well’, which does not resonate with me at all.

  • Frank, this is fabulous:
    “To want to know what the way will be before surrendering is not surrendering. Surrender means letting go enough to drop the resistance to the what-is which then makes it possible for the what-is to evolve into the what-is-wanted.”
    Is that from Paul/COL?

  • Resistance to pain causes more pain. Not in the son, but in the mother.
    It’s been my experience that if she can find a way to surrender to the inevitability of more pain in her son, which is not logically acceptable but is metaphysically sound, then the way will be made clear for that to happen.
    To want to know what the way will be before surrendering is not surrendering. Surrender means letting go enough to drop the resistance to the what-is which then makes it possible for the what-is to evolve into the what-is-wanted.
    We all know this but I think it’s helpful to be reminded (I know it is for me!).
    There’s also The Golden Key, a very small treatise by Emmet Fox available online, which I have found very helpful when I was really at the seeming end of my rope.
    All that being said, I’m definitely holding an image of both mother and son having the relief they are wanting.

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