Q&A: How to Let It Go?

Yesterday’s Get What You Want ezine focused on how letting go and releasing the “wanting” energy is key to allowing the desire to come to fruition.

Sometimes the best way to release the “want” (when we’re really kinked) is to say “screw it,” “whatever,” “oh well,” etc.

MissyB wrote in the last post’s comment section that it’s simple, yet hard to do.  @ScientistCoach tweeted last night that:

“Sometimes [it] is so difficult to just let go. Any tip?”

And Pernille’s “flipover” method lit you up as a great way to release the desire after claiming it.

So I thought @ScientistCoach’s question deserved a chorus of responses from you Good Vibe Gurus about how best to let go.

I suspect we’ve covered this before, but I couldn’t quickly locate where (although this post is relevant), so here’s a great opportunity to remind how to let go when we really, really want something.

Turning it over to you: what’s worked for you – in real life – to let go and surrender the resistance that often goes hand in hand with strong “wanting” energy?

  • January 20, 2010
  • Lynn Hess says:

    Oh, I must add that after my “brain dump,” I immediately shred the pages. Don’t want any negativity hanging around!!

  • Lynn Hess says:

    Oh my, so many great ideas! The voice on that SNL skit always sort of annoyed me before — now I LOVE it! I am SO going to use that!
    Many times I use the “screw it” technique (though my word starts with f, not s :)) Another good word which works at times for me is “Whatever” (said in a nice “bored” pre-teen internal voice, of course).
    Fay, I also love your idea about the box for the Universe! Having a visualization to turn to at times will be really helpful.
    I have used something called a “God jar” (which kind of cracks me up sometimes, because I have always been much more comfortable using Source, Being, Universe, etc. rather than God, but this seems to work best for some reason!). It’s an actual jar I have on a shelf, and when I’m really having trouble letting go of something, I write it on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.
    And, even though I spend the majority of my journaling time using the Pray Rain method, when I’m really stuck on something I can often make strides toward letting it go by using the Julia Cameron “Morning Pages” method — a big ol’ brain dump of whatever’s on my mind, positive OR negative.
    Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

  • ChipEFT says:

    Typically this is a message you are sending yourself to slow down and take stock of what is going on with you.

  • ellen says:

    i been following your blogs for a while. i just recently had a energy clearing on me and the gallery i’m in. then i came down really sick with a virus for like almost three days. i haven’t been sick in years. is this part of the clearing and what i need to let go of everything?i don’t know see if you help guide me through this…………

  • Fay says:

    In order to let go I often do a visualization where I package everything I have invested in my idea into a box or a file folder (sometimes it’s a box full of file folders) and then I hand over the box to the Universe.
    I immediately know how resistant I am to letting go because sometimes it is very difficult to hand over the box. Sometimes I want to tell the Universe about what’s in the files and it just looks at me and says “We know.” “Trust.” “Let us handle it. You just relax.”
    Eventually I hand over the box and I feel relieved. And I know I have let go and am trusting the Universe to put together something miraculous for me.

  • Kevin says:

    I’ve been playing with this mantra – “I love this life”. For me it’s been effective in bringing about an instant appreciation of what I am currently doing and how I do love all aspects of this life, whether intrepretted as good or bad (wanted or unwanted). It also brings about a light-ness of this “reality” and a subtle reminder of who-I-really-Am. Finally, it immediately alters my focus to love as I am genuinely feeling love for the moment and the fleeting experience of this particular life.

  • ChipEFT says:

    I really used to struggle with the whole concept of surrender. I tried every technique and visualization exercise I could find with little or no success. It just wasn’t working. I couldn’t take it any more.
    So I gave up.

  • Michael says:

    You know, I had a potentially difficult set of circumstances involving custody of my 2 year-old son. And initially, I fought against what was happening, relaxing into what I’d fought for, then I’d fight some more.
    But when court dates were looming, I found I was able to–mostly–just really say ‘screw it’, even if I lose in court, I’ll win here, here and here and I know it, and it won’t matter…I’ll still be protecting my son.
    And faced with some of the most difficult circumstances I could imagine really forced my brain to ‘give up’ on the outcome at some points.
    I think we’re all wired to give up in a healthy way at some point, we’ve just forgotten how…and we just require the correct circumstances to be reminded how to focus on what we want, but let go of an attachment to the outcome.
    I’m still practicing this, but there it is….

  • Adrienne says:

    I just heard a phrase about “letting go” that was a lightbulb moment for me: “Let go …or be dragged.”

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Mitch, your chart ruler Mercury is on your natal Jupiter/Saturn Midpoint. So that’s a yes, the creation/vision vs. concrete ‘reality’ paradox is one to explore. Going to write a post on this soon, with some techniques for leveraging it!
    Janette, I saw ‘physical energy’ and thought…yeah, wow, she nailed it because she means the absolute ENERGY not the smoke and mirrors of the body. In that sense, the energy is ITSELF…. Love the Freudian!
    Avi, good point. Not much different from going forward to having it but that little extra light speed jump of going forward to where you no longer desire it can make a huge difference. Just a way to practice seeing the bigger picture!

  • Avi Marcus says:

    Kim, folding time, going forward.. that’s sounds wonderful. It’s only slightly different than imagining that you have it, but it’s a huge difference. I’ll have to try that, thanks!

  • Sue says:

    I do believe that one thing we have tapped into here is the wonderful vib of humor and that puts us all in a very yummy allowing state.
    You can usually feel the resistance float away when humor enters.
    Years ago I remember my 6 year old irritating me to no end, (or so I thought) so I swept her up in her arms attempting to carry her to another room as punishment, and she went limp in my arms, and said “OH she always does this” like she was so tired of my technique. I dropped to the floor laughing, and humor took over changing our vibration totally. I love shifting, and I can see we’ere all getting better and better at it.

  • @Janette – thank you for sharing your story, I felt so inspired and so moved – you rock, girl!!!

  • Janette says:

    ROFLMAO – spotted a weird Freudian slip in my comment above – of course, I meant to refer to a return to pure POSITIVE energy, not pure physical energy.
    Shows how much sleep I missed, heheheh.

  • Janette says:

    LOL, thanks Kim!! Love the idea of explaining to people what the tatt means, hahahahah!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Mitch, your chart is on my other computer–will check that out this avo…
    Janette! Thank you for sharing your experience! I was so moved. I immediately saw the zen equivalent of ‘screw it’ tattooed on your shoulder in Japanese characters. Do you know what I mean? Going to find an example! xxx

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    I say go for the tattoo Jannette!

  • Janette says:

    I was going to comment yesterday but was too busy… and since then, have had the most amazing ‘screw it’ experience!
    I love the ‘screw it’ mantra because a) it’s quick ‘n’ easy and b) it is guaranteed to push me back up the emotional scale, no matter where I am!
    Yesterday various circumstances came to a head all at once, and initially I coped pretty well with them.
    I remembered that the ONLY cause for feeling bad is the (temporary) disconnect between my physical here-and-now self, and my larger, non-physical self who sits in the Vortex 24/7 drawing me in.
    I remembered that nobody else gets the credit for how I feel, whether it’s the insensitive boss (easy) or the compassionate colleague (less easy – tears got close!).
    I even remembered that my slightly scary health situation cannot ‘go bad’, as even a ‘worst case scenario’ simply means returning to pure physical energy, which we’re all gonna do one day anyway!
    I went to bed having watched a hilarious French movie and eaten a particularly yummy meal, feeling pretty darn good.
    … and woke at 12.45 am to find myself in floods of tears, beset by despair and anger and revenge and a whole bunch of other negative emotions. I hadn’t allowed myself to feel them properly, for fear of letting them into my reality. I metaphorically wriggled around, feeling like an LOA failure (yeah, I know, I know…LOL!!) and thinking I MUST get back into the Vortex RIGHT NOW. I was so attached to that desperate NEED to feel my way into the Vortex, I was completely incapable.
    Then a voice in my head said “screw it”, which made me grin even in the midst of the tears. I took its advice. I let myself drift through the fear about my health, the anger about my job, the hopelessness about finding my true passion, etc, etc, etc. And each time I said “screw it” another emotion swept through me and was gone.
    It was the single most releasing event I’ve ever experienced! My attachment to finding The Answer (to Life, the Universe and Everything, haha) is gone. I’m feeling open and frisky and relaxed and at peace. And best of all, I’ve said “screw it” to an old version of myself. I was awake for about 3 hours in all, so I’m also a bit sleepy (heheheh) but I feel like a different woman.
    All because I had that little voice saying “screw it” and giving me permission to Let It Go. Wonderful!
    PS Ooh – been wondering what to get as a tattoo – maybe “screw it” would be good!!! It would certainly shock my teenage nieces, LOL 😉

  • Mitch says:

    Kim, do you happen to remember if I have Jupiter/Saturn aspects? Because I think you just wrote my biography. LOL The vision can feel SO much safer than the manifestation, and that can be quite a stopper if not dealt with.
    As for letting go, I’m a big fan of distraction. Watching a funny TV show, cooking, exercising, reading, sleeping, calling a friend, going on an adventure. I pick an activity and I purposely say to myself that I am focusing on *this* now.
    I always tell the story of going rock climbing, but it was a classic example. Before I went, I was truly being driven crazy by the absence of something I really wanted, and I knew I had to get my mind off of it, not to make it come, but just to get some relief. I can even remember clinging to the rock face about 30 feet above the ground with little thoughts of my desire trying to creep in, and me saying out loud, “No, seriously. I have other things to think about right now.” lol So letting go came in the form of doing something really enjoyable AND a few days later I got what I wanted!
    BTW – I am in love with that View/SNL clip! I’m going to use that mantra as a release technique from now on. So what? Who cares? ha ha!
    Oh! And that second Outsourcerers video is brilliant! How fortunate are we to have such a talented and inspired movie maker on our team??

  • bixbybailey says:

    i’ve tried ‘flash forward’ only briefly in the past but it’s an excellent idea i’ve not used in a long time and certainly warrants trying again. nice suggestion, kim.
    avi, also found that quote helpful, regarding it not mattering if we want it. thanks.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Robert, there is a classic astrological aspect found in the natal chart that symbolizes exactly what you are (brilliantly) saying. Sometimes we don’t actualize our dreams because we are afraid of the outcome–a kind of ‘fear of success’ syndrome!
    It’s a Jupiter Vs. Saturn thing and quite the paradox.
    Jupiter is the part of us that has the brilliant idea and as long as it STAYS an idealized vision in our heads, it is perfect. Saturn says the perfect idea means nothing unless it is made manifest. We have to bring it into ‘reality’. But once the perfect idea is created, it is flawed (if only because it is fully defined and no longer has the feeling of endless possibilities).
    Tricky–dream it perfect but don’t touch it or make it real and lose perfection. People with Jupiter/Saturn aspects live this one out quite often.
    The trick is find a way to drop the limiting belief–reality = imperfection / vision isn’t ‘real’–and find ways to live out BOTH vision AND manifestation (and feel good about it!).
    There are some fabulous mythologies around this…I think I feel a guest blog post coming on… lol

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Fabulous discussion! I like that word, ‘hootlessness’! Ha!
    My way of letting go is to fold time (it’s not near as hard as it sounds!) I simple take myself forward to the point were it really doesn’t matter if I get the thing or not. I don’t have to pretend to hold it lightly or vibe hootlessness’ I am THERE. (and if we go forward far enough, there is always a place where we no longer grip the thing we desire!)
    The FEELING we’re after may stay the same but what we think will ‘get us’ there is mutable. It shifts all the time. By tapping into the future self that no longer wants the thing we can genuinely vibe hootlessness, because it’s authentic!
    Examples? If I want a book to hit the top 10 bestsellers lists and sell out the first week of release (and if I want it BAD) I fold time forward, say 15 years, to the me that has written another 5 series, is focused on different things and looks back fondly at that desire in utter carefree care-less-ness! Bingo, I got that vibe. I hang out with it for half a minute and get on with my life! Charge released.
    Or, if I think a particular someone is just the perfect one for me right now and pine and plan and plot and hanker for him (eee-gads not the vibe I’m after) I flash forward to a me that is busy with a delightful someone or something else. When that first person’s name comes up I say, ‘who?’ Oh yeah, I forgot about him!
    I hang out with that vibe for a minute, feel a sea of appreciation, and get on with the day.
    I call it ‘flash forward’ and it really works.
    Has anyone tried it before?

  • Avi Marcus says:

    I loved that SNL clip!
    Hale Dwoskin says that you manifest when you reach hootlessness – when you don’t care anymore.
    *Since you get what you believe in – you get what you expect you’ll get -it doesn’t matter if you want it.*
    So how do you let it go? I’ve often been using two steps, repeatedly (may be overkill for some!)
    1) What does it feel like if you would NEVER get this? If the rest of your life would be exactly as it is now?
    Can you make peace with that, and just stop struggling against what IS? Sedona is pretty good for that. Just keep breathing and let the feeling be there. It starts to fade… Or use your favorite release technique.
    2) What do you want – if you are focusing on it, and have help, isn’t it a sure thing that it will happen? Talk yourself into the vibe of “Of course this will happen. It would be silly to NOT expect that I’ll be happy and get what I want.” (Again, you can release on anything saying “No, I can’t have this.”)
    There you go – step 1 removed the emotional charge from it, and step 2, on the much cleaner foundation, gets you into the belief and the new vibe.
    Good stuff 🙂

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hi groovers
    For me asking what is the ESSENCE of what I really want – meaning the feelings I am after. When I tune into that I can release my attachment to the outcome of and the how – after all, I can choose my feelings, I can direct them, so there is not so much pressure to have a physical outcome before I get to teh good stuff. Also – it helps e open up to the other opportunities I may have been missing – kind of like stopping the jamming head through narrow opening only to discover a wide open gate right next to it.

  • Mark says:

    Thank you all for your insight. Great discussions! 🙂
    I have discovered so many beautiful manifestations in my life by letting go of resistance. Sometimes I think I can push upstream and sometimes I try that and it’s never really in alignment with my brilliance and my joy. In dissolving resistance my awareness expands and I get a glimpse of so much more…

  • Barbara says:

    Most of the time, I make a mental shift and reach for a feeling of relief to feel better about something. What really works is when I truly “forget” about it for awhile….sometimes it’s a matter of hours, other times it’s days or even weeks later…and then what I wanted manifests. That’s a great feeling! I remember that the next time and it serves me well to practice the art of allowing all over again.
    I also use EFT but admit I could develop a more regular practice of it (which I’m intending for 2010!).

  • Leah Bach says:

    testing my gravatar… AND wanting to share that the essence of wanting is the essence of not having. How could you want something and then have it at the same time? They are diametrically opposed… You can have something and be grateful and you can want something and be found, really… wanting. Wanting doesn’t work. I think the only shift from feeling “short, lacking, needy” is to realize that you are “whole, grateful, fulfilled”… all comes from one…gratitude.

  • Laura says:

    I could not agree with you more! I recently moved into my parents (empty) house while I am looking for a new job and making my way back to New York City. At first, it seemed like the last resort…unemployed, moving into my parents house.
    The big change happened when I realized how FORTUNATE I was that I even had this option. That I get to live in a big house alone (with kitty of course), didn’t have to pay rent, am much closer to NYC and can take my time finding the right thing. I have to time to work on my business while getting unemployment and I now feel very lucky.
    By shifting the focus, and therefore shifting the energy, I let go of the resistance of being where I was and embraced it. I am enjoying being here, keeping myself busy with friends and moving ahead with my business.
    I also let go of “what people might think”….I really don’t care, because this is working for me just fine!

  • Debra says:

    OMGosh Jeannette!!! Moved beyond beyond by the most recent Outsourcerer video. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    I’m telling you, this group is MAGIC. Pure Magic.
    What a blessing of brilliant creation…the angel who is creating these videos is amazing; this one is WOW. The timing…the flow…the ocean waves. Mmmm…I’m so on the beach, toes in the sand, sun kissing my face…in DEEP appreciation for the Outsourcerers, for the video of all of our loveliness in one place that allows others to bask in the energy of Outsoucerer-ness, for all of it!!
    What a vibe! Just shared it on my FB page with this explanation:
    The Outsourcerers are my extended family. Together, we act as agents of manifestation working with the Universe to bring desire to reality through the simple act and thought of seeing it already done for each other…with Love, Joy and Pure Bliss. I love my family of Outsourcerers…and the brilliant soul who created this video. Pure Good Vibes born in Jeannette’s blog stream! In JOY! 🙂
    …and yes. We need to get this on GVU!!

  • I learned a very important lesson a few days ago.
    A week ago I suddenly found myself facing some rather heavy challenges (before I learned about LOA I would have referred to these as very huge problems!). For four days I felt miserable and wasn’t able to find any way to feel better. I even cried in the shower and I yelled at the Universe and I still felt miserable.
    Finally I couldn’t stand it any longer and I gave up the fight. I let go of resistance. It doesn’t mean that I stopped looking for a solution. But I let go of resistance, I totally accepted my situation and I was ready to take the consequences, whatever they might be.
    And gosh a relief this brought to me. It was amazing. I felt so much better, and of course this meant a major shift in my vibration!!!
    And like magic, within 2 days the challenges had found a good solution 🙂
    And there is no doubt in my mind that this simply couldn’t happen UNTIL I gave up resistance!!!!!!!!!!!
    So I learned that it’s necessary to accept life just as it is right here and now, before anything can change.
    As long as we are fighting against what is, things cannot change. We must accept things as they are. We must be willing to take the consequences, no matter how unpleasant and unwanted they may seem. We have to let go and stop fighting. We have to feel that everything is OK exactly as it is, before they can become better.
    It was a hard lesson but it was worth it 🙂

  • Pure Potential says:

    Self reiki is another way to get your energy flowing and it is so useful when I am tired of thought turn arounds. Usually because I haven’t uncovered the turnaround that is the ‘truest’.

  • You’re making me laugh, Sara! (“Is it really that hard to enjoy the best of what’s in front of us?”)
    No doubt!!
    I think you’re sharing a subtle but powerful distinction with the languaging of this process. (I almost called it work – you’re already having an effect on me!)
    I’ve never heard Abe say that (“joy your way to joy”) but I love it!
    Thanks for posting, girlfriend!!

  • Sara E. says:

    Golly, there’s so much to say about this, I hardly know where to start!
    The realization that inspired me to comment is that this HAS to boil down to how easy or difficult we believe Allowing to be. Months ago on the cafemom.com LOA group, I saw a post about taking the “positivity challenge.” LOL! All I could think was, “Come on, is it really that hard to enjoy the best of what’s in front of us? No, I didn’t think so.” 😉 I’m not downplaying the fact that most of us have been conditioned to worry and expect the worst and blah blah blah, but how necessary is it to keep acknowledging that? That’s old story talk. And we all know where that’s going!
    Another thought that just came to me is that maybe we can change up the wording on letting go. To me letting go still kinda affrims the experience of not having it yet. I wonder if there’s a fun way to turn that around so that the vibration of “how much I have NOW” or even “I totally HAVE it NOW” can become active within us more easily. After all, if we’re going to LET it in, we have to find a way to forget that we don’t have it yet.
    A HUGE realization that I had not too long ago is that when I’m in the place of lack, I miss everything. Not only am I delaying the manifestation of my desire, but I’m also allowing myself to miss out on all the abundance I’ve created up to this point! You know how Abe says “Joy your way to Joy?” The same goes with Having (and everything else that we want.) Source knows we can’t complain our way there! He he.

  • Yay for your gravatar, Laura! Great to see your beautiful face here!
    And your wise words.
    Yes, that “screw it” is kind of a last ditch effort. The way I prefer to get to releasing the resistance is without the “giving up” energy.
    More of a remembering that my happiness and well-being does NOT hinge on this thing happening. That life is good no matter what.
    And that this other thing I’ve got in mind would be fab, but with or without, I’m having a good time.
    That is a very different energy than “screw it.”
    (Maybe I like typing it, too. lol)
    The trick is to find our way there when it’s something we really really want. And that’s when I (try to) remember that it’s not the thing or outcome or person or offer that I want, it’s the feeling.
    And what’s that feeling? Joy? Success? Happiness?
    Well, when I remember this, I know that feeling is available to me right now (whatever it is) simply when I choose it.
    I want my dogs to howl because it makes me feel more connected to nature? Because it makes me laugh?
    I can feel connection and I can laugh right now. Like me, getting my ex to call how many times, to try to elicit their howl? That’s funny. That’s connected.
    Life is good.
    Right now. Already. Always.
    Remember THAT helps me release the resistant “wanting” energy.

  • Aida says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments, and Jeanette for your post about my question.
    I’ve realized that for me, the most helpful thing to let go is to focus on the small things that make you smile and enjoy the moment, as Jeannette mentioned in one of her posts. We just need to focus on the next enjoyable moment, be it playing with your child, reading a chapter of a book, having fun with your friends, enjoying a warm shower (that’s my next step now!).

  • Laura says:

    Just testing to see if the gravatar works now…

  • Laura says:

    I agree with Debra in regards to: “Jeannette’s great example of “screw it!” or “whatever”…as long as we mean it. The more we mean it, the better it works.”
    When I first read the blog I thought, well, usually when you say “screw it” there is a sense of frustration. You are giving up because it didn’t work, and it is a way to move on. However, if the energy behind the “screw it” is “I’ve failed”…I would guarantee this is not the road to faster manifestation….quite the contrary. It is the feeling behind the release that is key here. If you are saying “screw it” (can you tell, I love typing that?) and are really over it and releasing the strong wanting…meaning, it doesn’t matter at this point whether I get it or not, I am still FINE…that is when you allow the Universe to easily grant your desire.
    It always comes back to the charge we have with our wants and how desperate we feel we need it. I think feeling like we “failed” is a big component to this.
    Of course, the example of the howling dogs is funny to use as I am sure Jeannette did not feel like she failed when the dogs stopped howling. (I am laughing at that thought)…but when something has a bit more at stake behind it (like me applying for a job)…the best way to let it go is to feel good going into the situation, be clear on your desire and intention (sometimes we are a bit murky in this area) and then let it go as soon as the (interview in this case) event is over. Getting to a place of not being attached to this outcome, that something better may be on it’s way and really being ok with what is. Relax vs Resist. You may just find that you really didn’t want what you thought you did. Relax, let it go and be happy with what is….takes a bit of practice, but it really works!
    Thanks for this great topic Jeannette and everyone’s great comments…
    ps. I tried to get my gravitar and it didn’t work….any hints?
    xo Laura

  • janita says:

    Robert your so great 🙂 loved what you say 🙂 it isnt our job to figure out, speculate, fearing and so on..right? we consentrate only one our selfe and the feeling. And just enjoy our journey..and why not put a attitude like “screw it”, have fun and do the Ho’oponopono and let the desire unfold 🙂

  • Suzie, I agree with you about EFT!! I’ve finally learned how to practice it myself and it IS cool! I can see why all my clients have been raving about it all these years!!
    Thanks for posting, Suzie!

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Thanks Iyabo for reminding me about Ho’oponopono. That is a great release method and I love your seeing things in 3D and I tried it and love blowing the statement away
    EFT is another way I find of releasing and letting go
    @Robert I agree, often it is the consequencess, the what if, the FEAR- False evidence appearing real that stops up- love Let’s Screw it!
    Hugs, love the energy here Jeanette
    in gratitude

  • Oooh, Iyabo, I know an energy worker who also uses the puff of breath for her magic.
    Nice combo to add that with ho’oponopono. (Which Nancy might almost have taught me how to pronounce properly.)

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    My favorite release method is Ho’oponopono. I add my special thoughts to it. I literally imagine what I want as three dimensional words and place them on my palm.
    Then I say the four statements:
    1. I am sorry!
    2. Please forgive me!
    3. I love you!
    4. Thank You!
    Then I blow the statement with a puff of my breath.
    It is powerful and you really feel the release.
    I do for what I want and what I do not want.
    It is a strong signal to the Universe.
    Big hugs everyone!

  • Well said, Debra!! I totally agree about the OutSourcerers vibe, too.
    PS – did you see the new OutSourcerers video?
    We gotta figure out how/where to get that in GVU!

  • Debra says:

    I have to say my most recent, most successful representation of “letting go and surrendering the resistance that often goes hand in hand with strong ‘wanting'” would have to be OutSourcing…or more specifically OutSourcerering. 🙂 **Thanks Jeannette and the whole Outsourcerer Team!! Woo-Hoo!!**
    Seriously, I’ve utilized many ‘hand it over to the Universe’ tools; I’ve exercised the let go and surrender button really well…and I’ve had a variety of successes. And I’ve always seen room for improvement.
    My experience with the Outsourcering Group (refer to Jeannette’s Can We Outsource Our Manifesting post if you’re unfamiliar) has taken me to another level of in the ‘how does it really FEEL when you really let it go’ department.
    I don’t know if it’s been everyone’s experience, but for me? Amazing. You know, like how knowing something doesn’t guarantee you own something? I’ve been successful at handing things over to the Universe…but I can’t say that I could FEEL it in every fiber of my being.
    When I recently ‘handed over’ something I’ve been wanting for a long time to the Outsourcerers…I really felt like I handed it over…all of it, including the kitchen sink! And it felt SO good. I wasn’t fully conscious of it before…but since this experience I realized that in most other cases there was still a wee bit that I held on to of the thing I was supposedly letting go of. (That equals an attachment that can get in my way, and cause a kink in my manifestation)
    So the key is in finding a way that works for you (everyone is so unique, and so what works is unique to each of us)…finding a way that works for you to let go 100% and SERIOUSLY say, “it’s not mine to hold”, “they’ve so got it”, “I don’t even need to know who, how, what, when or where…no need to know…it’s so done!”, or we could go w/Jeannette’s great example of “screw it!” or “whatever”…as long as we mean it. The more we mean it, the better it works.
    I also feel like allowing the letting go to be FUN and not all serious makes a GIGANTIC difference.
    This is another reason the Outsourcerers rock. They know FUN. They’ve got it covered. High Vibe, High FUN.
    (And in addition to FUN, they’re POWERFUL fast!!)
    Outsourcerers = Universal Manifestation Support Representatives (Peeps representing the Universe in support of your manifestation desires.) *Ooo, I like that!
    Thanks for another great post, another great space for HIGH Vibe conversation, Jeannette!! I LOVE this place. …and I appreciate this flow in my life!

  • I got a great giggle from it, too, Gorgeousophie! Thanks for sharing it here!! lol

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Mmmmh, not sure if my anecdote is relevant but it makes me giggle every time thus indeed may help! As some of you may already know, I have come back today from my LOA meetup in a superb mood and as we usually go round sharing our experiences, processes and miracles with Michael, our Vortex Doctor, I sit there making everyone laugh as I give them a take into my *stamps foot, glares at The Universe* ‘where is my stuff?! Where are my miracles Dude (Okay Monsieur Dude, it is The Universe after all and I am on my best naughty behaviour) come on, show me the miracles’ *hands on hips whilst giggling*, sending myself up and aknowledging that I live an enchanted life already (let’s be very clear here, I am not talking about drumming. At all! I love my life and my life loves me, I just desire to fly without my broomstick, hear birds talking, have conversation with the foxes down my street, walk on water, turn said water into wine – The lot! Where Disney movie meets Jesus of Nazareth (has anyone seen The Life Of Brian?!)! Anyway, at the end of our session, as we are all on a high, Doctor Vortex looks at me with a smile then chuckles and says ‘ I cannot believe that you are not experiencing miracles’ (I do lift the vibe and sprinkle mischief as a rule thus fair comment). ‘What do you do when you come out of here (it is an evening session btw), look right, look left, over your shoulders *he does it* then once sure no one is looking, snap your fingers and the sun comes out?! And you do not tell us because you do not want us to feel bad?!’. I looooved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it! So how is that for letting go?! Knowing that this is actually what we all do, snap our fingers and the sun starts shining at night hey?! I shall say it again, every time I think about it, I giggle and do no longer even feel the need to figure out how to let go! Try it!

  • Sue says:

    Robert, that is so very true.
    We let so many other things affect our vib. I’ve even felt this way in business, letting the feeling of “what will they think of me if I’m late on my payments” thus pulling my cork under the water once again.

  • Indeed, that message comes up a lot from Abraham, and I’m a big fan of it. (That reality is overrated and letting go of our grip on it is required in order to create a new one.)

  • Sue says:

    I just watched that Fred Armisen (never knew his name)
    That was hilarious! What a great chant!
    thanks Sara.
    Aida, Abraham is strongly suggesting that we become more delusional, encouraging us to be one with what is in our vibrational escrow.
    After all our vibrational reality IS REAL even if we have not yet seen it, and so many would accuse us of being delusional anyway. Good for us.

  • Aida says:

    Sara, I like that!
    I was thinking on how to let go of part of your reality without being delusional!

  • Oh, a link to it!! I was just thinking I don’t know that reference, but was going to google on youtube, and then you give the link!
    Thanks, Sara!
    I have a feeling (since it’s on SNL) it’s gonna work well for me, too.

  • Sara says:

    When I feel a resistant thought coming on, I say to myself, in the accent of Fred Armisen on SNL that plays Joy from The View, “So what? Who cares?” I don’t know.. it works for me and makes me laugh… and then I’m already in a better mood to allow what I want to happen!

  • omgosh, how smart are YOU?!
    Thanks, Robert.
    (This is another example of exactly why I’ve been recruiting you into GVU!) lol

  • Billionaire Sir Richard Branson wrote a book called, “Screw It, Let’s Do It.”
    I think the idea of the book is that a lot of people have great ideas, but they want to hold on to those ideas and nothing ever comes of them. To me, the hard part of letting go of an idea, is letting it pass into reality where others can see it and criticize it. Sometimes I think the “screw it” attitude is just us saying that we are going to let go of our fear of what others might think, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and even risk failure.
    I think we need to say “screw it” to the consequences, not to the desire.

  • >