Q&A: How to LOA Your Home?

How to LOA Your HomeToday’s question is different than any we’ve fielded before, which I think will be super fun to play with.

We’re asked how to create an LOA friendly home.

Here’s Liz with a question about incorporating alignment into her physical environment:

I am curious about how one might go about setting up a home “law of attraction” style …

I am currently in the process of getting ready to move and see an opportunity to make a clean start!

I am moving into a beautiful place I immediately felt drawn to and would like to know what can I do to “Law of Attraction”-ify this apartment? Would you have any thoughts on how to do this? I’d love to get opinions on this … It just feels like a great opportunity to start over, and I want to make the most of it.

Thanks so much for any thoughts you’d be willing to share!!  I truly appreciate it!

What do y’all think? Looking forward to your creative suggestions about how to LOA our physical environment!

  • June 8, 2013
  • Lisa Dugdale says:

    Ooh – this is a golden opportunity! You can see what wants to be in the space, and make it appear. I decorated most of my first house this way. It all started with this experience:
    I thought “The kitchen needs more space for storage. Wouldn’t beige shelves that are about 12×12 be perfect there?? I wonder if those even exist – I’ve never seen shelves like that before?” And then I went to volunteer at a yard sale fundraiser the next day to find that in the middle of the night somebody had dropped off two NEW 12×12 beige shelves. Perfect!

  • Leah Bach says:

    For me, it’s orchids. I love the slow pace of them and the beautiful result. One day they seem stagnant and then next poof! New growth and more flowers. It’s like they sneak up on me. Love them.

  • I love all these answers.I know for me I know I’ve got it when I walk through my house room by room and it makes me happy. For me that means, not much clutter, and only things we love in our house. I’ve been doing a lot of de-cluttering lately, the kids stuff has gottena little out hand, so I’ve told them everything that doesn’t make them smile has to go.The stacks of books make me smile,so they get to stay. 🙂

  • Ms Liz, I’m doing a whole blog series on LOA Nesting (which is really just a fancier name for what we’ve been discussing here) and I thought you might find this introductory post useful …
    And please feel free to email me if you want more in-depth help.

  • Anonymous says:

    *ahem* excuse me young Julie, what was this gentleman doing in your spavce at the date stage, mmmh?! *snigger! 😉

  • Julie B says:

    What a fun question! I super agree w/ Leah… don’t just add ‘stuff’. This is a perfect time to declutter and only allow those things in your house that bring you joy. I remember a few years ago I bought my then-boyfriend some little gift I thought would be nice on his desk … he looked at it and said “thank you honey but it doesn’t make me happy when I look at it” 😮 At first I thought “how rude! it’s a gift for heavens sake” then I thought “good on him for being honest and staying true to what is true for him”.
    I’m a big fan of feng shui and create/decorate my home along the lines of feng shui principles. People walk into my home and always comment on how good it feels, which I so appreciate. I had a date a few weeks ago and the guy walks in looks around and says, “you are dialed in”. I asked him what he meant and he said, I walked in and immediately felt awesome”.
    Light, plenty of space, flowers, water fountains and I always have good music playing.
    Most of all – have FUN with the whole process……. decorate in joy!
    Let us know how it goes!

  • Leah Bach says:

    What I love about creating a new space is filling it with things that I love but not about just adding “stuff”…
    See, what I believe (and this is why it’s meaningful to me) is that too much stuff is negative energy. Stuff requires maintenance… and that is energy I can spend in other places. So, for me, when I look at space, I am interested in the bones and architecture first and then using clean, modern, uncluttered lines to accent things like: water features, vaulted ceilings, open space.
    But again, it is all what you believe. Some may derive great joy from homeiness (?), Laura Ashley or a personal collection.
    Just be clear on what you love, what brings you joy and you will rock your space! best. lb

  • Elizabeth says:

    It feels like a perfect opportunity to look at everything you are bringing in to see if it is a reflection of you and to really surround yourself with things you love, even if that means there is space for a while.
    Your new apartment sounds like the perfect canvas – enjoy!

  • Jackie says:

    I once heard Nate Burkus (sp?) say something similar. It was along the lines of how to take care of and decorate your home reflects how much you love yourself.

  • Jeannette says:

    ooh, I’m listening to Joe Dispenza with Michael Neill right now (free replay at Hay House today)
    where Joe just said, “Your environment is reminding you who you are.” Everything is going to stay the same until you give yourself new cues via your environment. “The environment is that seductive.”
    (“It’s the external environment that’s turning on different circuits in your brain causing you to think in familiar and known ways. As long as you’re turning on the same circuits, your environment is reminding you who you are, which means everything is going to stay the same.”)
    So anyone who wants to create change in their life would be smart to begin by creating change in their environment!
    Wow – I’m starting to understand just how important your question is, Liz!

  • Michelle Abrahmz says:

    Do nothing. Put the intention out there that this is what you want to do. Breathe. Allow ideas to start flowing to you. Make a treasure map of only the things you really, really love, doesn’t matter if they co-ordinate. Look at it, dream over it, wish. Put it away, then when you move only have a bed and fridge. Spend time putting positive, loving energy into your new place and start to imagine what it might look like.
    Be open to gifts, finds, sudden inspiration to make things yourself.

  • becky says:

    lots of light,plants,open travel patterns,bird feeders outside your windows, sights and/or sounds of water near and free of clutter.

  • jennifer says:

    I would say to have/keep only items that amplify the lifestyle you desire to live out, and take the opportunity for a spring clean (regardless of the season)to let go of whatever might feel like its holding you back.

  • For me, the most fascinating and delicious part of LOA-ing one’s nest is the chance to immerse yourself in the outward symbols of what you want to attain in life.
    In other words, you make your home ‘feel’ rich before you actually are rich. You buy the best bedsheets you can afford so you wake up bathed in luxury.
    You create an environment that reflects WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME rather than further cementing what currently IS.
    Perhaps you dream of being a writer … so you create a nook with maybe an old typewriter and a picture of Hemingway, and you style your home as a Key West retreat.
    Or you long to be on stage … so home becomes a theater set and your bedroom a boudoir, with posters and deeply coloured drapes and a vanity that Sarah Bernhardt would love.
    When you nurture your home, your home will nurture you. The energy you invest in it will be repaid many times over.
    Above all, OWN the fact that you deserve to be surrounded by beauty and as much abundance as you can afford or tolerate.
    This is about being grateful for what you have, but still setting the stage for the Universe to deliver what you dream of.

  • Stephen says:

    I guess the short answer is make it feel good.

  • BarbaraM says:

    Great opportunity to fill your new home with furniture you love, paint the walls by your desire, put in your new home what ever inspires you and makes you happy when you look at it. Make it to love it every single moment.

  • Jackie says:

    Does Goddess Jacqui Gates address this in her nesting series? I couldn’t find a link.

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