How to Make a Bunch of Money Fast

how to manifest money fastIt seems like I get an email every week from someone who wants to know how to use law of attraction to manifest money.

Which is well and good – money is a fabulous thing to create deliberately!

But as soon as I get to the part about how much they need it, how many things they’ve tried and how quick it needs to get here, I know they won’t be creating cash any time soon.

Yes, we can manifest money. Big money. And fast.

But not when we need it.

Not when it’s a big deal.

Not when there’s pressure.

Every time a coach colleague asks me how I manifested a full time coach income in a short period of time (3 months) I share the rather unhelpful answer that I didn’t need it.

I had some savings tucked away. I had a low monthly income requirement. I had two backup plans for what I’d do if coaching didn’t work out.

Yes, I loved making money via coaching – and I didn’t need it.

That’s a cool combination. Love it, but don’t need it.

How to make a bunch of money fast? Stop needing it. Stop making it such a big deal.

Find a way to relax about it. Let it be okay, whatever happens.

As long as you really need to manifest it fast, that’s the reason it’s not coming.

I know that might be frustrating, but it’s important to understand the role your vibration plays in money’s ability to show up for you. And to get a handle on what you want to shift in order to let the money in.

(For those who might be looking for more info on how to relax about money, try these posts or this book.)

PS – yes, there are exceptions, so don’t despair if you’re in dire straits and can’t shift out of it. I’ve heard deliberate creators report manifesting money at the last minute on a regular basis. It happens. I’ve heard Abraham say that sometimes super strong desire can blow right through limiting beliefs about what’s possible. So, it’s possible – I just wouldn’t suggest that as Plan A.

  • January 10, 2013
  • Cassie says:

    The not needing it part, when you get that down is so awesome! And money just flows from that place. So fun! Thanks for sharing your story Jeannette!

  • Kimberly says:

    I started doing something new. I say several times a day “I want more money.” It makes me giddy when I say this. When I think about why I want more money, I think – because it’ll allow me to spend more time with our dogs and boyfriend, it’ll allow me the time to adopt another rescue, and I’ll be able to spend more time building Keep the Tail Wagging. We’ll be able to travel as a couple and with the dogs. We can buy a house on 100+ acres with walking paths to a pond and room for horse pastures that we can lease for free to local horse rescue groups and horse owners.
    I go on and on and it’s so much fun!!! I dont need any of this, but this is what “more money” will bring.
    A week after I started, I received a $500 bonus at work. I had such a vivid dream last night of receiving multiple checks that totaled up to $1000 that it took me a while to realize that it was just a dream.
    It’s fun!!!

  • How fun is that, Sophie?! Thanks for showing us just how fast and easy it can be!

  • sophie kay says:

    I hit it big within 2 – 2 1/2 hours of being in the casino. Talk about fast! You weren’t kidding! lol.

  • sophie kay says:

    Hello Jeanette!
    Thanks for this awesome reminder to release the desperation and need energy. I wasn’t looking forward to my weekend so I felt the urge to escape to the casino. I was feeling angry then I remembered reading your article earlier in the day so I cleaned up my angry, negative energy. Reminded myself I got some money to burn and that I didn’t really need to win; it would be nice but if I win- I win.
    With that as my intention I walked away with a profit of $1,100 dollars in cash free and clear. Went in with $200. I was on a winning streak right from the get go!
    Thanks Jeanette! Love your articles.
    P.S I am the woman that was unemployed for exactly 7 mths and when I was feeling sorry for myself I took matters into my own hands. Posted my skills and offered my services to my potential client and they hired me within an hr after my interview! So things are on the up-pitty up!
    Much thnx n love for helping me get back into the vortex!

  • One reminder I keep close is, “It always seems to come.” So when I look at my bank balance the day after the mortgage has been paid and it’s low, I always laugh and say, “It’s going to come, it always does.” And you know what? It does. 🙂

  • I think many of us learned as children that being emotional can get us what we want. So we fall into this habit whenever we want or need something that we don’t really think we can get ourselves.
    It is important to get out of the ‘desperately-need-this’ vibe because as @JasonPhegley shared, you’re communicating lack and will see that reflected back. But also, when you’re in lack, you’re unable to tap into new ideas and inspired actions because you’re communicating at a different frequency. Best to raise your vibe so you can access all that’s in alignment with the wealth you seek.
    One thing I like to do to raise my vibe after noticing that I’ve fallen into need is ask myself questions that help me focus on something else other than the lack. In regards to manifesting money fast, I could ask myself, “How much fun can I have creating X dollars today?” So I take the focus off of the perceived struggle and put it onto the fun.

  • Caelan says:

    “Love it, but don’t need it.”
    That is the perfect recipe.
    I love this. And I needed it. Thanks again.

  • This was fantastic! Beautifully said, and absolutely accurate. I’ve lived it, I see others live it, I’ve taught others how the vibration has to come first, and NEED is a vibration that says… I AM LACKING. And the universe responds, “Your wish is our command” … “We pronounce you lacking”.
    – I started my own Design & Marketing company in San Francisco 3 years ago with a business partner who was also in the right vibrational place. And everyone, including the CEO and President of the bustling startup that I had help to grow from 3 people to 30 when I left, said we were crazy to start a company in “these economic times” But I KNEW we were ready. And why? We 1) were a total vibration match to it, it felt like the next logical step, without a doubt and 2) had saved a ton of money for the purpose of not having to stress about making money (for at least 2 years) while we just had fun with it. Doing what we loved and did best. And from that place of already doing or HAVING what we wanted, and the stress of lack of money an absent factor, what do you know, we now have more work then we can handle, are still having fun, and are amazed at the ease in which this intention grew into a reality as if it were here all along (because it WAS here all along, vibrational speaking).
    That being said we would love to have you guest write on our blog sometime, about LOA as it relates to business and marketing. If you’re interested please let us know. =)

  • Peregrine John says:

    So, the same mindset that works for other things works for money – as does the strategy of manifesting before pressure to get whatever it is makes it really hard to do. I realize that put that way it’s pretty obvious, especially since manifestation is just fiddling with power (defined as the capacity to make something happen, or as I say, the ability to Yes), and money is nothing more than very homogenized marketplace power… but it still comes as something of a revelation.
    It also, incidentally, reminds me to achieve that correct mindset for the other things I want to happen!

  • Glad you enjoyed, Namaste. Thanks for reading and for posting!
    Janette, I LOVE it when we can look back and see how that process has served us in the past. Makes it easier to practice on purpose again!

  • Janette says:

    I love this post!!! I also love the PS which reminds us that ANYTHING is possible 😀
    Like how I manifested a job on the movie Babe by utterly giving up when I thought I didn’t make it through the audition. Giving up that struggle, though I didn’t know it at the time (pre-LOA days!), was exactly what allowed my desire through. Because I genuinely embraced life without it.

  • Namaste says:

    Simply wanted to say thanks for sharing your story about “not needing it.” Reading it just now, confirmed I’m on the right track =)

  • That’s a skill, Terri, to be able to keep the emotions in check when the focus is getting stronger! Kudos to you on that!

  • TerriC says:

    Beautiful, Jeannette!
    “Love it but don’t need it” the essential for ANYTHING I want to show up.
    You mention deliberate creators who’ve manifested on a regular “need” basis – and I fall into that category with one specific caveat: only when the urgency has helped me to focus, and NOT amped up emotional attachment.
    Always appreciate your clarity, thank you! Big Love!!

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