Q&A: How to Manifest a Marriage Proposal

I’ve seen my share of beach weddings in Maui this week, so it seems serendipitous to post this reader’s question about what it takes to manifest a marriage proposal.

Here’s the question from an LOA-savvy aspiring bride:
How to Manifest a Marriage Proposal

I’ve been wanting and trying to manifest marriage (or at least a marriage proposal) from my boyfriend for about the last year.

I feel like I’ve tried everything to manifest a marriage proposal from him, and while over the last year I seemed to get close (he brings it up and talks about our future, his mom even mentions it) – I still haven’t been asked.

In fact, a number of the girls in my life have gotten engaged in the last 5 months!

So if I’ve been thinking about getting engaged to my boyfriend for the last year, why hasn’t it happened yet?

  • I’ve tried visualizations of him proposing night after night for months
  • I’ve tried living my daily life as if we were already married
  • I’ve tried making myself feel the actual feelings I would have if we were already married
  • I’ve tried letting go of the expectation and just being happy with what is now

… and everything in between. It’s just not coming.

I’m aware that my focus is so hugely on the fact that it’s not here, and that is a main part in the reason it’s not here.

But even when I try to not focus on that and be happy with the now, it seems I can only keep that focus for so long until my mind goes back to what’s not there – a ring on my finger, from him.

I’m hoping you might have some words of wisdom for me or tell me to try something that I haven’t tried. Just anything! I really hope to hear back from you!

Okay, readers, you’re up. Let’s help a sister out with some LOA friendly tips.

What advice do you have for our friend who wants to manifest a marriage proposal from her sweetie?

  • April 13, 2015
  • Nicole says:

    What a great thread. I’d say… imagine yourself getting the most amazing marriage proposal ever, and how it makes you feel, but don’t cast this guy in the role. Create the perfect proposal/ongoing relationship regardless of who he is. If you can let go of the attachment to this great upcoming marriage **with HIM**, you’ll flush out whether he wants to co-create the same relationship… and you’ll get what you want with SOMEONE… who could very, very likely be him! But this is a great exercise to release resistance.

  • Michael says:

    I think it might be helpful, (to both of you) to consult a professional astrologer, perhaps a friend with whom you are both in synch.
    Timing is everything, and perhaps an astrologer friend, might have some interesting insights. Good luck!

  • Brian says:

    ”I feel as if I am in a huge competition with those around me.
    There is no need for comparison, as everyone is on their own path; their own journey. In some areas of your life you will seemingly be a little farther behind than others, and in other areas you will seemingly be a little farther ahead than others. The point is to simply focus on where you are, and appreciating where you are. For being somewhere else would not be more important, more special, than where you are right here right now. Now is the best place you can be. Be here. Be now. Appreciate what you do have, and release your need to compare to others, for everyone is equal, special, worthy and loved, exactly as they are, and exactly where they are on their journey.
    ”Very annoying, and if you knew the kind of person she was you would agree even more so.
    Just so you are aware, the only reason you found her annoying, is because your Inner Being/Higher Self does not see her as annoying. Your Inner Being/Higher Self has a different opinion about the same person than you did, and you viewing this person differently than the way Source sees them, is why you felt discordant negative emotion when thinking about them.
    Source loves. And when you view someone with a perspective that is opposite of love, you will feel negative emotion every time.
 That negative emotion is your indicator letting you know you are, in that moment, thinking a thought that Source does not think.
    ”So I guess I kind of wanted to give her a kick in the balls so to speak to be able to tell her I got engaged first…”
    There is no finish line to life. Enjoy the process. Appreciate the unfolding. Your time will come.
    ”And she’s gloating now and that’s fine, I feel a bit defeated, but my bf and I love each other and are happy, so what can I do really. It’s not worth being annoyed over…”
    She is a reflection to help you discover something new about yourself. For you to be able focus on how you feel, and what you know to be true, regardless of the opinion of another, shows you that she has been a beautiful contribution in your growth and coming into alignment with who-you-really-are.

    She has been an asset. Yes, maybe the first three letters of “asset,” ha ha, but she has, in an odd way, been your guide to help you see what you needed to see about aspects of yourself that were not visible to you without her help as being the reflection of parts of your personality that you wanted smoothed out.

    ”Because I’m slightly bored with my life right now and feel as if I’m just waiting for the next big thing to happen.”

    You have been buying in to the belief that says, “I need some condition to change before I change how I feel.” But you don’t need to wait for conditions to change in order to feel better. You don’t need a reason to follow your joy, follow your passion and highest excitement. You can follow your highest excitement, starting now.
    ”… but I feel like I want something big to look forward to.”
    The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. And, you can feel better now, without needing any condition to change. You can create and feel the feeling of excitement and eagerness, without actually having a reason to feel that way, other than your decision that you want to feel that way.

    You don’t need Christmas to come for you to raise your vibration and feel like every day is Christmas. Physical manifestations do not create emotions. Quite the opposite. Emotions create the physical manifestations. So, when you focus on feeling good, and doing what you enjoy and excites you, now, then synchronicities will line up and physical manifestations will come from you already having found your good feelings and excitement.

    ”I don’t blame you all for thinking I’m a horrible person as you read this…”
    You are a beautiful, wonderful, worthy and magnificent person.

    “I also feel like I’m in a race to get engaged before other girls in my graduating class because majority are still not engaged and its only the minority that is engaged or married at this point, so if I were to get married before a lot of other people I know who are close in age, it would feel like a victory almost.”
    It seems you are viewing being engaged or married as some sort of elite group or special club, and that if you are in it, you are more worthy than you are now. Which, sorry to say, you cannot be more worthy than you are, right now. You are already infinitely worthy, and so your worthiness cannot increase or decrease. Infinite is not a number that can go up or down. It’s, well… infinite. Your perception, however, of your infinite worthiness can increase or decrease, but your actual, inherent worthiness, remains constant.

    ”But there’s just something about getting married young or semi young that makes me THINK I would feel super special.”
    If you want to get married so that you can feel super special, why not simply cut out the middleman and feel super special, now?

    I’ll tell you a little secret: You don’t have to wait to feel super special. You can, when you allow yourself to, feel super special, now.
    So, a question you may ask yourself is: What is my resistance to allowing myself to feel super special?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh such a fantastic answer….especially the part about why I’m feeling negative feelings towards her. I never looked at it in that way – that source loves everyone and Im not in alignment to loving her so Im feelig negative cause I’m not in alignment with source in that area. Brilliant.
      I’m not sure what my resistance is tk allowing myself to feel super special… because it’s like, I feel special and I know I am. Or maybe I only think I feel special? I don’t know.
      Another thing I was thinking about this morning was that when I first started going out with my bf, I thiught i manifested HIM specifically. Because I wanted him, specifically, and I made it my intention to manifest him, and then I did. Now I’m realIzing (I think this is right..) that I didn’t manifest him slecifically, I just manifested a relationship with someone who was vibrationally a perfect match for me. I always thought in my intuition that he would be a good match for me and that we would connect. I guess my intuition was just spot on, bc he’s the person I ended up being with.
      I will have to do some thinking about why Im resisting to allow myself to feel completely, totally, super special, just as I am.

  • Bernadette says:

    Yes I would 🙂 what you focus on grows.

  • Bernadette says:

    Ok from what I’m reading above anonymous it’s nothing to do with being married, the feeling you’re really after is winning? Where does that winning feeling already exist in your life to activate that vibration?

    • Anonymous says:

      Bernadette, that sounds right. I’ve always been the type of person ever since I was a kid, to feel like I need to be the “best” at the things that I do, and that I always felt like I needed to be at the “top” or I wasn’t valuable.
      While this belief has dedinitely worked as fuel to help me accomplish a lot of amazing things in my life so far, it’s also toxic.
      To answer your question, I feel like I’m winning most days at work. I’ve been at this job for the last three months or so and I’ve gotten many compliments from coworkers on my performance so far. I also feel like a winner in the looks department. (Sorry I know that’s vain but it’s a truth of mine.) I also feel like a winner in my relationship with my boyfriend as we’ve overcome obstacles which have brought us closer, I feel Im able to communicate with him and be myself, and he makes me happy. I guess in life in general I feel like I’m winning…I proud of what I’ve accomplished in life so far and Im generally happy.
      I think marriage has become a goal for me to feed that winning feeling that I crave.
      Should I start focusing on what I already feel Im winning at?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just have to add this one thing to my comment above… You would think that because I realized I already “lost” in the competition with my family member, that I wouldn’t care as much anymore, but now Im feeling it almost more because I want to get back at her for how she was with me by stealing her spotlight and getting engaged right after her or right before her wedding. I don’t blame you all for thinking Im a horrible person as you read this, if I didn’t know me And I was reading this I would feel the same. But her and I have been practically fueding about this indirectly with each other for like a year.
    I also feel like I’m in a race to get engaged before other girls in my graduating class because majority are still not engaged and its only the minority that is engaged or married at this point, so if I were to get married before a lot of other people I know who are close in age, it would feel like a victory almost. It would also make me feel special. So maybe the real issue here isn’t the fact that he hasn’t proposed yet, and maybe isn’t even the thing about my family member who just got engaged – maybe it’s the fact that I’m placing too much importance on needing to feel like I’ve won a victory, or needing to feel special. I do not have low self esteem by any means, I promise you that, but maybe Im placing self worth on feeling desired enough to be proposed to kind of early on in life (Im in my mid 20s) and maybe that’s the issue. It’s not that I don’t feel desires by HIM because I totally do! I feel the love evey single day. But there’s just something about getting married young or semi young that makes me THINK I would feel super special.
    Let me know if this makes sense to any of you:)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey guys! I feel so special that you all responded to this post!! Thank you so much for all of your awesome insights. While reading some of your comments, I was able to dig deep and realize WHY I feel so urgent with this. I came up with two reasons. First, I’ll start by saying it’s not because I’m attempting to fix anything in my relationship (Im very happy with the quality of my relationship) and it’s not because I’m dying for a diamond ring.
    I think the real reasons are as follows: 1) This is the bigger one, I feel as if I am in a huge competition with those around me. My ex best friend for engaged not long ago as did a family member who Im Very close with. This family member (before she got engaged, which was just last week) was very competitive with me in regards to our relationships with out boyfriends for a long time. Often trying to show off something to me, or flat out being very nosey about my relationship, and constantly asking me if I think I’ll get married soon. Very annoying, and if you knew the kind of person she was you would agree even more so. So I guess I kind of wanted to give her a kick in the balls so to speak to be able to tell her I got engaged first… Only that didn’t happen, obviously. And she’s gloating now and that’s fine, I feel a bit defeated, but my bf and I love each other and are happy, so what can I do really. It’s not worth being annoyed over, as I know my day will come.
    2) Because I’m slightly bored with my life right now and feel as if I’m just waiting for the next big thing to happen. Let me give you some background – I’ve had an extremely eventful last two years – I don’t want to delve into detail for privacy purposes, but over the last 3 months things have calmed down and Im now just leading a simple, nice life, but I feel like I want something big to look forward to. Aka planning a wedding, getting lots of attention from people about getting engaged, etc. Don’t get me wrong I know these are all the wrong reasons to want this! I do know that. And it doesn’t change the way I feel about my boyfriend.
    But you all had really great answers and insight and Im grateful for the fact that it basically helped me realize why I feel so urgent on this subject. Perhaps it will help me relax about this more. Thank you guys!

  • A says:

    My advice to you is to let go of the idea of that particular guy proposing, and just imagine yourself in your ideal relationship, wearing a gorgeous engagement ring, happy and planning your wedding. I’m not saying that he isn’t the one — he absolutely might be. But what if this isn’t happening because there’s something better in the works for you?
    About 6 years ago, I was in a long-term relationship with a guy I thought I could marry. I was really hoping for a proposal. I’ve been reading about LOA for a while, and I had read that it was important to focus on the feeling in the end, and not the mechanics of getting there.
    I read a piece by Slade Roberson about planning 5 years into the future. He said to write down, now, what you want 5 years from today, and write in the present tense. Go into a lot of detail. Where do you live? With whom? What’s a typical day like? Forget about the in-between steps. Put it away into an envelope, and seal it with your name and the date 5 years from now on the front.
    So I did. I wrote all sorts of little details about the house I’d want to live in, and the type of neighborhood. I went into detail about the relationship and how it would feel, but I didn’t mention the person by name. When I visualized this, I didn’t think about his face. As painful as it was at the time, I knew I had to be open to the possibility that it could be with someone else.
    Fast forward 2 years, and the relationship I was in fell apart. It was messy and awful.
    I started seeing someone new, and eventually moved in with him. I’m now in a relationship that is so, so much better than any I’ve ever had. I never knew what I was missing, because I was so used to settling for less.
    Last fall was the 5 year anniversary of that manifestation letter I wrote to myself. I can’t say that every single thing has appeared. But many have, including things like details about my current home, and the type of neighborhood I live in. Some of the things that didn’t happen are things I’ve since realized that I didn’t really want.

  • Stephanie says:

    I just had step out of the Lurker Shadows for a minute to say how much I appreciate (and how amazing it is!) getting the right blog post/newsletter (and of course, wonderful advice, thoughts and comments from master manifestors) as soon as a question or issue pops up in my life! Jeanette – either you are in my head (in which case, hello!!) or the Universe has seriously got my back. Both? 😉
    From someone who is currently (but not for long!) hanging out in the same “What Is” boat, thanks so much everyone who has shared their perspective/thoughts/advice. I really needed this too!

  • Ashley says:

    I should also point out that asking him wasn’t an option that I had thought of so when that answer came, it really was unexpected and a real revelation. Not that it makes a difference but I’m in my late forties and he is in his early fifties and quite traditional so that asking him was considered to be bold a bold move on my part. I was so miserable that if I asked and it wasn’t well received I was ready to move out to feel better again. I was really making myself miserable, wanting to have a solid plan for a future together.

  • Ashley says:

    I could have been the one writing in last year about this very subject, word for word. I was so hung up on him asking that I was just making myself miserable. I think the whole engagement thing is a terrible, miserable tradition for a woman.
    One night as I lay in bed, relaxed, almost asleep, I asked a question, putting it out there to God/universe, “What should I do?” as I felt I had run out of options on my own and was getting crazy, I couldn’t wait for him because we just have different relationships with time. Anyway, I got an answer so loud and clear, that I was blown away. “Ask him.” It was clear as a bell. I’m not saying this is your answer but being in a relaxed state and asking a pointed question might give you the direction that you need and hopefully move you back to a state of ease and happiness.
    Fast forward, even though he is a traditional guy, I asked him the next day if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. “Yes” was the resounding answer. I then let him know that I would like us to be engaged and would like to wear a ring and he was in agreement with it all and is proud to tell everyone, including his hockey team, how we are engaged and to tell the details of our upcoming nuptials.

  • Peter says:

    I’ve come to realise that if I really want something and especially really want it now, it’s because I’m trying to avoid what I fear might happen if I don’t get it. I’m trying to fix a problem, so where’s my dominant attention?!
    I’d add to what’s been said many times already: the proposal is mostly irrelevant, as I see it, so why do you want to get married? What would happen if you didn’t?’ etc. etc.

  • Sandeep says:

    I was about to ask our dear sister here if it would hurt her ego if she proposed to her beloved boyfriend, and hey, I see that pal Judy wrote it ahead of me. Cheers Judy!
    Now my mind is bringing about a few questions, and may I please put them in a direct tone so that only one meaning reaches everybody?
    1) If you love your boyfriend and live in liberal country, then break the old tradition where only men were supposed to propose. If you, as a woman, can vote and work nowadays (unlike the ancient times), then can’t you propose to your boyfriend with only love as a medium of communication devoid of ego?
    2) May be your boyfriend’s mom has judged your ego factor that stands as a baffle in free-flowing love; perhaps that is why an imminent proposal from your boyfriend or his mom never came to you. So even if you got the ring, it could go off any moment if ego trounces upon love between you and your boyfriend.
    3) Kitty was traditionally fortunate to get proposed through the ancient method in which a man bends on his knee and puts a diamond ringer on his girlfriend. Will it hurt a woman’s ego if a man proposes while standing? Will it hurt a woman’s ego if a man proposes with a flower? Will it hurt a woman’s ego if a man proposes with a simple ring instead of a diamond ring?
    4) After reading wise comments from Kim, I have two thoughts coming to my mind. First, perhaps the proposal is considered a sign of victory or achievement. Second, the desire (and not need) for proposal has arisen due to sheer competition from our sister’s friends who got engaged in the past five months. The need for our sister is to realize her existing, inherent happiness in her present and to give importance to the state of marriage rather than the proposal that must come only in the traditional form.
    I wish our dear sister marries (and not gets married) when she feels she is ready to marry with her boyfriend!
    Love and regards

  • Judy says:

    How about just asking him yourself. Where does it say a man needs to be the one to propose?

  • Debra Jo Bright says:

    I always like to surround myself with the kind of people who embody my desires – so I would make sure to hang out with TONS of happily married people who love life, have fun with you, and are examples of the JOY of being married. It wouldn’t hurt for them to have some good getting engaged, great wedding and spectacular honeymoon stories!! For me that would be more fun than “doing the work” of attracting the proposal.

  • Brian says:

    ”I feel like I’ve tried everything to manifest a marriage proposal from him, and while over the last year I seemed to get close… I still haven’t been asked.”
    You haven’t consistently done the only thing that will actually get you the proposal, feeling good now and… well that’s it.

    You have been using your observation of what-is to be your indicator of whether or not he has proposed, when you want how you feel to be your indicator of whether you are a vibrational match or not with what you want.

    To help you feel good, focus on what you want and why you want it. So, why do you want to be proposed to? Why do you want to be married?

    What do you believe you will feel as a result of being married?

    ”So if I’ve been thinking about getting engaged to my boyfriend for the last year, why hasn’t it happened yet?”
    Which means, you’re doing all of this Law of Attraction “work” to get your stuff, rather than to feel better. The purpose of all those techniques you mentioned is only to help you feel relief, feel better and get into alignment. It is not for the purpose of making anything happen. Because, when you do visualizations and letting go to make something happen, you have an awareness it hasn’t happened yet, so your dominant vibration is focused on the lack of what you want.
    When you focus on thoughts that feel a little better, and focus on feeling relief, there is less resistance and lack in your vibration and so what you want will come. But, you do not feel a need or rush for it to happen, because you feel so good right now.

    The only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel better in the having of it. And, as you focus on feeling better now, then the proposal no longer becomes necessary for your happiness and alignment with who-you-really-are.

    ”… even when I try to not focus on that and be happy with the now, it seems I can only keep that focus for so long until my mind goes back to what’s not there – a ring on my finger, from him.”
    At the vibrational core, the ring itself is not what you are really wanting (although rings can be very pretty). What you want is the emotions you believe you will have as a result of having the ring. The ring is just a placeholder, or permission slip, for the emotions you want to have.
    So, going back to the why: why do you want a ring? What does the ring represent for you?

  • Jeannette says:

    Well said, Kitty: “want it and then let it go.” It’s that ‘ease’ that’s so attractive, isn’t it?
    It’s so helpful to hear this from someone who’s been there and done that. Thank you, Kitty!

  • Kitty says:

    I did everything but stand on my head to try and get my then boyfriend to pop the question.
    Tony told me–I will propose when I am ready, just relax!
    When I finally did relax and start enjoying my relationship that’s when I got my proposal on bended knee complete with a diamond ring.
    If only I could remember to want it and then let it go. That’s what works best for me.

  • Jeannette says:

    Kim, I think you’ve got the heart of it with that look at what instructions Universe is getting and how to best shift them.
    And Gary, I love Joshua’s “limited perspective” reminder. Knowing that can definitely help open things up.
    You guys are the best! Thanks for your contributions to this discussion!

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Hi Jeanette, This is from Joshua:
    When you think of what you want, which in this case is to receive a proposal from your boyfriend, you are desiring a very specific outcome. This is not really how the universe operates. You see you’ve been vibrating the essence of a feeling for a very long time. That feeling might be to find a mate, fall in love, and get married. The universe knows exactly what you really, truly want. You only know what you think you want. So when you get close to the manifestation of what you think you want, you try to make it happen.
    But here’s the thing; you can’t ever really know what you want in specific terms. That’s because the knowing is the having. Once you know something, it’s already manifested. If you knew it, you’d have it. You only think you know what you want and so you go around taking action in the hopes that your action will create the manifestation of your desire.
    What we would like you to understand is that you can’t see what is in store for you from your limited perspective. So when you think something should be happening and you wish it would happen, you are hoping for something that isn’t the best outcome for you. It might look good from your perspective, but you must remember that your perspective is limited. If you keep pushing hard to get this proposal from this boyfriend, you might miss out on the mate that the universe is lining up for you. We understand that this is very hard to believe from where you stand now.
    Imagine if you just had faith in the law of attraction and universal forces. Imagine if you could be patient, not forcing the issue, enjoying life, open to new ideas and new people and you allowed the universe to bring you the most elegant and purest version of your desire. If you could do that (and few people can so don’t worry) you would not have to do anything. If this boyfriend is the one, then he will propose in the most wonderful way at the best possible time. If he is not the one, you’ll soon rendezvous with Mr. Right at the perfect time.
    So we ask you to have a little faith, create an environment of opportunity and anticipation, and sit back and watch what happens. We know you’ll be amazed.
    We are Joshua.

  • kim Falconer says:

    I love what has been written on this so far!
    And, this is a great question, and universal as it could be “better house, job security, money in the bank, health. It could be anything that we want but feel is missing.
    The vibe I am getting from the question seems to be (as if I were universe listening) 1) not happy in this relationship as it is 2) only his actions will make me feel better and 3) it’s not happening.
    The questioner knows that that signal is not going to expand her happiness and highest excitement, which is great awareness, but I do see the frustration! What to do?
    It’s also interesting that love is not mentioned, so I’m guessing this isn’t about that?
    I’m thinking there is a counter intention flowing with this desire that might be worth exploring. Is the longing to be proposed to a cultural conditioning masquerading as a personal desire? Is there an inner voice that is not so much dissatisfied with the lack of proposal but with the actual BF?
    No matter how these questions are answered, they might help get to the heart of the matter.
    There is also a blurriness between ‘getting a proposal’ and ‘being married’. They are two different things and each might represent different desires – affirmation of love? Acceptance? Approval? Belonging? Security?
    All beautiful experiences and very natural to desire. Perhaps beginning to find ways to fulfill them that are not dependent on another person’s actions would be a step?
    I think this desire requires deeper exploration to know how to bring the feeling she is after to fulfillment. I would be tempted to explore something like Byron Katie’s The Work to let go of the external thing ‘the proposal’ completely and allow what’s underneath it to come up.
    Otherwise, if feels like the proposal and marriage are going to ‘fix’ something that is wrong, and that’s probably not going to be a very fun manifestation when it does happen.

  • Jeannette says:

    I like that, Amina – look for where it already exists! So it’s not so much like she’s trying to manifest something from nothing, but just expanding what’s already there by simply focusing on it.
    Good tip!!
    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Amina! 🙂

  • Amina says:

    First of all, I can relate! Sounds like still holding on to what you want – so what does a marriage proposal mean? What does it signify? What does a ring on your finger mean? Then, starting seeing evidence of that already existing in your relationship and being grateful for it. So, looking for the meaning (feeling) behind the action and finding evidence of that meaning in the relationship. And, each time you wonder why it is not here yet, remember, that the meaning is here already and remind yourself of that evidence. Use some mantras when you realize you are attached again, such as I am grateful, May he be happy, the Universe abundantly answers my heart desires. Another releasing technique I like, praying for the happiness of others – may he (your bf) be happy, may he be happy, that is another way to release.

  • Jeannette says:

    okay, so I heard back from our reader in response to my question. She said:
    “Well, I find that it’s easy for me to be ‘happy with the now’ for spurts of time during each day. I’ve been intending to appreciate as many things as possible each and every day, and even making lists, so that way I can feel more happy in the now with having only and exactly what I have now. It seems to “work” and i feel pretty happy with what is for periods of time throughout the day and sometimes even can go a day or two until I start yearning for it again. So in short, I haven’t been able to go very long at all.”
    and here’s my response:
    Well, we know how this works. As soon as we stop needing it, that’s when it’s much easier for it to arrive.
    I would add that whatever you think being married (or at least proposed to) will do for you – that’s a myth. It’s the same way that I thought having clients would relieve me of stress and make me feel successful. And that dropping 10 pounds would make me feel better about myself. And that having my kitty return to health would make me feel peaceful again.
    All that stuff is a myth. Only we are in charge of how we feel. So whatever we think the thing we want will do for us – that’s actually on us to find our way to that feeling, whatever it is. Or it will be elusive our entire lives. (Not to be dramatic.)
    So I’d work on feeling happy with what is for more extended lengths of time. (Or whatever you anticipate getting married will make you feel.)
    Also, if you focus on what you ARE getting from your beau, that could be a powerful vibe switch, too.
    As a coach, I always think about how a person could get what they said they wanted and still be disappointed, just to close any loopholes and save ourselves some time so we can get what we really truly want. For example, say you got a proposal and then learned that he only asked you after his first choice refused. Or you got married and it turns out you hated the whole thing. Or he proposes then gets deathly sick shortly after. All of those would be ripoffs, right? You’d be like, that’s not what I wanted, Universe! So it helps to get really clear on the true desire. (Which Abe tells us is always a feeling.)
    Again, I’m looking forward to input from other manifesting savvy friends on this one, too.

  • Jeannette says:

    I am interested in hearing from everyone else on this one! In the meantime I would love to hear more about what our reader said here:
    “I’ve tried letting go of the expectation and just being happy with what is now.”
    As in, how did that go? Were you able to release the need for this proposal, and how long did you manage that before returning to the wanting of it?
    And of course I’m always interested in drilling to the essence of the desire, which we know is always a feeling. And hearing about how activated that vibration is. ?

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