How to Manifest a Pregnancy

Nathalie Thompson offers her personal experience in this guest post for conscious creators asking how to use the law of attraction to get pregnant:
How to Get Pregnant using Law of Attraction

When my now ex-husband and I decided we wanted to start a family, I remember thinking how easy it would be. I would just stop taking my contraceptives and I would get pregnant, and all would be in order.

Because, really, according to all our high school health teachers, the very instant you even think about not using proper protection, you’re going to get knocked up, right?

At least, that was the way it was supposed to happen.

I remember being a little surprised the first month when it didn’t happen that way. And the second. And the third. On the fourth month, I got annoyed and impatient. On the fifth month, I started worrying.

And that’s when I found out that, at my age (32 at the time), it takes an average of 6 months of trying before you “catch.” So I thought, for sure, the next month would be the lucky one.

It wasn’t.

So I did what any woman hell-bent on conceiving does; I joined discussion forums where women all over the world could obsess together about the “two-week wait” and whether they had managed to get pregnant yet and what crazy things they would be trying next month to improve their chances if they hadn’t.

I also Googled everything I could about conception and the female reproductive system. And I came up with a fool-proof PLAN. I was on a mission, let me tell you, and this became a project that preoccupied most of my waking thoughts. There were even schedules, people!

And so, “trying” stopped being fun for either of us and instead became a chore; something that had to be done, according to my carefully wrought timetable of course, in order to achieve a particular desired outcome. (“You can’t go out to your game now, dammit — I’m ovulating! Just drop ‘em and let’s get this done!”)

And with every month that passed, it became more and more heartbreaking when the undisputable evidence that I still wasn’t pregnant presented itself. I began to think that it was never going to happen.

Until one day, about a year after we’d begun trying, I just gave up. I still wanted a baby, but I stopped focusing so much on that and on trying to do everything in my power to make it happen THIS month.

I was tired of getting my hopes up, tired of the disappointment and despair, tired of crying, tired of trying…. just tired of the whole frickin’ cycle.

Basically, I got to the point where I just accepted that if it was going to happen, it would happen in its own time, and there was nothing that I could do about it. I just gave it all up to the Universe.

And in true LOA fashion, that’s the point at which it did happen.

It happened when I stopped sending the constant signal out to the Universe that what I wanted most wasn’t in my life yet. It happened when I stopped trying to interfere with how it was going to happen and when I stopped insisting that it happen in a particular time frame.

I finally got pregnant when I stopped obsessing about becoming pregnant and just focused on living and enjoying my life as it was.
Nathalie Thompson

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  • January 27, 2015
  • Nathalie says:

    Sarahjeffries – Never underestimate the power of a woman with a mission. 🙂 Hope you got the results you were aiming for!

  • I went through so much trial and error, discovered so much information and figured out exactly what it would take to get pregnant and have the baby of my dreams. I read hundreds of clinical trial papers, I spent hours on end at the library researching reproduction and I studied countless articles, medical reports, web sites, books, transcripts, research papers and forum posts. I spent many hours (and dollars!) in consultation with different “fertility experts” and they didn’t even tell me half of what I discovered!

  • Nathalie says:

    You’re welcome, Miriam. There’s nothing to be afraid of. You just need to let yourself breathe and take the pressure off. So often, these things happen just when we least expect them to. ((hugs!))

  • Miriam says:

    Danae & Nathalie – thank you so much for your kind words & your thoughts. this is very helpful. Sorry I didn’t reply right away – I’ve been in training and it’s consumed a lot of my time. I love all that you both said. Danae – congrats to you!
    I’m glad that I can try to take this advice now before I developed so much fear that I ended up finding it hard to have belief. I do believe it will happen & I know that the universe will respond when it is meant to be. Sometimes we all need reminders – so thank you 🙂

  • Nathalie says:

    Danae: Big fat congratulations on your big fat positive! That’s such exciting news, and I am so happy for you! 🙂
    Miriam: You’ve probably already thought of this, but not everyone ovulates at the same point in their cycle. Text book says mid-point, with me it was always early (like about day 11). And I know some people who were really late (about day 20). Something to investigate.
    About the letting go… don’t think about it as giving up, because that’s not what it means. By letting go, I mean let go of the obsession with conceiving and focus instead on the idea and the feeling of motherhood.
    Like Jeannette said, there are many ways of getting to where we want to be, or of getting what we want. You’re trying to force the Universe into making it happen in the timeframe and schedule that you want, rather than leaving things open for it to manifest this for you in the best way possible.
    My suggestion would be to lighten it up a little (and that is not, in any way meant to make light of your feelings). The thing is that when we schedule these things with so much seriousness and have our “master plans”, we often lose sight of our “why”. Why do you want this baby? What does it mean to you? Take some time to reconnect yourself with that, because it’s so important.
    And then ask yourself how would you want your baby to be brought into this world. With the energy of a single-minded, determination-fueled drill sergeant hell-bent on completing “the mission”? Or with the energy of two people creating space in their lives to share with another soul, with love and joy and laughter and fun? That’s what I mean by lighten it up.
    Also, I’m not familiar with affirmations that Danae mentioned, but they might be worth checking out!

  • Jeannette says:

    Ok, I’m totally laughing at myself now! Right after I posted about how to “let go” of needing to birth your own baby, I closed the laptop to check on one of my recovering kitties who had ACL surgery about 7 weeks ago. I’m not supposed to let him have full roaming privileges until 8 weeks, but I’ve been flirting with letting him out early since the weather is SO beautiful right now and he wants out so badly.
    When I couldn’t see him at first, I started looking around the yard for him, and could feel some concern growing that maybe he made an exit from the yard while I was on the laptop. I wondered if I should just get okay with letting him do whatever he wants to do.
    When I saw him out back by the shed I felt a lot of relief. And thought this would be a good chance for me to practice “letting go,” too. (He’s a neighborhood stray that may not choose to stick around once he gets a chance to leave.)
    I also realized it’s yet another way I feel those feelings of motherhood … nurturing the ones we’re entrusted to look out for and trying to find the best path for supporting them while still letting them enjoy their lives fully.
    Isn’t it just amazing all the opportunities we have to love our lives?!

  • Jeannette says:

    Danae, I got goosebumps reading your posts! So fabulous!!
    Miriam, I was thinking maybe instead of “letting go” the way to think of this is an alternate route to satisfaction and fulfillment.
    As in, what do you imagine will be the best parts about motherhood? How will you be feeling then? If you could find ways to feel that way now, or even experience those parts of it now, that might feel better than trying to talk yourself into being okay if you never conceived.
    For example, I don’t have kids, but I experience a lot of the feelings I imagine motherhood entails. Like, I took my neighbor’s 10 year old son to the theater the other night ( and I felt pride and wonder and even a little concern. I tune in for news of my nieces and nephews to feel the ongoing family legacy. I have a house full of fur babies that help me feel the nurturing and caring vibrations.
    Just saying you might want to open up the paths to how you feel those feelings, and consciously revel in them.
    Looking forward to Nathalie’s thoughts, too.
    And thanks again to Danae for sharing those details – really inspiring, my friend!

  • Danae says:

    Ha, just re-read my message above from 27 January – three days before I pee’d on a stick and got a big fat positive. That was me really getting to that point of ‘I’ll be okay if this didn’t work’ LOL.

  • Danae says:

    Miriam I get what you’re saying about letting go and feeling like you need to be okay with not conceiving -that is a challenge to tackle. I was able to get to a point that was close to it earlier this year but I guess that it might come easier for me because I already have a bunch of kids so it was like “I am abundant with children already – I can give these kids all the love I can and if we don’t have another one that’s okay”.
    Actually I started listening to Sarah Arkell’s affirmations for fertility and in January they really started to kick in – every time I’ve had a doubt about our ability to have a baby a soothing voice tells me about my readiness and abundant fertility. About this time we had just seen the fertility doctor who said we had a 1% chance of having a baby. It could have been so easy to break down about but instead we were more of an authority on our fertility than ever. We went away determined to get ourselves knocked up – and we did!
    So for us what has worked is a combination of, letting go, positive thinking and taking charge of the journey.

  • Miriam says:

    the “letting go” part of the LOA is really hard for me on this subject. We have been trying to have a baby for over a year now. We both have been checked out & we are both fine & healthy. After 6 months, I did the same as you and thought “we are doing this” and developed a plan (that didn’t work). I have been trying to learn more about LOA the past few months but the letting go is the hardest. First of all, to let go makes me feel like I’m OK with not conceiving which I don’t feel good about at all. I’ve always wanted to be a mother & can’t imagine what that would be like. I believe it will happen but I guess it’s difficult to let go. The other issue is that I do relatively well throughout the month when I’m able to have hope. However, how do you let go when you are still conscious of when you are ovulating? It’s like you’re letting go but deep down you kind of know that this is when the time of the month is to have the most success. Since my cycles are very regular it’s pretty easy for me to know.
    I do believe that this is essential for me to start building greater trust that it will happen when it’s supposed to (I guess to trust & have faith) and feel that it will probably happen soon if I was able to develop the ability to get my mind around letting go.
    Any tips / techniques you used to “let go” would be super helpful for me.
    Thanks Miriam 🙂

  • Patrice says:

    The new little soul has a part in this too. We have to remember we are on “baby” time as well. I waited five years after being married to have a baby. I got pregnant the first try. Which was a shock, having previously had an unplanned pregnancy years before that ended up being a tubular one, I thought for sure with the damage from that it would take me a few years. Anyway.
    Long story short, when my daughter was 17 months I was 9 months pregnant with my second baby. My first baby, 17 months said “mommy I used to be and angel.” Silence. Finally I said, “Erica what happened when you were an angel.” She replied, “I was with Jesus and I saw you and daddy get married so I decided to be born”. Though we waited 5 years. I NEVER have doubted life beyond since that moment. It was the days before iPhones and digital video recorders. I would have given anything to have recorded that for the world to see. I am not one for plastering our innocent babies all over Youtube but that one would have been up there for sure.
    If you have babies.. you know how totally unbelievable that a 17 month old could speak in such sentences let alone get the concepts of “married” and “born”.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Nathalie, thank you for responding to my question. From my understanding (I have studied with lamas and monks and also went on a spiritual pilgrimage to India), karma isn’t about being “punished” or “rewarded.” It’s every action has a reaction. I don’t know if anyone can say why something happens or doesn’t happen. I create a vision board or write affirmations and my wish manifests. Can I say for sure, 100%, without a doubt that it’s because of my energy, my vibes, and loa? Maybe it’s karma. Maybe it’s God’s will. Maybe it happened because we took action and made it happen.
    I love having this type of conversation. Namaste.

  • Nathalie says:

    JudiesJuice – I think there are ways to help people get to the stage where they’re ready to let go, or even to fall in love. I think all of the stuff that we talk about with Law of Attraction help to guide us towards that readiness. By keeping ourselves immersed in these concepts, we help to make ourselves ready. But this kind of thing, as I was told early on in my own journey, is an emotional journey rather than an intellectual one. We can understand the theory and the “why” and the “how” of it all, but it’s only when we get it at a core, emotional level, that we’re really ready. (And that “getting it” usually happens in bits and pieces — I think of it like putting together a big cosmic puzzle that way.)
    I, personally, don’t believe in Karma. I think the idea of unbreakable soul contracts put in place to teach us “lessons” is problematic because the idea of someone being punished for something they did in a past life that they don’t even remember in this life doesn’t make sense. What’s the point or value of punishing someone when they don’t even know what they’re being punished for? Where’s the learning supposed to happen in that kind of situation?
    I could go on at length about this one, and I did, in fact, write a blog post about the whole Karma thing on my own web site a while back. If you’re interested, a key word search for “karma” should bring it up for you.
    Namaste — Now you’ve got me really curious. You’re right, I’ve never had anything manifest off a vision board just by throwing random things onto one. But now you’ve got me thinking that it’s time to run an experiment and see what happens. And I’m glad you were able to clarify something for yourself out of all of this, though. Sometimes the answers come in the strangest ways. 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    My intuition pushed me to share the baby dream board story in my initial comment. It didn’t make a lot of sense but I did it anyway. After reading your fear feedback, I wondered if that was the reason so I invested some serious time into pondering it. This morning I realized why my intuition pushed me to post the story. I want to share but first I want to say this…
    After reading your last comment, I realized something, you likely haven’t had anything manifest off a dream board without “using it” (focusing on it, feeling the feeling ect). This combined with the fact that you actually wanted to be a mom would probably make my baby picture reaction seem pretty irrational (or at least a bit challenging to relate to).
    I agree with you that vision boards are simply tools that help us focus. In a lot of cases it takes creating a vision board and then “using it.” However what I’d experienced, and the reason for my baby fear, is that you can manifest something into your life by simply cutting out a picture of it, pasting it on your board and never thinking about it again. Back in 1998 when I helped my girlfriend make her board, I didn’t know why this was true; I just knew that had been my experience (hence my magic comment). Today I know why this is (as I’m sure you do as well) because aligned, non-contradictory thought is the root cause of manifestation. The interesting thing I’ve found about aligned, non-contradictory thought is that you can think about a desire one time, and as long as you don’t think a contradictory thought against it, it manifests. I believe this is where the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for” stems from. People thinking aligned, non-contradictory thought one time about a desire and suddenly having it appear in their lives.
    Imagine you are 21 years old and going out on a date with a guy you’re super into. You decide to do something different and you convince him to make a vision board with you. A few months later you’re at his place. He’s in the bathroom getting ready and you’re in his bedroom waiting. You see his board and you walk over to admire it. Suddenly you see two naked women. He walks out of the bathroom and you say, “Why do you have two naked women on your vision board?” He responds, “I want to have a three some.” You’re stunned. You know that vision boards work and that the things you put up on there REALLY DO show up in your reality. You like this guy a lot. Maybe he’s “the one” even. You say, “Maybe one day in the far future, under circumstances that I can’t even imagine right now, I’d be open to something like this but right now I’m absolutely not open to the possibility. I wasn’t joking when I said that what you put on your vision board shows up in your life. I’d appreciate it if you take those pictures down.” An argument happens. Is it fear driving your words? Or is it the very real understanding that a ménage à trios is coming into your boyfriend’s life, whether you like it or not? I apologize in advance Nathalie if you find this example distasteful or offensive. I thought of a number of alternative examples. The problem is none came even close to delivering the experience of really liking someone and seeing he has a relationship crushing desire, that you wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH, up on his vision board.
    In closing I realize now why my intuition wanted me to post the baby story. Your fear response caused me to spend serious time thinking about fear and other intense emotions with regards to manifesting. For a long time I’ve been wondering about intensity of emotion and its relation to desires manifesting faster. Because of your fear feedback I was able to nail down and clarify the question, “Why does emotional intensity cause desires to manifest faster?” My experience is that whenever I finally clarify a question that the answer quickly shows up. I wouldn’t have clarified that very important question without your feedback.
    Thank you =)

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Letting Go, Surrendering, Having Faith have been a major theme in my life. I don’t know if there’s a way to get to that stage faster. I think it’s like falling in love. Are there directions as to how to fall in love? Doesn’t it usually “just happen”?
    I’m also curious to hear your thoughts on karma. Do you think karma plays a role in our lives? Can our thoughts manifest everything? Does karma and the Divine have any say? I would love to discuss that topic, Jeannette. Hint, hint 😉

  • Nathalie says:

    Janette – I absolutely agree about the fine line between giving up the dream and giving up the struggle. I never gave up the dream, but I did give up on the “fight” for it.
    There are many things I love about the Internet, but I do find that it can magnify the resistance we have with respect to what we want in life… it’s so easy to find things to amplify our worries and concerns, even when there’s no real reason for it. When that happens, it’s always best to walk away and just breathe.
    Namaste – Just to clarify — there’s no blame or anything implied here. Just cause and effect. Fearing things does tend draw them towards us when we become fixated on that fear. Vision boards are not really magic, after all, they are just tools that we use to help us with our focus — they help us to become clear about what we want, and help us to shift our beliefs and expectations about the possibility of our achieving those things.
    I could throw a vision board about any old random things up on my wall and not one of those things would manifest unless I was actually using the board (focusing on it regularly, thinking about what each of the images meant to me, tuning into the feeling of living that reality, etc.)

  • Namaste says:

    Thanks for pointing out that my fear my have influenced her, that’s a fresh insight for me. And I agree about updating dream boards, I’ve been updating mine off-and-on for over 15 years. While I’ve lost touch with my ex-girlfriend long ago, based on her amazing results, I have a feeling she likely updates her board regularly =)

  • Janette says:

    I love this reminder that giving up is sometimes the Best Possible Way. I got my biggest career break ever by giving up in the form of a slightly spectacular meltdown, so I know it works!
    And sometimes I think there is a fine line between giving up the dream and giving up the struggle.
    I’m thinking of someone I know who never gave up her dream of falling pregnant; but who successfully turned her back on worry, stress and the craziness of other people’s opinions.
    She found the right medical practitioner to support her through a specific situation, and is now enjoying her little one.
    Her story isn’t mine to share in detail, but I know that FOR HER giving up the dream would not have been a solution. Giving up the fear definitely was. And I’m sure she’s not alone.
    Thank you Nathalie for sharing your experience. Lord preserve us from the blog/forum craziness, right?

  • That’s a great answer, Nathalie, to an important question, Sabeen.
    I hope everyone reads the comments because there’s great stuff here!

  • Nathalie says:

    Sabeen – when I realize that I’m interfering with my own ability to manifest what I want, my first step is usually meditation. Because when I’m messing around with the “how” of things, it almost always means I’m stressed out about it, and meditation helps to calm me down think clearly about the situation.
    And if I can see that what I’m doing is causing a problem, then I can deliberately make it a point to stop doing it, or to try and distract myself with other things (e.g. taking a walk or having a cup of tea) when I’m having a hard time letting go. Doesn’t always work perfectly, but it does help.
    In terms of the trying-to-conceive craziness, the first thing I would try is to take a break from the online forums. Just get away from being surrounded by the “I’m not pregnant yet” anxiety and use that time to focus on something else.

  • Sabeen says:

    Nathalie, re. what you said about the trick being to find a way to stop the struggle before getting to the hitting the wall point, do you have any thoughts on how to do that? Or maybe someone else has thoughts as well? When you are so attached to a desire, how do you pry your mind off of it before it becomes such a struggle?

  • Nathalie says:

    Namaste — if I knew how to give up faster, I’d be the Manifesting Queen! LOL! Interestingly enough, this all happened before I became familiar with LOA. It’s only looking back at what happened that it becomes clear that those principles were at play.
    Now, about your girlfriend’s dream board. Did you ever think that maybe your fear of an unplanned pregnancy, that she picked up on and adopted as her own fear, is what brought manifested that particular situation into reality? What we resist persists, and when we fear something, we’re focusing on it. And we’re expecting it. And it is our expectations that are the architects of our reality.
    I do hope you’ve both created new dream boards since then. When I teach vision boards, I always remind people that they’re not set in stone. Your dreams are allowed to change as you do, and even when dreams are made real, there are always new dreams to take their place. That is how it should be. I make it a point to review my vision boards regularly — taking down things that are no longer important to me and adding new things that have become so. 🙂

  • Yes, this “giving up” suggestion is very much in line with Drew Rozell’s newest book “Let It Go.” I think he quotes Communion of Light when he says, “You can have anything you want as long as you’re willing to not have it.”
    Feels like a tricky thing to feel that way about something we want really strongly, but I get how powerful it is.

  • Namaste says:

    I love the giving up method. I’ve found it to be incredibly effective over the years. One thing I’ve always been curious to figure out is how to give up faster. A number of times, I’ve hit the wall, got fed up, totally given up and that’s when the desire finally manifested. Afterwards I’ve thought, “I wish I could have given up easier and not had to wait until I was totally fed up.” I’m open to hearing any ideas on how to let go faster.
    Reading your story reminded me of a girl I was dating in my early 20’s. The first date I took her we made dream boards. She’d never heard of the idea before but she went along with it and enjoyed the experience.
    A few months later I found myself looking at her dream board (she’d hung it up on her bedroom wall). She’d really done a beautiful job of putting it together. Just as I was about to turn away, something caught my eye. I froze. I stepped into to get a better look. I couldn’t believe it! I was suddenly a very unhappy redhead. I said, “Why did you put a baby on your dream board?” She replied, “Because I want to have kids one day.” I took a deep breath and asked, “How long have you had that up there?” She explained she’d added it a short time after we created the board. I said, “Remember how I told you that whatever you put up on this dream board is going to show up in your life. I wasn’t kidding. These things are like magic. I’m not ready for kids. I’d really appreciate it if you took it down.” She clearly thought I was taking this dream board thing way to seriously. A not fun conversation followed but finally she took the baby off.
    Not surprisingly we broke up a week or so later but remained on good terms. She immediately started dating another guy. Within six weeks or so I got a call, she was pregnant. She couldn’t understand how it happened. She was on birth control and they were being really careful. I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t going to help the situation but I knew exactly why that baby had shown up in her life. She really wasn’t ready to be a mother but she decided to keep it. Something happened a few weeks into the pregnancy and she lost the baby. It a hard time for her to say the least. We both got busy with our lives after that and drifted apart.
    This story does have a happy ending though. A couple of years later I got a call from her out of the blue. She told me she was getting married. Her fiance was a successful business owner. They were buying her dream home and on and on. She’d called me because she was taking her dream board down. She’d literally gotten everything on it and was calling to thank me for getting her to make it. Definitely one of the coolest surprise calls I’ve ever gotten =)

  • Nathalie says:

    Danae — LOL! That takes me back. I remember those days, and it WAS hard work! I never did have to go the IVF route, thank goodness, I can only imagine what the additional pressures that would entail would be like. My biggest expense was the never-ending stream of pregnancy tests, because, of course, you have to test the second it’s even theoretically possible for the hormone levels to be high enough to show up, right? Which is always too early, so you have to test again the next day. And the next. 🙂
    Yes, the giving up story is common to so many women, and I really do think it is an LOA thing. We put that vibe out there about what it is we want, but we meddle with it so much, and there is so much fear attached when it doesn’t happen right at the moment we want it to, that it can’t possibly manifest for us. We’re so aligned with it not happening. And that, of course, is what we end up creating. We get caught up in resistance — we’re pushing so much that we don’t realize that we’re actually pushing against the thing we want most.
    Until we let go. We give up. Completely. And the resistance clears. And all of a sudden, that strong desire is no longer being blocked and the way is cleared for it to become a reality.

  • Danae says:

    I love it too!
    I’m one of those discussion-board-posting-obsessing-over-every-temp-and-bodily-fluid-TTCers you mention for the first time in my life and it is *hard work*. Craziness. I had a bunch of kids without even thinking when I was young-and-married-to-the-wrong-guy and it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t get pregnant the minute it was decided a baby was wanted. The most obvious thing ‘about me’ was my abundance of children.
    Fast forward eleven years (during which time I was alone) and suddenly I found myself over 40 and in a new, miraculous relationship – for the first time in my life I really REALLY *REALLY* want a baby. With this man I love who truly loves me back (and who happens to have no children). So of course our baby is taking a while to show up. Every cycle that passes by, every IVF attempt or new regime of supplements that fails, every early loss, comes with it the pressure of aging eggs and looming hormonal imbalances. Not to mention financial ruin. Even more craziness.
    I’m truly ready to give up. Nothing I’ve done has worked, and the process has diminished my belief that it can happen, in spite of what the tests reveal as ‘astonishingly high fertility for my age group’. I’m ready to just stop failing at this and feeling bad about myself, my body, my eggs, my age. I think in order to ‘give up’ I have to be willing to relinquish this baby entirely and get back to just being that woman in love with her man, with no question of reproducing (SHE was pretty happy, felt like a success, and lived her life in the full flow of miracles – not to mention a lot thinner and sexier).
    Funnily enough, the subject of giving up comes up all the time in discussion among TTCers. It has become a technique for getting pregnant mostly because everyone knows someone who had tried IVF for 15 years and finally dropped it and looked at adoption, only to find themselves up the duff. Likewise those women who ‘forgot’ about trying altogether due to the business of moving house or job or going on vacation and got the surprise of their lives. It’s easy to mess up your head using the ‘giving up trying’ technique to try and get pregnant! So I really do believe that it has to get to the point where you’ve had enough and you just can’t go on and you truly do just hand over the baby to the Universe for safekeeping once and for all.
    What do you think?

  • Yeah, wouldn’t it be great to have a magic wand to wave in order to just “let go”?
    Although, Julia Rogers Hamrick’s Easy World might be that wand! “I choose to live in easy world where everything is easy, including releasing my attachments.”

  • Nathalie says:

    You’re welcome, Sabeen, and I’m so glad this was helpful for you. It is one of the simplest things in the world, in principle, to just let go and let things happen. But in practice, it can be so very difficult sometimes. When our emotional attachment to a particular outcome is so strong, that letting go can be next to impossible, until you get to that “hitting the wall” point. The trick is finding ways to stop the struggle before we get to that point.

  • Sabeen says:

    Thanks Nathalie, I love it! It’s the simplest principle in the world, isn’t it – that you have to relax and let go of the struggle in order to manifest what you want – and yet, when you have hold of something so tight, it feels so difficult! Thank you for giving me such a wonderful example of this principle at work 🙂

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