How to Practice Being Rich

How to Practice Being RichIn an earlier post I suggested that what it takes to be rich is practice.

Because many of us don’t land on those wealth vibes accidentally.

Rather it’s something we can choose to acclimate to consciously and deliberately. Especially if our habitual money vibe has been dialed on “not enough” or “need more.”

In the comments Jacqui asked how one goes about practicing being rich, which seems worthy of discussion.

Until it’s our reality (indeed, a key step to it becoming reality), is to imagine being rich …

  • to see the pictures of being rich in our mind’s eye
  • to think the thoughts of it
  • to behave the behavior of it
  • to feel the feelings of it.

When I was practicing wealth the other day, I asked myself how I would feel differently as a rich person:

What would it be like to know I was rolling in big fat cash with ease and joy? Would I think different thoughts? Would I feel different feelings? Would I do different things?

If so, those are the thoughts and feelings I want to practice.

What does a rich person think? How does she see the world? What does she do different than what I’m doing?

Does a rich girl eat cereal & fruit for breakfast on the front porch in her pjs? Turns out my version does. No adjustment needed there.

(Obviously it’s potentially different for each of us, since we all get to choose our own idea of what we want.)

Does she skip a shower and get straight to work, or does she exercise or meditate instead?

In tuning in, I realized my rich girl does get cleaned up, but she makes it quick because she’s excited to get to work.

She definitely doesn’t worry about whether that big bill is coming in the mail today. And she doesn’t grumble about how expensive organic raspberries have gotten.

Does she sing along to the Lakshmi chant? My version does, but she does it in the form of thanks and appreciation rather than as a request or unfulfilled desire.

Whatever my rich girl would do/think/say, when I follow suit now I help close the vibrational gap on being wealthy.

And we just do that to whatever extent we’re able, since some parts may be different than we can fully change in this red hot moment. But the parts we can play with – there’s tremendous alignment opportunity there.

The more we practice it, the stronger our rich vibe gets. And we’re undeniable to Universe when we dial in there.

So let’s hear how you practice the vibration of wealth … what are your favorite ways to amp up your money vibe?
Practice being what you want to become.

  • May 24, 2014
  • Oh my, I can feel the alignment happening as you embrace that clarity, Jasmine! WOO HOO!!!

  • Jasmine says:

    Me as a rich girl would be excited to learn more about skateboarding and be excited to learn to play the piano. Also she would be excited about all the seasons and every piece of food she ate. She also would know she was safe and there was no need to ever rush. Also she would know that she was in control of her reality and would intend every day to be a good day. She also would never succumb to nervousness or fear. She would be contented and whole, but excited for every day of her life.
    I love you Jeannette

  • law of attraction expert says:

    I totally agree with this by visualizing in your mind’s eye helps a lot .Money is energy and everything is energy so like energy attracts like .
    this video explains a lot more

  • Thanks for the quotes and the links, Brian.
    I much appreciate the reminder for each of us to define wealthy on our own terms, rather than buying into someone else’s idea of it. Sounds like the consensus here is that it definitely isn’t just about the money. !!

  • Brian F. says:

    The question you want to ask yourself is: What do you define as “wealthy”?
    I love Bashar’s definition of abundance,
    “Abundance: The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.’
    [Starts at 0:36] Bashar on Abundance and Trusting What Is
    What feelings do you believe you will feel through having financial abundance?
    Because you don’t actually want financial abundance, or any manifestation for that matter. You want the feelings associated with that manifestation. And you can have those feelings now, without the physical presence of that manifestation.
    As Abraham says,
    “We’re talking about, your ability to manifest the emotion that you’re gonna get from it after you get that manifestation, now.
    You don’t have to wait for the manifestation to show up, in order to get the manifestation of emotion, which is the reason you’re doing it anyway.”
    [Starts at 3:10] Abraham Hicks- You Can Manifest Feeling Right Now!

  • Janette, I think that’s a ticket most of us can appreciate.
    Way to skip the middle man!
    And Karla, I like how you’re using an abundance of time to feel rich. That is quite a luxury that many people don’t give themselves, isn’t it?
    Thanks for chiming in, you two! 🙂

  • Similar to Janette, freedom is a big component of the definition of rich for me. When I think of the kind of rich person I want to be, I want to be one with plenty of free time to pursue what she wants. And I currently have 24 hours a day to do what I want. I’m grateful for it and have been using it lately to write short story fiction, just like I used to when I was a teenager who loved creative writing.

  • Janette says:

    I expand my definition of ‘rich’ and that makes it super easy to get there. ‘Rich’ means freedom to me, so I skip the middleman and go straight for free.
    Free to sleep in when I want. Free to eat when I want. Free to wear what I want. Free to have a routine if I want, or not if that feels more free.
    What does a rich girl do? She enjoys and appreciates her freedoms, wherever she can get them. How do I get more connected to that? I find more ways to enjoy and appreciate the freedoms I already have.

  • You know what, Amanda, that is such a good point about how sometimes a personal memory is a great way to get to the feeling of wealth!
    Nicely done, my friend. 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    I remember the times in my life when I haven’t had to worry about anything… No bills no mortgage no anything. That sense of ease and delight that I can choose anything I want to do for the day rushes over me. That is true freedom.

  • I may very well do that, Jackie!
    And Christina, isn’t it amazing how easy it is to feel rich without spending a bazillion dollars?! I love that!

  • Christina says:

    I stick to my plans to go somewhere or do something because I don’t have to worry if the money is there to do A or B. I can do both! I buy good food and well made clothes. I save for the future as well as enjoy the present. I give to others because I want them to share my abundance. I rarely look at my bank account, and even then it’s because they sent me the weekly email. I enjoy sitting in the back yard with the birds and bunnies next door and play with my dogs.

  • Jackie says:

    And if perchance you find yourself in C Springs, again, Jeannette, take your rich girl for a stroll at the Broadmore. Have a snack on the patio. Tip the valets well and have a richly rewarding time.

  • THAT is a lovely kind of rich, Leslie. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • I sat down to write down my thoughts about how being rich is for me. I love being warm, and come winter I’m thinking there will be a nice place for me in Arizona to spend my winter in. I also love all the work I am now receiving so that I can travel more. Opportunities just keep coming and I am most grateful. Hello abundance, I want more of that. Wonderful way to spend ones time.

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