How to Pre-Pave for Manifesting Success

The manifesting skill of pre-paving is a staple in the deliberate creator’s toolkit, but I’ve noticed sometimes we don’t think to employ it when it would serve us.

How to Pre-Pave (and Re-Pave) for Manifesting Success

Plus, lots of folks don’t even consider “re-pave” something that’s already “done.”

Let’s start first with pre-paving just to make sure we’re all on the same page. Here’s how I think of it:

Pre-paving is where you see (and feel) things going your way before you start something new.

You can use it when you’re stepping into a meeting, taking an important call, traveling, getting your hair done, seeing the doctor – anything that matters to you how it unfolds, you can “pre-pave” it by seeing it in your mind before it happens in reality.

Since everything that exists originated as an idea, we’re doing here is purposely giving birth to the idea of what we want. We’re paving the way to let Universe deliver the goods, plus we’re creating vibrational alignment within ourselves for it.

Do it before the event or activity starts. (Abraham says it’s easier that way because you haven’t yet seen a reason to believe it won’t go your way, so it’s easier to imagine things going how you want them to.)

In fact, I’m using this technique as I head back to court with this week. I’m imagining myself feeling relaxed, clear and calm. Β (I’ve even imagined feeling love for everyone involved.)

I’m seeing a judge who is clear-minded, fair, interested and engaged. I’m conjuring the feelings of satisfaction and happy closure. I’m seeing my aunt and I enjoying our travel together, with great food and lovely sights, cooperative people and lots of laughter and smiles. (Those of you who know me won’t be surprised to hear I tossed in handsome men for good measure.)

And that makes all the difference. (The pre-paving, not the handsome men. Although in my case, it’s probably both.)

Pre-paving is easy, fast, free and very effective!Β What’s not to love?

I’ve used pre-paving for high stakes situations like

  • going out on a first date
  • moving into a new house with my boyfriend
  • giving public presentations and
  • high stakes vet visits.

I can’t say it’s ever failed me.

If you aren’t already using this powerful manifesting technique, this is your reminder to engage it.

But every deliberate creator should also know about the brilliant skill of “re-paving,” where you can do this same thing in reverse order.

Even though it’s already “happened,” since we know time is nothing but a big fat illusion anyway, we have the possibility of changing what seems like is already “done.”

It’s a little more challenging to practice because of our “knowing” about reality, but if you can get past that, there’s lots of fun to be had. Β πŸ™‚

If you have any fun stories to share about pre-paving (or re-paving), we’d love to hear them in the comments!

  • October 11, 2012
  • Good question, Melissa!
    My personal experience leads me to answer “yes” to your question, but my personal experience also inspires me to suggest that you could use your creative power to focus on the essence of the desire without being too specific about it.
    (Because while you might get that guy to ask you out, it may not be what you really wanted – i.e. to have a great time with a wonderful person where lots of romantic possibilities reveal themselves – or whatever you think will happen when this particular guy asks you out. But I also know many of us learn that best from our own personal experience – so have fun with it!!)
    Meredith, I had published a lengthy post on the court case where the judge ruled in their favor on a countersuit while also suggesting their practices were verging on violation of the deceptive trade practices statue of Colorado. (I did manifest what I said I wanted, though: closure, personal calm, an engaged judge, smooth travel.)
    I refused to accept any monetary settlement since every offer included the condition that I remove the posts. Since then I think I discovered why Gregg Braden doesn’t talk about them, and was inspired to do the same. With a little help from my friends (Lanaiya, Lisa, Parul).

  • Meredith says:

    What happened at the court case? Have been following the story so far but then you totally quit talking about it. Did they tie your hands so you couldn’t?

  • Melissa says:

    Can I use pre-paving to “see” a specific man ask me out on a date? Will it work if I picture him asking me out? I hope so. :o)

  • Lois, Lynne McTaggart covers some very interesting research about changing the “past” in her book “The Intention Experiment.” Highly recommended!
    Serena, sounds like a good plan. You can’t go wrong with that one, when you hold the vision of what you want and then do what feels good (i.e. take inspired action).

  • serenakasha says:

    Thanks Christina and Julie. I’m not sure what my gut is saying actually. At first it was saying “get us out of here!!” But noe I’m thinking it was my own vibe that created the situation so maybe the same place could be different next time? Am I getting the idea?
    Julie- I will focus on happy healthy kitten and see what my gut says next time we have to go.
    Lois- I got that note today. Love it!

  • Lois says:

    I find that when I pre-pave things tend to turn out in a way that makes me feel good. Of course, there are many times when I forget to pre-pave and receive results that are not pleasing to me. Can the past be changed? I received this note from TUT this morning that is contributes to my belief that the past can be changed –
    There’s nothing unpleasant, unkind, or unjust that has ever happened within all of time and space, Lois, that I won’t eventually undo, reverse, and make right, one billion times over.
    The Universe
    But this really makes my heart sing –
    In the meantime, Lois, you’re now free to love your life.
    I have been saying this to myself throughout the day and it keeps putting a smile on my face.

  • Well said, Julie. I like how you roll. πŸ™‚
    Katy, nice use of your iphone! Sounds like a great way to build a habit.

  • Katy Lowe says:

    I’m glad this popped in to my mailbox as it is a reminder for me! I seem to do it when it’s a bigger issue I’m anxious about, but tend for forget when it’s the day to day! Lately it’s only when I’m feeling really fed up that it registers with me…’oh, shoot I need to pre-pave! :o) One trick I did for a while when going through some blah days, was to set my iphone at diff intervals during the day with a reminder that when I looked at it, it said “how do I feel right now?” and I’d instantly take stock! What I can do is instantly reset it for an hour or so later and keep doing it. Hopefully it will be come habit!

  • Serenakasha, if the point of repaving the past experience is to improve the future one, I think the repaving process may be more heavy than necessary in this case. I suggest you simply visualize that, next time, you will come home from the vet (any vet) with a smile on your face and a glow in your heart, knowing that your kitten was so well taken care of! Then let the Universe and your intuition guide you to the vet that will fulfill this vision (even if it’s the same one).
    I use re-paving in two situations: 1) when my feelings are cycling around chewing on something that happened and I need to change how I feel about it because it is affecting me in the present; and 2) when I have to face something again (e.g. same person) and I don’t want to pick up where the last time left off if it wasn’t so great.
    In other words, like with Jeannette’s story in the last blog, why fuss over the details if you can see the shining, bigger picture end-game, which ensures that everything else falls into place easily? I think re-paving is best reserved for times when the details are what need to be adjusted.

  • Oh, Sandra. I am also familiar with those “oh crap” moments. lol The good news is they ARE great inspiration to practice more pre-paving! ha Thanks for posting.
    Serena, I like to try new vets out with very simple things – shots, microchip check, kennel cough. That way it doesn’t feel so “high stakes” when I’m with someone I’m not 100% sure about. If it were me, I’d think of something that’s not a huge deal to bring your kitten in again for. Even a flea check or something. That way I get a feel for how easy it’s going to be for me to expect high quality happy service from these guys when it really counts.

  • Sandra says:

    Timely post, as I have been pre-paving on a more consistent basis lately. I never used to be happy with my haircuts until I realized it was me and not my hairdresser. Once I started pre-paving my fabulous haircut, that is what I get! I use it for work, especially when it comes to my boss and it works beautifully before meetings! Here is the thing I am finding now, the more I use pre-paving, the more I really notice when I don’t. I have those “oh, crap” moments and make a mental or written note of how it will go next time.

  • Serenakasha, a long time ago before I knew about LOA we’d taken our cats to the only vet in our small town. I didn’t like him or the staff. They were rude and insensitive, especially during emergencies. I told my husband, “We need a vet that cares about the people and the animals. This guy is doing this as a job and because he’s always done it. I want a vet that does it because he loves it.” The next week one of my friends told me about a vet about a half hour away. They’d taken wonderful care of her dog when she (the dog) had an operation to remove a tumor. They had explained everything about the operation, went into detail of care and possible complications, and handled everything with compassion for how my friend was feeling about her dog’s health. I made an appointment for our cats and we’ve been seeing that vet for over 14 years now. Even when we moved to a new state an hour away from our previous home, all it took was one $150 vet visit in our new town for a UTI to drive back across the state line an hour the next time we needed a vet.
    What does your gut say to do?

  • serenakasha says:

    Funny that I found your post just now, since I was thinking about this very thing. I was thinking about a recent visit I had with a new vet. Long story short, I feel like she was very negative and not really the type of vibe I want around the health of my kitten!
    So I’m debating whether to switch vets or maybe stick with this one, with the help of re-paving? Maybe if my vibe is higher the next time I see her, it will all go a different way? I will admit I have a little trouble getting my mind around having different results with the same person/situation.
    Maybe someone can add a story about this?

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