How to Speed Up Manifestations

how to speed up manifestationsOne of the regular questions I get is how to make something happen faster

Whether it’s creating (or ending) a relationship, getting a new job, experiencing financial relief, manifesting weight loss, or whatever – it’s common to want to speed up the process.

Wanting it to happen faster is one thing; needing it to is another.

Because here’s the deal – regardless of what we want to create – the faster you need it, the longer it takes.

Don’t get me wrong – strong desire is powerful fuel for the manifesting process. But conditioning our well being on the results is like applying brakes at the same time we’re flooring the gas.

From the documentary That Guy … Who Was in That Thing one of the actors talked about how important it is to not care too much about getting the job:

“In this business, if you start to worry about it too much, you lose your nut.  You lose your presence when you walk into a room.  If you’re there jonesing for a job and you need this job bad, no way they hire you.”

That applies to more than just getting work as an actor.

The best way to speed up whatever you want is to relax about it.

Let it be okay how things are now.

Loosen up your resistance to present reality.

Remember that your well-being isn’t conditional on external circumstances.  (You’re in charge of how you feel.  Not your ex, or your divorce, or your pregnancy, bank account, etc.)

That’s how you make things happen fast.  Don’t need it to.

My apologies if that’s not a very satisfying answer.

If you need convincing, just tune in to what your vibration is when you need something to happen fast.

You’ll probably notice it’s driven by a dissatisfaction with “what is,” right?  It’s from a “this sucks and I want it to change asap” sort of vibration.

And we know Universe can only give us what we’re presently vibrating.

So that’s a frequency that doesn’t foster good things to happen.  Rather, it attracts more sucky stuff that we want to change asap.

So … to get it to happen faster …

… chill out about it.  Get a new angle on the situation, until you can see it from a perspective of “not so bad.”

Find something to appreciate.

Give yourself a reason to laugh.

Or at least take a nap.

Because “need” isn’t the fuel for manifesting happy endings.

Getting happy is.

(And sometimes the way to getting happier is through some dark territory that some creators are hesitant to travel.  For those of you, I have this reminder.)

  • February 2, 2014
  • Love this post. And with that in mind I’m off to take a nice long bath (in the middle of the day on a work day). Always good for relaxing and raising my vibes. xx

  • another tip for getting over the time factor – realizing that time is actually an illusion. And that everything we want already exists. A great book to get people into that is Happy Pocket Full of Money. It gets into the detail of quantum physics and the science behind LOA.
    This was also a timely reminder for me because I set a goal to be able to let go of my current job by the end of this month. And it did hit me that part of the reason I want to meet this goal is because I do not like my job or the person I work for so my focus has been on some of the negative. The thing about that goal and time frame – I’m not overly wrapped up in it. It could take longer and that will be fine. I chose a fast approaching date to get my ass in gear. Taking certain actions is the path of least resistance, so I set the goal so I would take those actions.
    And it’s paying off – got the first paying client today – and already she’s paid! The ball is officially rolling. Yes, I’d love for my end of this month to be met but again I’m ok if it takes longer. Though realistically as long as I keep up the momentum I WILL be able to quit by the end of March. 🙂

  • Cassie says:

    Oh Melody I love that example. Looking back to my waitressing days it makes perfect sense! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in terms of my house. When I manifested I was so disconnected to the when that it happened very quickly. It wasn’t until I looked back recently I realized it only took about a 6 weeks, which is really fast for the big order I had put in.
    I also thought of New Year’s in Times Square a couple years ago. My friend was in the “needing” energy of finding a place. I just told her to take a deep breath and that I see us front and center in the best place. As soon as I gave her that reminder she let go and we immediately ran into people that would be our connection to being in the pen right in front of Carson Daly’s stage. We had the PERFECT night!

  • Tara says:

    SO TRUE!
    The other thing that’s worked for me, is the idea of ‘divine timing’ When we adopt this notion I have realized ‘life’ becomes immensely easier and sometimes manifestations occur even before the anticipated time frame. It’s helpful to keep in mind that our perception and understanding of time and space is not real to that of the universe and thus our manifestation process.

  • Deanna says:

    I definitely agree!!!!

  • Wow, what a great way to practice it, Melody!
    And that’s the heart of embracing vibrational alignment, isn’t it? Doing it for the joy and not for the other results. Makes all the difference in the world.
    Very cool. 🙂

  • Melody says:

    Restaurant servers learn this lesson fast, because there is immediate vibe feedback! When I worked for tips years ago, I learned you have to fully immerse yourself in enjoying interacting with people and forget about the money to make it. Every night, I pulled in tips that were more than the price of the meal. Once, I made 100$ tip on a 15$ order:)

  • I’m glad it makes you laugh, Namaste – for some of us it kind of makes us swear or roll our eyes. lol
    Here’s to recognizing when we’re chasing something and being willing to give up that old routine.
    Thanks for posting, my friend. 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    It’s hilarious how AFTER I stop chasing something that it shows up. Love this post!

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