How to Stay Productive?!

productivity is overratedThat’s what my coaches and colleagues keep asking – how do I stay on track every day with the goals and objectives I’ve set for my business?  As in, how do I keep from wasting time on facebook?
Seriously?  How could it be a waste of time if I liked it?
That sounded like a ridiculous question … until I realized that the goals and objectives of my business ARE to waste time on facebook.
At least, if “wasting” time on facebook is a good time to me.
(Which it usually is.)
Because my goals and objectives aren’t the traditional kind.
I’m not out to accomplish world domination, I’m just looking for a good time.
That’s the purpose of my business.  That’s the point of my life.
(Although I wouldn’t be surprised if my business did dominate because of my commitment to enjoyment!)
As long as I’m having a good time, there’s no such thing as wasting time.
Yes, I like making money.  And I believe that’s best done when I’m having fun.  Not by being “productive.”  I’m not sacrificing financial abundance by not working hard.  In fact, I believe it’s quite the opposite.
After all, it’s about vibrational alignment.  Good things happen when you’re feeling good – not when you’re working your ass off.  (I know there are some people for whom those things go hand in hand.  I’m not one.)
Get this: at Good Vibe U we have a monthly calls devoted strictly to celebrating and giggling.  These are not our most highly attended calls.  And I personally don’t miss a single one.  Because they’re a good time for me, and that’s what I make important.
Not improving myself, or learning something useful, or doing what I think I’m supposed to.  Just seeking out the most enjoyment. Isn’t that the point of everything we engage?  Because we think it’s going to lead to more happiness?
People who think they’re in business to make money so they can enjoy life may be missing the essential ingredient to getting there: enjoyment.
Unhappy  journeys don’t have happy endings.
So facebook (and Maru, and TED, and anything else that sounds fun) – you can count on me for the party!

And having said all that, I AM really excited about a new offering coming to GVU: LOA for Business! Contributors include Matt O’Grady, Merry Moola, myself and others who are skilled at practicing deliberate creation for business.  If you haven’t joined us for the celebrating and giggling, this may be the perfect excuse to invest some of your “productive” time with us!

  • October 11, 2011
  • Monica says:

    “As long as I’m having a good time, there’s no such thing as wasting time.”
    I’m thinking of embroidering that into a sampler and hanging it in a prominent place on my wall!

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Brilliant Jeanette,
    I am finally getting to really only do what raises my vibes and juices me. I feel empowered having read your post and yes I love Facebook and I know as well as me having fun I inspire others and raises my vibes
    Love Barbara’s enJOY and this is so true. Love this: As long as I’m having a good time, there’s no such thing as wasting time. great saying

  • I feel what’s at the heart of these productivity questions is this idea:
    “How can I take the limited amount of moments in my day and make them feel more fulfilling and feel like they count for more? How can I enjoy Facebook AND reach my monetary/material goals TOGETHER?”
    Sure, no one phrases it like that, but every time I ask a client if that’s what they’re really about, I get a resounding “YESSSSSS”

  • Barbara says:

    Jeannette, You KNOW I’m with you on this one! EnJOY, enJOY, enJOY! That’s the point! I always wanna have fun! It doesn’t feel like “work” when it’s fun! I probably wouldn’t still be in my day job if I didn’t have a lot of fun and enjoyment in it. And you know what led me to becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader? – my KNOWING that JOY is the point and my desire to have fun! 😉 It just feels good. I’m with you – anything that feels this good isn’t a waste of time. So I hang out on Facebook, too, because I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. It also has connected me with some pretty amazing people.
    Would love a workplace where we all greeted each other with hugs in the morning and took a daily Laughter Yoga break! Hmmm….I see a new intention coming on…

  • Nicole says:

    When I did my experiment about getting offline (that I wrote about in my book at I discovered one little nugget that was really useful – and although I’m still trying to figure out how it fits in with the concept of alignment – you all might benefit from it:
    When I was online too much, I discovered that I was “sitting around waiting for something to happen.” I was in a constant state of vacuous anticipation. When I detached a little and got more OFFline, I started “getting out and MAKING things happen.” Simple things… like doing things that made me happy. Instead of sitting around waiting for… well, what? To find out what was making my friends online happy?
    I’m not so worried about how being online wrecks your productivity, but how you think you’re doing it for enjoyment, and it’s so easy to cross the line where the enjoyment you’re getting out of social media usurps all the other enjoyment you have with other things – to the point where you can’t remember what those other things are.
    My 2 cents 🙂

  • Isaiah Hankel, Ph.D. says:

    Hi Jeannette, I really like your article and love how you are making a case for ‘enjoyment’. I used to think that it was impossible to align what you do for a living (‘work’) with what you enjoying doing (‘play’). Then I realized that you could play with purpose 🙂 But, as you indicated, sometimes there doesn’t need to be any purpose at all- just unstructured play.

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Great article, Jeannette, and I so much agree that enjoying and having fun is the key to success!!
    4 months ago I felt very stuck in my business. In retrospect I can see that I was more and more doing what I believed a responsible business owner “should” do and it was absolutely no fun! No wonder I didn’t get the results I wanted. I was feeling more and more frustrated, so of course my results had to be frustrating too.
    Now, 4 months later, I’m having more fun with my business than ever before – and the results I’m getting are awesome!!!!
    So I can very easily see the connection between enjoyment/having fun and getting good results 🙂

  • Dear Jeannette, I needed to read this today. Thank you.
    I have made a temporary move, over 500 miles north of Vancouver, to a small community where I have two grand-children and I have been asking myself since my arrival: “What have I done?” as panic floods over me. Various factors have interfered in my re-settlement preventing me from getting on with my work and as I read your post a sudden “aha” has come over me – how can enjoying my grand-children, while I wait for external matters to align, be a waste of time? Like you, I’m here to have a good time, to be happy, to be in joy! And that is my intention! So again, thank you.

  • Lin E says:

    Hey Jeannette, I AM actually working towards world domination and laughing my ass off is the key to success… thanks to your inspiration.
    Love your blog, as always. 😉

  • Stephen says:

    Oh, Jeannette, more things to talk about tomorrow!
    The thought that came up for me was “how can I find inspiration in the task at hand?” My signature line at GVU is “if it ain’t fun don’t do it; if you gotta do it, make it fun.” Both phrases resonate because it’s always my choice to have fun, not circumstances.
    When I was a kid I hated doing the dishes. I grew up in a large family and we used a lot of dishes at dinner time. But I remember when my grandfather came to visit and he would lead me into the kitchen and do the dishes with me and I loved it then. He’d tell me stories as we washed, rinsed and dried each dish, or sing me old songs he learned as a boy. In short, he taught me how to be inspired by the task at hand. He showed me (though I didn’t see it at the time) that the joy is in us, not the activity.
    I’m still not crazy about washing dishes, but I know how to be if I need.

  • Madeline says:

    Hi Jeanette – Have been a fan of yours for a long time and have practiced “having Fun” and making money for a long time – It WORKS!!! I actually do what I want everyday and “intend that I would like to know the feeling of making money effortlessly and comfortably yet have lots of fun everyday” That is eaxctly what I do and it still to this day freaks me out to how that lifestyle continues now – its been almost 3 years and going strong!!!! If its not fun I WILL NOT do it knowing that the Universe has got my back and it will be manifested in the best way possible that suits me!!!! Love it!!!! Love U too!!!!

  • You know what I’m thinking, Lizette? It’s a great time to be a match to PERFECT clients. Clients who are HAPPY to pay your full rate, and appreciate the tremendous value they get from you, thrilled for their good fortune to find you – and that you’re available to work for them!
    Let this other guy go with the knowing that as you cut him loose, you’re making room for clients who are a much better match to who you choose to work with. (You know Michael Port’s Red Velvet Rope policy? If not, check out Book Yourself Solid. Or Stacey Hall’s Attracting Perfect Customers. Both are good reinforcements for why it’s CRUCIAL to cut loose the people that we don’t love working with. Because those folks just attract more of the same, and doing it that way is a great way to burn out on work we would otherwise love.)
    I type this up not so much for you, Lizette, because I get the feeling you’re well on your way to a good thing – but for anyone else who can relate to your situation who might appreciate additional support in making changes.
    Thanks again for posting!

  • Lizette | WebContent says:

    Thanks for that Jeanette. I am working on resolving that conflict.
    I upped my rates for a client who was paying me way too little and today he emailed to say that he is doing his own writing. The truth is that my rates are still the lowest he will find and I know he will come back. I just need to learn to relax and not worry about it, while he is trying to give me fear of loss.
    Right after I read his email, another client emailed to upgrade her package 😉
    I really appreciate your insight and advice!

  • Sounds like you’ve got things in good perspective, Bama Girl.
    If I were in your shoes I’d remind myself to feel now I will feel then (when everything is as I prefer it to be) and then I’d remember to be really loose with the “hows” and invite Universe to make it even better than I’m imagining it might be.
    I LOVE it when Universe delights me! 🙂
    Nice to hear from you on this one, my friend!

  • ChipEFT says:

    HI all,
    Last week I said that the only rule to deliberate creation is that you make all the rules.
    So if you want to spend your life playing and having money come to you without effort, that is totally doable.
    The reason this is possible is that absolutely everything is created by our thoughts. This includes fun and money and for that matter, the feeling we have to get up every day and go to work.
    The thing is that very early in this life (a little before actually) we decided to adapt a set of social and cultural thoughts that established a cohesive world-view. These thoughts have become such a habit, that we tend to see them as immovable fact. The idea that work and money are causally related is a cultural construct.
    But the truth is money and work are entirely separate and distinct vibrations. Think about money and notice how you feel. Now think about work and notice how you feel. By focusing your attention on money, you bring that forth. By focusing on work you bring that forth. By focusing on thought that so many hours of work equals so many dollars, you bring that forth.
    I like Jannette’s idea of focusing on enjoyment. “Productivity” is a guilt-infused cultural icon. In an energetic universe, productivity happens when you focus your attention. And the Universe expands much faster you focus your attention on enjoyment than when you are contracting your thoughts around the idea of work.

  • Bama Girl says:

    I am reading The 4 Hour Work Week and feeling those feelings again. The feeling of wanting to break free, work for myself like I did for five years. I enjoy the money I make at my job but I feel I could do it working 3x week instead of 5. I hate trying to FIND things to do in order to LOOK productive once all my assigned work is finished. But since I’m a low man on the totem pole (the person answering the phones, doing the filing) I don’t have the freedom to ask for that. But I’m thinking of an intention that the position will be downsized in a year or two. I fully believe that by then I’ll be making money with my writing and I’m working on a script for discussing my quitting with my ex husband, soon to be husband again. I don’t want to freak him out because my having a stable income is important to him. So once my writing income is stable and I can SHOW him that, then I believe I’ll be in a good position to lower my hours or even quit at that point. While I needed this job after the divorce and the money it brought in, it’s not my desire to be here for 30 years and retire. Right now it’s a means to an end.

  • Chip, that response would make a great post all by itself. Lots of gems in there!
    I love the observation that productivity is a guilt-infused cultural icon.
    There are cultures where that is not the case, right? I’m not a big fan of travel, but I have to admit I would like to spend some time in a culture that reinforces a very different priority than we do here in the U.S.

  • Oh, yes, JOY will take you very far, Mary!! WOO HOO for that!
    And I’ll woo hoo for Maru, too! I LOVE that cat (and what he does for my vibe)!! lol

  • “Relax and enjoy” – yes, Steve, that’s another POWERFUL mantra for engaging the energetic forces that boost our productivity through the roof.
    Thanks for chiming in today! 🙂

  • Mary Bar says:

    Here I was trying to get too much done as fast as I could and I realised that I was feeling a little edgy as a result.
    I usually don’t have patience or make time for fun when I’m at work but I clicked on Maru because I decided it was time for enjoyment (only because you told me so) and it took me to the funniest footage of the funniest cat ever. Maru has a way of lifting up our emotional scale by about 10 lol. I’m at Joy right now thanks to you Jeannette! Love you all.

  • Steve says:

    I’m the type that gets totally focused on what I am doing. PRODUCTIVITY is all that matters! And the more I focused that way, the less productive I was.
    When I relax and enjoy, it gets done!

  • BettJoy says:

    I am considering alternative blurbs for my “business” card. “Magic, Mystery and Manifestation” is currently vying for top place with “Fun, Frolic and Freedom”!
    The winning phrase will replace the “Towards Freedom, Growth and Joy” that, thanks to Abraham, was on my old cards. Along with my title, credentials, registrations, location, etc.
    And, given that I am allowing my “business” to dissolve, and becoming “Footloose and Fancy Free”… I think it will be a “Contact” card, with just my name, phone, email.
    Life is already way more enjoyable!
    And, I love MARU! Thanks for that link, Jeannette!

  • I had not heard that before, JamesJohn! Thanks for sharing it here – it fits in with this topic perfectly!

  • JamesJohn says:

    This all reminds me of an Abraham quote: 30% less work plus 30% more fun equals 100% productivity.

  • I’m looking forward to your LOA for Business call on the 24th, Sophie! I get the impression we will be highly inspired by you!

  • Ha! I am currently developing a program for business owners called “Blissful Efficiency” that all about productivity for deliberate creators! Great minds….
    The thing is that there are certain processes that businesses do need to hav to run: contact forms, appointment reminders, internal communications, and more. If you are not having fun doing those as well, your business will suffer. Also, I noticed that the bigger the business, the less “requirement of fun” there is. What if 8000 people were having fun working together every day? How does it get any better than that?

  • “Am I having fun?”!! omword, Christy, what a powerful question for staying tuned in to what matters! (At least, it would work well for ME!)
    I am SO borrowing that from you!
    And I LOVE hearing about your experience of the marathon! Something that I’m guessing has lots of potential to be not that fun – that’s my prejudice about running showing, isn’t it? ha – here you are purposely making it fun.
    I LOVE the example you set! Thanks for posting on this one, Christy. 🙂

  • Christy says:

    I have to remind myself of this over and over. And when I do, I have so much fun!
    I just completed the Chicago Marathon and it was the most fun race I ever have run. For the first time I had no time goal. Throughout the entire race I kept asking the question “Am I having fun?” It created space and energy around enjoyment. It helped me notice how cool it was to be out running with thousands of people and more than a million spectators.
    Let’s face, if I would have run a PR and had a horrible time, what would I have gained? Nothing!
    All of life is like this!
    Thanks for the reminder.

  • Lisa, I like that take on “productivity” – being productive about engaging your values/your Why!
    In fact, when I wrote this post, I wondered if I was unique in having enjoyment as a core value. In the back of my mind, I thought that must be true for all of us – we’re not here to get it done, we’re here to have fun. (Hey, I sound like Andy Dooley! ha)
    The reason I thought that was because of what they tell us (and I believe) about how the only reason we want anything is because we think having it will make us feel better. That’s pretty core to all of us, from what I understand.
    So I was thinking I’m not the only one who is here for enjoyment … but you would know this better than I. Does enjoyment/fun/good times show up in a lot of people’s Why work? I’m guessing the answer is no, from what I’ve heard from those who have had sessions with you …

  • Lisa says:

    I lead with curiosity and exploration — understanding why things are the way they are and thinking outside the box. That’s how I stay productive.
    Oh and I love to learn. I love learning from different perspectives and from smart people – that’s why I love GVU! Thanks for asking Jeannette.

  • Kimberly Dawn says:

    Awww…so true Jeannette! I love your example! You saying that enjoyment is your number one priority over productivity is so freeing. What truth! What are we doing all of our life’s work for anyway? Thanks for sharing from your heart! xoxo :o)

  • You are not alone, Lizette. In fact, I think many more struggle with this than may consciously realize.
    If we’re highly trained to feel bad about having a good time, then that conflicted vibration is going to keep us from the kind of strong alignment that lets things “magically” manifest in our lives. We’ll have to work for every single thing we create.
    Indeed, that’s how plenty of people do it their entire lives.
    What I’m interested in is for us to know/remember that we have a choice in how we do it. That the vibration rules. And that we can choose to let go of old patterning in favor of whatever else we might prefer.
    I prefer a good time – and I have a good time when I’m not working too hard. And when I’m being fairly compensated for my contributions.
    So to me, undercharging doesn’t feel fabulous and working my “arse” off doesn’t either. While I had hard working parents, they didn’t club me over the head with beliefs that I was supposed to myself, so opting out of those traditions might have been easier for me than it is for others.
    Whatever you do, Lizette, I’d suggest this: resolve the conflict. Either get okay with how you’re doing things (working hard, undercharging), or get okay with leaving old habits/programming behind and choose for yourself how you want it to be. The conflict is good to resolve – one way or another.

  • Lizette | WebContent says:

    I think I’m conflicted on this issue. My heart and mind want to agree with you, but past experiences confuse me. I worked my @rse off in the past for no money and now it’s much better, but I tend to feel guilty hanging out on FB or doing anything I enjoy. Same for undercharging some clients…. 🙁

  • You know what I’ve found, Kim – it’s one thing to know this and it is another to practice it. I don’t think I said anything deliberate creators don’t already know – but living it out – having the guts to walk the talk – that’s something else.
    Who was I just talking with this about yesterday? We were discussing how there is sometimes a discrepancy between what we know and what we practice. Whether out of habit, cultural influence, peer pressure, etc.
    Here’s to leading with what we believe serves us best (whatever that is). 🙂
    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Kim!!

  • I SO know what you mean, Mindy! When we do something that raises the vibe – whether that thing seems related to getting what we want or not (like going out with friends when we want clients to sign up) – that raised vibe is what puts us in alignment with our manifested desire.
    Very cool how that happens! Thanks for posting on this one, my friend.

  • Mindy Crary says:

    You are SO right . . . whenever I “try” to be productive for accomplishment’s sake, i get stuff done, but it’s never as effective as when I deliberately take my mind off of work and focus on enjoying myself . . . in fact, my friends know that the only time people sign up with my online scheduler for a consult is when I am out playing with them!

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