How To Use Law of Attraction

basics on using the law of attractionSometimes getting what we want with the law of attraction is as easy as thinking about our desire for a few seconds, forgetting all about it, then watching it roll in when least expected.

Other times, especially if it’s a really big dream of desire, it doesn’t work like that.

If you’re new to deliberate creation, this “how to” series offers the basics to start manifesting what you want, Good Vibe style.

If you’re not new to this work, these posts will re-inspire you about how easy it is to create what you want!

This is based on my experience as a deliberate creator and law of attraction coach, as well as absorbing a wide variety of manifesting resources (including Abraham, Chopra, Dooley, Canfield, Dyer, Assaaf, McTaggart, etc.).

The name of the game in getting what we want is Alignment!

Energetic (aka vibrational) alignment is your friend. That just means feel now how you would then.   Which usually boils down to feeling some sort of ‘happy.’  (Could be secure, free, successful, acknowledged, validated, loved, whatever.)

Here are 3 steps to creating that alignment. They don’t have to be done in any particular order, and even just one of them can make a world of difference in your manifesting success:

1.  Amp Up Appreciation

Some people have a nose for spotting lies. Others are good at drawing out drama in any situation. Maybe you know someone who has a gift for turning any comment into something sexual. Powerful manifesters develop a nose for Appreciation.  It becomes natural to them – their default setting.

Appreciation is a major key to creating alignment.  Getting in the regular habit of it just takes a little practice.  Or maybe a lot, depending on where you’re at.  But growing the skills of finding things to enjoy and be thankful for creates a powerful energetic path to your biggest and best desires.

Habits that build the thankful muscle include keeping a happiness journal, reading Pollyanna, hanging out with other happy people, listing 5 things you’re grateful for at the end of every day, etc.  Read more about developing appreciation here.

2.  Recover Lost Energy

Sometimes getting what you want is as easy as eliminating a big energy drain from your life. Anything that you’re tolerating drags down your vibe, keeping you from being a vibrational match to what you want.  By plugging the energy leaks and recovering your energetic integrity, you automatically raise your vibration.

How do you release tolerations?  First by recognizing what/who they are, since many of us have gotten so used to them we take them for granted.  Once you know what your leak is, you either get rid of it or get over it.  One way or another, find a way to feel better.

I’ve seen miracles happen for people who finally divorced, quit, or moved.   It sounds contrary to the principles of deliberate creation that we take action in order to feel better (normally it’s “feel better and then listen for inspiration”), but if you’ve got something dragging you down, address it now by eliminating key tolerations to dramatically improve your attraction power.

3.  Vibrate What You Want

Whether you call it Universe, God, the Matrix, the Field, etc.- source energy matches the vibrational signal you send.  (That’s that whole “like attracts like” thing.)

To get what you want, send the signal that says “Got what I wanted!” When you offer that instruction, Universe responds in kind by delivering the goods.  No matter how crazy or ridiculous or impossible the thing seems.  (Is that a cool system or what?!)

How do you vibrate “got what I wanted” before you have it?  That’s the fun part of being a deliberate creator!  Use your imagination and experiment with what you enjoy most.  Some possibilities:

However you do it, when you change your signal from “I want it” to “I am loving it” you are irresistible to success.

And, this is why everyone doesn’t do it.  It’s a bit challenging to break from “reality” and pretend we already got what we wanted.  Reality often gets in the way, disrupting our signal, or sometimes people just feel foolish vibrating what isn’t real yet.

But it works when you work it.

Since Universe can only send what you signal it for, you have to find a way that says “got what I wanted.”  “All is well here.”  “Life is good.”  “Thanks for the win!”  Or something along those lines.  Every time you feel a yearning, dissatisfaction, or lack of fulfillment, that signal holds up the party.

Which is also why the Appreciation practice is so powerful – because in vibrating appreciation Universe hears that you are happy and loving life.  And sends in whatever else makes you feel happy and loving life!

Even if you can’t bring yourself to pretend that your desire is now a reality, if all you did was practice believing that it was coming soon, that optimism and faith serves as a powerful signal, too.

All three of these processes lead to one purpose: align your energy to what you want.  Deliberate creators don’t wait for something to happen before they feel good and get happy.  They get happy first, and then good stuff happens as icing on the cake.

The top 3 frequently asked questions (and their answers) are here, and you’ll find troubleshooting support here.  If you’d like more support, email to discuss other available resources, including coaching options and Good Vibe U.

Feel free to share your tips or ask questions in the comments below.

Happy manifesting!  🙂

  • May 20, 2012
  • That’s a tough question, Dorothy. And I think we each have to find our own best answer in situations like that.
    I know one of the things Abraham might suggest to someone asking this is that we humans have a very distorted idea about death – that in actuality it isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t the “end” by any means, and it isn’t something to be sorry about.
    I know that’s a big idea to wrap the mind around, but if we could, we’d probably feel very differently about how perfectly things work out for us.
    What kind of dog is she, Dorothy? I’m partly thinking 12 is the age some dogs like to go – you know they don’t often like to hang out in old bodies like we think they should. Animals don’t feel about death the way we do, from what I understand. (Which is limited.)
    At any rate, I feel for what you’re going through right now. If I were in your shoes, I’d ask my guides/inner being to give me clarity and understanding about the situation. Sending big love …

  • Dorothy says:

    Sorry I looked for a site for help and found yours. I need to ask a question, I live in South Africa, and am in my 60s and would love to move to somewhere in Europe. I have always had pets that I love (dogs) and adore them. Lately, I was thinking to myself that I would like to move to france, but what would I do with my 12 year old dog. Suddenly she became ill which was diagonsed as cancer and she is going down very quickly. I feel horrible quite as if I brought this upon her as I am looking for freedom from my responsibility of giving her a home and love. I feel so bad, is it her wish to die, or mine for her to die so that I can be free. What is the reason for her very very sudden illness!!!

  • Siddhatha Bordoloi says:

    Nice post. You know what! By writing these great posts, offering trainings through various means & mediums, helping people to manifest their desires you are indeed doing a praise-worthy work! Hats off to you.

  • Thanks for the compliment, Ambareesh! Much appreciated. 🙂
    Love that you’ve had success without even “trying” – sometimes that’s how it works best, actually!

  • Ambareesh says:

    This is the best article on Law of Attraction I have ever read, and I have read a lot. I live more on the wanting and wishing plane than the having plane. I haven’t really tried LOA but one time I was repeatedly visualizing something (not for LOA but to overcome the fear of facing a situation) and I ended up manifesting something big (got something I had seen in that visualization as a gift).
    So I had unintentionally manifested something. I think it is worth mentioning here that I was very clear about the time and place of that forthcoming situation.

  • laws of attraction says:

    I read the meter of your blog.Really a nice meter of laws of attraction.

  • Good for you, Natalie! Kudos for being willing to experiment and find the approach that works best for you!
    Earl, I agree that this work isn’t for sissies. lol I guess I just mean that in the way that it takes some commitment to learn to refocus, and a willingness to ignore reality while we’re conjuring up a new one.
    But that process is probably better facilitated when we entertain the idea that this is easy for some, thus could be easier for us than we’re thinking, and that we’re open to being surprised and delighted at how quickly we take to it. I just know the story I tell about it is part of what I experience, so I’m going to do my best to lean into a version that makes it easier.
    Thanks for reading, you two!

  • Earl West says:

    this is a very good article- also one of the responder,s=-chip- laid out salient points/aspects re; “negative” energy conjoining the positive focuse,s one is doing and to not become discouraged at the appearance of negative feelings/thoghts “percolating” up. I still find it -very-difficult -jeannette-assuming/feeling how i would actually and really feel if my wish were an actuality.i -of course agree and see this intellectually. but it,s disheartening and frustrating ..that this much resisting seems present. really-alot- easier said than done! thats the crux!Now i suppose i have to ‘clear” out blockages in my chakras or energetic pathways? not as easy as many lay out-for myself- and i believe many others.

  • Natalie says:

    Thanks for listing the various ways of changing your vibration. I tried them all. They all worked to some degree.
    My big breakthrough came when I tried to FEEL the way I’ll feel when my dream comes true. I asked myself “what will it feel like to have that?” I really focused on the feeling. After a short time I started to feel a great surge of joy. I got a giant silly grin on my face. I felt like dancing!! I got inspired to do certain things. I know I’m on the right track and I’ll get there.

  • Paula says:

    Wow, I have read all of the authors that you have listed. I love to read the different spin, and they way everybody sees things just a little different than the other. If you haven’t heard about The Miracle Mind Method, you should check out my video. It will show you the absolute secret to achieve everything you always wanted. See for yourself what you think.

  • I’d be wondering, too, Lois.
    In fact, maybe that’s a good question to take to your inner wise self. Or ask angels/Universe for insight – however you best access higher power. I might also be open to inspiration on creative ways to release tension from the body. Maybe some myofascial work, or even some “past” life regressions might be interesting. (Since time is just an illusion, there isn’t really any such thing as a “past” life, and maybe some of those concurrent experiences in alternate realities are spilling into your night time here?)
    Regardless, we know that getting an answer begins with dropping the energy of the question to make room for the solution/insight. Email me if you’d like some suggestions for that …

  • Lois says:

    I have a question – I am pretty good about feeling good and finding relief. Daily I practise appreciation and gratitude for both the little things and the big things in my life. Usually I fall asleep feeling joyful for the wonderful life that I have. But then in the middle of the night I wake up with such a feeling of anxiety that it takes me hours to fall asleep again. I can’t help but wonder, “what’s up with that?”

  • Exactly, Bill – it’s like when we get in THAT vibrational stance (“I LOVE it!”) it not only feels fabulous, but there is also so much more fun Universe can have with us there!!

  • Bill says:

    Very nice article! I really like how you broke everything down and explained it so well. You’re so right about changing from a signal of “I want it” to “I’m loving it.” The energy of love is truly one of the most powerful vibrations.

  • It is the art and the mark of a deliberate creator, isn’t it, Claire? To be willing to feel it done before it’s “real.”
    Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts with us. 🙂

  • Claire says:

    Great article, really enjoyed it thanks. I especially liked the bit about sending the vibration “Got what I wanted”, I never thought of it like that before! Thanks very much, Claire

  • Nice turnaround, Julie! (I myself was noticing how early you were posting!) lol

  • Julie B says:

    What a great way to start the day! Thanks Jeannette.. FAB post. I love it! Just when I was about to complain about getting up so early to go to an office I thought I AM so lucky to have a great job to go to! Woo Hoo!
    Thank you again for the inspiration and LOA tips (as always).

  • And aren’t those the nicest people to be with, Esra? People like you who are such automatic appreciators?! Love it!

  • Esra says:

    Fantastic read, made my day 🙂 I was driving back home last night from work and I saw the traffic on the opposite side of the road. And I told myself I am thankfull that am living on this side, then realised that doing it automatically. I learnt appreciating, and it comes natural. I really love the piece really remind me the good things once again, thanks 🙂

  • LOVED this, Berta: “I am an expert at make-believe, and when I am making believe the things that I want the most, I’m astounded not only at how much fun, but how PHENOMENAL it feels.”
    What a powerful way to do life!

  • Berta Bauer says:

    OK, just finished reading this. I just realized that I have (all my life) done one of the visualizations listed in number 3. And its so damn fun! I just never called it scripting. Although in my pre-LOA days, I’ve done it when I’m angry and gotten more anger. But now I’m pretty good at stopping myself when I divert down that path. I do it when I think about what I want. I am an expert at make-believe, and when I am making believe the things that I want the most, I’m astounded not only at how much fun, but how PHENOMENAL it feels. (And at how much better it is than I ever imagined it could be when I get it in real time.) I guess you could call it Berta Land, kinda my version of Barbie Land, but I get to write all the rules (aka scripts) and things go exactly as I want them.
    Life is good in Berta Land! 🙂

  • You know what, Chip, that confounds creators often enough (seemingly getting the opposite of what they were working on, as contrary energy is released) that I think your comment here would make a great post on its own!
    What do you think?

  • ChipEFT says:

    I would add don’t be surprised if things don’t work out right away. What happens is when you keep your focus on what you want, contrasting thoughts percolate to the surface. These thoughts typically come with bad feeling emotions–which are simply the vibrational manifestation of the contrasting thought form.
    When they do, there are four steps to follow.
    1). Allow yourself to become okay with the emotion. It is only doing its job.
    2). Once you are okay with the emotion, the thought causing the ruckus should become clear. Sometimes it is so obvious that it is overlooked.
    3). The thought usually represents a topic–the unwanted side of the topic. Identify what you want on this topic. And repeat Jeannette’s steps.
    4). Then follow the thought or action that feels better from where you are in the moment. (Sometimes that might mean doing something else and waiting.)
    Law of Attraction is sometimes about persistence. Often if the topic is very important to you, like issues of money, romance, or health, there are a lot of socio-cultural biases to work through.
    And the way these biases show up so you can work through them is through contrast or bad feeling emotions.

  • Agreed, Berta! A really nice habit to adopt.
    (Meaning appreciation, not finishing reading. Although that’s good too.) lol

  • Berta Bauer says:

    Re: Powerful Manifester’s nose for Appreciation: I love the line “It becomes natural to them – their default setting.”
    And I’d like to add it gets easier every time to revert to that default setting that you do it.
    OK, now I’m going to finish reading the blog . . .

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