“I Always Wondered …”

sheepish-dog.jpgThis afternoon as I was looking for the bright side of cleaning dog poop off carpet in the new house, I found myself thinking, “Well, I always wondered where the dogs would go in this house.”

Really?  I always wondered that?

Because that might not be the best thing to wonder about.

(You know, that “thoughts becoming things” thing.)

But I sure enough have.  From day one of moving into this new house I’ve looked around wondering where they would “go” in an emergency.  Now I realize that that might not have been the wisest wondering I’ve ever had.

In my other house they relied on the corner of the rug that happened to be right in front of the tv.  So if you turned the tv on in the dark, or just weren’t paying attention as you walked over – sometimes, not often, but occasionally  – you’d meet with an unpleasant surprise.

(It was almost always a boyfriend who got that surprise, since I’m a quick learner.)

Not that poop on rugs happens a lot, but when you have foster dogs and they’re still learning the routine of life in a house, it happens.  And dogs can smell everything.  They know where the action’s gone down.  No matter what I clean it with.  They know where the “spot” is.

(In fact, now that I think of it, they may have just picked up on my expectations rather than relied on their keen sense of smell.)

Regardless, on this afternoon, I realize what my wondering led to.  Since we moved in I wondered where the new “spot” would be.

Yeah – I know.  I feel like an idiot now.  But that’s okay – I love that about me.

My “wondering” even had a little tinge of fear associated with it, since I learned long ago to live with occasional accidents in the house, but Russ hasn’t.  This is new to him.  And my regular readers know that my expecation of his triple virgo qualities don’t always lead to the best manifestations.  (Should I change that one already?!)

For the record, the spot is in the corner of the formal dining room by the plant.  Sadie christened it.

And not with the easy-to-scoop poop.  This has stain potential, so I’ll be using my manifesting powers for good the rest of this afternoon.

It’ll go something like:

  • How nice I can’t even tell where it was!
  • Very cool it’s dry and looking perfect before Russ comes home!
  • How lucky am I that he comes home when it’s dark, although I don’t even need that luck, because it looks fine in broad daylight.
  • Even better: How cool it is that my sweetie laughs when I tell him about it!  (Although, in case I don’t, favorite daughter-in-law and one of only two family members who read this blog, let’s have this be one of the posts we don’t mention.)

The good news, as we’re used to finding over at our friendly forum, is that this is a very out-of-the-way spot.  And Sadie would not have done this had she felt well, which she obviously didn’t.

More good news is that perhaps now I can stop thinking of this house as pristine and can stop being on edge for every gash in the wall and scratch on the door.  Maybe I can even stop of thinking about “spots” altogether.

And maybe now I can be more conscious to what I wonder about.

You know I’d love to hear what YOU’RE wondering about today, and regularly …  Where do your innocent wonderings take you?

Do you wonder about what you’ll say when the boss notices your late?  Or wonder who you’ll thank in your acceptance speech?

Do you wonder how to respond to all the compliments at the reunion?  Or wonder how to handle disapproving stares?

I’m curious!  Please drop a note!  And thanks, as always, for being such great company on the journey.

  • May 21, 2008
  • Powerful switch, Alora! And that’s all it takes – awareness of our wonderings and the mental muscle to shift them.
    Nicely done!! And I saw your photo on your fabulous blog – your bright spirit comes through not only in your writing but also through your beautiful smiling eyes!
    Thanks for posting your thoughts here, girlfriend. Here’s to new skinny pants!! 🙂

  • Alora says:

    Wow – that’s great to think about because I’ve had my second baby and, well, I start thinking about how big I’ve gotten as soon as I start to show so I do gain weight… and I know I can lose the weight since I did it with the first one in 30 days once I got my alignment right and now you’ve got me realizing that I’ve been wondering how big I’m going to get before I decide to switch gears.
    Eep!!!!! No wonder I’m, um, getting bigger! LOL!
    Now I will wonder how I will find my favorite new “skinny” pants! 🙂

  • I NEVER heard of that, Nancy! Thanks for that tip!
    And someone with five cats would know what works! lol

  • nancy says:

    Here’s to no more ‘potential stains’…A great little cheap stain remover tip:: you know the Bounce dryer sheets, really any brand of dryer sheets. Get one wet or many-depends on stain size-and put it down on the stain with a weight on top like a phone book leave for half an hour and the stain is gone! Sometimes you may have to rub it a little but it works good. (I have 5 cats:)
    Can’t wait for your new book to come out!

  • Oh, Martha, I need to follow suit on that one.
    (Just this afternoon my dogs ganged up on a couple of friendly youngsters, and I was mortified! Time to have a new expectation.)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Thanks for sticking up for the dogs, Michaela! Dog lovers unite! lol
    I’m definitely with you on that one, my friend. No need to apologize!

  • Oh, NICE ONE, Missy B!!!!
    That one is SO much better than what my boyfriend said tonight: “I always knew it would come to this.”
    I said, “Are you kidding me? You always knew?? Do you EVER read my blog?!” lol
    Anyway, I hope he reads YOUR post, because it is BRILLIANT!!
    Very nicely done, girlfriend. 🙂

  • Ah, the magic of traveling hopefully with a dog.
    It’s taken us a while (plus some serious hardcore training), but we’ve gone from, “I wonder what new disaster will befall us on THIS dog walk?” to “I wonder what new friend our dog Faith will make this time?”

  • Michaela says:

    I agree with Jeannette: In my experience, cleaning up after family members is *much* worse than cleaning up after dogs (or cats).
    My dog never made a mess in the bathroom, left stacks of dirty dishes, had rubbish lying all over the place, etc. Even if I had the same problems Jeannette told about – small prize to pay for a dog and cat in the house, I think!
    I agree with what German actor Heinz Rühmann said: “You can certainly live your life without a dog – it’s just not worth it!” 😉
    (Hope I translated that correctly!)
    Sorry, Jeannette, I know this wasn’t an answer to your original question! Just felt I had to chime in … 🙂

  • Missy B says:

    Well I was just wondering about my friend with benefits. I was just wondering if it would be him that fell for me, rather than the usual woman falling for man in this type of relationship. Think I’d be quite chuffed with that, so I’ll keep on wondering on that one, rather than wondering if I fall for him. ;0)

  • Well, JA, you could say the same thing of kids, too, you know. lol
    Okay, maybe not quite the same, but you get my drift. Often we are called to clean up after those we love.
    You know what else I realized? I was just telling Russ the other night, when he told me a cat pooped on the basement stairs, that it was definitely NOT poop and when he questioned how I knew I told him I was a poop afficianado. The expert of experts. I was a little proud of my abilities.
    (I went into detail and my triple virgo boyfriend was not impressed.)
    I have GOT to get a new topic flowing because this is not what I want more of in life. Although if I keep my last ezine topic in mind, I’ll know that pushing against it will just call in more.
    So my instruction to self for the day: chill out.
    Thanks for spelling my name right, JA. That doesn’t happen every day. When it does, I know it’s a sure sign someone loves me. 🙂

  • JA says:

    And that’s why I don’t have a dog. Even when they go outside you’re still carrying around a bag of dog shit. Sorry Jeannette… I love dogs… just not that part.

  • OMG. The FIRST time Russ has EVER come home in the middle of the day!! He’s on his way right now – just phoned. OMG. I thought I had all afternoon!
    Stain magic manifesting, here we come!!

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