I Believe in Mac Magic

manifesting with my new macAbout two years ago I was so frustrated with my office computer that I gave myself a new one.
Without taking the time to change my vibration.
(I know, rookie move.)
So that poor new PC came to live with a computer operator whose dominant vibration about computers was a swear word.
She never had a chance.
Yes, there were some cool things she could do, and she was pretty, with a lovely new 21″ monitor that no cat had ever scratched or sneezed on, but man, I was frustrated from the start
… frustrated with the new stupid Windows whatever it was at the time.  (XP?  Vista?  I’ve been frustrated with all of it.)
There was the learning curve associated with new software; that data transfer that didn’t convert well, and other quirks like … well, things that I shan’t elaborate on right now.
Because I have a new computer in the office again.
This time I brought home a mac.  And this time I know to tend to my vibration first, rather than expect the computer to make me feel better.
So I’m loving up my new mac.  I’m appreciating every lovely thing I can about it.

  • I’m listening with wide open ears to all my mac loving friends who tell me how much I’m going to love this switch.
  • I’m loving the sleek design.
  • I’m loving that I can edit Masters of Creation videos in the office now.
  • I’m loving that there’s more room for the dogs under the desk without that tower thing under there.
  • I’m even loving the box it came in.

I also worked up a sweet little custom charm for my new best friend.  It involved my magic crystal and two feathers, some fairy purple dust and a strong intention for bringing love, light and expanded consciousness to myself and the world.  We’re gonna make magic together!
This is the work I didn’t do last time, that doomed that PC from ever being able to please me.
This time I’m purposely and consciously seeing myself working brilliantly with this impressive piece of technology.  We’re efficient, and smooth, and we play so well together.  We’re intuitive – it’s like we each know what the other wants.  And we take such good care of each other.  This is a friendship for the record books, if you ask me.
It hasn’t taken long for my vibration to move up the scale, but I know my work isn’t done.  Because if I’m not diligent about it, I can easily slip back to my well worn neural routine of blaming the computer.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve done this routine with men before.  And jobs.  And diets.
Expecting the new thing to make the difference, when the truth is that whatever the new thing is will soon fall in line with the owner/operator vibe.
Deliberate creators know that vibration management is key.  We know how to focus on what we want, and we know that’s what makes all the difference.
That’s not to say that a new thing doesn’t give us a good “reason to believe” that things will be different.  Sometimes giving ourselves a clean slate makes the vibration work easier.
But however we go about it, let’s remember that the world will match whatever four letter word we’re repeating, or whatever song of appreciation we’re singing.
The power lies in us.

As proven by the fact that the PC that wouldn’t connect to the internet for me worked just fine for Russ.  She did that repeatedly, if you can believe it.  Even when I did the exact same things he did.
Well, of course you can believe it – you know how this stuff works.

Here’s to yet another reminder that the vibe rules, and here’s to lining that vibe up with what we want.

  • December 7, 2013
  • Cassie Parks says:

    Love this post Jeanette! There is something about a Mac that just feels good. I totally see you loving it. I love mine! She is awesome!

  • Anonymous says:

    You have a Mac! Only beauty and fun from now on…

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Awesome Jeanette and welcome to the mac world. Great switch especially from what i experienced with a friend today who has a new PC and windows 8- steep learning curve-
    Have fun and enjoy consistent high computer vibes

  • Julie B says:

    “poor new PC came to live with a computer operator whose dominant vibration about computers was a swear word”… hahahahahahaha!

  • Lizette says:

    HAHHAAAAAAAAA!! You’re so funny! Wade and I have the SAME thing. He’d struggle and struggle… with simple stuff. It’s so bad that he has to use Internet Explorer to transfer money from our paypal to the bank account and it requires several tries and a lot of time. There would be actual error messages, or time outs and all kinds of issues. But yesterday I did the whole thing in 90 seconds flat. #Just Saying!
    PS: It could have something to do with the fact that I love my new laptop about 0.05% less than my kids. 😉

  • Jill says:

    Yes, new things falling in line with old vibes. So true!!! Great post.

  • Hi Jeanette,
    It’s great to share this thought with you;that vibration is all powerul and all encompassing.I appreciate your admission about newthings falling in line with old thoughts and vibes.It’s quite an observed fact.

  • Jackie says:

    What Janette said! Ha!

  • Katy says:

    Laughing over here…well ok…grinning…as this is sooooo well-timed! Just happens to be an area I’ve been working on in a few areas of my own. Don’t you just get a bit frazzled with yourself when you know you know better? But if I may say, I’m glad I’m not alone. 😉 Thanks for putting it out there Jeannette, or should I say, yourself. lol

  • Janette says:

    OMGosh, brilliant post as usual.
    And you know how much I love a four-letter word. More than most, I daresay. But you know my absolute favourite four-letter word?
    Just saying. 🙂

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