I Slept With Him Every Night

“I slept with him every night.”

That’s how she manifested the new love of a lifetime …

She went to sleep with him every night. Before she knew his name. Before they’d even met.

She went to sleep with him every night.

She felt his arms wrapped lovingly around her as she drifted off to sleep. (Using a body pillow to help trick herself into the comforts of the cuddle.)

She actually had another guy in mind. A specific guy she thought would be a great candidate for love. He turned out to be a great stand-in to activate those feelings of love.

But because she knew not to be attached to anyone in particular, she put her intention out for “him or someone better.”

This was summertime that she started sleeping with her imaginary boyfriend. And doing some cleanup in the love department. (Tying up loose ends and upgrading beliefs, I gathered.)

By July she’d nixed the idea of online dating (didn’t appeal to her), but she did receive an inspiration to go speed dating in August. Just for fun.

That’s where she met a dozen different men, one of whom she felt an instant connection with.

And she’s been having fun with him ever since. (“Even better” than she ever dreamed a relationship could be, she reports!)

All from being willing to feel him (emotionally, vibrationally) before he was real. From being willing to release thoughts of the guy she thought it should be, and from being willing to take inspired action just for fun.

That’s manifesting at its finest.

  • February 1, 2016
  • Mawabo says:

    Trust Neville’s techniques, you will never go wrong with him. The best St. I’ve ever met, in my whole entire life. #FeelingIsTheSecret

  • Julie says:

    I made a list of character and personality traits that my ideal man would have. I spent a little bit of time on it, emailed it to myself and forgot about it. He turned up – to a tee! I mean everything. The whole package.
    8 months later, still going strong.
    Decide what you want and be honest, set the intention and have patience x

  • Harshal says:

    I’m intending to attract & manifest sexual relationships so does this LOA works even in conservative backward cultures where women are hidden behind veil & marriages are only arranged by elders of the community?
    Also I’ve always found content for females to attract right man, how about males attracting woman? Also the scene in India is totally opposite of USA, more males than females, so 1 female is approached by 1000s of men, their inboxes are full, etc so?
    I just had an inspiring action, why not start a dating section on LOA websites for all those intending to attract mates! (Not another dating site coz they get flooded by perverts & prostitutes)!

    • Harshal says:

      Also isn’t masturbating to an image of a female a way of visualising & feeling like having sex with her (like sleeping with a pillow) to the extent of achieving an orgasm!

  • Linzi says:

    This is such a great story…When I learned about LoA I was already married to my soul mate, and looking back I realize I definitely manifested him into my existence (not realizing what I was doing of course.)
    I’m white but I’m usually only attracted to Asian men and really wanted to meet a nice Asian guy despite the fact that at the time I lived in a very white town with almost no Asian population at all.
    I put a picture I found as my laptop wallpaper of a cute Asian guy with tattoos sleeping, thinking “I want to wake up next to someone like this every day.” I watched Brandy’s Cinderella a LOT because I love the music anyway and also had a huge crush on the Prince (Filipino guy) thinking “I want someone romantic and sweet as this guy.”
    I was just having fun with it, not really taking any of it seriously.
    As a kind of joke, my room mate and I decided to make profiles on an online dating site. As soon as I signed up I saw a picture of this incredibly handsome Asian guy with tattoos—my”dream guy.” I told my room mate (joking) “Oh look it’s my future husband!”
    I sent him a message…we got to talking…and we fell in love almost immediately when we met. I’ve never been with a more romantic, patient, generous and wonderful human being. We’re still together, happily married 5 years later and have a 2 year old son. Oh and he’s Filipino-just like Prince Charming from Cinderella. :p

  • steve says:

    Funny, I have an Amazon tab open to re-order a lawn chair that broke. I’m going to get a body pillow and do this myself.. and continue the pray rain journaling of course
    Great timing 🙂

  • ada says:

    How would you do the same for money?

    • Mrs. V says:

      Here’s what I would do for money. I would focus on providing a service or something rather than sleeping with heaps of money under my bed. You can also go the Dire Straits root and imagine money for nothing and your chicks for free but in that case there is no need for me to say guess what will happen.
      For me I would imagine my diary is booked up with clients and me going to the post office to ship my orders, which implies I have loads of sales.
      I would also see myself at the cash point with drawing large amounts of money and paying for expensive items in cash. I would also limit my visits to KFC etc. to once every 6 months, which I do now. For me I know I will always eat junk food because I love it but I can still do so at a lesser amount. I know top TV chefs who eat at Mc D’s every now and then. This is something that works for me. Esp that I love looking fit and healthy. So each to their own.
      I did see myself also receiving emails for my website online service for download sales. I would see my self getting email alerts for each sale. Thereafter when I woke up in the mornings I would receive email alerts telling me how much sales and money I made while I slept. You can also see yourself receiving cheques in the mail for a service I had provided or will provide for.
      Hope that helps

      • ada says:

        Wow! Thank you.

        • Mrs. V says:

          You are more than welcome.
          One other thing is that if you find something is not working for you don’t hang on to it thinking that it’s LOA working for you etc. ie. I had to end my relationship this yesterday because the now ex bf and I had too many problems in our relationship from the get go. I trust and believe that I will soon hook up with my new man as intended.
          I am very sad, hurt and going through the emotions of ending the relationship but at the same time I am very excited to welcome that new loved up feeling when you first meet someone.
          You can do the same regardless if it’s work, relationships, health…

    • Jeannette says:

      Maybe a group experiment is in order, Ada! That could be a fun post to focus on and invite everyone to play with …

      • Mrs V says:

        I couldn’t think of a better idea Jeannette. I have had my most success will manifestations when I done 30 day group experiments.
        It worked for me back in 2007 for money, then I done another one to find love and fun. This was with using affirmations, but I am am a massive Goddard, Ponder and Flo fan that I mixed it up a bit.
        The only people that didn’t get results were the ones who dropped out for a few days, then came back expecting results for doing nothing.
        I will run some online classes later on in the year as this group thing is so much fun!

  • Mrs. V says:

    I was freaking out in paranoia city thinking that my mac had been hacked with my story LOL.
    I done this and got the extra tooth brush, cups & plates, made room for him in my bed, got the shaving moose, aftershave etc. I did also write a list and wanted someone specific but I didn’t get him as I went off him. Then I got talking to another man who fitted the bill but it was not him. Then after less than 2 weeks of me getting rid of my tomboy mode I indeed found love. He fitted the bill and was more handsome than the first man.
    The thing is we live apart, which is good for both of us but he hates sleeping without me. I feel the too, although I love my space. We didn’t have a good start to our relationship but I we do really love each other.
    What I would suggest is to write a list of what you want as well because you will get it!!! So be warned not to write things down when you are feeling a bit angry, insecure etc. because you will get a whiff of that too in your manifestation. I am revising that part N. Goddard style so we can move on from the blip.
    Also keep in mind that the minute you start taking action to meet your love he/she will come into your world like magic. You just have to be sure you are ready and Be ready for your good, talking action.
    I am glad to know that so many of you have had the same experience with this. I am now doing this in other areas of my life too.

  • Aniket says:

    Wow..great story… This reminds of Neville Goddard’s process of manifestation….. Sleep in the state of wish fulfilled..
    Thanks for Sharing

    • Jeannette says:

      You’ve been studying all the great teachers, Aniket! (Quoting Bashar on another post and Neville here … good stuff you’re sharing!) 🙂

  • Michael says:

    Another experience comes to mind. I was part of a New Age Group, who would meet & share insights. On one occasion a young man suggested we try pre-programing our dreams, for a Universal Truth.
    The group leader said “No” and that was it.
    However that night I did have a dream about the Group, where I saw myself telling each person emphatically
    “Don’t forget God loves You!!”
    At the next meeting I did that. I was just following instructions with no expectations. It did feel good.

  • Michael says:

    That’s an amazing GVA story!!!

  • Elle says:

    Yup, playing pretend actually works! I’ve manifested many things this way, after cleaning up bad, detrimental negative feelings, of course. Playing dress rehearsal. It’s really fun!
    Also, there are things I was happy about in the past that the Universe ended up bringing to me. For example, when passing by a certain place, I was like, “wow, what a really cool place”, and one summer I ended up doing an internship there! Just feeling good with no strings attached is the key.
    Now, can we do this for payment checks that went missing in the mail?

  • C. says:

    So in other words, she put herself in the feels.
    Being in the feels is a LOA goal I’m working on achieving this year.
    Lately, I’ve been working on the feels of feeling good about my self: My confidence and self-love. It’s still a lot of work to be done but, I’ve noticed so far I’m having men open doors for me, more fellas are checking me out, and I’m even having a dream about a fella that I had forgotten about a long time ago.
    The ironic part? I’m not even looking for or desiring a mate right now. I just want to feel good about myself.
    Funny how all of this works.:P

    • Ariadne says:

      ‘She puts herself in the feels.’ I like the way you expressed that. I’m working on the feeling good too.

  • Jesseev says:

    I also use this process 🙂 Going to bed and waking up with my future husband. Here are some other ideas that I play around with:
    I like to have many things in my house that remind he´s there e.g. a second tooth brush in my bathroom, a masculine deo, a picture of him in my wallet for the feeling “it´s soooo good to have him in my life”.
    I also bought some posters that reflect lots of love in my life, for example a map of the world that is made up of happy hearts and every time I see it I think “There is so much love for me here. All around the world and everywhere I go there is love” or something like it.
    And I have ordered a “Just married” poster where you can insert your initials (I just picked a letter and not a full name for my future husband to give the universe some leeway).
    I also leave messages on my answer machine of what a loving partner would say such as: “Just wanted to call you tell you I so look forward to tonight. etc”
    And I write -physical- love letters to myself from a made-up male name and address and post them some days later. I am often surprised how much of it I have forgotten when the letter comes. 🙂

    • SA says:

      Wow, that’s a lot of great ideas you are trying. How long have you been doing this? Have you seen any results/manifestations yet?

  • Sunray says:

    OMG!! This is exactly what I’ve been doing for like the past month or so. And it just kind of happened spontaneously! I’ve been falling asleep in his loving, caring sweet arms, just feeling him already there 🙂

  • Bec says:

    I did this (amongst other processes). I imagined walking down the beach with him, having candle lit dinners at home listening to music with him, sleeping next to him….After being single most of my married life, two years ago I met and married my husband at 48 years of age. We walk down the beach almost every day and candle lit dinners are our norm! It works!

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s wonderful, Bec! Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂
      You’re reminding me how I used to go to the movies with my guy (I imagined he was out in line for popcorn) and used to pick up his favorite things at the grocery store to help “feel” him into my life.
      Three weeks later he made his real life appearance. 🙂

  • Cindy Lynn Jones says:

    Can I fall asleep with money? 🙂

  • That’s funny, when I miss my boyfriend I do the same. I feel his body next to mine and it allows me to fall asleep with a smile. And usually the next day we see each other LOL

  • Noa says:

    Wow, this is so close to my story I just couldn’t believe someone else used the EXACT SAME method. So glad to know it worked for someone else too 🙂

  • Iyabo says:

    Wow. So wonderful. I will be doing this. i think for me it has been hard to go to bed without a face to attach it to. I think I might be ready to start thinking of dating again and so this is so timely. Love it.

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