Your Ideal To-Do List

Some might call it a bucket list.

But conscious creators can think of it as tomorrow’s to-do list, where we list the daily doings of our ideal life.

Because for us it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s “when.” It’s not a fantasy, it’s coming right up.

If you haven’t played with this manifesting method before, you might like it as a fun way to signal Universe for your success
All we’re doing is creating the to-do list for our future self.

You know, the future self where you’re living the life of your dreams, doing the work you love, in the place you prefer, with those you adore.

You’re financially rockin’ it, your health is better than ever and your relationships are even more rewarding than you imagined.

What does that person’s to-do list look like?

That’s what you write down.

The power of this exercise is that it requires you to put yourself in that reality in order to imagine the daily responsibilities of your dream life.

It’s a nice way to acclimate to that reality, which is all it takes for Universe to get the wheels turning in your favor.

You can get even more juice out of this exercise by posting that to-do list where you’ll see it regularly, just to remind you that your dream come true life is a done deal.

And for the record, we know that time is an illusion, and everything is happening now, so it’s not really a future to-do list for your future self.

It’s more of an acknowledgement of an alternate reality that’s already so.

By tapping in now, you shift your vibration to step into that reality.

You game?

Here are a couple of items off clients’ to-do lists they happily shared:

  • Pick up Super Mind as gift for pitch meeting with Scorsese (Martin’s into TM)
  • Schedule cut and color with Ted before Today appearance
  • Interview chef replacements specializing in authentic Italian (new beau is from Milan!)
  • Get the Tesla in for 50,000 mile service appointment
  • Call Manny about fence repair for buffalo pasture
  • Review closing docs for the second Maui property
  • Cancel PSJ and follow up with Ted on Cessna delivery
  • RSVP for ribbon-cutting ceremony with Bernie
  • Pay Kevin’s Juilliard tuition
  • Register for Ironman in Kona
  • Order anniversary gift for hubby (1 year already?!)
  • Book flights for NYC book signing tour
  • Email agent for movie rights negotiation meeting
  • Review designers suggestion for beach house remodel
  • Respond to collector inquiry re Gorman print acquisition
  • Have PA find bigger venue for fall speaking gig (sold out in 2 weeks!)
  • Reserve penthouse suite for extra weekend in Geneva

Now it’s your turn … what’s on your future fabulous self’s to-do list?

We’d love to hear it in the comments!

  • April 20, 2017
  • Sophie says:

    I love bucket lists and this just makes it even more fun to compile a list! I’ve made a list of what I would do if I had a financial windfall but not a to-do list in bucket list style. This is an awesome idea Jeanette, love it!

  • Frances says:

    My list:
    I discover the music in my soul, now my exercise routine
    My witty companion keeps me in stitches all day long
    Traveling with my grand kids provides them personal enrichment/awareness
    Finished my memoirs
    Now have the time and pleasure to create uplifting, high frequency words and
    phrases on wood/cardboard to give away
    Having a family reunion once a year in my beautiful, huge backyard
    Where are all the ideas for my books coming from??????? Love it!

  • Salina says:

    Oh wow! I love this!!
    Here is mine 🙂
    Schedule my board meetings that i sit on for the company I just sold for the next 6 months.
    Go pick up my tickets to London for next week for the site assessments I am doing.
    Meeting the stylist for hair and wardrobe for my shoot in Harpers for successful female entrepreneurs living the life in my city
    Go to my daughters drama production as she is the lead
    Need to tell my interior designer that she has another apartment to design for me in South Africa as the last one was just stunning!
    Getting really excited to see my girls for our weekly long lazy lunches- they are my rocks 🙂
    I love this Jeannette! we do this everyday??? So much fun!
    s xx

  • Nikky says:

    Oohh !!
    I love this new creative process.
    Ok here is my list. And I commit to take this list making process and do it daily as I prepare my things to do for the now.
    * Take an appointment with the cupboard guys to install new ones in my home ( My new home :))
    *Buy a new pair of jeans (two sizes smaller … yay!!)
    * Book tickets to Greece
    * Spruce up my air bnb apartment for our next guests
    * Send out Christmas cards to my 50 clients that I worked this year with.
    * Remind hubby to block time to attend our son’s music concert.
    Thank you, Jeannette, for your creative ideas …. they sure up my vibe everytime.

  • Aloha says:

    Book tickets to hawaii
    Pick up my Ole Ford
    Close on my houses
    Arrange date for my rotti to come to me

  • Martha says:

    Here’s mine:
    Sign closing documents on 5-bedroom, 3-bath house just outside town
    Call wedding planner to finalize reservation on ceremony venue – it’s taking place at an Antebellum home and 300 guests are coming!
    Enroll my 3 sons and 2 daughters in preschool
    Pick up the keys to my 2 newly purchased cars: a fully restored 1967 Ford Mustang in navy blue, and a current model Mustang in cherry red with satellite radio and MP3 player
    Call carpenter and painter to put finishing touches on my backyard park for my 8 dogs (my home is on 2 acres)
    Order new wardrobe in my smaller size after reaching my ideal weight
    Donate to local Humane Society, university, Meals on Wheels, food bank, community clinic, church medical mission program, senior center
    Book plane tickets for flight to Los Angeles after successfully auditioning for a quiz show
    Go to weekly day spa appointment
    Makeup and hair appointment before appearing on TV interview – subject is first-time parenthood in midlife and I have a book about my experiences being published

  • Schedule cut and color with new fave hairstylist before Good Morning Britain appearance
    Interview chef replacements specializing in healthy eating from ourown super garden,
    Pick up the new BMW convertible
    Call Lucas about fencing around the paddock and finish off the loose boxes
    Review closing docs for the Guatemala property for our family there. Check they have stove, gas and electric paid and decent furniture.
    Pay tuition for our 3 girls
    Order anniversary gift for hubby (1 year already?!)(love this one JM!)
    Oversee booking of flights for all 3 of us for worldwide book signing tour
    Email agent for movie rights negotiation meeting. Looking good!
    Check the farm insurance is up to date, including land, horses and stable block
    Have PA find bigger venue for fall speaking gig (sold out in 2 weeks!)
    Reserve penthouse suite for extra weekend in Geneva at the end of the tour. Check if Jeanette is in town, send flowers and invite for drinks!
    Loving this! Thanks x

  • Danielle says:

    Ooh, what a fun thing to do! Let’s see, I know I still need to confirm the air b and b on Kona, also touch base with Steve for our private riding clinic and firm up the date for my road trip with the girls to Penticton to order our treeless saddles.figure out a time for our decorator to come look at the house. Find out when the next art Walk is and grab a stash of cash. Mail rompin paws another donation, choose the spa for our trip. I love this!!

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