If You Feel Like Giving Up, Please Do

When we’ve been working on a particular desire for a while, especially if we’ve been working hard instead of working aligned, it’s not unusual to find ourselves exhausted and discouraged.

That’s when the idea of giving up might start to appeal.

Many of us have been socially trained to overcome that impulse, and to carry on no matter what.

But the truth is when it feels like relief to give up the battle, it’s not a defeat.

It’s guidance.

Guidance from your inner being that knows a better way to get there than the path you’ve been taking.

It doesn’t mean your dream isn’t going to happen. It just means the way you’ve been going about it can be improved on.

And it starts with giving yourself a break. With taking a respite from the struggle to make it happen.

When we deny that inspired call, we delay the manifestation.

So the next time you feel like giving up on something, maybe do that. Don’t consider it a failing, consider it a success that you realized where the relief was and you gave it to yourself.

Because relief equals alignment.

After you’ve had a break, you’ll get another instruction from guidance that you can follow when it’s time. But don’t be surprised if you find your dream made good progress while you were having a nap.

That’s what happened to Abigail Steidley after she worked herself into a state of exhaustion, and literally couldn’t do anything but lay down for five days. Much of what she’d been working so hard for happened after she gave up and did nothing.

It’s the whole premise behind slacker manifesting (coined by Abigail).

To further my point, this post is categorized under “Manifesting Techniques,” because releasing struggle is a powerful manifesting prompt!

So if it feels like relief to throw in the towel and give up feelings of frustration, overwhelm, etc., that’s likely exactly what your dream needs you to do next.

When giving up feels better, it is not a failure. It is an instruction from your higher self pointing the way to your success.

  • May 18, 2017
  • catalina says:

    I’m such a stubborn person when it comes on giving up. Like I feel like I’m failing in life and your post just gave me the correct boost I need, so thank you. I know everything happen for a reason

  • Carmen says:

    Sweet universe this is such perfect timing! I’ve been dealing with a rough patch in my life and was stressing myself out trying to figure out how to make it “work”.
    Just this past week, I went through a severe slump (my mind and body were both exhausted) because I had just given up. I felt sooooo bad about it!
    This post of yours has given me thumbs up that I’m actually making the right choice to give up and I thank you Jeannette!

  • Danielle says:

    Wow! Talk about right timing! Lol 😄 This post spoke directly to me, and I take it as a big sign. I was feeling so overwhelmed and at my wits end. I just felt like if I gave up I’m failing, but you explained it so well and I don’t feel so bad about it anymore. I feel relieved actually!! I’m the type of person that is very persistent and stubborn when it comes to things I desire and want. Most of the time that’s worked for me in manifesting, but I think this go round it’s better to just relax and let go. After all, what do I have to lose? Really enjoyed this post!

  • Hope says:

    In your time traveling post a couple years ago it mentioned we can change our past by envisioning a new one. So if I envision a different past will it actually work? Because then I wouldn’t have a picture of someone crying. Will the picture change? Can I go back just to change one mistake for one minute. Any help would be great thanks!

    • Elle says:

      I’m not Jeannette but I have great experience with this particular topic and I’d like to chime in, only because I know how you feel, believe me. Yes, this is possible. Don’t just envision it, but talk it into being, breathe it into being, say it like it was and feel it and it will change.
      Nobody remembers it anyway and even if they do it’s a bit skewed. That’s where you come in with your power. In your heart, not just your mind’s eye, tell it like it was. Like it was supposed to be, like you want it. And it will be if you keep at it. For some reason, the scarlet letter came to mind. If you’ve read it, the A was for adultery but she changed that and it became Angel. Hey, if Hester prynne can do it, via Nathaniel Hawthorn, so can you. Try it! You’ll see! But you gotta feel it deep down and know that it will be so. ✨
      I needed this today. I’m a star seed and just can’t hide the fact that it sucks here and people really are zombies. With this in mind, you can do it babe. Thanks for reminding me. 💫

      • Hope says:

        Thanks. THTe event kinda happened recently and I accidentally ruined a concert for other fans and the band because I didn’t listen. Then I managed to make my favorite member cry cause I didn’t hear him. I’m still open to any help

        • Elle says:

          Well, next time you will hear him.
          Also, to make things right, let ask them what you can do to make it up to them. My sister recently messed something up and all she had to do was say these magic words and all would have been water under the bridge. Instead, she handled it as though we were on trial or something. This is for taking her up on her invitation to go visit the house she’s renting for a couple of weeks, which we weren’t even interested in doing in the first place, to set the story a bit for you. The truth is, she just can’t/won’t accommodate us. if this doesn’t make you feel better I really don’t know what will.

  • Elle says:

    I totally agree! Brilliant ✨

  • Mindy says:

    Me being a Scorpio, we never give up! Never!
    But I agree with you Jeannette, sometimes your body screams, please allow me to rest a bit!
    Recently my body has been giving me strong signals in that direction of extreme self-care and a time out! It really does feel good.
    What I’m working on is being assigned to my Universal Mgrs list and placed in “my God box” until further guidance. For now…it’s time to relax and trust.

  • Dorothy Hagins says:

    I have known 3 people who got pregnant after conceding that it was not going to happen and 2 after they adopted! We need to remember that following the path of least resistance is how we manifest quickly and easily!!! Go with the flow…downstream….

  • I am so glad you bring this up since my motto is “never give never give in never quit” LOL
    But I do change how I go about things. I ask a question like “what else is required here?”
    I would never force anything either, on the opposite, I relax, and ask for it to come to me.
    So YAY! to not “carry on no matter what” and YAY! to keep asking what else is possible I have not considered?®
    Love you Jeannette!

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