I’ll Decide What I Know

Is it really happening if I don’t know it is?

If it it’s not registering on my radar, is it even true?

And if it’s not something I want, why would I “know” it into existence?

This what I wondered when I found myself trying not to notice I was awake this morning.

A little backstory … recently my sleep has been interrupted by waking up involuntarily in early morning hours.

(The kind of early morning that is not my highest joy.)

I like sleeping. I like waking up refreshed. I’ve had sleep issues before. I don’t want them again.

So this last time I woke up, when I found myself wondering what time it was, I thought, “No, don’t know that. Don’t look at that clock. If you don’t know it, it might not be happening. It’s not a ‘thing’ if you don’t know it.”

You know how when you’re kind of sleepy anyway it’s easy to get reality confused? Like for a couple seconds you’re not entirely sure what day it is?

Sometimes it’s better not to know too much. Because it’s not real until we know it.

It reminds me of the philosophical question about whether a tree makes a sound if no one’s there to hear it.

Abraham says no, the falling tree does not make a sound if no one hears it, because:

“… sound is when something that is physical translates a vibration into something meaningful and if there were no ears there to do the translation, then there could not have been sound. The sound happened in the receiving mode.” – Abraham Hicks

Here’s another thing that happened this morning spotlighting this subject …

I’ve got a blind cat, Elvis, who couldn’t see the magpies eating peanuts out on the deck.

Foster cat Lexi Fairy Kitty, though, she sees them. She has an eagle eye for those birds and spotting one perks up every hunting gene in her body.

As soon as she sees one, her ears go flat, she lowers to the ground, and she’s motionless as she prepares an attack that she can’t carry out from this side of the window.

So Lexi knows the magpies are there, but Elvis doesn’t.

She has birds; he doesn’t.

Some might think, “Poor Elvis, he can’t see the birds. He’s missing out.” But are they really there if they aren’t registering on his radar? As far as he’s concerned, he’s not missing out on anything.

And what’s preferable anyway? Seeing the birds and not being able to catch them, or not seeing them at all and enjoying a perfectly nice nap on the bed?

(I don’t actually think one is better than the other.)

But unlike cats, conscious creators have a choice about what we decide to know.

That’s an important decision, because once we know something, wave particles (possibilities) are collapsed into prickly atoms (reality).

Or as Fred Alan Wolf would say, “we popped that quiff.” (Quiff = qwf = quantum wave function.)

It’s worth being conscious and deliberate about which quiffs we’re popping (aka what realities we’re creating).

Yes, there’s hoopla about “alternative facts” in the media lately, as well as Trump’s refusal to live in reality.
But there’s a reason he’s president and Hillary isn’t. Who’s winning this game?

You know might see where I’m going with this …

Because I’d love for each of us to be the winners of our own game. (Whatever game we’re playing!)

Your game doesn’t have to agree with mine and vice versa, and we can all still be winners!

I once heard spiritual teacher Kathryn Miles say, “How do I know there’s a war going on the other side of the world? How could I know that?”

That wasn’t her being naive, and it wasn’t her being ridiculous (although a lot of muggle-minded folks would say so).

It was her being choosy about what she’s “knowing” into the world.

Earlier this week at Good Vibe U we heard Communion of Light say that the world outside our room doesn’t exist until we look for it and expect it to be there.

And what we expect makes all the difference.

As quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger said, “What is real depends on whether I look and the way I look. This is not just a philosophical question. We can see this in experiment.”

I have a love interest who is not a critic of our newly elected president. How is that possible, I wondered? How could he see what I’ve seen and not be repulsed by this person?

It’s a simple answer.

He hasn’t seen what I’ve seen. And I haven’t seen what he’s seen.

We have chosen to know different things.

And I have to say, of the two of us, that guy sleeps better at night. He knows better things than I know.

So it makes me wonder why in the world would I choose to know what I don’t prefer? Why would I lock in a reality I don’t want?

That’s one reason I have decided to stop co-creating a monster.

There are people near and dear to me who consider my refusal to see big problems in the world as irresponsible and dangerous.

And they would be right – in their world. They get to cook it up however they like.

I believe the opposite – that it’s irresponsible of me to see the problems, since it’s my attention that fuels them.

They get to create their world their way; I get to create mine my way.

And I’ve engaged enough battles to know those things don’t have happy endings.

That doesn’t mean I give up on what I want. It’s the exact opposite! It means I know better how to get what I want.

And right now what I want is to be someone who gets refreshing sleep and has the good energy to vision more good things into her world.

  • February 3, 2017
  • Nat says:

    This is great Jeannette. I’ve been choosing to skip over all the political posts and choosing to see my version of Trump. My version, for me, is the best. And I don’t care about needing to convince others of it.

  • Joanne says:

    Do this all the time these days without even realising unless I stop to think about it consciously. Hardly watch the news and don’t read newspapers. The odd snippets I catch from others, I tell myself (and hold a firm belief) that the media is there to control us and keep us where they want us so most of it goes over my head anyway…… ignorance really is bliss in so many ways 😊

  • Judy says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of this, too, Jeannette. Sometimes I even play with this alternative fact: President Bernie Sanders 🙂

    • Judy says:

      I also kind of feel like we’re all being punked anyway, so ignoring it isn’t hard!

    • Shane says:

      I appreciate this alternative fact 🙂 President Bernie Sanders all the way.

      • Bodil says:

        Or no president at all? And you get ACS = Americas Colaborating States ) 45´th is a 9 in numorology and 9 means compleasion, som something is ending and it means new beginnings. 2017 is a one year, which means new beginnings. We get the world, we THINK we get. So thinking outside the box gives more possibilities to get what we want the way WE want it. Makes sence? ( english is my second language ) Universe is always outside the box that´s what makes it so great to let it deliver the results. Happy february to everybody!!

  • Hey Jeannette,
    I love this and is exactly the reason I can’t wait to chat with you soon! So many angles to approach this and I love how you summed it up.

  • Shane says:

    I have a genuine question. If you see a homeless person on the street, do you simply choose not to look at them and say that homelessness in the world isn’t real? I volunteer at a soup kitchen twice per month and I can’t convince myself that poverty isn’t real. Also, as with the Dakota Pipeline situation and the current bill that is being proposed that it is legal to “accidentally” run over protestors. How can you live as a positive co-creator and help to create situations where we live in a compassionate world without putting on blinders?

  • Brandon says:

    Gotta say, I love this post. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on parallel realities, and what you say is exactly right: we decide what’s real for us. Our power of focus is so immense, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t realize that.

  • Reya says:

    What a lovely post!
    Very very inspiring! x

  • Sandra says:

    Thanks for another awesome post Jeannette! I had to chuckle when I read the following: “Yes, there’s hoopla about “alternative facts” in the media lately, as well as Trump’s refusal to live in reality”, only because I don’t have the slightest idea what that’s all about. So I guess I’m pretty good at deciding what I know (or want to know). Hurrah! And I totally agree with Leslie, Danielle and Dana! Let’s rock on with our “Pollyanna” selves! 😊

  • Jeannette says:

    Fen, you know this blog is for conscious creators, right?

  • Dana says:

    This sums me up perfectly as of late: “There are people near and dear to me who consider my refusal to see big problems in the world as irresponsible and dangerous.” And, you know what? I don’t care. I’m a master selective sifter & a Pollyanna because that serves my vibration best. Great read Jeannette!!!

  • Dawn says:

    Thank you, Jeannette!!! I love this! I’ve done that before too. Just don’t look at the clock and it’s any time I want it to be. I also do this if I’m running late – cover the clock in the car. It’s more relaxing and much more safe. And often I find, even though everything would indicate I should have been late, I end up on time.

  • Amina says:

    Love this… so funny, last night I had a moment of not wanting to know. I had to will myself to not get up and find out… I just chose to not know! Love this and am on your wavelength today!

  • Danielle says:

    One of my favorite things to say when my attention starts drifting towards something I don’t want it to drift towards is “not in my world”.

  • Leslie says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I love my “head in the sand” approach to things I don’t want to know. Especially if I can’t do one darn thing to change it.
    Thanks for this one Jeannette!

    • Jeannette says:

      You know what, Leslie? Just deciding not to look (head in the sand) does change it. We know that because everything arises from our observation. Without us holding it in place with our attention, it couldn’t exist. So you are doing a darn thing to change it. 🙂

  • Melanie says:

    Loved this Jeannette! Thank you for this today!

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