I’m Not Making This Up!

life1.jpgThat’s what I said to myself in the shower this morning, as I wondered why I would send my new partner copies of two critical emails I received about our joint call last night.
I know better than to pass along anything negative, and yet I didn’t miss a beat on it. Amy wrote back saying something to the effect of: I really don’t need to see these. Where are you conflicted?
Which made me wonder why I passed them along. What came up was a feeling of justification: “I TOLD you, Amy! I’m not making this up!”
Oh really, Jeannette? You’re not making it up? If it’s not you, who is it?
In sorting out the energy behind it, I became clear I wasn’t completely comfortable with her promotion skills. Plain and simple. Doesn’t make me, her, or the strategies right or wrong. It’s just how I feel about it.
And that feeling … well, we all know what that attracts. I’m not comfortable; I attract more to match that. People who aren’t comfortable. Me receiving emails that aren’t comfortable. Me making Amy uncomfortable. (Or trying to.)
So then my mind goes to justification.
I wanted her to know “I’m not making this up!” People don’t appreciate being marketed to this way! It isn’t just ME that isn’t down with traditional selling strategies. We’ve got to do it DIFFERENT! We’ve got to leave these old “rules” behind! This is OLD STUFF. It DOESN’T WORK!But guess what? I AM making this up. Every bit of it. There isn’t a single thing I’m not responsible for creating. (Hard core, I know, but I believe it to be true.)
So while Amy’s having a perfectly effective preview call (we only had four slots left by the time the call ended), I’m having very subtle mixed feelings which attracts the type of emails that I hardly EVER receive. The only time I’ve received anything like that was back when I partnered with Jen Blackert. (Who is still up to fun stuff, I might add. I just signed up for her preview call.)
What have I learned here?
I am making this up. I’m making up that people aren’t comfortable with this style of marketing. I’m the one making up that it will turn some folks off. I’m the one making up that it will risk my reputation. I’m making it up. All of it.
If that’s the case (which it is), how ’bout I make something else up?
All right, now I’m getting somewhere.
How about I make up that folks get who I am and what I’m about – it doesn’t matter the words or the colors or the partners I use. People get me. Plain and simple. (I LIKE that.)
How about I make up that Amy brings incredibly valuable technical and marketing expertise to the table. (Which she does.) That she’s not a marketing handicap, but an asset. How about I make up that I get wonderful feedback from here on out?
(Truth be told, just in the time I started writing this I’ve received three “raving” emails about last night’s call. That’s how quickly the Universe can respond to energy shift.)
So, all right, I’m making it up. I get it now.
Which leads to my next question … what are YOU making up? Is it serving you, or can you see room for improvement?
A worthy question, I discovered in this morning’s shower. 🙂

  • September 6, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yes, often clarity comes in ways that might not be super-comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t all good. Nice reminder, Leslie & Paulette. Thanks.

    And yes, Paulette, you’re right. Those feelings of being out of alignment – that’s where the gold is when we recognize it and make adjustments. While we’re in that state, though, people undoubtedly pick up on that energy on some level. I’m looking forward to not broadcasting that again. 🙂

    I love the Right Action credo from your trainer!

    And then when I think about it more, I realize I don’t believe in “wrong” really … at least theoretically. lol I flash on my neighbor, his hungry dog, and realize I may spend moments believing in “wrong” at certain times.

    Well, it’s a continual journey, huh? We may as well enjoy it!

    Thanks for the thoughtful posts. Gave me much to reflect on.

  • Paulette says:


    I wanted to weigh in on this posting, but decided to hold off until I had a better sense of my thoughts about the preview call and your “bathtub thoughts” (oops – that’s right , shower thoughts) regarding the preview call. This evening it dawned on me that in your decision to take a bold step forward, perhaps you had “indeed” taken a step back. I do like what Flavia had to say about possibility of your creating the climate of the call “so that you’d get clear on things, which you did.”

    What seemed to be most meaningful for you had everything to do with your feelings of being out of alignment – at least that is the way that I see it. Although I am still very much a novice when it comes to understanding the Law of Attraction, I would imagine is that when we are in alignment with our goals and vision, it becomes much easier to communicate our ideas to ourselves and others, and then be able to follow though and act upon these goals with consistency and authenticity.

    If one is out of alignment then ___________. I decided to leave it to the experts to fill in these blanks. However, what comes to my mind for me is closely aligned with the teachings of Chris Argyris’ “Theory of Action.” This theory includes “espoused theory – “what we say we believe or what we will do,” and”theory-in-use” — “what we actually do!”

    From the vantage point of this theory, I would imagine that if I am out of alignment — then my espoused theory and my theory in use will be in conflict. In these kinds of situations, what I might say, or feel or think may be quite different from my actions – a mismatch that probably sends mixed signals and even create confusion for those who encounter this disconnect. My sense is that this was how you are/were feeling during and following the preview call – that there was something going on that felt unclear, murky, and perhaps even left you feeling a little deceived [my thoughts/words/feelings].

    I sincerely hope that the past few days have allowed you to reconnect with the outcomes that you envisioned in the planning stages of this breakthrough class. I am sure that once you feel that you have come totally back into alignment with your style – your personal banding – you will feel the original momentum and excitement surging again.

    You are masterful when it comes to the art of manifesting your own thoughts and reality, and the Jeanette that I know is already in process of adjusting her vibes to attract exactly the right energy that you desire for this class. In my coach training, my instructor consistently promoted the idea of us thinking and doing our craft in a state of what he called RightAction™ – “The right people doing the right things at the right times in the right way for the right reasons.”

    Keep moving forward! I know that in the end you will find your perfect balance for this endeavor, and that you will surface RightAction™ — using your own special brand of authenticity and verve!!

    “Celebrate the journey!”

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with Flavia – and she expressed it so beautifully! Yes to our guidance that gives us moments of red flags. And yes to intentions of clarity! It’s all in alignment when we remember that!

    Love Leslie
    Thanks for your kind words Jeannette

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Flavia, nice to hear from you! Thanks for weighing in on this subject!

    And I have to say, your suggestion that maybe I created this to get clear on things really put a smile on my face! I think you might be RIGHT ON TARGET with that!

    Ahhh – clarity!! Thanks for helping me feel better about my experience, and for reiterating the wonderful guidance we all get form our Inner Beings!

    Speaking of … I’ve been trying to think of a more appealing name for my inner being … I think I heard a fellow coach (Judy) call hers her “Inner Judy” which is what inspired me to think of something besides Inner Being. If anyone’s got a favorite name they care to share, I’d love to hear.

    Thanks again for the thoughtful post, Flavia. It is much appreciated!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Leslie, I think my lovely answer to your lovely post went into cyberspace … so I wanted to again say how much I appreciated your thoughts. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one sorting through all this energy work! lol

    Much much love to you, my dear.

    Please keep me/us posted on what develops for you as you achieve more insights about your intentions and your energy. It’s a gift to hear about your experience. 🙂

  • Flavia says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    I just listened to the preview call and I felt marketed to by Amy. She kept saying that she wouldn’t need to convince us and that we just needed to trust our instincts but then she felt she needed to repeat a lot of the same information. It got boring.

    I totally love you and your style and I understand why you felt uncomfortable. That’s guidance from you Inner Being telling you: this is not in alignment with the way you prefer to do things.

    I do appreciate you trying to own up to creating it all. I’m a big believer that we create everything as well but maybe the reason you created it is so that you’d get clear on things, which you did. You trust that people know you and we do. But we can also tell when some thing’s not in alignment. We have our own Inner Being giving us feedback as well. We love you because of your very precious preferences and ways of doing things. Trust that they are leading you to more things that are more in line with what you’re about.

    Keep up the great work,

    P.S. This is the first time I’ve posted a comment but I felt very strongly about it and wanted to express it.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Thanks for the comment, Teena. It reminds me of how much we all do learn from each other, and what a gift it is that we’re different!!

    Amen to the differences! : )

    Nice to hear from you again, dear friend. Enjoy Abraham in San Antonio!! Woo hoo!!

  • Teena E. Mason says:

    ok, I get to comment here. Amy has her awesome ideas, Jeannette has her awesome ideas and the end result is splendid. Example….a stallion is VERY beautiful & regal, however, his beauty can never make the beauty of something else, any less. Such as the plush green pastures that his hoofs run upon….(stay with me here!)~ Or can it make the brilliant sun that lights the way any less beautiful….We all have a lot to offer. Amy CERTAINLY does and Jeannette CERTAINLY does! Happy creating on your awesome marketing methods!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love it that you saw you were trying to make Amy feel uncomfortable to match your feelings with her marketing techniques!
    How marvelous of you to see this and own your stuff and raise your vibration.
    I admire your strength of character and integrity. I wonder why you would worry that would change in the partnership.
    I have be playing with my stories lately as well. I used to be tired, overwhelmed and drained by my life and loved ones. Now I feel lighter and tell myself you will have energy after work for things you want to do. I tell myself I have all the time and space to do what I want to do. And as I own this reality more I begin to think so what is it I really want to do.
    And if I start to feel tired at work or see others are cranky or stressed I tap into this restful feeling I have. I have all the time and space to do what I want to, to feel what I want to, to chose what I want to.
    Yesterday I found myself giving people a hand with their energy and today I managed to be more nuetral. I bring that up because I think it has to do with trying to get others to match up with our energy. I am feeling great and so I want to help others feel that way. I am wondering if I could just own it for myself and not worry about others matching the good vibe.

    Love Leslie

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Ellie, you’ve got to give us a link to what you’re up to. I’m loving the sounds of it!

    Your comments here feel right on (and thanks for the good words about the preview call).

    In fact, I was talking with my coach today who said that some people who use – what’d she call them – oh! “slick” tactics … if they’re in alignment with them they do GREAT with them. And we had fun naming some well known folks who pull it off perfectly.

    But if someone who isn’t comfortable with those same slick tactics tries it – the incongruency comes through loud and clear and is a huge turnoff.

    So yes, there’s probably no book we can write saying “this is bad fear-based” marketing and “this is good love-based” marketing, I suspect, because it is all dependent on the individual and how he/she feels.

    The thought of authenticity as a marketing tactic makes me smile. I’d like to see more of that.

    Along those lines, my coach gave me this link that was an entertaining read: http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/2005/04/22/kentucky-this-is-fattening-food-fried-marketing/

    Thanks for weighing in, Ellie! Your two cents’ worth is welcome any time and valued much more than it’s labeled!

    Love & Miracles –

    PS – seriously, a link please!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Aaron and the shower … that’s just the vibe shift this comment post needed! (hee hee)

    Thanks, Aaron!!!

    Yeah, I agree. When I used the things that were supposed to “work” that didn’t feel great – I got results that didn’t feel great. When I broke the rules and did what wasn’t supposed to work at all, but I felt great about – guess what? I got great results!

    But I’m going back to thoughts of greatest thinking in showers.

    Ah, that just lights me up, Aaron. Thanks for the (I’m sure unintended) lift!! lol

  • Ellie says:

    Ohhhh I just have to add my .02 here! 😉

    First I have to say – I was on that call last night. The vibrations were soooo good! I could feel the integrity and beliefs of both Jeannette & Amy. It was so good to be with people who you could Feel they believed in what they were doing!

    Jeannette said — “Anything fear-based or scarcity-based is not up my alley,”

    I hear that — and I would think I agree with that — BUT — it is so possible what I think is fear-based or scarcity-based… you might not think is!

    So it is all about individual perspectives. I think So & So – is a happy, lively person and my friend thinks So & So is a cookoo!

    Two different perspectives – One So & So. Who is right? We both are!

    Marketing use to be my forte – I use to teach people “marketing tactics” – Now I live by and teach – being in alignment with self, authenticity – what feels good. Funny thing is – I am sure there are people who call my authenticity – “marketing tactics”!

    There are No Mistakes….. Only Discoveries! ~~ Ellie Walsh

  • Aaron says:

    I do some of my best thinking in the shower.

    And no, I’m not making that up… 😉

    I totally agree about going with what FEELS good to you, Jeannette. I started out using Internet Marketing type of techniques early on, yet even with the best intentions of getting my valuable products into the hands of people that could use them, the I/M techniques just felt bogus to me, so I gave up on most of them.

    Even in the land of deliberate creation, there is a lot of I/M type of marketing going on, and even if the products or services themselves are totally spectacular, that type of marketing makes me feel like I need a shower.

    Hey, look! We’re back to the shower again! 🙂

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    People might think we don’t love each other if we keep this up, Jeff!!

    I don’t know whether you agree with this or not – but I believe the key to successful marketing is NOT whether it’s authentic or not (although I suspect that plays a big part) – I think it’s how we FEEL (i.e. vibrate) about it, which is closely tied to our BELIEFS.

    So if I believe a particular marketing strategy is effective, and yet it’s out of alignment with my personal integrity, I’ve got kind of a crap shoot going on, don’t I? I could either get on board with it (so it IS within my integrity) or I could employ an effective technique that doesn’t violate who I am and what I’m about.

    Either way, it’s not so much the strategy, as it is how I FEEL about it. That’s where we could argue all day long, huh? 😉

  • Jeff Atherton says:

    You can be authentic… as long as it works.

    If you use every color on the color chart for the text on your web page then that could be authentic and different.

    But what good does that do you if everyone leaves your page without taking action because it’s too hard to read.

    Now, you know how I feel about marketing with integrity so if fear-based or sccarcity-based methods are not in alignment with you then don’t use them.

    But there are alot of different things that you are in alignment with, so test those things.

    Bottom line, who you are comes across in the words that you write and speak.

    So don’t change that. It’s the core of your marketing and how you build a relationship with your list.

    But there are alot of things that can work around that as the foundation. Just don’t write them off because they work for a lot of other people too.

    Alot of people use their car to get from place to place because it works. I don’t see you walking everywhere.


  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    This is exactly the kind of guidance that gets good-intentioned folks off their authentic track, Jeff! And here you are continuing the corruption! lol

    As you know, the methods have been tested. And I believe you know the results, too.

    I would also venture a guess that our definitions of “winning” are very different.

    Anything fear-based or scarcity-based is not up my alley, no matter how many studies you quote me about how much more effective it is.

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to say so out loud! : )

  • Jeff Atherton says:

    Test, Test and Test.

    Sorry Jeannette. What marketing methods you think works or doesn’t work is useless. You don’t get to vote on that. Only the people with their finger on the mouse button get to vote.

    So test both methods. Anything less is just guessing.

    Now here’s where you argue that your thoughts and vibrations about the marketing method affects the results… well test that too.

    Test as much as you reasonably can.

    With internet marketing it’s easy to quantify results, and the best results win.

    Blue Skies,

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