In Case of Emergency Read This

Manifest Help in Troubled TimesI can’t remember what troubles I was facing that inspired me to write this thank you letter. But it’s come in handy more than once.

This is the letter I read when living under the same roof with my ex seemed unbearable.

It’s the letter I read when I felt anxious about the litigation my aunt and I are involved in.

It’s the letter I keep handy whenever I feel stuck with something bigger than me. I pulled it out again today when I started to entertain doubts about a new work colleague.

I share it with you to inspire you to create your own “In Case of Emergency” thank you letter. Because conscious creators know the power of giving thanks in advance, rather than just asking for what we want.

There’s hardly a better way to assume the energy of the “happy done deal” than expressing appreciation for it now.

Whether you address yours to a higher power or just to yourself in congratulations for how well you handled a challenge, pre-thanks is a powerful way to break the spell of worries, doubts and fears and to let solutions manifest:

Thank You letter to Universe

Here’s the text in case you want to edit this version:

Dear Universe, Angels, Guides, Helpers, Agents, Friends & All …
Thank you!
Thank you for your fast acting help! Thank you for letting it be so smooth! Thank you for making it even better than I hoped! Thank you for bringing the perfect people at the perfect time to make all my dreams come true!
It couldn’t have turned out any better than it did. You guys really outdid yourself here for me! Thank you again for all the extra special gifts, favors, attention and guidance. You guys rock!
I couldn’t be happier. It is such a joy to know you’re there for me – in spades – every time I remember to let you in. Yay for everything working out perfectly! Yay for miraculous progress! Yay for perfect unfoldings and happy endings! Yay for everyone getting what they want! Yay for all good things coming my way.
Thanks again, Universe & Angels & Guides, for taking such excellent care of me. I feel so blessed! Love you all! – Jeannette

You’re feeling better already, aren’t you? 😉

  • July 29, 2014
  • Marilyn says:

    You rock Jeannette ❤

  • Jill says:

    Thanks for another great resource!! And I love how you included a copy that can be edited – thank you, you think of everything.
    I have a thank you letter but yours is much more positive so I’ll take some time to make some additions to mine now : )
    Have a fabulous day!

  • fs says:

    nice one!!! Bookmarked this, will be reading everyday! Thanks!!!
    Great story, Susann!!!

  • Susann says:

    OK. This works. I had to come all the way back over here to tell you that: this works. Spooky fast.
    Yesterday, I wrote a happy little letter to my fabulous co-creator, the Universe, and all my assorted helpers & assistants, thanking them all profusely for the extra money they dropped into my lap for the new computer I need. I worked it ’til I felt it! Went to bed feeling pretty positive.
    In this morning’s mail — this is about 14 hours later, btw — I got a letter from my insurance company. Upon reviewing my house & car insurance, which I’ve had with them for years, they discovered I’ve been overpaying for most of those years. Because I carry both house & car with them, I am eligible for a reduced premium on both — which has never been applied. Attached: a cheque for $1000 & change.
    I am . . . speechless (well, not quite, obviously). And from an **insurance** company? Never in my wildest dreams . . . .
    Thank you, Jeannette, for yet *another* wonderful addition to my LOA tool box. You & the Universe never cease to bring it!

  • Jim says:

    Thank you. Yes, I am. That is so beautiful, and says all that needs to be said. Thank you for arranging it so perfectly, and presenting it like a gift to us. Thank you for all you do, sweetheart. You ROCK as well!
    Thank you..

  • I needed this today! Thank you so much for sharing! I was asking angels to be with me all day yesterday, but I forgot to say thanks in advance for all the love and support!

  • Katy says:

    I agree with Cat and everyone else! This can be used or adjusted to ‘daily’ as well as when we feel we need an extra dose of ‘remembering’ just how blessed we are – here in physical and beyond! Love this…thanks Jeannette (and Julie for your version) I love when I don’t have to reinvent the wheel lol and can adjust something personal from someone else’s inspiration to my own. ‘Slacker material” 🙂

  • Cat says:

    Shoot — I felt great already, and this upped MY vibe! Why save something like that for emergencies? 🙂

  • Jackie Gaston Taylor says:

    For about the past six months to a year, I’ve been writing a thank you page or two to the Universe every morning. My life has become amazing all at once.

  • Luzia Light says:

    And funny, too.
    And, yes, I do feel better already.

  • Kelley says:

    THANK YOU Jeannette!!! The timing was impecable. When you mentioned you used this when you felt anxious about litigation with a family member — BINGO! (me, too) So I’m pulling out my new Appreciation book and writing that sucker up, and milking it for all the thankful energy I can muster. Ahhh. I’m feeling much more relaxed just planning to write a Thank You letter. Thanks, Jeannette – you are the bee’s knees!! <3

  • Love, love, love this Jeannette! So inspired!
    And here’s my letter:
    Dear campfire friends —
    I just want to thank you for all the ways that I already feel better.
    Paul led us through an imagining one time where we could see our helpers sort of sitting around a campfire talking about how amazing our incarnations are, what fun we’re having, and how delicious it all is. Of course, for me, I see a bunch of hot cowboy types sitting around a big fire. And there are a lot of them.
    It’s good to have friends, both physical and non-physical.

  • Thank you Jeannette 🙂 I wanted to add that I’m actually going to keep a handwritten copy in my wallet. At least for now, I feel like I’d like it with me all the time. I like the idea of it being in with my money too! 🙂

  • Nancy, I can’t wait to hear what manifests for you from that daily practice!
    Cassie, glad you found some inspiration here. I always feel like that’s a huge win when that happens!
    And Julie – this is BEAUTIFUL!!! That was such a treat to read! Makes me wonder if these letters are kind of like food – where it’s always better when someone else makes it. lol
    Thank you for sharing, my friend! 🙂

  • After writing my letter Jeannette, I felt impressed, once again, with your willingness to share yourself so openly. This was a powerful process! Thank you <3 And here's mine.
    Dear Universe, Angels, Guides and Friends who are part of my spiritual entourage,
    Thank you so much for all your loving guidance and help! Our lifelong conversation has always been such a comforting, enlightening and inspiring source of support. You've always been there for me! From the time I was a very young child, and I'd ask you to please let me listen to my record on the broken player, you've provided endless magic and miracles!
    Thank you for providing me with such a sense of security, so that I can explore my reality as freely and spontaneously as you know I enjoy. Even when I've felt lost or scared, you're always there, and all I need to do is ask for help! And you respond so fast, and easily! Wow!! The wonderful people, places and experiences you provide for me are endlessly delightful!
    I love you all so much, and I love knowing that whatever shows up in my life, you have me held in your loving arms. Thank you for guiding me so gently and joyfully towards my dreams, and for always soothing me past my fears. Thank you for blessing me with such abundant care.
    Continuing to ease and flow,
    Julie Masters

  • Cassie says:

    This is such a wonderful idea!! Thank you for sharing. I’m going to write one, although it will probably look a lot like yours because yours pretty much says it all!

  • Great ‘thank you in advance’, Jeannette! I’ve kept thank you’s and appreciation from others in my Warm and Fuzzy File, and I followed that Abe hotseater’s suggestion to write and say Thank You to Source every day for receiving.
    Never thought of writing to my Angels and Guides, though! I’m still working on feeling a direct connection with Angels and Guides the way I do to Source/Infinite Intelligence. That’s probably why I haven’t written to them, yet.
    Many blessings,

  • Would love to read your letter if you care to share it with us, Julie.
    Nat, I hope you have fun with writing yours, too. Seeing other people’s letters could be good for making mine even better.
    I didn’t mention this in the post, but I tuck my letter in a nearby drawer – or sometimes even leave it on the desk for a while to remember to revisit it when times feel especially turbulent.
    And no, that’s not my handwriting. (I made the graphic online.) My handwriting has more style and is less legible. lol

  • This is great. I’ve never used this before. Look forward to playing with it.
    By the way, Jeannette, is that your handwriting in the notebook?

  • julie masters says:

    Another fabulous suggestion Jeannette!
    One of the ways I break the spell of fear is to make a, “Help please”, request to my spiritual entourage, but the thank you letter takes it to a whole new place! 🙂 I’m going to write one right now!
    Ease and flow,
    Julie Masters

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