In Case Of Vibrational Emergency

What to do when it seems nothing’s going right?

When you feel on the verge of tears if something doesn’t go your way soon?

Well, that might be time for a good cry.

Just let’r rip.

Feeling the feelings is often the best way through.

But if it feels like you can turn things around before the funk gains momentum, and you’re looking for immediate vibrational relief, here’s a curated list for turning the mood around.

This is not a replacement for the work of shifting beliefs or learning to tame gremlin thought patterns.

But it can be a way to break the spell of a temporary dark cloud.

And that’s all it takes to give yourself a head start to feeling better …

Best of Craigslist

For good distraction that requires minimal but still entertaining sifting, peruse the best of Craigslist as chosen by Craigslist readers.

My favorites are the adopted dog, found condoms & bread, seeking life manager, and the Craigslist thanks.

Autocorrect Fails

If language offends you, this might not be your ticket. For the rest of us, you could be in tears laughing by the end of this.

Get more Best of Autocorrects here.

Vibe-Lifting Videos

The Good Vibe U facebook page has a nice collection of videos designed to make you smile. If you’re in a funk, scroll right on by the spiritual stuff to get straight to baby goats and cats who rule dogs.

Yes, some of it is very wrong, but that’s what makes it so funny.

Netflix Binge

Sometimes the best fix for downward spiraling thoughts is to surrender to the story. Someone else’s story, that is. Here are some of the most properly distracting shows on Netflix lately, as compiled by informal survey of fellow creators:

I haven’t seen most of those, but one of my new favs for pressing pause on mental overdrive is to settle in for a couple episodes of Escape to the Country. So calming and curiously reassuring.

Nature Bath

Mother Earth is magic in transmuting negativity.

Sit in the sun, look at the clouds, listen to the ocean, commune with a tree (or just an indoor plant), walk barefoot on the grass, and don’t be surprised when that takes at least a little edge off the funk.

See what I mean: try it now with this audio/visual visit to a stream via YouTube.

Comedians to the Rescue

If you’ve got a favorite comedian, you already know the power of this vibe-shifter.

And if you don’t, it’s time to get one. They can get you laughing like even baby goats can’t, when you give them a chance.

The key is to finding your personal favorites. If you’re starting from scratch, sample from this list:

Dave Chappelle is back (R for language)

Kevin Hart works for many audiences (R for language)

Mike Birbiglia is adorable

Aziz Ansari is good for a laugh

Or sample the cast of Last Comic Standing.

Something Totally Different

Perhaps an enjoyable distraction isn’t calling you, but rather something more potent …

You might try a meditation designed to connect you to the light. Here’s one recommended by one of my favorite energy workers that’s designed to raise your vibration by connecting to the pillar of pure white light.

What do you say we round out this list with your recommendations for emergency vibe-lifters?

Thanks in advance for your shares!

  • April 22, 2017
  • Meg says:

    I love this list – autocorrect fails are my favorite but I love all of the additions!
    One of my favorites ways to get out of a fund is belting out 80’s and 90’s music at the top of my lungs or putting on some dance music – like Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch “Good Vibrations” or some classic Will Smith aka DJ Jazzy Jeff. How can you be upset when you are singing about Miami? 😀

  • Layan says:

    This article is now bookmarked on my laptop! The Craiglist links cracked me up 😄. Usually, Conan O’Brien makes my day
    Also Key & Peel are hilarious

  • Jeri says:

    Exactly what I needed!!!
    Thank you my friend!

  • Brent says:

    I enjoy Whose Line is it Anyway? for a great laugh. British or US version works. 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    Jeannette this is a great list! I love finding more ways to banish the funk when it arises.
    Here’s one of my favorites. These videos never fail to make me smile.

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