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Getting in the VortexBy reader request, we’re starting our “In the Vortex” series of posts designed to help you bring good vibrations to life’s challenging situations.

If you’ve got contrast you’d like to bring alignment to, this series can help.

Here’s our current directory of topics (click the one you want to read):

Budgets in the Vortex
Debt in the Vortex
Debt in the Vortex (Revisited)
Taxes in the Vortex
Cancer in the Vortex
Being Sick in the Vortex
Exercise in the Vortex
Breakups in the Vortex
Custody Battle in the Vortex
Lawsuits in the Vortex

If you’re new to the vortex, here’s a primer or two to bring you up to speed.

Feel free to make special requests for additional In the Vortex topics. Β And if you’ve got one to contribute, please send it over, as this is a community inspired resource! Thank you! Β πŸ™‚

  • August 19, 2012
  • Emrick says:

    Intuition is made of 2 words: in and tuition. in : inside of your heart, and tuition: teaching . So it means that You know in your heart, because it was taught to You by your own heart. (which is the Divine in You)

  • Anita says:

    Jeannette – Thank you soooo much for this topic! I feel it has given me a huge perceptual change regarding “negative events”! Now I see that I can still enjoy life even when faced with negative stuff happening to me. In each moment I have the choice to be happy no matter what’s happening in the 3D world.
    So more suggestions:
    “Being rejected/disliked/hated/alone/unpopular in the Vortex”
    “Being overweight in the Vortex”
    “Being surrounded by negative people in the Vortex”
    I just looooove this topic so much:-))

  • Our pleasure, TerriC!
    And Jessica, that’s a good topic. I’ll find someone who can do it justice. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Jessica says:

    depression in the vortex

  • TerriC says:

    Sara, can I just amplify Jeannette’s “WOW” and THANK YOU for posting? Extraordinary clarity and candor and grace…no surprise your husband responded from the “higher choice” even though hell-raiser can show up as helpful support initially. (*smile… in my experience, that is.) I believe all those gifts are contagious in the vortex: that wisdom, balance and love pervading your family, your message – what things look like. (That’s what I notice when I am clear, aligned and am also in something “engaging” – all that “good” lifts everyone and everything…and I speak as an LOA appreciator – not sure of all the language, explanations, connections – I am a learning LOAer. And you can tell, right? *bigger smile) *So very grateful for your message and sending you love to remain clear and present*
    Jeannette, as always – thank you for creating the spaces, places, opportunities and energetic rest-stops for us travelers. Good Vibe is the healthy energetic concession stand for the movin’ road warrior (like me!) Much appreciated! xo

  • Sara Exley says:

    I really appreciate that….thank you for the wow! It definitely feels that way.
    I tell ya, if I ever had any doubts about my family’s ability to stay present and loving in a time like this, I now have all the evidence I need that claims otherwise. Everyone has been keeping the light on inside.
    Oh my gosh get this too, we went to visit him yesterday and it was so abundantly clear that they can only do so much for him there. (That’s kind of putting it nicely.) and instead if raising hell, my husband very clearly communicated what he wanted to see happen to the people there and he and I came to the agreement that it’s not about them fixing the situation anyway. It’s about what WE do moving forward from here on out. Getting a really competent therapist who works with kids who have post-trauma stuff plus continuing to provide a stable, secure home environment, plus staying present, aware, and in the vortex – all of these things are what’s going to make a difference moving forward, not what the hospital can provide on the short term. I’m just amazed at how all of us have been responding. Just beautiful. πŸ™‚
    Thank you again, Jeannette!

  • WOW, Sara. That’s a powerful one. WOW!!

  • Sara Exley says:

    Oh boy, Jeannette, these are all good ones! How about suicidal behavior in our teenager and the process of helping him receive the proper care?! He’s currently at a local mental health hospital. Talk about a potentially out of the vortex situation. I posted on Facebook how proud I am of my family’s resilience and ability to come together and lift each other up while moving through this. What’s keeping me appreciative and in the vortex is that there are SO many wonderful things and changes in the works happening for all of us as individuals and as a family system, and we are SO beyond grateful that we didn’t go into denial that something was seriously off, and we took inspired action BEFORE he physically harmed himself.
    This has not been a lesson in staying “strong” it’s been such an opportunity for us to be clear about what we want AND be tender all at the same time. Also it’s been wonderful to allow our loved ones and other members of our support team to do their thing – love us and lift us up. It IS possible to do what we have to do to handle what looks like a tough situation and go on living life at the same time. Thank you for the opportunity to explore how we can be in the vortex no matter what!

  • Thanks for this suggestion, Anita! πŸ™‚

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