About Inspired Action

I like to say that conscious creation is as simple as getting focused on what you want (rather than what you don’t want) and then doing what feels good (i.e. taking inspired action).

(Abraham calls that “alignment, and then …”)

Simple process. Point yourself in the direction you want to go, then follow inspiration.

But some folks say even though they focus on their desire, they don’t get any inspirations for taking action. Meaning they don’t receive any brilliant ideas to follow up on.

Which makes me think they might be mistaking what inspired action really is

Inspired action isn’t always obviously related to your goal or dream. It isn’t always clear about how it contributes to your success. And it isn’t necessarily a traditional or socially-approved action step to get where you want.

Rather, inspired action is whatever feels good or sounds like fun. It’s whatever appeals to you next. It’s whatever you feel called toward or drawn to.

It might be sleeping in. Or taking a road trip.

It could be calling a friend. Or reading a book.

It might be ordering takeout, or going for a walk.

It’s answering whatever is in your heart, no matter what it is.

In fact, here’s a guy who knows how to follow inspiration:

It’s that simple! Following what’s in your heart! (Including stomping through a mud puddle!)

It isn’t always going to be something like an impulse to reach out to a publisher. Or excitement to attend a networking meeting. Or posting a profile on an online dating site.

It might be something obviously related to your goal, but often it’s not.

So if you were expecting inspiration to be something in line with the sorts of actions you think are required to get where you want to be, you’ll want to open your mind about what inspiration really is.

When I was building my coaching business, more often than not the thing that called me most was dog walks up the canyon. I did a lot of walking up that canyon! Even though it seemed like I should be in the office, drumming up some business or doing something “productive.”

Luckily I knew how the system works: the first step is to line up with what I want (which I did in three different ways, including daily pray rain journal entries).

My only work after that was to do whatever felt good. Which, more often than not, was to go on yet another dog walk. (That’s still my #1 favorite thing in the whole wide world. High-vibing activity for me!)

I sure didn’t understand how I was supposed to get clients by walking dogs, but I trusted the system.

In hindsight, however, it makes good sense … I was coming straight out of corporate burnout and my mental state of mind was not positive, to say the least.

Those dog walks in the canyon were invaluable vibrational therapy, shaking off years of emotional stress and reconditioning my vibration to life enjoyment.

I can see now what I couldn’t see then – I was being called to do the thing that made me an ideal match for success.

And conscious creators know it’s all about the vibe.

(I also followed inspiration to have a website designed, so dog walks weren’t the only thing I did. I also went to lunch with dad and rollerbladed in the park with a girlfriend.)

But most of my inspirations weren’t obvious things like print some business cards or speak at this event. It was mostly dog walks.

And in three months I had a full practice, so the system proved itself reliable!

Remember how Bashar explains it:

“Your excitement is telling you that’s the next thing you need to do. Following your excitement is actually the shortest path to what you want.”

That’s the power of taking inspired action.

It doesn’t mean figuring out what to do next. It doesn’t mean slaving away to make it happen. It means doing what sounds fun or feels best next.

And it doesn’t matter what “it” is. It’s the vibration in doing it that makes all the difference.

You can trust your joy. It knows the best path to your dreams come true.

So if you can identify what sounds good to you next, you are getting inspiration! Trust it, follow it, and watch the magic unfold. 🙂

  • March 8, 2016
  • Aniket says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    This is a great post about inspired action.
    I love the way Bashar explains inspired action.
    It doesnt have to be something directly related to your goal.
    It can be what you feel like doing in the moment, be it calling a friend, going for shopping, taking a walk.
    It can as simple as that.
    We do not have to know how this will lead us to our goal but just trust that it is a part of the manifestation process.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lisa says:

    As always, Jeannette… a great post and reminder.
    It’s funny how I can read and hear something a million times, but when I SEE it, that’s when things click!
    Watching this little guy, my brain was just one big CLICK!

  • Jeannette, this is a Great post!
    this makes more sense to me now.
    Sometimes i get “struck” on inspired action a lot.

  • Ann says:

    Brilliant Jeannette. May I ask, what were the other two things you did apart from Pray Rain Journalling? Years ago when I was a freelancer (before cellphones and email) I noticed that if I went out for the day and had fun, when I came home there would be messages on the answer machine with people I hadn’t heard of wanting me to work for them.

  • Veronica says:

    Just in time !! I was getting confused with what inspired action is. Last couple of days I felt lost!! Thank you because your posts always remaind me what the law of attraction is and in blue times you post things to keep me up !!!!
    PD: sorry about my English. It is not my native language.

  • Christina says:

    If you’re familiar with the luck potion in Harry Potter, that’s how I see it. He took the potion and was inspired to visit hagrid. Step by step, he was led down a seemingly unrelated path until he got the information he was seeking. A luck potion might make this easier, but that’s why hindsight is 20 / 20. On the other side of it, we can better understand how it worked out.

  • Marieke says:

    So, here are the thoughts going through my head. Lots of ‘double trouble’ here a.k.a not being clear on what I want or sending out mixed messages. I want/need a certain degree of financial freedom and certainty (because: family to provide for). I don’t have a steady job ( want one!) and though I like the work I do, I’d really rather paint all day or pursue other creative interests, because that’s what makes me come alive! I follow my inspiration to paint, but all that does is leave me wanting to paint more!
    So how do you balance the ‘need for money’ and ‘following inspiration’? This is what keeps tripping me up. Your thoughts are most welcome!

  • Mary says:

    I. Love. This. What an inspiring story…I’m going to do the same. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Aloha says:

    Once again magic Jeannette!
    Major A-ha going on 🙂
    Namaste thanks for further explanation.

  • Harshal says:

    Hi, I’m trying to manifest sexual relationships for past 15 years. I was never inspired to do anything as I come from a culture of arranged marriages. But when none was arranging one for me then I took all actions like signing up on sites & pursuing girls in my life, but no success. Now I’m a virgin to the extent that I’ve not even hugged or kissed a girl yet. (I don’t indulge in porn nor masturbate). All this coz no inspiration, but then I had the inspiration to undergo therapy, and now suddenly I’m feeling an extreme “inspired action” urge to hug kiss & have sex with the therapist as I sense very strong sexual tension between us! I don’t know what to do? Help please, thanks.

  • Steven says:

    Great post this makes more sense to me now. I get “struck” on inspired action a lot.

    • Jeannette says:

      Yeah, it’s one thing to know it, and it’s another to have the LOA conviction to practice it, isn’t it, Steven? Here’s to finding our sweet spot with inspired action. 🙂

  • Jamie says:

    BINGO bango boom. LOVED every word of this post Jeannette!!! And such a hugely valuable and important message especially when the world is screaming at you that you need to stay focused and work hard through the blood, sweat and tears, that you need to put in long hours and sacrifice to be successful. Yuck.
    We as conscious creators know and understand that sometimes our most important, valuable and impactful “action” as you said, is pure enjoyment, bliss, doing “nothing,” relaxing, spending time with friends, family or pets, etc.
    Such a valuable reminder for us all- thank you for yet another fantastic post!

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, indeed, Jamie! That’s the leverage that Abe’s always talking about, right?! woo hoo for that!
      Thanks for reading and for contributing to the discussion here, Jamie! 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    I’ve pointed myself in the direction I’ve wanted to go, followed inspired action and had everything work out perfectly =)
    I’ve also pointed myself in the direction I wanted to go, followed inspired action and gotten burned badly =(
    Since I’d already had previous experiences of “following my highest excitement” and everything working out, I was really curious about why things went south on me. When I looked back on previous experiences where things worked out, I realized a couple of things…
    First, I didn’t NEED those things to work out. When I got burned, I really needed it to work out. I got a refresher course on why need sometimes means you’re not focused on what you want, and really focused subtly on what you don’t want.
    Second, I realized wanting something to work and expecting it to are REALLY different. I truly wanted the situation to work out where I got burned by following my inspiration. When I looked back though, I realized that in my heart I didn’t expect it to work, I just really hoped it would.
    Now, when I point myself in the direction I want to go, and follow inspired action, I make sure #1 that I don’t need it in a negative way (you can need something in a positive way and the need doesn’t jack you) and #2 I make sure I don’t have any contradictory beliefs mucking things up. The way I find out if I have any contradictory beliefs is by asking myself, “Why is this situation NOT going to work out the way I want it to?”
    Lastly, I love your story about taking all those hikes and how it caused you to quickly gain a full time coaching practice =) More and more, I’m realizing that a big secret to allowing the things I want is to simply relax. Relaxing isn’t something I’ve ever done intentionally before because I thrive on stressful situations (I find them exciting). This past year of intentionally relaxing is a whole new world to me and I’m liking it a lot =)
    Great post,

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, maybe it deserves a separate post on the ins and outs of what it means to “point yourself where you want to go.” If we’re doing that step really successfully, it doesn’t include attachment or resistance or limiting beliefs.
      I also love Abe’s reminder not to expect every inspiration to be an immediate payoff in manifested results. In fact, I remind myself that taking the inspired action is the payoff in itself. (Because it’s fun! Because I enjoyed it!)
      And Bashar adds in his instruction that we want to follow our highest excitement without expectation. I have found how powerful that is to do!
      Anyway, I love that you’re settling into relaxing as a new way of being, my friend! That in itself is a very cool accomplishment. 🙂

      • Namaste says:

        Thanks for pointing out the Bashar point about following your highest excitement without expectation. I’ll need to think about that one in relation to what I experienced =)

      • Dee says:

        I find that information exhausting to read, Jeanette. That’s way too complicated and it doesn’t need to be. Keep it simple. If it doesn’t work out, something better is going to happen. We don’t have to constantly analyze everything to the point of driving ourselves off the deep end. I just know I’m guided and supported and I say “It didn’t work out. I know the Universe has my back so it didn’t work out for a reason” and move on. Something better is coming and it always does! Thank you for your wonderful blogs. They rock!

        • Namaste says:

          You might find this surprisingly but you and I think a lot alike in most areas. I have the same attitude as you do about things when it comes to traffic, dates, the weather etc. I use to share your attitude about manifesting too but then some realizations occurred that changed things…
          Do you know why they teach science to kids in school and not the Law of Attraction? It’s because when you drop a rock off the building it ALWAYS hits the ground and when you combine ammonia and hydrochloric acid it ALWAYS creates salt ammonium chloride. As millions of people can attest, who watched THE SECRET and then followed the formula that claims to deliver results (ask, believe, receive), this can’t be said about LOA.
          Either the Law of Attraction works ALL THE TIME (like dropping a rock off a building) or it’s factually NOT real. I didn’t like this realization but there is no getting around that simple, clear and undeniable fact. That’s what changed my attitude about manifesting dramatically. That’s why I’ve spent years studying alignment. I’m now at a point where I have a working understanding of exactly what causes alignment. This working understanding allows me to expect manifesting results, in the way others expect rocks to always fall to the ground. If a desire of mine doesn’t manifest, that’s actually extremely unexpected and thus requires a serious inquiry. While I’m still in the testing stages for my guaranteed manifesting results system, I noticed recently that Jeannette Maw has already released one herself. If you ever have something fail to manifest, and you have a hard time thinking, “Something better is going to happen…” check out http://www.thevibeboc.com Jeannette promises that if you do the required program work, and for some reason don’t get the result, you get your money back =)

    • Adrienne says:

      Jeannette – Thanks for a great post yet again!
      Namaste – I really enjoy your responses. So, what do you do when you ask yourself, “Why is this situation NOT going to work out the way I want it to?” and you come up with answers (that feel very real to you …or that reality is currently saying is “real”)? Thank you!

      • Namaste says:

        Great question =)
        After answering that question, I have whatever responses came up. Then I look at them and see how I can either neutralize them or shift them to be focused on what I do want (sometimes I do both). Since I’m really detail oriented, I deal with the responses that come up regardless if they feel super real or not. I don’t like having any potential loose ends.
        I was dealing with a financial situation recently where I asked myself this question. The main response that came up was, “I don’t believe this situation is going to work out the way I want it to because all the facts seem to be indicating that it won’t.” When I neutralize something I’m seeking to take the negative emotion out of it. Thinking about this financial situation not working out didn’t feel good. There wasn’t much I could do about the facts. However, I was able to neutralize the situation by making peace with it. I realized if it didn’t work out it wouldn’t be the end of the world and there still was chance it could go in my favor. That brought a lot of relief and took my focus off of worrying about the financial situation not working out in my favor.
        I realized after making peace with the financial situation that I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to shift my focus from being at peace with the situation to being totally focused on what I did want. I figured that out, which felt even better and I totally let it go. I’ll find out in the next few days to few weeks how everything went.
        Hope that answers your question,

        • Adrienne says:

          I, too, am really detail oriented … and practical … and that’s why your responses (as well as all of Jeannette’s advice/writings) really resonate with me. You spot-on answered my question, especially with providing those specific examples. I can repeat this for myself now.
          You rock – thanks!

        • Namaste says:

          Thanks for letting me know my responses resonate with you =)

    • Mel says:

      This is a really helpful response Namaste.
      Do you have any advice on how to need something in a positive way, instead of a negative way? What does the difference feel like?
      Thanks for posting about this topic Jeannette 🙂

      • Namaste says:

        That’s a really good question too =)
        I’m suspect there are a number of ways to do this. The main way I’d shift a negative need, to a positive need, is by making peace with the situation/letting go of any attachment. This isn’t always easy but it can be done.
        Say you want to manifest a $1000. You realize that you really need this money or something you don’t want is going to occur. That’s definitely a need where it’s likely your focus is going to be on not wanting the bad thing to occur. In a situation like this, I’d look for ways out. If the money didn’t manifest, I’d remind myself that I could use a credit card if I really had to. Or I’d look around and see if I could sell something if I didn’t have another choice. Having alternatives in case the money doesn’t manifest in time, takes your focus off needing the money so you can relax and allow it in. You’ll know that the need is no longer negative because when you think about it, there won’t be any kind of concerned feeling in the background. You’ll feel nothing at all or possibly even a bit of positive anticipation about the money showing up.
        Over the years, Jeannette has posted some AWESOME attachment tests. These tests tell you if you’re attached to a desire or not. Here are my two favorites…
        And rather than write out another example, I’ll just use this other article by Jeannette to explain how to release attachment https://goodvibeblog.com/how-to-release-attachment/

        • Mel says:

          Thank you Namaste for such a helpful and detailed response, I’m going to take your advice on board 🙂

  • Dani says:

    This was very informative. I’m one of those who always thought that “inspired action” was directly related to whatever goal I wanted and when nothing related to my goal came up I always thought that I was doing something wrong. But now I know that maybe I was just ignoring the inspiration and looking for it some other way which may have really hindered my manifesting process.
    Thanks so much.

    • Jeannette says:

      You’re definitely not alone in that interpretation, Dani, which is why I so often find myself explaining to folks who say they’re getting NO inspirations that it’s very likely easier than they’re making it. We’re so geared to think action is required to get what we want that we expect that to be part of our manifesting process, too.
      Anyway, glad you read this one and thanks for posting your comments here, Dani. Here’s to easy peasy manifesting from here on out! 🙂

  • Elle says:

    Love it, Jeannette, thank you for these reminders!
    Did Universe ever grant you something and then you did something else you wanted to instead, only to find out the the first choice was more your thing along the way, as you found out more about yourself? If so, how did you handle this? Did you feel bad for not going along with it because you were not aware, or ready or whatnot? How did you reconcile the turmoil, if any?
    If not, what can be done in this situation? I guess more inspired action and you’ll be lead there.

    • Jamie says:

      I would love to chime in here Elle!
      Rather than frame something as bad or a wrong choice with Law of Attraction and deliberate creation, it is so helpful to instead think of everything as moving your forward somehow. Trust that you are always moving towards your intentions. Sometimes, it is contrast that enlightens you and makes you realize that you would like to switch directions.
      Feeling bad is the opposite of good! Every experience teaches us something- it teaches us, “hey I like this and want more of it” or it teaches us, “hmm that’s clarifying! I don’t think I will continue down that route anymore!”
      Stay positive with yourself- no one is perfect and life is a journey, success is a journey…and you want to enjoy the journey. enjoy life NOW, enjoy and appreciate anything and everything you possibly can- focus on all that is right and good and wonderful in your life.
      To move forward from a wrong turn, simply do what your GPS would tell you to do! you can just make a u-turn at the next available opportunity. It can be as simple as remembering what you desire, being clear about what you want, asking and then being ready to receive- receive your inspired thought and also to ultimately receive your manifestation. Do what feels good and trust in the process!
      Hope that helps!

      • Elle says:

        Jamie, thank you so much for this! It really helped! It all goes back to the same thing, the root of it all- keep feeling good! I envisioned the u-turn also!
        And thank you Jeannette! I needed to read that! Got it!

    • Jeannette says:

      I had a little trouble following the hypothetical situation, Elle, but the easy answer no matter what’s up is always this: find the thoughts that feel better. They’ll lead you out of whatever kinkiness is flowing and back to a good vibrational spot.
      And Jamie’s offered some gems along those lines here.
      Thanks to you both for posting! 🙂

  • Ming says:

    Jeannette, it never gets tiring to read this about inspired action.
    Love this. Love that its not always what we think we should be doing. I love dog walks, lots of dog walks. I find just doing what is fun brings in the magic. Lately its been just chilling out , sometimes doing nothing haha, or it feels like I’m doing nothing. But then magic comes…
    This morning I wasn’t even up 2 hours and when I went to look at my in box, I had a new cat client and then another client writes me all the reasons of WHY I should work with her , can you believe one of the reasons was because its the right price. 🙂 I love that!
    I so enjoy reading your blog !

    • Jeannette says:

      Such a good point, Ming! Sometimes our highest inspiration is “nothing”!! lol Some people really resist that, even though a break or a rest is what feels best!
      It’s so important not to judge whatever we feel called toward, whatever that is. I know we might have to manage some beliefs about how we’re supposed to be “doing something” but those who have worked with this system will find that easier to do after they’ve had some experience with it.
      Thanks for starting this conversation, Ming! Always a treat to hear from you. 🙂

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