Getting Intimate with Your Joy

How familiar are you with joy?

Is it a regular experience for you? Do you know where to find yours?

Is it at the tip of your tongue? You know right where it lives, and have recent memories of it?

Which would be easier for you to name … your top joys or your biggest worries?

Conscious creators know the value of being familiar and intimate with what we want more of.

So with that in mind, and especially in light of the week many of us have had, let’s do a little focusing exercise today by naming our top joys.

In fact, let’s get calisthenic with it and look at our favorite joys in a variety of ways.

I’ll share my list so even if you don’t make your own, by the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll have joy activated.

But it’ll be even better when you post your joys in the comments. 🙂

Top Joyful Life Experiences

  1. Meeting Flamer (a stray orange long-haired kitten who found me on the balcony of my first apartment). It was love at first sight. I’ll never forget those big eyes locking onto mine when he first spotted me and made a beeline toward me with the most plaintive meow you’ve ever heard! He wasn’t my first feline true love, but he was one of my favorites. RIP Flamer, and thank you for all the joy you brought to my life.
  2. That time I walked into The Westerner with my work bff Annette to find the place full of Marines in dress blues for the Marine Corps birthday. There are few sights more breathtaking than that. Everyone should experience that particular joy. It is truly exceptional.
  3. Buying three rounds of drinks for every Marine in the place, and having the Gunnery Sergeant walk us to our car at the end of the night. It was a delightful way to say thanks for your service. 🙂
  4. The time at that same country bar when Dave Wakefield reached out without saying a word to take my hand and lead me to the dance floor for the last song of the night. He was charming, he was handsome, he made my heart beat fast! I had thought the night would end without any sign of interest on his part. Yay to be wrong!
  5. The time I went skiing with Jon Little, and I knew I would live and love again after that last horrendous heartbreak. Somehow, skiing on that slope with a super hot guy who was kind, patient and funny helped me find life again. Thank you, Jon Little.
  6. My first day of volunteering at the pet adoption fair. I had never experienced the joy of serving in animal rescue. I was instantly hooked. Just from scooping litters and walking dogs for potty breaks! Who’d have thought?! I never felt such joy and fulfillment.
  7. Walking the commencement procession for college graduation. It made me so happy, not because I was super proud to have finished college (summa cum laude, though, in 3 years – hello!), but it was being part of this group event where everyone was so happy. It was literally contagious happiness. I walked with my friend Joe and couldn’t stop smiling. So happy. 🙂

General Joyful Experiences

  1. fostering puppies
  2. fostering kittens
  3. hosting Elvis to sleep on my lap
  4. volunteering at Strut Your Mutt
  5. watching the annual Main St Parade of classic cars at the Cache Valley Cruise-In
  6. Night of Fire at Rocky Mountain Raceway
  7. watching the annual sheepdog competition at Heber Valley. and Splash Dogs!

Favorite Mundane Joys

  1. browsing the bookstore
  2. crawling into bed on a chilly night
  3. walking the dogs off leash up the canyon
  4. reading a great book
  5. watching a good movie
  6. enjoying an afternoon rainstorm
  7. listening to spring bird song

Top Surprise Joys

  1. making a new friend where you weren’t expecting to
  2. a positive exchange with a stranger
  3. (being a country girl now) the stars at night! They’re amazing! Just taking out the trash at night inspires awe!
  4. hearing an old favorite song on the radio
  5. making perfect decisions to experience miraculous flowing traffic
  6. picking the right line at the grocery store
  7. realizing I read the clock wrong and have more time than I thought!

By now you’ve thought of some of your favorite joys, right?

Those thoughts are worth dwelling on. Remember the details of it – what happened and why it made you so happy. Take every opportunity you can to relish the stories of your favorite joys.

It’s such an easy way to activate one of the highest vibrations!

You can even make a list of future intended (call them bucket list) joys if your past isn’t particularly easy to mine for joy. Or you can review our collective list of top joys we made last year.

Regardless of how you activate thoughts of joy, know that this vibration serves very well, especially when you visit it regularly.

If you care to share your favorite joys, we’d love to hear them!

(And how did food joy and puppy breath not make my list? I’m making another one!)

  • November 12, 2016
  • Satya Singh says:

    Love your top lists. Your view of looking at joys in various ways and types is refreshing. Like connecting with the inner soul. Would love to hear you thoughts on the connection between the two.

  • Thank you for sharing your joys.
    Mine are
    seeing the peaceful expression of my children while they sleep.
    Our nightly pillow fights
    Reading my Abraham-Hicks stuff
    Listening to AH on YouTube in the mornings.
    Knowing that the better it gets the better it gets!
    Meeting people in creative collaboration
    Playing in the realm of spirit with my work
    Delicious new food experiences
    Teaching my kids about deliberate creation.
    Looking at beautiful multimillion dollar beach homes on
    Feeling aligned when I excercise
    Making fabulous new dynamic and fun friendships

  • Ramona says:

    This really inspired me! Loved reading all your joys! They sound so joyful!!!
    I think my biggest joy(s) as of lately are walking the dog with my newborn on these clear cool fall nights, seeing the stars IS very inspiring! The joy of having birthed my son at home on our own, the joys of learning to breastfeed, the joy of watching him grow, the joy of my husband making a wholesome meal! The joy of my hubs coming home after work, the joy we experience exchanging our love for one another, the joy of taking pictures being so easily at our fingertips, the joy of wrapping the baby up in his ring sling right the first time, the joy of the love that radiates through our home, the joy of watching my husband bike ride off to work because I know he loves riding! Life is so full of love and joy, I could go on and on! I am probably going to write in my journal about this now!
    Keep on experiencing your joys <3

  • Theresa says:

    As you have written, “I for one choose happily ever after. I choose even better. I choose dream come true.”
    There are too many joys in my life to list here – from the ordinary, to the sublime and sacred. I’ll list just 10 daily joys:
    1. My loves and our little blue house by the sea
    2. Breathing in the salt air, and the smell of the turning leaves
    3. My daughter’s warm little hand, holding mine as we walk to the bus
    4. When I walk in at the end of the day she says, “Sah-prize! Mommy’s home.”
    5. Coffee with coconut milk
    6. My job – writing, creating, building and working in the arts
    7. My awesome hair and Nordic beauty
    8. My strength and inner peace
    9. My daughter’s brown, round, warm belly
    10.My Angels, Ancestor Angels, faeries and elves who protect, guide and come to my aid when called, and especially when I’m grateful. And I am so grateful.
    For you too! Namaste

  • Nikky says:

    Made me so happy to read this post. Thank you Jeannette for sharing. Mine are on the tip of my toungue.
    I love knowing my joys and doing more of what gives me joy. You are one of my joys.

  • Danielle says:

    A joy list, I love it!
    Walking the dogs along the river
    listening to morning bird song (probably one of my top 3)
    riding my beautiful horse gospel in a centered riding lesson
    my first boyfriend at 13
    raising the two puppies that we have gotten from rescues over the years
    all the wonderful adult dogs we have gotten from rescues over the years
    my goofy cat Diesel when he gets playful or has been exploring and comes to see me covered in spider webs
    buying my new saddle
    admiring saddles in a tack store
    laughing with my girl friends
    riding in a trio with 2 of my girlfriends to the tune of bonanza
    listening to maroon 5
    getting a shoulder rub
    sitting by the river
    feeling sexy hubby’s biceps
    looking at beautiful art
    browsing in goodwill type stores and finding handmade quilts
    cleaning the barn
    sitting on the beach
    listening to books on tape
    drinking a margarita on a friday while walking the dogs by the river
    apple pie
    seeing all of our family dogs play during get togethers
    watching funny cat videos
    laughing at funny stuff on the internet
    making big sales and going way over my goals
    having lots of money
    selling photos on shutterstock
    listening to my rain stick from new mexico
    seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset
    watching finding nemo
    giving riding lessons
    Thank you for this awesome blog post Jeannette!

  • Amina says:

    I love your joy categories! I am going to incorporate in Joy Challenge 2017 – General Joys, Mundane Joys, Surprise Joys, Crazy/Awesome Joys!
    Sign up for Joy Challenge April 2017 –

  • Yong says:

    Driving on the open road. Don’t care where I’m going (it’s most fun when I don’t have a destination or schedule) or what car I’m driving (though someday I would love to take a cross-country trip in a ’60s muscle car). Just love the feeling of freedom.
    The first bite of a rib eye, medium rare cooked on an extremely hot surface so it has a thin, nearly burned crust. The contrast of textures of the crust and red center is fantastic. Making myself hungry here.
    Blooper reels of my favorite TV shows and movies.

  • Leslie says:

    Oh this is rich with feel goods!
    Right now, joy is waiting to see a dear friend on her birthday — and knowing I got her a gift she is going to LOVE!
    And past joys, ahhh, there are many…
    Seeing my Quinton waiting for me as I walked down the aisle to marry him. The look of love on his face has stayed with me and given me many joyous moments.
    The first time I held my babies on the delivery table…such perfect joy.
    The first time I laid eyes on my beautiful granddaughters. My heart flew out and landed on theirs. Seeing my little girl hold her little girls. There are no words for the happiness.
    Watching my children graduate from college was a joyous watershed of motherhood. Wow. I am happy just thinking about it!
    Small joys are many–kitties purring on my lap, coffee on my porch, walking on the beach, loving friends, British TV night, books, the list goes on and on…
    Thank you for the gentle nudge to remember!

  • Ming says:

    Joy is my favorite vibration to be in ! Joy is one of my favorite words. Living in joy is my go to place. I choose to see the joy in everything.
    Today my highest joy will be going to the gem faire and seeing new crystals and letting them choose me, they are so joyful. haha. Another highest joy is seeing a movie with s good friend. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a movie. Another top joy is sitting around with friends and talking about really cool topics which I will get to do tonight. I have already been told this is going to happen.
    I was just getting happy knowing I am going to be driving. Even though its all by myself, its when I get inspiration. I love my car = another joy.
    🙂 Love your blog always Jeannette.

  • Julie says:

    It is called a procession. Joy from rest and my family. Thanks 🙏.

  • Jiya says:

    This post is like joy-gasm!!!
    So good!!
    Pun totally intended!!
    Love and light

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