QA: Is Everything Really Possible?

What's really possible with law of attraction?Got a question today from a reader who wants to know exactly what’s possible when it comes to manifesting our desires …

(This is a timely subject for me since I wrote a newsletter this morning about what I manifested over the years that I didn’t believe in.)

And just yesterday I listened to Joel Osteen tell the biblical story of Sarah’s baby delivery well after her child-bearing years.

That’s an extreme example of something that I’m sure many would question.

But I think that’s what it all comes down to … what are we willing to believe in and allow?

Here’s the question that I’m turning over to you guys:

May I ask you and your readers a question?

LOA experts always claim that we can manifest absolutely everything we want, everything is possible.

But can you really manifest the seemingly “impossible” – and if so, how? Has anyone ever done that? Like, for example:

  • when you would like to have a child but you are too old and have no partner and no money
  • or when you would love to have a great circle of friends but you have a chronic illness and have lived in social isolation for years.
  • or when you want to have your own home but have barely any money to cover your daily needs …

Is really *everything* possible to manifest?

I’d love to hear your and your readers take on that question!

I almost didn’t post this question because it seemed a rather obvious answer.

But I realized even savvy LOA creators sometimes bump into the limits of what they believe possible.

So let’s hear your thoughts … what exactly is possible for us to create and how can we prove it?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one!

  • September 15, 2014
  • Sara, I’m a firm believer that anything is possible if you can imagine it, since that’s the key to all creation.
    So the question is – do you believe you can change your eye color with law of attraction? Is that something you can imagine and come to expect?

  • sara says:

    Hi.can I change my eye color with law of attraction???

  • Cassie says:

    I love this question. I am with you Jeannette, of course! And that’s still my answer. I like Janette’s answer about the distinction of letting go of what’s impossible vs. believing what is possible. I am happy to report I could easily see your reader getting everything on that list 🙂 (I also believe there’s power when other’s see it for us. We’re all connected)
    Belief in possibility, creation, manifestation it’s all a muscle that we build. And of course, I believe when you’ve got truly, madly, deeply self-love on your side that muscle builds a whole lot faster.

  • I’d probably want to start with a clean slate by activating some general life appreciation if I were in your shoes, Rima.
    This might get some wheels turning for you:
    After that I’d work on a new story about how I’m good at getting what I want.

  • Rima says:

    I want to know how to manifest exactly what I want. I wanted a fulfilling relationship, I manifested a disastrous one, with someone i thought was my soulmate, and turned out to be a jerk. I wanted to reach a good professional fulfillment, I manifested a no so glowing professional position.
    I never manifested something I wanted in the right time, it was always asynchronous, when it was too late, and at that time what i manifested is not my wish anymore. does time really not matter in the manifesting process?

  • Stephen says:

    One of my favorite ways to change my mind is to imagine who I will be when I have reached a certain goal. How will I be changed from who I think I am now? How will I have grown? What will my new perspective look like? Once I have a good imaginative bead on that, I pretend to be that person in every way I can think of.
    For example: My prosperous self does not sweat the price of gasoline. My prosperous self doesn’t skimp on the quality of the food I eat. My prosperous self doesn’t really care how much something I want costs.
    One of my favorite aphorisms is: “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

  • Mia, I like to think of it as “changing our mind.” Women and Libras are said to rule at it. I am both, so I’ve got a pretty good handle on it without even trying.
    If we make it out to be a long, intensive, futile process, so shall it be.
    If we make it out to be as easy as changing our mind, repeatedly, we’re home free.
    “I am good at long term relationships.” I used to think I was no good at them, but then I changed my mind. “I am a brilliant coach in high demand.” I used to think it was hard to get clients and build a business. That was a good one to change my mind about, too.
    Let it be easier than you’ve been led to think, Mia. You can change your mind about that, too.

  • Mia says:

    Thank you, Jeannette, for posting my question. And thanks everyone for the inspiring replies! Wow, while reading through the comments I realized that my beliefs are so limiting that I can not even make the “possible” possible …!
    Any more suggestions about how to “upgrade” your belief system to a new level? Wish there was some easy-to-install brain software that does that … 🙂

  • JG, I love the “wiggle room” you’re introducing into this.
    The idea of a big potential gap really works for me. Thanks for sharing that thought with us!

  • JG. says:

    Ps. We could call our game “alligning”, if you wish…

  • JG. says:

    This subject has caught my attenntion for a long time now.
    My take is that maybe anything is possible… And maybe not. But, since it is so hard for me to draw the line, I content myself in knowing there is a big potential gap I haven’t explored.
    I may, for example, not be able to imagine “anything” (Don’t you wonder why almost all examples of desires given are about stuff already within our thought paradigm? Houses, money, love…), but still, within what I can imagine AND may be possible, there is lots of room to explore the boundaries of possibility.
    In this sense, if anything is possible or not, becomes sort of a moot, or unanserable, question to me (not that it is not a serious one).
    Still, an image came to my mind reading this discussion: May it be that our experience is sort of a “Snakes and ladders” game, where, it is not that we cannot go from the beggining to the end of the board in a single move, but that we choose to follow the rules of the game -including leaving some room to “chance”- in order to entertain ourselves?… That is, we could quit “playing” and get what “we want” in an instant… But then maybe what we want is to play, and therefore, we choose to wait for things to happen.

  • Melody says:

    Yeah, belief can be overrated. Sometimes it is helpful to not have expectations, because when you don’t believe something is going to happen your desire is very pure. You just enjoy thinking about it for its own sake, and naturally, it manifests. You don’t feel pressure to ‘do’ anything.
    That said I think manifestation is a two-way feedback loop. You feel better, and you automatically form positive expectations and beliefs. Or you believe better, and you automatically feel better. It works both ways.
    You may ‘know’ something is going to happen when it is on the verge of manifestation, but that ‘knowing’ cannot be forced. It happens more as a byproduct of alignment.

  • Thanks for that, Sabeen. Editing my post now!

  • Sabeen says:

    Jeannette, that video was awesome, but then this hoax video showed up in the related links.
    But I still believe that anything is possible!

  • Jeminii, you’re reminding me why it always feels like a letdown whenever an LOA teacher says there are SOME things that will never change – like, our height, our gender, etc. I mean, I know that’s not an everyday thing, (wait, do I know that??) but reinforcing any perceived limitations or exceptions doesn’t seem like it’s taking us in a helpful direction.
    Of COURSE it’s possible! If we can imagine it, we can have it!
    The question is – are we willing to imagine it? Are we willing to let ourselves believe in it?
    That’s not always an overnight thing. Sometimes it takes a dedication to a new thought and/or holding a mental image that others would think us crazy for entertaining.
    I LOVE your example of a smaller shoe size!!
    Thanks for chiming in here, Jeminii.

  • Jeminii says:

    I was actually having a somewhat similar discussion with a friend and it is really puzzling. How much IS possible? Are there things that are possible (like growing a tail, changing my eye color, making my hair naturally straight) but because I can’t fully believe I can do them they are “impossible”. Or are there things that are really impossible (sprouting wings, reversing aging process) because maybe the Universe knows that chaos would ensure if we did these things and so no matter how much we try to believe we will never fully believe in this things?
    I have had ‘impossible” things happen but I never thought of them as impossible. In high school my shoe size was a 9/10 and I casually thought “i wish my foot was smaller” and now I’m a size 7/8. I get good grades at school and everyone thinks it’s cause I’m a “hard working student” but I am a lazy person and I come from schools where people overwork themselves for good grades.

  • Gary/Joshua says:

    Everything, absolutely everything, is possible. If you can imagine it, it can be made possible. The only thing that holds you back from the creation of your dreams is your doubt.
    Your beliefs control the boundaries of your reality. What you believe is possible is what is possible for you. Nothing more. Expand your beliefs and you expand your experience of reality. Alter your beliefs and you quite literally change your life.
    You can have, be, or do anything you want as long as you believe you can. So, quite obviously, the thing to work on is your set of beliefs. Beliefs fall into two categories; limiting and beneficial. You can work to enhance the intensity of beneficial beliefs and to reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs. To do this you must analyze the basis of your beliefs.
    If a belief does not serve you, we call it limiting. If there is no unequivocal evidence to support this belief, we call it a false belief. All limiting beliefs are false for there is no real evidence to support them. Itʼs all simply hearsay. For instance, if you believe you cannot attract a mate, you simply have a set of beliefs that does not support what it is that you desire. Alter your perspective and you will reduce the intensity of the belief.
    The tool we use to alter a belief is called a device. A person believes he cannot jump out of an airplane and survive so he uses a device called a parachute. It is the device that reduces the intensity of the limiting belief and ultimately allows him to believe that he can jump out of the plane and survive. Find a device that allows you to believe that you can achieve what you desire. For some it may be practice, it may be education, or it may be evidence that supports what you want.
    Since all limiting beliefs are considered by you to be fact, simply use a device that disproves that fact. If you believe you cannot attract a mate, you might habitually say things like “There are no good single people left.” If you can prove to yourself that this is false, you can reduce the limiting effects of the belief. You will shake the foundation of this belief and it will begin to crumble.
    Take a close look at what you believe, decide if itʼs limiting, then use a device to reduce the intensity of the belief.
    Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers who communicate their messages through Gary Temple Bodley. Gary is a channel and is able to allow the communication from this higher perspective to flow through the method of free-writing. Joshuaʼs first book titled “A Perception Of Reality” was written in 2014 and explains the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality in a clear and practical manner.

  • Nicely said, Rochelle. In fact, I’ve got a draft post designed around the ideas you just shared. Thanks for that!
    Jennifer, I like your style of magic! That’s good for us to read here. Thanks for posting!

  • Jennifer Tilley says:

    I prefer to see it as: there is the possible (the everyday stuff), then there’s the I’m possible (what I craft myself to be); because, somewhere I have heard “you don’t get what you want (wanting signifies it is separate from you), you get what you ARE”.
    and, I know for myself, that whenever I try to change outside circumstances/things… it is far too rigid and trying a chore; but, when I re-create/craft/mold myself to weave with ease throughout those circumstances/things… magic happens 🙂

  • rochelle says:

    Everything is possible. We’re creating this experience- completely. Sometimes the collective conscious thinks majority rules(with fear)and pulls into those beliefs, but it doesn’t really. Only love is real. As I was reading through this post, my mind automatically picked apart these questions, so I thought i’d chime in.
    •when you would like to have a child but you are too old and have no partner and no money—–children come in many ways: from being bequeathed one, to allowing your body to create one, to allowing one in need to show up in your life. If you want the partner there to help you with that child, then they will show up to. But don’t tie them together unnecessarily. Same goes for the money, the universe doesn’t half-ass it. If you’re vibrating “child” then the money will be there to support it. Remember though that the want for the child is the want for the feeling of having one. What’s that feeling?
    •or when you would love to have a great circle of friends but you have a chronic illness and have lived in social isolation for years.—The only moment is now. If we are choosing to keep bringing the chronic illness/social isolation into each new moment, then the situation will indeed seem hopeless and continue. However, there’s is nothing saying you can’t, in this moment, be someone with a body that’s struggling right now( but getting better every second), and someone who is so so so fun to be around, you can’t seem to get alone time anymore. Be that person. What does that person say, be, do, feel,and have- ( a box of thank you cards for all those caring friends who keep buying you stuff no doubt)
    •or when you want to have your own home but have barely any money to cover your daily needs …I love this one. Every once in a while I get sucked into this place. Homes don’t come from money ( houses don’t either). What’s your mindset around “home”. I manifested one when I was 22 with a part time job as a maid at 100 dollars a week, while still in college. I still have no idea how I got it. But I wanted it and saw no reason why I couldn’t have it. The money part wasn’t even factored in. And don’t tie it to daily needs either. It’s an And/And ( thank you Kim and Jeannette)universe. Don’t clunk it up with multiple conditions that need to be met. I have a beautiful home And all my daily needs met. Thank you.:)

  • Wow – we’re hearing from the big guns here! Thanks for chiming in, LovelyMe and Nancy!
    And to Anonymous, I saw something online yesterday from a comic that said something like, “If people could fly, they’d make it exercise and then no one would want to do it.” lol
    PS to Anonymous – have you read the “changing the past” experiments in Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiment? Mind blowing that it’s been PROVEN possible by scientists in the labs!

  • No question that we can create something we consider “impossible”. I bought a home as a single mother in the SF Bay Area when 9 months before I would have considered it impossible. I used affirmations, taking inspired actions, and following intuition to earn the down payment (I had nothing saved), find the loan, the house in a great neighborhood close to my son’s school, and close escrow.
    I gave birth to my son naturally in the operating room when the doctors told me that was impossible, had pumped me full of drugs to prevent the birth, and were prepping for a C-section. The nurses were stunned when I gave birth as they put me on the operating table.
    Tons of stories like this…I think it comes down to *forgetting* what’s impossible and focusing on what you really want, knowing that it’s possible to get it. I agree with what Stephen Taylor said, above: the Universe is unlimited. We are the ones who limit and decide the “meaning” behind events.
    Here’s the chapter from Neville Goddard’s The Law and the Promise about “Re-visioning the past”:
    Many blessings,

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, I love this! It’s a topic I have great discussions about! In my heart, I have to believe that *anything* is possible. Anything. I myself might not able to manifest it, but that’s “only” because I haven’t managed to get my belief system aligned solidly with it yet. I manifested a lovely little FREE home for myself last year, and whenever I find myself wavering in my LOA beliefs I remind myself of this and have to say, oh, yeah, right, wait a minute . . .
    But what fascinates me are the BIG questions: can we go back through time (I know it’s not “back”, but bear with me here) and have do-overs? Can I fly without mechanical aid? Grow gills & swim without breathing gear? Can we stop ageing? Technically, if LOA is really what we say it is, I ought to be able to be able to do all these things, including rejuvenating my body to maintain it at an ideal age. But I’m getting no sense that anyone has managed to do any of this yet. There are lots of experts offering opinions on why this is, but maybe there *are* limits to what we can do. Maybe those limits are built in to the system by the very Universe we’re part of for some reason we can’t quite fathom yet. Or maybe I just haven’t been able to overcome my own hard-wired skepticism enough to manage it. Yet.
    This whole life thing is kind of like putting together a space shuttle with no instruction manual, no picture & no expert help. We’re just handed a bunch of parts & a bunch of tools and a vague idea of what we’re supposed to do with them & then left on our own to figure it out. Small wonder so few of us manage to attain lift-off.

  • LovelyMe says:

    I’ve actually been revisiting this topic. About a month ago, I was insanely inspired by a post on a different forum where this guy was talking about one of the most controversial LOA subjects I’ve encountered (and by “controversial”, I mean LOA-savvy people are really divided on this subject) – which is “attracting a specific person” into your life, or back into your life. It went deeper than attracting a person, and it really hit me to my core that it’s all about belief, or being open.
    Jeannette’s first post and her quote about only being able to manifest what we BELIEVE is KEY. A lot of us don’t -truly- believe we’ll win the lottery, or a fantastic job will drop into our laps. Those people that DO manifest those were either in the believing category, or very open to the end result.
    I look back at my manifestations and realized that when my dreams came true, I was in the vicinity of “I don’t know how or when, but it’s gonna happen!”
    I’ve had a lot of smaller scale manifestations, but here are some of my big ones:
    -I walked in to inquire about a job, and was immediately hired, even before an interview. I literally walked in and asked, and the boss said “They’re doing orientation right now, go on inside.”
    I was actually confused, but sure wasn’t going to argue! I stayed with that job for 3 years and was highly appreciated
    -Things got really bad in my family home after my grandmother passed. It had reached an all time low. I had been in college for a little while, and had barely gotten the aforementioned job. I had no money, no car…nothing. I really took everything Abraham Hicks was teaching to heart, and started acting as if I had my own place. I stopped fighting with my family, I stopped getting angry if no one else cleaned and would even remind myself something like “I’m the only one who lives here, so of course I have to do the dishes!”
    Within a few short months, I met someone through my job, and she offered to rent me a room. It was a beautiful house on a lake, she treated me like family (no awkwardness), allowed me to bring my dog(!!!), charged me $100/mo for rent for my own bedroom AND bathroom, AAANNNDDD it was right around the corner from school and work!
    I’ve had other things, like deciding to take a personal day off from school, even though my Professor was famous for never missing a day. Turns out the day I decided not to go, he didn’t show up, either!
    I’ve gone to class, not having done my homework because I didn’t feel inspired to, only to go in and learn we have an extension. Lots of things like that!
    In the midst of all those manifestations, like I said, I believed the Universe would work it all out for me.

  • Cat, I love how you help put it within reach by calling it “run of the mill” in comparison to more eyebrow raising types of things.
    That’s exactly how it works, isn’t it? Finding a way to not think of it as such a big deal.
    Thanks for the link to Pam’s post. Off to re-read it now …

  • Cat says:

    You can ALWAYS find true stories about someone manifesting something that seems a thousand light-years beyond wherever you’re currently drawing your possible/impossible line. People have bilocated, been videotaped dissolving tumors, put handprints in solid stone… After those three, friends, houses, and children seem like awfully run-of-the-mill, small-bean sure-things! It’s all a matter of perspective, I think: step far enough back from something and it “looks like an ant”. 🙂
    Also — I don’t know how to repost a post from someone else’s blog, but the absolute most inspiring “impossible manifestation” story I ever read came from Pam Grout two months ago, so I hope this link works:

  • Tricia, you’re so right! We hear those stories (and experience them) all the time where we “didn’t give it another thought” – and bam, there it is!
    Here’s to a fabulous trip to Disneyland with your most delightful surprise. 🙂

  • Tricia says:

    I am kind of shy but I wanted to say something.
    I think when we over-think something, we can think ourselves right out of it. Anything is possible when we do not over think it. Throw logic (by that I mean what other have taught you is possible) in there and you can literally think yourself out of it!
    But, why I am really talking here (and I have talked to you before on Facebook Jeannette, and I have already shown you photos) is to say babies are the best “anythings” that can happen, and to brag about mine. I wanted my baby boy, but didn’t really think about it, merely mentioned it and day-dreamed, and SURPRISE! My surprise just turned 1 year old. Not I want to take him to Disneyland…but I am not over thinking it 😉

  • Janette and Jesann, it strikes me that both of you are speaking powerfully to the importance of thought management.
    When we get a handle on that – we’re a superpower!!

  • Jesann says:

    First, every item on that list in the question is totally possible. They just seem impossible because the asker couldn’t see how to get from one point to another.
    As for in general, yeah, I too believe it’s a belief thing. Sometimes the beliefs can be really difficult to change, for some people (raises hand). But it’s all belief.

  • Janette says:

    Yes, I believe anything – ANYTHING! – is possible.
    And I think there’s a subtle but powerful distinction between believing a specific thing is possible; and letting go of the belief that it’s IMpossible. Can you feel it?
    When we hold on to assumptions that only certain things are possible, we’re sending a strong signal to Universe and our own brains that reality has to look a certain way – so that’s the only version of reality we’ll experience. Like THIS, but not like that.
    Let go of those assumptions, and we open up horizons of possibility that appeared not to exist before. And it feels like miracles can ensue.
    I think that’s very cool!!

  • My virtual assistant is working on that mystery, Christina. Don’t be surprised if you get an email from her asking what type of phone you were using.
    I love your list of “impossible” things!!
    And how cool that you’re willing to play with retro-causation!
    The answer to your question is YES. In fact, … oh shoot, Nancy will know this story better than I do … but one of Neville’s students told about how he “unmanifested” a spinal injury from his childhood.
    Does anyone remember the details on that story? It was SO cool!!
    What an inspiring hymn, Christina. Thanks for sharing those lyrics here!

  • Christina says:

    I don’t know what’s up with commenting on my phone so I came to the computer.
    So is anything possible? Yes, I believe it is.
    I reconciled with my husband after a divorce. He’d said it was impossible just 6 months earlier.
    I wanted a rent-free house with a back yard for our dogs. We moved to Texas in April and got a job that comes with a house – no rent or utilities and a big backyard for our dogs.
    Hubby wanted a German Shepherd after losing his Mallinois. Christmas of 2011 Ariel was given to us by a friend who was a breeder. We got her for free because she was the last puppy and was too big for anyone to buy.
    But the biggie is coming. Not here yet because it’s in progress. I’m working on retro-causation. My question – is it possible that my intention today can go back in time 32 years and PREVENT a physical disorder from ever starting? I’m pulling out all the stops for this one and keeping a journal of all evidence, signs and wonders.
    One of my favorite contemporary hymns goes:
    Not gonna live by what I see
    Not gonna live by what I feel
    Deep down I know that you’re here with me
    And I know that You can do anything
    In the end, it all comes back to this – all things are possible, but do you BELIEVE all things are possible?

  • I agree, Sabeen. Softening the “impossible” thoughts strikes me as a good start.
    (Another reason I like that Alice in Wonderland article I posted in my first comment.)
    Reminding ourselves that we’ve done “impossible” things before is one way I put that sort of stuff within reach. I’ve actually got a draft post in the works about how we can tell whether we’re aligned to our manifested desire or not based on whether we’d be surprised to see it happen. If it’s an “of course” – we’re aligned! If it’s an “I can’t believe it” response – well, that’s where our work lies, doesn’t it?

  • Sabeen says:

    Thanks Jeannette 🙂 The second part of the reader’s question – How do you manifest the seemingly impossible? – is one I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on! I suspect that the answer lies in softening the belief that it’s impossible (especially if it’s a pretty active belief), and I like “What if” statements for that. Maybe it’s enough to just contemplate that something could be possible, even if you don’t know how or haven’t seen examples of it before.

  • I love that, Sabeen: “everything already exists.” From what I’ve learned from Bashar and quantum physics about multiple realities, that’s true. In fact, even Abraham says as soon as we have a desire for something it exists on a vibrational level.
    So the question isn’t so much, “What’s really possible” as much as it is, “What can I align with?” (or pull from the Field).
    I’m loving this conversation already!
    Thanks for your contribution to it, Sabeen. 🙂

  • Sabeen says:

    I think everything and anything is possible (or maybe even already exists) – no limits. I think that “possible” and “impossible” are only words that relate to our beliefs about things, but have nothing to do with the Universe itself. The Universe holds within it the potential for absolutely everything. What gets drawn out of that Field of Infinite Potential is up to us.

  • Stephen, I love how easy it is for you to share a profound concept in three sentences or less. lol
    Agreed! We’ve got to be in vibrational range of it in order for it to be on our probabilities list. Well said, my friend.
    Thanks for adding your thoughts here. 🙂

  • Stephen says:

    My experience of the universe is that it has no limits. So everything is possible. Not everything is probable from where I might be vibrating currently, but I can change my vibration and move to a vibration where the probability increases.
    As far as I can tell, I get exactly what I’m vibrating, and I am free to vibrate any way I want.

  • Just to start this conversation …
    I can’t remember who I heard it from, but it’s stuck with me for years:
    “No, it’s not true that you can create whatever you want. You can only create what you BELIEVE.”
    But I’ve even seen that’s not true – where people regularly manifest things they didn’t really think were possible.
    My biz partner Lisa often says belief is overrated and unnecessary.
    I like this take on it:

  • >