Is My Vibe Handicapped?

chakras1Too funny!  Just read Missy B’s comment from the last post and had to read it twice, wondering “Did she just say that?!”  With eyebrows to the ceiling, I went on to read Missy B’s next question asking “Can I say that?”

I’m laughing out loud at us, Missy B!!  And loving that yes, we can (say that).
This is right in alignment with what I logged in for today …
I’m supposed to be sending out client recaps, and instead found myself listening to the Matrix soundtrack on, the (slightly x-rated) Nine Inch Nails/Beatles Mashup on YouTube, thrilled to find @DarthVader on Twitter, reflecting how much I enjoyed Inigo Montoya’s revenge scene in Princess Bride (that I stayed up till midnight to watch), and looking forward to the delicious Ghirardelli treats I discovered at Costco yesterday.
Is this high vibing stuff??  Nine Inch Nails, Darth Vader, revenge, staying up late, and chocolate from Costco??
Shouldn’t the Good Vibe Coach, or anyone who was properly tending their vibe, wouldn’t it look more like eating organic salads, listening to Mark Romero as she finishes her meditation & yoga routine after a great night’s sleep before heading out to the local farmer’s market on her bike?
Hmm.  It’s making me wonder if I’m handicapping my vibration …
And I have to admit, this judgment around what an evolved and spiritually awake person looks like has the serious potential to reduce my enjoyment level!
This topic is somewhat aligned with last week’s ezine on 12 Non-Spiritual Vibe Shifters, which hit a big chord with readers.  (Thanks for all the great feedback!)  While one person wrote to say “you call that good vibes?”, every other email expressed mixtures of relief, agreement and  amusement. 

(How about that – just got an email while typing this very paragraph from that one non-appreciative reader who giggled in response to the email I sent back.  I had written, “okay, maybe it’s more like ‘better vibes.'”)  If you didn’t get a copy of the ezine, sign up for it now and I’ll shoot it over.

My point being that I think my goal in this space/time adventure is more along the lines of having a good time than it is looking good
So I’m going to continue releasing thoughts about what it’s “supposed to” look like and just get better at letting the pure enjoyment lead my way.  Because when we let our thoughts about what it should be like hamper the inherent feel good that’s available in it, we missed the point, didn’t we?
At least I did.  (Guess we gotta know our “point” of it all in order to answer that question.)
Maybe there will come a time when I look back on my music & movie & food tastes and laugh at what used to delight me (I can already tell the mood has passed in the hours I’ve been editing this post), but in the meantime, I’m committed to being open to whatever feels good and remaining true to my promise to make enjoying this go-round my number one priority.
Having said all that, I wonder if there is a case to be made for doing the “higher-vibing” stuff to allow for quicker ascension – or is the “higher-vibing” stuff completely subjective?  And is ascension something we should be shooting for? 
I’m wide open to and inviting alternative perspectives here (especially since engaging dialogue here is one of my favorite “feel goods”)!  So tell me, what do you think?

  • March 22, 2009
  • eskarina says:

    first of all I want to say I enjoy reading your blog very much.
    “is ascension something we should be shooting for? ” with emphasis on “should”
    very thought provoking.
    also, very interesting that I came accross this particular passage … the past few days I’ve been reflecting on freedom of choice, respect for other’s beliefs even if they might be different from mine, respect for the variety of paths that my human brothers and sisters choose… I realised that although I like the idea of growing up and expanding continuously many things I read on the ascension topic were making me feel unhappy at a time when I am enjoying being human and being on this Earth so much.
    so for the moment I ask myself : maybe I could just stop worrying about the ascension and just enjoy being me, right here right now? 🙂
    somewhere I read that the ascension is like taking a train from that train station in the Harry Potter movies. I’ve come accross many websites where ascension is described as something I simply do not want.
    and here Abe’s words are ringing in my head: you’re thinking about what you don’t want when you can just focus on what you want, on what feels good…
    maybe there is no “should”, I mean I can pick any train that feels good, maybe it’s okay that I don’t feel attracted by the train on which I would be a completely different being and so on and so forth…

  • Mitch says:

    Do you feel the light-heartedness with which Jeannette’s asks herself, and us, these questions? As someone who knows Jeannette, I know that she is perfectly within her high alignment when she is expressing her real-life experience with LOA, even if that doesn’t necessarily gel with your personal idea of what enlightenment looks like.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with how you view enlightenment. But I hope you can understand that, as Jeannette has pointed out in this very blog entry, enlightenment and empowerment can look different for everyone. For instance, I personally don’t feel very empowered by telling people they are disconnected from Source. But if that’s something that works for you… who am I to judge?
    Oh, and Jeannette, I just followed the link over to the Beatles/Nine Inch Nails mashup. That’s good stuff!!! 😀

  • Jess says:

    I appreciate your perspective about being connected to source… but I challenge you to look at it another way.
    I believe we are never truly disconnected, just perhaps different levels of awareness. We are always “connected”. I feel that when we are more aware, or vibrationally tuned in, we do get the answers we seek, and have fewer “questions”. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t exercise our mind, or “play” in this physical world, or challenge ourselves to see things from a new perspective.
    I disagree that we are strangers to Jeanette- we are friends, teammates, clients and a spiritual family- additionally I don’t feel she is actually asking for advice, merely connecting with each other to share in our experiences and see a variety of perspectives. It is exciting and fun and spiritual to explore this life we live in! Maybe that is tiring to read/live that way for you, but we feel spiritually energized by it!
    That is a good thing and actually can open us up to new levels of awareness!
    But thank you Bob for another perspective!

  • Bob says:

    you feel you should be doing better than you are. it’s cropping into your mind even when happily distracted! Most people truly enlightened, feel empowered. They receive answers from source whenever they want. Sounds like you’re rolling around disconnected, not knowing if this is right, that is right and even blogging looking for advice about it from strangers! Connect yourself with source and you won’t get questions like these simple ones cropping up. This entire blog’s disjointed similarly, constantly questioning yourself. How tiring to read and live that way. You’re lacking that connection and security..and it shows unfortunately.

  • Janette says:

    Hmm, I just realised I didn’t answer the question – “Is My Vibe Handicapped?”
    I think there is no such thing as “handicapped” – there is only “differently abled”. I know political correctness is unpopular, but I reckon having a differently-abled vibe sounds like a GREAT thing! Flexible and resiliant and fluid and lateral….

  • Kristy M says:

    Ooh and I forgot to add that your newsletter about the vibe- shifters is one of my favorite things you have written.. I don’t feel so bad when I let some f words slip because sometimes it does make you feel better.. same with indulging in chocolate

  • Kristy M says:

    I feel like guilt is one of my main ‘blocks’… its annoying lol. Theres always that little voice going “you don’t have a job yet, should you really be buying that/watching tv/not on craigslist applying for tons of hostessing jobs”. ugh. Just when I wanna chat on facebook, text friends or even just chill in front of the tv
    and today I realized that the reason I havent been doing well with jobs is because I don’t want to be a hostess.. part of me is going “I need to get this job to pay the rent/loans” but a bigger part of me is going “I want to be paid to perform! I want to do what I love and get money!”
    and then a part of me is still going “buuut the rent needs to be paid!” hahaha!
    It is also a little disheartening that some people I know is getting jobs.. but I think of Amy Adams.. who didn’t get her first movie until she was 25 and now shes doing amazing and was nominated for an Oscar..I was walking through Times Square and walked past the mtv building and thought of how much I want to see my face up there with the mtv people as well as my name on a bway marquee. and of course, I’ve been going back to that Will Smith interview a ton of times. I’m ready for the universe to give me all I ever wanted! Bring it on 😉

  • Cathy says:

    Just think how wonderful our lives would be if we each vowed to JOYFULLY savor at least one “guiltless pleasure” per day. Each person’s pleasure du jour may be different, but the intent will be the same – to honor ourselves and to light the creative flame within. Whataya say? 😉
    (I have to say that Inigo’s scene is one of my fav’s in that movie. One of my other favorite lines is “He’s been mostly dead all day.” It always makes me giggle!)

  • Daphne Bazemore says:

    I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! If we spent a lot more time living in our feel good the world would be a wondrous place to live! That being said, life is comprised of a continuous ebb and flow and the exciting thing about living this way is that I think our spirits would still lead us to produce and get things done while keeping a high vibration about it all. Are we here to be completely serious with furrowed brows? Heck no! We’re here to live in, breathe in and love in ectsacy. So keep living in the feel good and don’t worry what others think. That’s their drama…

  • Vanessa, this kind of open and free perspective is exactly what I want to spend more time with! Don’t we all want a best friend like this??
    Here’s to living and let living – not just for others, but ourselves as well. Wherever that may take us.
    What a fun journey, huh?!

  • Vanessa says:

    Hmmmm…..isn’t one of the keys to an abundant universe that not everyone wants the same thing so that is part of how we know there is always “enough”?
    So if everyone “should” want to be more evolved and if everyone “should” then love yoga, salads and new-age music….then wouldn’t that lead to a shortage of salad and expensive yoga class?? 🙂
    If we are honest, I think we can all feel when what we are doing is in alignment with our best selves – and if it is, keep doing it, and if not, then there is an opportunity for more growth. That is what matters, not whether it is chocolate from costco or organically grown wheat grass juice.
    BTW – I have been really enjoying the latest thread of thought from you Jeannette – as someone who has trouble standing up for myself, I have been letting my inner bitch free and I must say it feels GOOD! I have always thought of anger as “bad” – but the consequences of not letting myself get angry are FAR worse.
    As always, THANK YOU!

  • Ooh, well said, Jessica! Guilt squahes the good vibe.
    I owe my ability to enjoy tv guilt-free to Martha Beck, who when I was in coach training with, was delightedly talking with her staff about the premier of a ridiculous new reality show called “The Apprentice.” hee hee (I’m a huge fan now of Celebrity Apprentice.)
    I couldn’t BELIEVE these guys were not only watching stupid tv, but were talking about it OUT LOUD in front of the rest of us who looked UP to them!
    Martha said later on that she considered tv to be brain candy. Nothing wrong with it at all. And the conversations they were having about the show were really interesting and stimulating and thought-provoking!
    So my guilt for Survivor was out the window. ha!
    And I officially stepped out of the closet as a reality tv junkie. With that, as you said, Jessica, all resistance is out the door as well. Frees us up for whatever else calls to us!
    Thanks for chiming in, Jessica. This is a great perspective to share. 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    This past weekend I came across a website: Now that’s a great idea!!
    Really, though. Anything that feels good, we shouldn’t feel guilt over. Guilt is what squashes the good vibe, right?!
    I can’t believe how excited I sometimes get to watch a favorite show on tv. I wait all week for that and I’m want to enjoy it guilt-free… of course sometimes the guilt comes up, why did I not go to bed earlier? Why did I “waste” so much time in front of the TV? Why am I filling my brain with garbage when I could be meditating?
    When I feel guilty though, it only makes me want to do it more rather than go do the other thing that I am “supposed” to do. Resistance. Rebellion. Like a nagging parent in my ear. So, I figure just do it and enjoy it and my vibe is that much better and then I have time and energy to do those other things like eat my salad because I am no longer in resistance!
    Thanks everyone! Awesome!

  • “It’s TOTALLY enlightened” … Kim, I laughed out loud when I read that!
    THANK YOU for that!!
    Oh my gosh, and I laughed even HARDER at the reference to how you like your men!!
    It’s clear we in this community are knowing how to have a good time! lol
    And wow, I have a feeling these words will be reprinted and hung up by many here (including me):
    “Consciousness is not a closed system. Enlightenment is simply realizing it. Live it up!!!”
    Thanks, Kim. (I get goose bumps when I say your name.)

  • danae says:

    Kim 😆 you can’t have Keanu, he’s mine 😉 lol

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette! Brilliant! I love everyone’s comments too!
    And why am I not surprised — in this wonderful world of synchronicity — that I got out my sound track of The Matrix 3 days ago? I cranked it to a glass shattering volume and wrote a gritty, hardcore, post-apocalyptic novel scene where my character starts whoring for water because it’s the only currency left–is that enlightened or what?
    It’s totally enlightened, in my paradigm.
    When in Rome . . . I think, fits here.
    When we are ‘not’ in this realm of manifest reality, we probably have all the time in the world to experience the pure flow of un-contrasted source energy. But while ‘in’ this ‘cutting edge’ experience of soul growing wonder I say–live it up! Carve it up! Stir it up!
    I’m here for experience, not the lack of experience!
    I may meditate (a lot . . . and ride a bike and eat tofu and sunflower sprout salads) but my brand of exercise is with a samurai sword my favorite chocolate is dark and my best men are . . . well, just watch the Matrix for reference 🙂
    Enlightenment is making one’s own standards for living and then promptly living well beyond, below or above, them! Enlightenment is getting outside the box–outside the closed system of cultural paradigms, planets, solar systems and universes. Consciousness is not a closed system. Enlightenment is simply realizing it.
    Live it up!!!
    🙂 Kim

  • It’s a great mashup, isn’t it, Andi? (If anyone knows one as good or better than that, I want to hear it!)
    Glad you’re not just feeling the freedom, Andi, but also reiterating it with us here. Thank you for that.
    And Lori, kudos to you for acting on the inspiration Robert offers!
    What a great time we’re all having together! 🙂

  • Lori says:

    Robert has inspired me to take a few moment out of my day tomorrow to just ‘feel good’ and not feel guilty about it. 🙂

  • Andi says:

    Ok, I’m listening to the NIN/Beatles mashup as I write this and feeling 20 times better than I was a few minutes ago, which is pretty damn good (thanks Jeannette!) 🙂
    Yoga, schmoga. I say do what feels good, “enlightened” or not, as long as it’s not hurting others. The whole point is feeling good and getting more of feeling good, right? There’s a time and place for everything.
    Thanks for the inspiration and smiles today!

  • Robert, you’re inspiring us to an ending of ALL guilty pleasures! The guilt, that is. The pleasures stay.
    Nice results you got with that, too!
    Thanks for sharing it here. Nice to hear from you again! 🙂

  • MsNikki says:

    Congratulations on your real estate listing!! That’s great news to hear especially in these times, huh? Full price offer at that!

  • Robert Higginson says:

    I was reading through this blog and the posts and decided to give it a try. I used to call doing what I liked a “guilty pleasure.” But now it’s my feel good vibe. One of my favorite feel good vibe activities is laying in bed in the middle of the day doing nothing–just feeling good. So today I did it with no guilt and only pleassure. Same activity, totaly different vibe.
    And then an AMAZING “coincidence” happened. I got a call from my real estate agent the he had just gotten a full price offer on a property that I have had listed for months without a single offer. HA! And I used to think I was just being “lazy!”
    I’m going to create feel good vibes every day from now on! What a concept!
    Love you Jeannette!

  • Now that’s your true self talking, isn’t it, Danae? (’strangely and happily unembarrassed’)
    I love it when our inner beings can’t be suppressed! hee hee
    Here’s to more fun and frolicking with bad boys, great movies, nights of dancing, yoga, salads .. whatEVER our hearts desire!!
    The freedom in that, huh?! And not only not judging ourSELVES, but also not judging others! Gosh it feels good!
    Thanks, Danae. Your comment is taking me to some fun vibrational places! 🙂

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Now that is authentic and transparent.
    Hugs to you and kudos for telling us all how it really is.

  • danae says:

    😆 this is what I needed to read too… only yesterday I had a conversation with a ‘spiritual’ friend about my weekend antics and told her I am now ‘strangely and happily unembarrassed’ about thoroughly enjoying a night out with a ‘bad boy’, tequila, a comedy show, and dancing. Goddess knows I spend most of my life eating the organic salads (since my detox – inspired by pray rain journalling – I have no desire for chocolate or other ‘sinful’ foods!! yay) and yes, riding my bike to the organic market (with the baby in the bike seat behind me), and listening to ‘love poems of Rumi’ set to music. But hey, there’s all kinds of pleasures! Not to mention that old cosmic wet fish factor that means all those things we deny keep coming back at us. Practicing non-resistance with these will soon find them falling away of their own weight…if they’re not right for us, that is.
    and Jeanette – I loved the montoya revenge scene too 😆

  • Your twitter question still has me wondering, Iyabo – the difference between authenticity and transparency and how they do and don’t relate …
    Thanks for the fun place to explore! 🙂
    And the supportive comments here. Much appreciated, my friend!

  • oooh … blackberry pie!
    Ah, I’m adding that to my list, Phillis!
    Same vibe, indeed. 🙂
    Thanks for joining the conversation, girlfriend!

  • Phillis says:

    Coach J — imagine that I had the same thoughts last week and come to this BIG Ah Ha moment — my wants/needs/desires — what it the BIG “?” — what I really want is to be at PEACE with me and the life I am living . . . . what an interesting concept! I want peace (I have peach), I want Love (I have Love), I want Blackberry Pie (I have pie) . . . .
    Thanks! Love that I am in the same “Vibe” as you and this group!
    Cheers, P.

  • It sure sounds that simple when you put it like that, MissyB!!
    I’m feeling lighter and lighter with every comment I read here!
    woo hoo!! Thanks, MissyB! And so cool to connect with you on twitter! (@MissyB71, right?)

  • MissyB says:

    I’m famous !
    I’m all for doing what feels good because feeling pants is pants. And as long as my feeling good doesn’t selfishly make others feel pants, then I choose to feel good.
    Is it really that simple ?

  • Yeah, and how fun was THAT, huh, Patia? lol
    You guys are a blast to hang out with! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that no one is suggesting these desires are an impulse of a flagging vibe … nothing but love here!
    Thanks for reading and especially for writing, Patia. Nice to hear from you!

  • Patia says:

    I think the expectations about being perfect and eating only salads and doing yoga all day long can be traced back to our puritanical roots.

  • Yes, Pernille, that nails it! And releasing any judgment about what feels great so it CAN be properly enjoyed! That’s what I’ll be reminding myself.
    I mean, I’d never put that judgment on a client – so that’s my chance to love myself even more, I see.
    Thanks, Pernille! Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Thanks Jeannette, for reminding us that its all about feeling good, having fun and enjoying life and not about doing the right thing in the right way – so goodbye to should and should not and hello to whatever feels great 🙂

  • Bonni, I’ll think of you every time I listen to that song now (which I do often)! I love it!!

  • bonni says:

    The ringtone on my mobile phone is currently the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations”. I couldn’t say why I chose it, because I’m not that much of a Beach Boys fan (I like them well enough, but not in any major way). I just found it online and downloaded it and thought, “Yeah, I’ll use that.”
    Reading this post made me think that maybe it was my subconscious trying to tell me something about my vibe, hehe. It IS a really happy song (as many Beach Boys songs are) and it makes me smile when my phone rings. Good vibrations, indeed (and, of course, the phone is set on vibe as well as ring, so there’s even a pun involved!).
    It’s a silly, little thing, but if it makes me happy, I think it must be a good thing, right? Good, good, good, good vibrations (oom bop bop). 🙂

  • Janette – I love this!! “Thinking of big worthy things to be grateful for can be too hard some days” and instead looking for the “miniscule joys”!! Like the olive at the end of the martini.
    No wonder I like you (and your energy!) so much. he he
    And you got his accent perfectly.
    Thanks for being here, girlfriend. These responses are sure helping me feel better about, if not totally eliminate, the question I originally started with! 🙂

  • That brought a huge smile, Col: your lighthearted fun energy and this phrase: “whatever blows your hair back”! I love it!
    I’m SO using it!!
    Thanks for the great company I clearly have when it comes to this topic. Much appreciated!!

  • Janette says:

    My name ees Inigo Montoya… you keelled my father, preparrrre to DIE!
    Oh, that accent – that heartfelt glare – how could that NOT be a feelgood??? Hee hee!
    Last couple of weeks has included some day to day challenges, and to keep me sane I’ve been listening to Art of Self-Love audio every day. Wonderful of course…
    But the e-zine on vibeshifting and your list of feelgoods have been like an instant miracle cure!! How blissful to think of all those tiny moments of joy, brought to conscious awareness, massing synergistically to get me feeling the vibe. Thinking of big worthy things to be grateful for can be too hard some days.
    Seeing the name Inigo Montoya did it for me – now I’m going to make up my own list and see how many really miniscule joys I can think up for future reference.
    I think I’ll start with the unique taste of the olive at the end of a good dry martini (which I only ever have when my mum comes to stay…). Mmmm…

  • Col @ life by muse says:

    Oh yes, I’m with *YOU* – whatever feels good, do it, as long as it’s not hurting anybody. These days I’m 100% into the concept, “Your only job is to feel good” … It works!
    And on top of that … if you were in the mood for NIN and put on some Steve Halpern, I think you’d be doin’ your awesome self a total disservice. Raisin’ vibrations is subjective and unique to each one of us and whatever blows your hair back is where it’s at *FO SHIZZLE* 😉
    And as you can see, apparently I happen to be in the mood for some Snoop Dogg at the moment … didja notice that? 🙂
    Big hugs,
    Keep rockin’ out to your own beat,

  • Larry Kevin says:

    Well, I’m sitting here 10:20 PM waiting for my delayed flight to start loading…So, I could look like a lot of faces all around me 🙁
    Instead I follow my tweep GoodVibeCoach to her blog to see how to get the “good vibe” back. Done!
    Maybe I’ll start sneezing so the folks around me can catch the vibrus. LOL
    Tweet you later,
    Larry Kevin
    The Actionator!

  • Ha! Here’s to catching the virus from you, Actionator! Love this comment.
    Thanks for it! 🙂

  • All right, am I the only one, after reading MsNikki’s comment, wishing I could impress by getting in a bikini? he he
    Seriously, Ms Nikki, these are incredibly wise words: “Too expect to never deviate and do seemingly contradictory actions sets one up for LOA failure. I had a tough time at first because I thought that I had to always be on LOA point.”
    That’s nothing but pressure we put on ourselves, isn’t it? Thinking it’s supposed to look or be a certain way. And that pressure doesn’t do anything for anyone.
    Thanks for saying it so well, Ms Nikki. And here’s to honoring your creative, colorful nature! woo hoo!!

  • MsNikki says:

    This is part and parcel to being human! Too expect to never deviate and do seemingly contradictory actions sets one up for LOA failure. I had a tough time at first because I thought that I had to always be on LOA point. Not anymore.
    *I could have/should have attended the networking BBQ pool party but wasn’t feeling it. Why undress to hopefully impress? Sure, you could make the claim that I could have met a potential soulmate but he wouldn’t have been interested in me because of my unhappy mood due to the beet red bikini line from haphazard last minute waxing. No! I wasn’t feeling the hamburger grease stained business card exchanges and the politically correct but incoherent conversations around the Circle K beer cooler, either! So, I stayed home and had the most wonderful kick a** salsa w/organic chips, wine on sale from CostPlus, pasta, etc. Oh, with lots of naps in between phone conversations and online chess games. Sounds unproductive, right? Wrong! I actually was inspired to begin the letting go of items that no longer served me anymore. Something that I knew that I needed to do but was very reluctant to do. I didn’t want to be reminded of failures and lost dreams. I finally let go of the pin striped pants and skirt that I had just in case I got that interview at the conservative companies/entities. Needless to say, I’m making room for my real creative colorful nature to come out!

  • Amy, I got goose bumps reading your last paragraph! What a nice thought to remember!
    I can relate to your experience with attempting the gratitude list .. the other day I was reading a book that called for a visualization exercise (recalling an ideal childhood), which I could not do. After a couple false starts I closed the book and headed up for a shower. ha
    How important it is to remember to not just be easy on ourselves at times like that – but to actually dose ourselves with some extra TLC!
    Thanks for pitching in here, Amy. I know many readers are going to find comfort in your words!

  • Amy says:

    I, for one, especially appreciate your willingness to say what feels good/right and not “what you think a good coach might say.” That last ezine article was exactly what I needed. I am glad to have this opportunity to respond to it! (Besides people who are always so PC are really boring. :))
    The other morning I was so far down on the emotional scale, that I didn’t know what to do. I was anxious and panicky, obviously somewhere near despair. I didn’t realize that until I tried to do a mental gratitude list, but couldn’t do it! It sounded like “I’m so grateful for so & so, although they can be such a pain” and so on. Holy crap! I didn’ t know where to go from there! I had leant out my Ask and It is Given just the week before, so I had no good ideas, I guess they just weren’t in reach. I got through it, and a couple of days later got that ezine article. It made me so happy!
    I know, that overall, in my journey and in working these processes I am constantly learning and it’s always getting better. I know that I am always, overall, leaning at least a little downstream just by the fact that I know I’ll never stop wanting things to be better. I think that’s enough to keep me pointed in the right general direction. Otherwise, I never would have found the path in the first place.

  • That’s the thing, isn’t it, Elizabeth? It shifts regularly and even trying to do something that everyone says would be better could potentially have no positive effect (sometimes even a detrimental one).
    Can I just say, Woo Hoo for Rocky Road! ha ha
    Thanks for posting, Elizabeth. Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Deb says:

    Chocolate, Nine Inch Nails and all things that make you smile are awesome in my book! I love that you’re so real and so human to us!
    Enjoyment over “shoulds”. Yep, just the way it should be.

  • elizabeth says:

    Hmmm .. my vibe called for rocky road ice cream and skipping yoga to sleep in. I suppose I could’ve gone to yoga, and eaten a salad, but I’m not sure it would’ve made me feel any better. It seems to me that higher-vibing stuff is subjective and totally depends on the hour, day, month .. for that individual. 🙂

  • “Enjoyment over shoulds.” It can’t get much more simple than that, huh, Deb?
    Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  • >