It’s Just Bad Luck

four-leaf-clover.jpg“It’s just bad luck.”

That was Russ’ answer to my question as to how something like that could happen.

He’d just returned from a golf tournament where someone told the story of a 17 year old boy who was hit by a golf ball and could lose his eye as a result.

Golf is this dangerous, I wondered?  You guys don’t plan better than that?  Russ said there are a lot of “hacks” out there that are fully capable of sending a ball in the wrong direction.

(I would be one of those people, I’m sure, if he ever talked me into golfing.  Which won’t happen especially now that I know how easy it is to get hit.  All I needed was one more excuse to cross it off the list!)

Even as he answered me, though, I suspected that wasn’t the answer.

Because I don’t believe in luck, other than to the extent we create our own – good and bad.

(I actually don’t really believe in “wrong” direction, when it comes down to it.)

How something like that happens – no matter what we’re referencing – is due to aligning vibes.  That’s all.  No good, bad, right or wrong about it.

It’s just energy lining up.

Which I would probably not say to someone who’d just been hit by a ball.

Coincidence?  Luck?  Fate?

Sometimes it might feel better to think so, but that’s the only reason I’d entertain those thoughts.

Which makes me wonder – as we entertain those thoughts, do we create that reality?

I suppose so – but it’s still a result of OUR power.  Not from something outside ourselves.

As we think it, we create it.  So if I believe in good or bad luck, I’ll attract the appearance of it.

Which made me wonder with all this talk about 2012, are we creating that, too?  Abraham says 2012 will be just like 2011 and just like 2013, so relax about it.  But if we keep thinking 2012 is going to be some sort of big deal, and we’ve been thinking that for a VERY long time (like Mayan calendar long time), aren’t we manifesting it?

You probably already know I’m more than curious about your 2012 thoughts …  Would LOVE to hear everyone’s perspectives on the topic!

  • July 4, 2008
  • Parul says:

    Well, what I know is that my daughter will be a year old in 2012 ;)!!

  • Jessica, THANK YOU for your post reiterating that our beliefs are nothing more than choices, and there is no one set of beliefs that’s going to best serve everyone!!
    What an important (not to mention liberating) reminder at a perfect point in this post.
    I appreciate the perspective that someone’s belief in good luck is very empowering. (I call myself lucky all the time, and guess what – that thought feels good! To ME, anyway. Even though I don’t really believe in luck other than the kind we manifest. lol Oh, I’m getting convoluted here.)
    Anyway, Jessica, I think you and I have very similarly aligned perspectives on life. Thank you for sharing yours so eloquently here. I sincerely appreciate it!
    (PS – Did I ever say that Jessica is my favorite name? It is.)

  • Jessica says:

    Here’s what I view: We can believe whatever we want and whatever FEELS good.
    I’ve realized that a belief that makes me FEEL GOOD, can terrify someone else! We all have to use our own inner guidence system to know if a belief is assisting or hindering us.
    Almost any topic can be debated, and so my belief is to believe in what we want to and what makes us feel feel empowered in some way.
    Perhaps believing in good luck/bad luck empowers us to “roll with the punches” and move on; or perhaps not believing in it, empowers us to feel as though we have all the control in our lives. Either way, MY feeling is we should choose the belief that FEELS GOOD. In that way, we can at least enjoy this crazy world we live in!
    For instance, most of the time I am all about 100% responsibility and accountability- my oops in life are my own, but so are my woohoos! Then every once in awhile when life gets to be a little too challenging, the available belief in helping angels or a god that “knows best for me” helps me through.
    Oh, and one last thought before I sign off… all those events that we either search for meaning in or wonder how on earth we created- Maybe we are just creating OPPORTUNITIES. Opportunity to choose what belief in that moment will benefit us and those around us! An opportunity to strengthen our belief in LOA- it challenges us in so many ways. Maybe- I mean Definately- it is just what we ordered!

  • Tarielle says:

    I don’t believe in good or bad luck.
    I was hit by a huge mac truck a couple of years ago on the way to work. My car was pretty damaged but I was reasonably okay. It wasn’t my fault I got hit but I just thought of it as “an event”. Not good or bad luck that it happened.
    I even got talking to the driver and ended up chatting about his new baby and yes, he showed me photos. I could have had a bad attitude about it but that wouldn’t have helped much at all. I was even given a lift to work by one of the witnesses to the accident and someone else arranged to have my car towed.
    I got my car fixed and a new spray job that covered up all the existing scratches and stone chips that were there before.
    I got to appreciate myself and those around me a bit more because I wasn’t seriously hurt and I easily could have been killed that day.
    I think sometimes things just happen and maybe there doesn’t always have to be a reason. What is interesting is how we react to these events.
    I choose to love, live and forgive.

  • Okay, anyone who was hit by a huge mac truck and says they don’t believe in good or bad luck is speaking with authority. And credibility.

    I like it.

    And you’re right, Tarielle, our habit of making up meanings about things is … well, insidious, isn’t it?

    Love, live and forgive. What a nice motto to live life by!

    Thanks for posting, my friend. Your words and perspective are much appreciated!

  • You’re making me laugh, John – yes, remembering it’s all a bunch of clouds is an easy way to keep the enjoyment of it all going. 🙂

  • Peregrine John says:

    I’m with Abraham and Robert on this one: 2013 will be a time of embarrassment and laughter, just as 2001 was, and we each get to choose which one we prefer to be part of. I think I’ve mentioned my friend and her unfortunately-defunct site “Almageddon: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (Again)” before, so I’ll leave it at that.
    In other news, nothing may mean anything, but there are 2 ways to look at that phrase: I know that the clouds are just clouds, but I still like to watch them form into dragons.

  • Hi Anna–Yes have read (and reread) them all!!!
    Love to all,

  • Anna says:

    Kate, I think you and I have much thinking in common! Have you read S.M.’s earlier books, ie. Out on a Limb? If you haven’t, I’m certain you’re going to enjoy!
    Shine On ALL!

  • My favorite words here, Kate: “Don’t let anyone tell you how it’s gonna be”!!!!!

    Amen to that!

    Thanks for posting here – and for your cool pray rain journal article I found on facebook! Too cool! 🙂

  • “The end of the world as we know it” sounds like the very best possible solution to a purging, a regeneration and rejuvenation I have ever thought of.
    Shirley MacClain (SP?) goes into the end of the Mayan Calendar in her new book which I just loved.
    She also gets into how UFO activity is top secret info, hidden by our government.
    Very cool.
    Guidance as to “the end of the world as we know it” is to be had deep within the inner recesses of your own “knowing” or intuition.
    Don’t let anyone tell you how it’s gonna be.
    Plus create exactly how you want it to be in your PRJ (Pray Rain Journal!!)

  • Missy B, I like your openness in seeing the possibility that maybe you don’t believe in good or bad luck as a way of removing responsibility for co-creations. I doubt that’s the case for you, though.

    Does everyone remember the story of the … oh what was it? It’s like a zen story or something … the guy has a string of “bad” and “good” things happen to him, and everyone comments on what good or bad luck each thing is, and he just answers with something like “We’ll see.” And as time goes on, each “good” thing turned out to be a potentially “bad” thing, and each “bad” thing turned out to be a “good” thing.

    It seems that time reveals it all … and surely, it will show us that ALL of it is good.

    At least I like to think so. And in my book that’s good enough reason to hold that thought!

    Thanks for posting, Missy B!

  • Missy B says:

    I’m not sure I believe in good or bad luck as such…I think it is a matter of prespective. I think it just is. What if that lad does lose his eye…he may be spurred on to do something great that he might not have done with two eyes. Would it then still be bad luck ?
    Or perhaps I’ve chosen not to believe in good or bad luck to remove my responsibilty in co-creating anything “bad” that happens to me. Just a thought !

  • Robert, this beautiful comment of yours also deserves posting on the Power of Perspective piece!! I LOVE your ability to so easily see something that others might swear about as something that benefits you.
    What a gift to share this skill with others. Thank you for doing so here, my friend!

  • About bad luck
    I have found it very useful, when something “bad” happens to ask how I attracted it into my life. I recently got a speeding ticket (and I NEVER get speeding tickets.) But on this particular day I was sending out so much negative energy that I was “lucky” to only get a ticket. I really do create my own “bad luck” and my own “good luck.”

  • Anna, all I know is that whatever happens in 2012, I want to be with YOU, in a massive shift toward love.
    !! Can you imagine?! Of course you can!

  • Anna says:

    According to the Mayan calendar (and other assorted prophecies throughout time) 2012 (or there-about) is when the world will change as we know it. The end as we know it now. Doesn’t have to be armageddon in a war and destruction sense, which in my mind is nothing more than fear mongering with misinterpreted sacred text as proof. That’s just fear creating more fear.
    I choose to believe this change has more to do with life as we know it today (ie material-based living where feelings, caring for humanity and volunteerism are not considered as desirable as fame, fortune and Jimmy Choo shoes on the feet of those wearing Armani or Versaci) than it does with fire and brimstone.
    I choose to believe – I do believe – that the end as we know it will ultimately be a massive shift in consciousness away from fear, toward love. A lifting of the veil, a reconnecting of ourselves with Source, a recognition of truth in reality…

  • Robert, thanks for pointing out that other ancient cultures have also had a thing for 2012. That’s what really got my attention, too.

    A thief in the night, huh? I didn’t know that part of the Bible. Well, I don’t know most parts of the Bible, actually. hee hee Which is why I’m very grateful to those of you who DO know and share it with me in a way I can grasp.

    Thank you for posting, Robert! Your two cents worth is always worth much more than that to me. 🙂

  • OOPS! Left out the word NOT. “I think I can say with certainty that it will NOT be the end of the world.”

  • The books I’ve read about 2012 indicate that the Mayan calendar isn’t the only thing that points to something big happening in the year 2012. Other ancient cultures have made similar statements. And scientists are talking about all the things that seem to be coming in the year 2012 like the sun reversing it’s magnetic field, and strange shifts that are happening in the earth’s magnetic field. I personally believe that 2012 will be a big year in the history of our planet but I think that I can say with certainty that it would be the end of the world when Christ returns to earth because the Bible says that Christ will come “as a thief in the night.” Meaning that no one will be expecting him to come at the time when he DOES comes.
    Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents worth, Robert

  • Paul, I’m appreciating your inquiry as to why/how you attracted the story into your life. I’m asking myself a similar question – what message or learning there is for me through it.

    A former coach of mine would say it’s ridiculous to look for meaning in something that doesn’t mean anything. And he says NOTHING means anything.

    I still wonder about the implications of that thought.

    My tendency is to acknowledge that I look for meaning, understanding and learning in just about everything that happens – and I’ve got a pretty good gig going where I can almost always find a “positive” meaning. But maybe that habit just keeps me from a deeper truth.

    I don’t know.

    In the meantime, your thought that the Mayans just got tired or ran out of stone is making me smile.

    Thanks, as usual, for posting, dear Paul!

  • Paul. says:

    So much meat here once again, Jeannette! And on a holiday weekend.
    Where to start?
    I’m with you and Mags; I tend to use the term “luck” as an explanation in polite conversation but that’s it. I think Mags describes it best when she terms the concept “disempowering.” When I hear luck mentioned, it’s typically refers to an incident where Unconscious Creation coincides with (“good luck”) or runs contrary to (“bad luck”) one’s wishes. Fortunately, we are all here to perfect our Deliberate Creation.
    And then, as I think about this post and its accident some more, I get to thinking about why/how did I attract this to my experience? I’m not done with that line of soul-searching but my knowledge of ho’oponopono (I just like saying that word) gives me hope that this young man’s diagnosis is far from set in stone. How “lucky” I am that Jeannette has attracted this to her, so I can learn from the postings and perhaps Russ (and who knows? the boy? his family?) may in time benefit from Jeannette’s compassionate insights.
    Which brings my thoughts back to the recent topic of Perspective. (Could this all be that interconnected?) As Leah points out, what seems to be a “bad” thing could well be a “good” thing when viewed from a different angle.
    As for 2012, like bonni, I thought of Y2K as I read the post. Frankly, it’s not that present in the minds of many I encounter and I judge that as a “good” thing. (It’s a damn hard habit to break!) I know it’s a little simplistic but the calendar before me ends on December 31, 2008 and I’m not preparing for the end of the world. I know there will soon be another calendar printed that continues from there. There are many questions as to why the Mayan calendar stops in 2012, but do they have to mean something? Maybe they ran out of stone? Maybe they continued on another stone that we haven’t found? Maybe they just got tired?
    Yes, yes, I know there’s more to it than that. I understand cycles of the world’s “destruction” play a part in the Mayan cosmology. I guess I could think/read/research some more on the Mayans and their calendar, but it just doesn’t empower me nor raise my vibe to do so. And the smart people here have told me “it’s all about the vibe.” 😉
    Happy Holiday Weekend, everyone!
    PS I love your story about the golf course’s creation, Sherry. I needed a bit of magic today. Thanks.

  • LOVING this discussion!! Thanks everyone for pitching in!
    Couple of thoughts you’ve all led me to:
    What if bad things didn’t happen to good people? What if bad things didn’t happen to bad people? What if there were no bad things or bad people?
    On the Good News group Hannah shared exercise one that she picked up from (also posted by a Good Newser), which was to practice labeling everything as “good.” Easier for me to do than reserving labeling at all. I’m finding it rather profound and a natural extention of the perspective I’ve fostered in life.
    Leah’s Terry Fox story is a perfect example of how it’s possible to see something in a positive light.
    I like how Mags isn’t waiting till 2012 to have life be what she wants, and El’s inspiring reminder to stay open.
    Yes, Bonni, I think it’s that belief in the year that’s got me real curious.
    Lindsay, much as I’ve enjoyed claiming my individual beliefs, your thoughts about “ideas” rather than “beliefs” really appeals to me. Openness at its best! That fits in nicely with what I loved about El’s post. I’m going to try that on myself for a while. (What’s the verb form of idea? besides “think”?)
    And in the meantime, Russ and I are already looking forward to a trip to visit Sherry’s husband’s course! (That’s when I’ll remind myself there’s no need to fear an errant ball, or contrive an excuse to avoid playing. The fact is I love watching anyone do what they love!)
    Great conversation, folks! Would love to hear more!

  • Lindsay says:

    Before I say anything, I would like to say that I try to have “ideas” rather than “beliefs.” A friend of mine once pointed out that no war was ever started over an idea, but rather “I’m right and you’re wrong.” So my idea here is that perhaps everyone who truly believes 2012 to be the end of the world will experience the end of the world as the know it. This would mean different things for different people.
    It makes me think of the mass consciousness that believes in heaven or hell. Like in the movie What Dreams May Come, they manifest that experience for themselves to the extent that they hold it to be true.
    As individuals and as a group of conscious creators, I think it is up to us to decide what 2012 will be for us. An awakening? A leap in our evolution? It’s up to us.

  • Sherry says:

    Wanted to add that my husband manifested the golf course that we are involved in by using the Law of Attraction and visualization (even though he doesn’t “believe”).
    Each fall he would retreat to the valley to reground and re-energize from the golf season, he is a Supterintendent who maintains the grass. And as he would sit in the trees he would see the layout of a golf course. He came out to the same land for over 10 years and began sharing his vision with me and others.
    The most perfect people became interested and supported the project and July 3rd was the 7th anniv of the opening of the golf course. It is the premiere golf course of our area and dare I say province!

  • Sherry says:

    Golf is my backyard, it is the business my husband has spent his life devoted to, and the reason I live in the most spectacular location and amazing community. I’ve been in and around the golf industry for a number of years and getting hit by a golf ball is certainly not the norm.
    What I do know is that the game of golf is one of THE most challenging ways to stay present and actively practise ways to get out of your head. I employ the LOA when I play and my thing is to feel what it feels like to hit a good shot and visualize the same. Albeit it is not 100% effective but i believe in the process each time and expect I will play the shot as it is in my head.
    There is the physical challenge of hitting the ball and if you spend anytime with a golfer you would know that quite often it is more of a mental exercise in self deprecation. And I too sign up for that when I’m out there in a light way.
    Golf is purely individual, no team member to share the responsibility with or pass the ball to, errant shots are your own, and successful shots are your own. It is pure yin/yang in the raw.
    Just as the golfer who hit the ball did not intend to strike another person, I expect the boy did not intend to be on the receiving end of a shot. If invited I would suggest the question to ask would be, “What’s here for me to learn about myself and others that is not readily apparrent?”

  • El Baugher says:

    My Gram (who couldn’t have been more religious if she TRIED) always told me that Christ would return aprox. 2000 years after his death. I always wondered what part of the Bible that was in.
    Anyway, I found a book on 2012 and read it and found it very interesting. I’m all about LOA and creating your own reality. I’ve been an avid student for years. I have to wonder though, what are the energies of the universe itself, outside of earth and even this galaxy capable of?
    It’s been determined that if 1/10th of 1% of stars in our galaxy alone had 1 planet each that could support life, that would equal aprox. 10 MILLION planets similar to earth. IN OUR GALAXY ALONE!!! Scientists estimate there’s ONE BILLION other galaxies in the observable universe. If 1/10th of 1% of THOSE held life also, that’s a mind boggling 10 BILLION planets like Earth.
    It’s obvious that our planet is at a transition in our evolution. Spirituality is spreading like a welcome disease. If the other 10 billion possible life supporting, spiritual planets in our same Universe of Energy were ALSO at a similar point in their evolution, why isn’t it possible that on Dec. 21, 2012, we COULD experience some sort of Energy alignment that will enlighten our Spirits further?
    I think denying the possibility is the same school of thought that refuses to acknowledge the paranormal or even the existence of Spirit.

  • bonni says:

    The last big “end of the world” prediction was about Y2K, remember that? And that’s only one of many, many, many. I don’t think the Mayans were any cleverer than anybody else. I’m not disrespecting their culture but why would they, as opposed to anyone else, have the Ultimate Knowledge of the end of the world or the changing of an era or whatever? Why not Hindus? Why not some remote tribe in Africa? Why give more weight to the calendar of this ancient civilisation than the calendar of some other ancient civilisation? Why is this “prediction” better than other prophecies and predictions?
    My belief about 2012 is that it’s the year following 2011 and the one before 2013, yes. I don’t believe in any sort of “doomsday” or “rebirth” or “new era” predictions, really. There are countless predictions and prophecies of that sort, and they’re never right, so I was faced with the choice of believing all of them (ouch!) or believing none of them. I chose the latter. Thus far, I have not been disappointed.
    I suspect that for “true believers”, 2012 will bring changes to their realities. They’ll probably attribute it to 2012 and the Mayan calendar. That’s fine as far as I’m concerned, but I think that the changes in their lives will be due to their belief in the year, rather than the actual year.

  • I find the idea of “luck” quite disempowering, as it seems to imply handing over responsibility for our lives to capricious forces who toy with us for their own amusement:). I much prefer to know that I can create my own luck (good or bad) and that I choose to create good!
    As for 2012… well, I guess I’m pre-paving what that year will be like for me: joyous, peaceful, creative, abundant… no different really to what I choose to create right now 🙂

  • Leah says:

    oooooohhh… hard one… Why do “bad things” happen to good people… Well, in the balanced world of ying/yang and flows of energy, we do know that we can create negative consequences. I have created my fair share of car accidents, let me tell you…
    But the true accident sometimes may have more to do with the other energies in the mix. The energy that harmed and the potential outcome or benefit that may come from the young gentleman’s accident is yet to be discovered (and I too, wouldn’t say THAT outloud to him)…
    I am blessed to know the family of Terry Fox. He was the young man who lost his leg to a particular form of cancer. He lost his leg (amputation) and ran accross Canada. The equivalent of 26 miles per day minimum. He called it the marathon of hope. In the end he died and people were devastated. BUT, the fact remains that Terry’s form of cancer is now completely curable thanks to him.
    Not everyone has such a huge impact on the world in the face of their devastation… but the fact is he sent out a big ripple in the face of his challenge. Who knows what each ripple will be for the young man?
    My love of LOA is that at minimum, very base minimum, we elect to live our lives in a way that embraces the opportunity to be present and joyful no matter what… It gives us power in our day to day lives to CHOSE to be who we want to be and to CHANGE our experience of it. Because we elect to change it… we change everything.
    Why do bad things happen to good people, i don’t know, but they do. It’s what, if anything, they can do with those challenges.
    Gone for a week, vacation… will miss you… no internet access for a week…yipes. Leah

  • Gillian says:

    “Awareness” or “Conciousness” is the key to power, anyone, who has read “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel will know it. If we are unaware or oblivious to our surroundings, sooner or later, bad luck can hit us. I think we should compare our lives to a street. If we want to cross the street, we would have to carefully look left and right, being “aware” and “conscious” of cars that may be driving along. Once we find the road is free we can confidently walk accross the road. If we are not aware or conscious, that there may be traffic on the raod and we cross the street without looking left and right, then at some point we would get “unlucky” and get hit by a car. I truly believe consciousness is vital. We live in a world of contrast and we have to be “aware” of dangers, illness, sadness, because they exist, just as we are aware of abundance, happiness and prosperity. Being aware of danger does not mean to fear it. Once we are conscious of danger, we can then redirect our focus to the other end of the spectrum like safety and security and prevent the danger from hit us. Consciousness gives us power and power blocks the so called “bad luck”.

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