Janette’s Identity Shift Challenge

When I saw Janette Dalgliesh post this LOA alignment challenge to her private Identify Shift Ninja group, I knew it had the potential to be a game-changer for our manifesting success. Janette generously gave permission to share it here:
Identity Shift Challenge: Your Ticket to Alignment

If there is anything you want to change in your life, you’re seeking to shift identity into that version of yourself.

Shifting identity takes you another step toward alignment, so you become that girl with the healthy body, that guy with the fabulous relationship, or that woman with the kickass business.

But it can be tricky to get into that new identity while you’re spending 24/7 living (and maybe hating) the life of your old self.

So what’s a conscious creator to do?

The first thing is to be at peace with your current self (because hello – what we resist persists).

For more on that, read this and maybe this for starters.

Next, you need to find ways to connect to that new identity right here, right now. The magic lies in your brain and your spirit, and activating both to get you lined up may be easier than you think. The keys are repetition, and juiciness.

I’d like to invite you to join me for a 14 day Identity Shift Ninja Challenge (because who doesn’t love a challenge??).

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Find three things/people/activities/locations that activate your new identity.

I like to call these things “anchors” because they anchor us into that new identity. Look for something you can connect with every day (so don’t say “the ocean” if you live in the mountains). Make ’em juicy and doable!

For example, if your new identity is “rockstar web developer” the three things might include a badge with that label (made by your kid or a leading silversmith, doesn’t matter); a short FB post rich with helpful tips; and 30 minutes reading up on the latest WordPress plug-ins.

If your new identity is ” bestselling author” the three things might be drinking coffee from a mug that says AUTHOR; maintaining or setting up your Amazon author page; and two hours of writing.

Step 2: Do/wear/play with those three things daily for the next two weeks.

Note: you can do your three things more than daily if you like, and you can have more than three things, but you must connect with all of them them, at least once, every single day.

My new identity is ‘lightworker making a difference’ and my things are:

  • wear my EASY necklace, to remind me that I’m a brilliant lightworker who knows how to thrive by following her highest excitement (ie taking the easy path) – also to remind me I live in Easy World
  • one hour of research or reading into brain science or astrology or tarot or numerology (upskilling like a rockstar!)
  • thirty minutes of intuitive practice (on top of meditation) to keeping amping up my connection to Source (this practice is a mix of things, based on my own spiritual lineage)

That’s it. Who’s with me?

Share your three things in the comments, and let’s go!

  • April 22, 2015
  • This is amazing. I think it tricks your subconscious mind into believing in the new YOU that you are attempting to bring about. A lot of times, we get discouraged because it is difficult to build the level of inner belief needed to spark long lasting change. However, as we practice affirming the desire goal to ourselves through what you recommended above we will soon begin to believe it.
    I’m in!

  • Janette says:

    Amy, I love those ideas!!! The nightstand one is superb, so is the making-space-in-the-closet. And I like how you’re thinking of a mixture of different anchors – some you’ll make and look at, some you’ll wear, and so on.

  • Janette says:

    Oooh Namaste, I love your [fake] cash example – juicy!!!!
    I have FIVE fake $100 bills on my office whiteboard. I may need to get more heheh.
    And the board shorts – a brilliant example of an anchor. And not for everyone. But hugely inspiring!!

  • Janette says:

    Hey Amy, love that question, and you’ve had some cool responses. Here’s what I’d like to offer.
    For a start, I would suggest you keep your anchors simple.
    For this challenge, we want something we can easily engage every day, something close by, something that isn’t a huge stretch. Mine are actually pretty demanding, but that’s because I’m using them to dig in even deeper to something I’ve been evolving for a while – hence the stretch in terms of time.
    But yours don’t have to take time or involve leaving the house, if you don’t want to!
    The ones Jeannette mentions for the girl who wanted to be a NY writer are great examples. Super super simple, intimate, personal and easy to apply.
    What might having a great relationship bring to your everyday life? A ring? A gorgeous coffee set for two people?
    You can even IMBUE an object with the power of being an anchor. For example, if you own a pretty ring, you can magically turn it into a gift from a lover just by setting the intention that it is so. And then wear it every day.
    You could also, if it feels good, take a step back – not a big one – just enough to very gently find out what are the essential ingredients that go into a great relationship. These are going to be different for all of us, but some might be companionship, passion, loyalty, fun, laughter, shared values, adventure, security, belonging, freedom, respect, comfort, intimacy ….
    … and so on.
    You can use that technique to get a handle on the anchors for anything – business, health, etc.
    If you have no ideas for anchors, because you don’t feel you’ve ever known the thing you’re desiring, one trick might be to google one key ingredient and see what images come up, then use that to inspire you. Then rinse and repeat.
    I’d love to know what you come up with, Amy! Because I can guarantee it will not only look unique and personal to you, it will probably make the rest of us go “oooooh!”
    Just like I go “ooooooh” about Jeannette’s anchors, even though they might not be a fit for me. There’s a kind of recognition that happens.
    Good luck with your anchor hunt!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Jeanette and Janette, and all others who gave GREAT ideas,
      Thanks so much for your awesome suggestions! I loved them all! I especially like the ideas of switching things up at home, i.e., extra key, toothbrush, coffee set, etc. I also liked your suggestion about the ring, Janette, because that’s one that I actually had myself when I was pondering what I could use…I have some pretty rings…hey, who says one couldn’t be from a special someone?!
      Some other ideas I had were to add a nightstand to one side of my bed. Right now I have one for me, but the other side has nothing. So I thought I’d get “him” his own nightstand and lamp. Also, I thought I could empty out some space in my closet for him. I agree that doing these things helps you get into those delicious feelings right now!!
      Thanks again all! 🙂

  • Janette says:

    Jeannette, I’ve always loved those examples of yours. I love how personal-to-you they are. The power, I think, lies in how they made you feel, right?
    For some people, looking at a calendar full of ‘made up’ appointments might not feel juicy or exciting.
    *puts up own hand*
    Yup, I did do that for a while until I realised it was making me feel miserable. And that it was OKAY for me not to love the thing that lit you up.
    Thank you for letting me jump on your example as a fabulous way to shine a spotlight on that core piece.
    When you’re choosing anchors, they have to feel good to YOU. Take suggestions by all means, but put ’em through a very strong filter of “does it feel good TO ME?”
    Yes? Cool!

  • Janette says:

    Wow – look at the fun conversations that happen when a girl gets utterly distracted by the fun of her new greenhouse!!! Yes – I’m creating Janette-the-gardener and OMGosh that’s a stretch hahahah!!!
    So sorry I haven’t been joining in. Circling back with some thoughts in case they’re helpful 😀

  • Jeannette says:

    Way to get back in the game, Pollyanna!
    And Cat, I can imagine how much fun Universe is going to have with you with that vibe flowing – woo hoo!!

  • Cat says:

    I wish everyone could hear how I burst out laughing (for sheer joy) when I got this post!
    I’m into, oh, Day 10 or so of actually doing this, only I never thought of physical anchors. It was all internal. (The benefit of which is that I got viscerally, head-smackingly clear on the fact that reality is created with the stories we tell ourselves; of course I BELIEVED it, but believing it and watching yourself actually doing it like the most fascinating movie you’ve ever seen are two different things entirely.)
    I’m “in love.” There’s no “with whom” — yet — but I’ve got the whole butterflies, not-eating, not-sleeping, colors-more-intense, laughing-for-no-reason thing ACTUALLY going on, whether there’s a “whom” or not! It’s so cool!! And I made it all up!
    And you know the best part? The sheer delicious FREEDOM of knowing in my bones that I don’t need a “whom”! Because I don’t have one now, and I not only CAN feel this way, I AM! That means that for *the rest of my frickin’ life* (!!!), I can be in love no matter what — no matter if nobody feels the same way about me or even if I were the literal last human on the planet. Which, no doubt, also means that I can be WHATEVER I decide to be, equally regardless!
    It really is possible, guys!
    But anchors! I just might go out and pick a few now! Thanks for the idea!

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    I love these ideas Janette and Jeannette and will be looking for more ways to think along (and feel along!) these lines. I had started to write future manifestational events in the diary… but had stopped. So that’s gotta start up again right away!

  • Jeannette says:

    Brian, those are fabulous tips! Thanks for the great ideas!
    I know this is the part that can trip a lot of folks up – not actually being able to identify their “anchors.” Thanks for giving Amy – and anyone else who needed some inspiration – a hand.

  • Brian says:

    Amy: “Can you or other commenters give any ideas on ‘anchors’ for manifesting a great relationship?”
    Hey Amy. How do you define a great relationship? What does a great relationship look like for you? Using your imagination, when you think of a great relationship, what activities do you do with your partner?
    You go out on dates, for example. If you define a great relationship as going out on a date every Friday or the weekend, then every Friday/weekend, go out on a date. Go to a restaurant you want, get brunch, go bowling, etc. Whatever you feel inspired to, you want to go do that.
    You don’t need a mate to start going out on a date!
    Another idea you may want to do is create an e-mail that says, for example, “1GreatRelationshipPartner@(whatever e-mail service).com.” When you’re in a relationship, you’re going to send them questions, cool videos and cute cat pictures. So, if you find something cool, send your partner an e-mail (using that e-mail you created). If it feels good to do that, it can help you get into the mindset of, “Oh yeah, my partner would like this. I’ll send it to them,” making daily communication with them feel like a normal part of your day.
    Whatever you define as a great relationship, do whatever you want that feels in alignment with that. Begin being the person who already has a partner in their life. Think of the “Amy” who is already in a terrific, wonderful, fulling relationship. What does she think? How does she feel? How does she act? What is that Amy doing differently that you could be doing now?
    To the best of your ability, begin thinking, feeling, acting and being the Amy who is already in a great relationship.

  • Jeannette says:

    I LOVE your board shorts story, Namaste! What a perfect example for Janette’s point in this post.
    And that’s a fabulous quote from Lady Gaga. Thanks for posting it here!

  • Namaste says:

    Jeannette & Janette,
    Great idea Janette =)
    Appreciate you sharing this Jeannette =)
    I left Southern California for business reasons in 2002. I hated to move. I love LA. I vowed to return. For the next 11+ years, as I moved from city to city, I made a conscious decision to wear board shorts regularly (they were my anchor). I didn’t care what the weather or season was either, I made a point to wear them no matter what. I even wore them during the winter in Denver with a gigantic coat on to keep me from freezing. I finally managed to manifest the perfect circumstances and move back to LA in 2014. Today I wear board shorts just as much as I did in the other cities. It’s like I never left =)
    Another anchor I use is my big stacks of cash. I’ve always liked the fabulous displays of wealth that some rappers engage in (usually on youtube videos). I forget who does this now but it’s either 50 Cent or Birdman who keeps like a million dollars in cash laying around, simply because he likes to play with it =) I was thinking about this one day and decided to see if I could buy stacks of real looking fake cash online. I now have over $300,000,000 in real looking million dollars bills. I love looking at it and holding it =)
    Finally as I was thinking about this concept, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Lady Gaga. For her, her walk was her anchor…
    “I operate from a place of delusion-that is what the fame is all about. I used to walk down the street like I was a fucking rock star when I was nobody. I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be – and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.” -Lady Gaga

  • Jeannette says:

    “anchors for a great relationship” … good question, Amy.
    I guess the way I go about answering this question is envisioning my life how it will be when I got what I wanted. And then comparing it to my life now. Any things that stand out as different, I look for things that I can change today.
    So for a great relationship … I would have an extra key on my key ring. (To his place, of course, since my preference is we don’t live together.) Or if I did want us to live together, I’d have an extra car key on my key ring.
    I might have a new number programmed in my phone. I might call it Sweetie or Hot Stuff.
    I might have a folder in my inbox where I save the sweet notes he sends me. I might call it Romance Rules or Love Notes.
    What else would be different …
    Russ just suggested you might have an extra toothbrush in the bathroom.
    You might have his favorite food in the pantry.
    I’ll keep thinking of some other things, but we can get these answers when we just fast forward in our mind’s eye to what that life looks like then and spot the differences we can play with now.

  • Amy says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I really love this idea! Can you or other commenters give any ideas on “anchors” for manifesting a great relationship? Other than attempting to “feel now how I would then”, I’m not sure what physical anchors I could use to get into that space. Thoughts?

  • Jeannette says:

    I’m really interested to explore with fellow creators some ideas for what our “anchors” might be into our new identity.
    Some of my past favorites have been:
    for manifesting myself as a brilliant coach in high demand:
    – writing appointments in the calendar for clients who had not yet hired me
    – creating client folders for clients who didn’t yet exist
    – scheduling my day as if I were working around client sessions
    and I love the story of the aspiring NYC author who currently lived as a housewife in the midwest:
    – wore black
    – ate bagels
    – hung a picture of the New York skyline on her wall
    – used a mousepad that was a map of the NYC subway system
    This “pocket litter” post might also offer some ideas:

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