Jason Terry’s Body Ink Commitment

Jason Terry's Championship Tropy TattooSome people said Maveriks guard Jason Terry was crazy to have the NBA championship tropy tattooed on his bicep back in October.

But when his team won their first NBA title ever last night, it didn’t seem so crazy.

Eric Freeman wrote: “What seemed silly a few months ago now seems like a stroke a genius.”

Eric also said: “The Mavericks’ run … has been pretty shocking … no one really gave them much of a shot of making the NBA Finals, and several geniuses (myself included) predicted that they’d lose in a first-round upset. Many just assumed … little chance at ultimate glory.”

Just goes to show the power of the vibrations of confidence, commitment and belief! It can turn dark horses into champions, long shots into heroes and underdogs into top dogs.

What dream do you believe in enough to put in body ink?

Marisa Tomei is reported to have tattooed an Oscar before her surprise win for Best Supporting Actress for “My Cousin Vinny.”

(In fact, it was said there was no darker horse in the ’93 Academy Awards race than Marisa Tomei.) As reported by tvguide:

Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for her supporting role in My Cousin Vinny—ahead of four very experienced actresses—and was then subjected to rumors that presenter Jack Palance had read the wrong name (either by mistake or as a joke).

No mistakes.  Just Universe responding to big vibrations!
it's not the tattoo, it's the confidence behind it

As Amanda asked in the GVU forums when sharing Jason Terry’s example, doesn’t it make you wonder what your tattoo would be?

And if you believe in it enough to actually ink it onto skin?

Biggest Loser finalist Jay wrote his target weight at the beginning of each new week on the inside of his wrist to keep him focused and inspired. In fact, didn’t he make it permanent at the end of the show?

While I’m not a fan of getting a tattoo myself, I AM a fan of boldly demonstrating commitment and belief and making strong declarations of our upcoming manifestations.

We know it isn’t that tattoos themselves are magic. Rather it’s the vibration behind getting the tattoo that makes the difference.

Daring. Boldness. Belief. Confidence. Commitment. Universe can have a good time with those vibes!

How do you show your commitment to your dream? And what would your tattoo be?

  • June 13, 2011
  • Sharon, I think you’re on to something really good here. When you’re flowing that much desire and you throw in a little allowing – or maybe a lot of allowing – that is a recipe for magic and miracles.
    You’ll keep us posted?!

  • Sharon says:

    Wow I just read Jason’s story and watched Oprah’s video on surrender I am so in tears. These were right on time for where I am right now. I am at a crossroads of deliberately manifesting my dream life and am righteously attached…not just committed…attached. A stroke of the Universe telling me stop, surrender, don’t forget happy is the result you are looking for, and step back and allow. I am moved how everything I ever need shows up in the very moment I want to throw my hands up. Thanks so much Jeannette and community of deliberate manifesting partners. I leave this blog session with a list of tips,

  • Thanks for the encouragement to keep the newsletters going, Lizette.
    And I want to see a picture of that tattoo if/when you get it!!!
    PS – loved the emailing and date night glimpses we got of your relationship life. Very cool habits there.

  • Lizette says:

    WOW!! This could not have come at a better time. In the last 2 weeks I have made a SERIOUS commitment to improve my vibes (I was so miserable since beginning of Jan already) and our home life has changed dramatically. I mailed my hubby (yeah, on contentious issues we mail each other) that I wanted to get inked inside my wrist. I never liked tattoos on women. I mentioned it to him again on our date Thursday night and asked why he didn’t reply. 🙂 He was not totally against it. This is a sign, right?! I’ve missed your newsletters – keep them coming!

  • Wow – nice manifesting, Pat!
    Makes me wonder what you’re drawing pictures of these days.

  • Pat Sharp says:

    About 9 years ago, I was thinking about the way I wanted my house to look. I had lived there for 11 years but had been away in other places for work.
    I drew 3 pictures of the finished exterior, paint or siding color, trim, rusty red metal roof, little shed/greenhouse addition…….
    A paintjob would be precarious, in spite of the fact that I am a professonal; painter ( as well as artist) because of the way the groud slopes making a ladder unstable.
    5 1/2 years ago I got a big grant to replace windows doors, install siding, AND the METAL roof! ( They wanted to do the less expensive roofing shingles, but, I had a problem with red squirrels knawing through them, & residing in the attic, so convinced the contractor to use the metal. I convinced him that though the metal was more expensive, the time/ manpower to install was much quicker. I am the only person in the neighborhood who doesn’t have to get on a ladder with a broom to sweep the heavy snow off my roof, it slides with it’s own weight! R$oof & trim arte rust colored, the siding is khaki……very warm, summertime lemon yellow day lilies, all around, orange chinese lanterns in the fall.

  • I would not be surprised, Stacy, that creating that connection to the support of Spirit helped with the unfolding of your life.
    And I think Jason’s example of getting it before it’s “real” would definitely support further transformation – again.

  • Stacy says:

    I have 5 tattoos but none of them are words. But my last one is actually two symbols – one japenese and one chinese – both are the symbol for Spirit. And I have them on my back – ie Spirit’s got my back.
    For a long while I’ve been contemplating using them as the base to another tattoo. These symbols would be the body and I’d have very colorful butterfly wings extending from them.
    I’ve held off because I wanted to get the tattoo as a symbol of my transformation (ie when I get to where I want to be). But maybe I should do it now to show that faith that transformation is coming.
    BTW – when I got the Spirit symbols it was before some major changes. HHmmmm, wonder if doing that was what helped move things along?

  • Nice one, Ruby. From what I know about you and your life, it seems that’s proven to serve you extremely well!

  • Ruby says:

    I know for me the mantra has to be, ‘Forget it, this is not important’and ‘This too shall pass’
    I the past few years, these statements have allowed me to let go or surrender so quickly, its the stuff of magic… poof gone! 🙂

  • Good question, Julie. I might focus on the benefit of the contrast of that scar/tattoo. Like, what did THIS create for me?

  • Julie Masters says:

    Considering the power of words and the fact that they can literally change molecular structure–what is a powerful way to shift a permanent tattoo, or scar, that was done from out of the vortex? And is actually a word that you would prefer not to continue manifesting? I’d love some input.
    Julie Masters

  • Well that would make a much prettier tattoo, wouldn’t it, Aya? ha
    Yes, I agree with you about how impressive the commitment is! Not like he got it a week before when it was already well within reach.

  • aya says:

    I love this! And he did it what, 8 MONTHS prior?! Impressive!!!
    It encourages me to hold on to the symbol i chose for my goal: A butterfly! (For growth, beauty and transformation! 😀 )
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Really, Ande?! How fun! I hadn’t realized it was so easy to create your own temporary tattoos!
    Thanks for the tip! (Loved the wedding ring story, too!)

  • I love the idea of symbols to declare belief in a desire. Before Tim came into my life, I bought myself a gold ring and wore it on my “wedding” finger. Within a year, it was replaced with a wedding band.
    I’m with you on tattoos, Jeannette, but I have used temporary ones–Google “temporary tattoo paper” and you’ll find it in craft stores and I think on Amazon too. It’s fun to use. You can create your own designs on the computer and print them onto the paper and then transfer them onto your skin. They usually last 2 to 3 days. They’re a playful way to “ink” reminders and inspiration without making it permanent.

  • ZOE!!!! rofl
    Oh my gosh, you are too much!!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    I am quietly giggling to myself imagining tattooing ‘stripper ass’ on my butt to bring on the perfectly formed derriere…
    Sophie – LOVE the water molecule analogy – that so lights me up.
    And now to figure out how to write write ‘stripper ass’ in a mirror 🙂

  • Sounds like you’re already putting those words to good use, Nikky!
    Not hard to find the alignment there. Kudos!

  • Nikky says:

    I have been contemplating infact for a while to get one done that says ” I am loved and all is well” that pretty much IS my anchor.
    love to all of you

  • Brilliant, Amanda! I’m sure lots of deliberate creators could get excited about a bracelet if not a tattoo.

  • Amanda42 says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t add this earlier, but I have bracelet from my mother that has words including “wish,” “believe,” “dream,” “hope,” and “inspire” written all over it. For some reason, I thought it said “breathe” on it, too, but I just learned that it actually doesn’t! But it reminds me to do that, too. I’m going to go thank my mom again for this beautiful reminder of what matters in life.

  • I might be able to do henna before markers … but I like the reminder about the What the Bleep scene! I guess what I like about actually putting it on your body is that it is always with you. And like Sophie said – it’s got to be affecting the molecules of the body, right?
    And Keep the Faith seems like a very good mantra to use.
    Thanks for posting, Julie! 🙂

  • Elisabeth says:

    That’s right Julie. I remember that from “What the Bleep”. I found that to be a very powerful scene. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Julie Masters says:

    I tend to keep things quiet myself, and while I’m not interested in getting a permanent tattoo, I have written things on my hand with markers. When I was ill a couple of years ago, I wrote “keep the faith” and my daughters did as well. It felt very powerful, and I even enjoyed replacing it every day with different colors and little drawings.
    I’ve never done it myself, but in the movie, “What the Bleep” the actress used marker to write loving designs all over her body. Always thought that was a great idea.
    Julie Masters

  • For real, Lisa? You have tattoos? Julie and Lisa, I think we need photos. I want to see these!! lol

  • Lisa says:

    I’ll tell you what is inked on my body. “Love” and “Devotion”.
    Well, and “David” of course. But that’s in a whole different place…

  • You CAN feel the power of conviction in a move like that, huh, Elisabeth?
    No doubt that’s what’s creating really strong alignment.
    Thanks for sharing the book covers and business card strategies here!

  • Elisabeth says:

    It makes me think of a few other stories and tips I have heard. I believe both Wayne Dyer and Peggy McColl create book covers of the books they intend to write before they are finished. Peggy even added NY Times bestselling author to hers. Someone else (I am thinking Wayne Dyer or Cheryl Richardson) talked about creating business cards with your name and job title on it for the job you want to have.
    The power in the action demonstrates to the Universe that you are serious about what you want. There is no wishy washy sentiment to it. It’s a go all the way or go home mentality that you must have in order to manifest what you want. Seeing that tatoo or seeing that book cover or seeing whatever you create helps you pull together the energy you need to go to practice early and stay late to practice free throws; to get up early and/or stay up late to meet your writing goals.
    I don’t see a tatoo parlor in my future but I AM going to create those book covers and business cards!

  • I’m with you, Amanda, on feeling the inspiration to embolden and bring to life so vividly my own dreams, although it won’t be with a tattoo.
    Let us know if you land on anything in particular new to play with!

  • Amanda42 says:

    I. Love. This.
    I’m not going to run out and get a tattoo, but I’m going to come up with some visual reminder that I can get anything I want. In my bedroom, I have nice little candleholder that says “LOVE” on it. I put it there for the feng shui, but it is a nice reminder, too!

  • Julie, that is BEAUTIFUL.
    Love the deliberate thought and attention that went into your choices! As well as your recognition of how it helped you focus your life where you wanted to take it.
    Thanks for sharing that with us!

  • Julie says:

    I have three tattoos, all inked after my debilitating divorce.
    The first came two years afterwards. I felt desperate and lost, so I decided to have “know thyself” inked on my left arm. To keep me grounded. To keep me here.
    The second came a year later: “Imagine Peace” on my right arm (after all, it’s all about “balance”, right?) 🙂
    The last was last summer, after seeing the wonderful film “I Am Love” with Tilda Swinton. I had the word “L’Amore” inked on the back of my neck, reminding me that between self-awareness and peace is LOVE, and that love always “has my back”.
    After each one, my life improved for the better. I changed myself in all the ways I needed to. Being inked was about giving myself permission to believe. And I do believe. I know they were some of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
    (Interestingly enough, only the second hurt. ‘Peace” was a super-hard thing to accept at the time. “Love” though, oddly enough, didn’t hurt at all!)

  • You are good with the potions, Amanda! 🙂
    And here’s to going with what serves us best!
    The more I think about it, the more I realize how challenging it could be for me to pull off an audacious move like Jason’s.

  • Amanda says:

    Sophie – LOVE this thought – “What if a word like Believe, a tattoo of the championship win or the oscar woudl actually modify our molecules so that it manifests itself?”
    Jeannette – yeah, I’m the type that needs to be QUIET about my tattoo. I ALWAYS keep things quiet while trying to manifest them. It is my potion ;0

  • Sophie says:

    Like I shared in the forums, while I am not getting a tattoo, I am committing in public to some pretty big things 🙂 “Cause I know I can do it.
    But this tattoo story reminds me of the experiment Masaru Emoto did on water by placing a different words on several vials of water and then looking at its structure. What if a word like Believe, a tattoo of the championship win or the oscar woudl actually modify our molecules so that it manifests itself?
    Food for thought 🙂

  • What’s interesting to me, Sophie, is how that vibration plays when you go so public with your intentions.
    Some people might feel some pressure around that – and indeed, I think Jason said he did, but that was by design. He did that to motivate himself, from what I understand.
    Others (myself included on some occasions) prefer to keep some things quiet for a while, until it’s showing signs of unfolding so we don’t risk the ridicule of naysayers.
    But there’s some really cool energy to be tapped when we get vocal and out loud about it. (When we can do that without activating fear of failure.)
    Like, I think Marisa was pretty quiet about her Oscar tattoo; whereas Jason’s was there for everyone to see!
    But I think you’re absolutely right about the power of the “label” on our body! Doesn’t that make you wonder about some of the tattoos people have? ha

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