Joel Osteen: The LOA Pastor?

Joel Osteen and the Law of Attraction

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It’s hard to put my finger on why I’m so excited about Christian pastor Joel Osteen.
Maybe it’s because his sermons are filled with law of attraction friendly messages.
Or because I love the thought of 7 million people tuning in for his aligned guidance.
Or maybe because he’s just an exceptionally charismatic guy who can’t help but uplift others.
It’s probably all those things and more.
What I do know for sure is that that guy lights me up.
Not everyone feels that way about him, though.
Some fundamentalist Christians criticize Osteen for being a “theological lightweight” and argue he’s teaching new age heresy to the masses in the guise of Christianity.  Some of those ‘new age heretics’ criticize Osteen for his references to an exclusionary God as well as his position on homosexuality.  (Which I haven’t actually heard myself.)
What I see is a genuinely fun and upbeat guy sharing messages of hope, empowerment and possibility with a very large audience.  What’s not to love?
Here’s a sample of stories and quotes gleaned from Osteen’s “Night of Hope” event in Salt Lake City last night that easily align with law of attraction principles:

  • Osteen’s 48 year old mother surrounded herself with pictures of health & vibrancy when she was declining from live failure.  (She’s now 80 and counting!)
  • Life and death is in the power of our tongue.
  • Thank God in advance for your victory.
  • Don’t pray away your problems – trust you’ll be right where you should be when the winds are done blowing.
  • Relinquish control to God.  (Stop worrying, stop losing sleep.)
  • Let go of what didn’t work out.
  • God is for you, and wants you to make big bold requests.
  • Make room for something big; you haven’t seen your best days yet.
  • The first place we lose the battle is in our own thinking. Break free in your thinking!
  • Dismiss those negative thoughts; release yourself from your limitations.
  • Start talking, thinking and acting like your victory is going to happen.
  • Speak the seeds of faith into being: “I am blessed, I am healthy, I am strong, I am victorious.”
  • Take your praise to God, not your problems.
  • Call the things that are not as if they already were.  (Romans 4:17)

While Osteen might not be “fire and brimstone” enough for some religiously inclined folks, and perhaps quotes the Bible too often to turn on others, it’s clear this Houston pastor is onto something big.
He’s sharing (what I believe are) fundamental keys to a successful life with a wide audience that might not be able to tune in to Dispenza, Braden, Abraham, Bashar or even The Secret.

In fact, I know deliberate creators who use Osteen’s material as a bridge to converse with family members about law of attraction and manifesting.

I’m not saying some filtering isn’t helpful, but that’s a good practice no matter who we’re listening to.  Take what works; leave what doesn’t.
And when it comes to Joel Osteen, I have to say, a lot of it works really well for this conscious creator.

  • October 12, 2013
  • Mrs. C says:

    The rest of the hard line Christian groups denounce him because he is an alleged freemason.
    Sadly I had to do a lot of research into Joel Osteen and Freemason as well as other false prophets.
    Yes one can be a Christian or what ever and still be a Freemason. Even is his logo has been decoded with the symbols also his and victoria’s Freemason gestures.
    However as mentioned I still like listening to his preaching and the above doesn’t stop me from continuing to do so.

  • Keith says:

    I find Joel to be breath of fresh air in a world of overly dogmatic Christianity. I never took to any version growing up here in the US, Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, or any other version exposed to me in my youth. Not until my mid 30s did I become spiritual in any real way. I leaned agnostic, but held tight to the opinion of the golden rule as universal regardless of faith or lack thereof. Being kind and non-judgmental to others requires no dogma. Buddhism was the first real spiritual teachings that resonated with me. As a result I delved into more and more wisdom study (Hinduism, New Age, Philosophy, Metaphysics, and anywhere else wisdom shows itself). Wisdom and truth are shrouded in light and as such will stand out. I appreciate that he is inclusive and non-judging. I just listened to one of his podcasts and it specifically mentions God excepting everyone into Heaven including those of different faiths, races, and sexual preference. His messages are uplifting and of substantive value. The biggest kicker for me to know his message is from the heart and of value is the rest of the hard line Christian groups denounce him. I hold to the belief that there have been many avatars sent here to teach us and Jesus was one of them. There are many ways to honor and practice our divinity, the key is to identify truth and live up to it. Or as you put it above, “Take what works; leave what doesn’t.” Namaste.

  • That sounds like an interesting one to hear, MissLB (“activate the right genes”) – thanks for the tip!

  • MissLB says:

    Good morning, I too listen to Abrahams messages and I am on a spiritual quest. I’ve listened to a few of Joels preaching, in fact I just finished watching one (#582 activate the right genes) that made me Google ‘Is JOEL preaching LOA’ which is what brought me to this post. Also I grew up in a religious home and went to a religious school and I now realize that the even the bible and preachers teach the LOA but just maybe because of their lack of knowledge their interpretations were different. After researching the LOA a few questions that I asked in religion class are now being answered

  • Mrs. C says:

    I thought he was and was getting into him until I found out that he is part of the illuminati with other pastors. There is a lot a evidence that backs it up too. Just do a search for more info.
    However I still like his LOA way of preaching.

  • Steve says:

    I listen to Joel. There’s something about him that you can’t help but like.

  • Mrs. C says:

    I am not a Christian but I really do like Joel Osteen. But the late Reverend Ike. was king of prosperity.
    I used to watch Rev. Ike on TV thinking that he was some kind of fraud and I would just laugh at him and his jokes because he was such an entertainer. Little did I know he was delivering his LOA in a fun way. He also made the bible fun for me to get into.
    Now I watch all Rev. Ikes’ on clips on YouTube. Even Bob Proctor is friend of his. Pastor Joel Osteen is good but I do wish his YouTube fans would stop leaving spam to his website. Just makes me think that he has got his team spreading spamming his name like Jesus. But that could me my own imagination at work but I just find it creepy in a heavy way.
    The think that I love about Pastor Joel is that any time I watch his videos it makes sense to me in my life right now (only because I make it fit).
    All this is from someone as a kid who used to cry not to go to Pentecostal or Church of God Sunday school. I hated it and found it all fake etc. But if Pastor Joel was around back in my youth or had I picked up on Rev. Ike I am 100% sure that I would be preaching too.
    Ekk no :/ I didn’t just write that LOL

  • jennifer says:

    cy… I might be able to break that down for you: I believe… that the ‘moral’… point to be gotten at the end of each story in the bible is God’s word… but, the abhorrent examples were done by man, and need to be including to ‘bring the point home’… does that make sense??

  • cy says:

    joel osteen believes the entire bible is Gods word and inerrant, its difficult to understand that for me, there is so much genocide and barbaric vioelence in the bible. What does osteen do with those verses? he can’t just gloss over them and pretend they aren’t there, he declares that he believes in those verses as inerrant word of God. its a bit perplexing to me.

  • Laura says:

    I watch Osteen every Sunday. He’s great but he’s not unique. There are about 3 or 4 other Christian pastors on TV who very clearly preach deliberate creation (Bill Winston is another good example).
    Also, most of the information we use to learn about the Law of Attraction comes from theologians and ministers who went through the bible to find proof that we are meant to live the lives of our own creation. Most notably Ernest Holmes, who created the Church of Religious Science and the practice called Science of Mind (and teacher of Louise Hay and Michael Beckwith). His churches exist still today but are now called Centers for Spiritual Living. Though I do not belong to any church and will probably never call myself a Christian, reading their materials deepened my understanding and faith in LOA like nothing else.
    I keep a decent rotation of Centers for Spiritual Living sermons on my ipod. You can find them on iTunes. My personal favs are Moira Fox from Redondo Beach and Larry King from Portland Oregon

  • That is so smart, Sebastian – to focus on the parts that serve rather than the parts that don’t. It seems to me practiced deliberate creators would be really good at this, too.
    Thanks for reading and for posting, my friend! 🙂

  • Sebastian says:

    The bible (and many other religions & beliefs) are filled with LOA material. They all have the same deep underlying message.
    For some reason people misinterpret a lot what is said and then turn those beliefs into something personal.
    Why focus on what you think others are saying wrong versus what are others saying that is also similar to what we believe in?

  • He makes a great bridge, doesn’t he, Lisa? Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm here.
    And Julie B, you were right when you told me I would love him! I did and do! 🙂

  • Julie B says:

    So glad you went and saw Joel! He is bringing a positive message to some who may not be open to ‘new aga/LOA’ stuff, yet he’s all over it:
    “Start talking, thinking and acting like your victory is going to happen.
    Speak the seeds of faith into being: “I am blessed, I am healthy, I am strong, I am victorious.”
    Take your praise to God, not your problems.
    Call the things that are not as if they already were.”
    Awesome stuff – and he’s SUCH A NICE GUY! Having lived in TX for 20 years and I’ve seen some real rascals in church/Texas… he is genuine and super sweet/humble. Beautiful wife, adorable kids. He walks his talk and that is something to be respected and appreciated, no matter what someone’s orientation.
    He is ‘inclusive’ not exclusive. I think it was Larry King that asked him about homosexuality and he said his personal opinion was he thought marriage was between a man and a woman, but he believes “all are equal before the Lord”… that was a few years ago and I don’t know what his stance is now. But he never called anyone from the LGBT community a derogatory name nor defamed them in anyway. Always inclusive.
    Thanks Jeannette!

  • Lisa says:

    LOVE him! He is a fixture in our house. While my husband is very Catholic and I am very spiritual but not religious, Joel Osteen is someone that not only do we agree on, but want to emulate as we raise our son. I think I was so attracted to him because of his LOA vibe. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. Great post, Jeannette.

  • That “encourage and empower” intention comes through loud and clear (for me) when I listen to him, Loren. Sounds like we’re on the same page here!
    Debra, thanks for the tip to find him on Oprah’s Soul Sunday. I agree with you about how inspiring he is to SPEAK it out loud. I’ve been doing more of that since I plugged in to him and it feels wonderful!

  • Debra says:

    Full disclosure, I do love Jesus, but I absolutely love Joel Osteen! He feeds my soul 🙂 If you haven’t watched him on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, I would highly recommend it. I love his sermon on speaking to your mountains, in particular as it relates to growing your business: He says it’s good to pray. It’s good to ask God to help us. But when you face a mountain, it’s not enough to just pray. It’s not enough to just believe. It’s not enough to jus t think good thoughts. Here’s the key: You have to SPEAK to your mountains. Jesus said in Mark 11 “Whoever will say to this mountain ‘Be Removed’ and does not doubt in his heart he will have whatever he says.” He says to declare: “I’m blessed. God’s favor is bringing me new clients. I command those mountains to be removed.”

  • Loren says:

    I agree with you WHOLEHEARTEDLY, Coach J! I am aware of the criticism of him on both sides of the spectrum, but for me he’s right in the zone. I believe his ultimate goal is to encourage and empower as many people he can. So I think his messages accomplish that goal week after week. There is a reason Lakewood Church is so huge, why millions watch his broadcasts, buy his books, and attend his live events. Apparently many of us think he’s awesome! 🙂 And I absolutely adopted this concept many years ago… “Take what works; leave what doesn’t.” That advice is on the money, Coach J.

  • He IS a great storyteller, isn’t he, Nancy?
    I’m obviously a little late to this party, but so glad I finally made it!
    Your last question is a powerful one, Nancy. Thanks for reading and for posting on this one!

  • Jeannette, as you know, I’ve been a big fan of Joel’s since I first learned about him(in 2006) via other Abers on a forum. I was dumfounded how they were all raving about a Pentacostal Preacher, but raves like that were worth checking out, and I’ve never looked back. I watch Joel’s sermons on his site and YouTube, and listen to his audio books when I am out for a walk. He knows how to share a great story, too!
    As others have mentioned, I also censor out the religious-speak, substitute words so they make more sense to me, and since I personally recognize Jesus as a great socialist and LOA teacher of his time, I choose not to confuse another human being with being a “savior”. The bottom line is, when I am done listening to or watching Joel’s message, I always feel uplifted and good which means it puts me in vibrational alignment with my Inner Being.
    Yes, I know that Joel (and every Christian preacher I have heard) says things about homosexuality with which I do not agree. I have also been amazed to hear him be very clear, unlike other preachers: God loves and accepts everyone. Curious then, why the book that claims to be the word of God is filled with so much non-love and non-acceptance. Hmmm…
    Of course, that could just be how it’s been improperly interpreted over the past centuries. Neville Goddard explained some biblical passages from a metaphysical point of view that was TOTALLY different (and much better) from traditional interpretations. Biblical phrases stating women must be “submissive” to men were actually about the necessity of the subconscious (feminine) being managed by the conscious (masculine) mind.
    I am willing to see that the same is true about other biblical teachings which need further decoding. It’s also worth mentioning that the Southern Baptists did not like Joel’s father John’s positive take on the teachings, which is why Lakewood broke off into their own church in 1959. (The full story is quite amazing, actually.)
    Isn’t it curious how when we decide someone else is judgmental and take offense to it, we then become judgmental, too?
    Many blessings,

  • In reading that, Janette, it made me realize I’m pretty good at seeing the good in anyone, not just Pastor Osteen. I think that’s a habit worth keeping.
    Thanks for that perspective! 🙂

  • Janette says:

    OMG how much do I love you Jeannette??!!
    Sadly for me, my first exposure to Joel Osteen was via the whole homosexuality thing. That’s a significant issue for me, especially living in a country which – for all its benefits – hasn’t got marriage equality sorted yet.
    Part of my strategy in dealing with it is to keep my focus on the loving and positive changes that are coming for my LGBT brothers and sisters; and not paying attention to the other perspectives.
    I love love love how successfully you filter Osteen so that you only see the positive message!! I love how inclusive you are in your LOA practice!! I love that you and so many others can do it, and I love that he can be a bridge to LOA for many in the mainstream.
    And yet – right now, for me – it’s a bit like Abraham’s comments about going to McDonalds and trying to manifest a gourmet meal. Yes, I could do it, I could change my filters…. but it’s not the easiest way forward.
    So huzzah! to you, and to those for whom the positive aspects of Osteen’s work are loud and clear.
    I love how we all get to be so diverse with this work. Hallelujah! 😉

  • I love that thought, Jennifer. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right about that.
    And Evan! “A channel for the evolution of religion!” I literally got goosebumps reading that.
    I think that’s what excites me so much – the thought of how many people can “hear” him because he’s speaking their “language” – and he’s sharing the foundation of reality-creating principles! How cool is that?!

  • J —
    Could I love you more?! I, like many others, am in recovery from the organized religion of my childhood . . . and yet I loves me like crazy some Joel Osteen. While I am disappointed by his stance on homosexuality, I trust that in time he will soften in this regard. As I did. We all continue to grow. In every other way I find him to be a gale force blast of pure spirit. And your excerpts highlight why so many turn to him for inspiration. I am convinced he is a channel for the evolution of religion . . . Who better than someone from within the existing framework?
    — E

  • Jennifer Tilley says:

    Seems to me he is speaking along the same lines that Jesus Christ did, before it became ‘twisted’ by others… I say ‘keep going!!’ 🙂
    And, thanks for the share, Jeannette 🙂

  • That’s it for me, too, Flavia – I’ve been “stumbling” across him and finding myself incredibly inspired as a result. Something very cool about what he’s sharing, but also the context of how he’s sharing it (and who he’s sharing it with) that excites me. I mean, if ever there were a guy who could give religion a good name, he seems to be a strong candidate!
    Thanks for posting your thoughts, Flavia. I’m always interested in your take on things since I respect your approach to life and your commitment to alignment so much.

  • Flavia says:

    I find his unique take on spiritual matters and examples stimulating and refreshing.
    I feel very connected to my god within when I listen to him! He inspires me when I stumble upon his sermons! Love him and how he serves the world! I love how tuned in to source he is! I love his love of bringing people up! I love his love of people I love that people from all walks of life can hear his message more easily! I love that 7 million people can more easily find resonance with the source within through him.

  • Right, MI?! I’ve thought the same thing!!
    In fact, have you heard the story Abe tells about how when he and Esther were at the airport baggage claim together?
    PS – I also find myself dismissing the Jesus as our lord and savior stuff, but actually enjoy the bible stories. (Many of which I didn’t know!)

  • Ml says:

    Must be LOA at work, as I have only heard him say wonderful things. So much so, that at times, i feel as if he is channeling Abraham. FYI. Full disclosure, when I listen to podcasts, I fast forward through the Jesus stuff

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