Juan’s Journal of the Future

Juan Guillermo (you know him here as J.G.) has a manifesting technique to circumvent the apparent contradiction between denying current reality in order to affirm a new one.

Enjoy Juan’s Diario del Futuro (Diary of the Future):

As a constant visitor to this post, I have gained a lot from everyone here.

Also, I have worked through some recurring topics that resonate with me. Two of them are:

  1. How may I enjoy something that is not yet present?
  2. How may I overcome the feeling of cheating, when I pretend to have something I do not have yet?

Here are the answers to this riddles I have been able reap from your wisdom …

How do I enjoy something that is not yet present?

Well, I don’t!

Because I realized two things: I often cannot enjoy something I yearn for and am aware do not have, but I can always love something that I have. And my thoughts – which give place to all my feelings and sensation – are something I have right now.

So, to feel good in the present became a matter not of denying my present, but of having thoughts (fantasies, memories, desires…) I love and which, by themselves, translate into very pleasant feelings.

But then another question arrived: How to make as real as possible a fantasy about having something I did not enjoy “in reality” yet?

This is where I present to you My Journal of The Future.

The Journal of The Future consists of a journal I write of the future, where I look back to everything that has happened to me and how wonderful things have become, between “now” and the moment in the future I am writing it. Whether it’s a week, a month or a year from “now,” any amount of time I see fit to allow a buffer of time for things to turn out the way I wish them to be!

In it I describe mostly how I feel and how things have turned out for the best, sometimes in a surprising and unforeseeable way. (I do describe actual situations only if they do really come naturally to my mind. But then, that is just my way to do it.)

My Journal of The Future (which is really a twist of Jeannette’s pray rain journal) allows two distinct advantages to my perception: First, since I am writing in the future, describing what has already past, there is no cheating. And, second, it makes present, here and now, the wonderful sensations and feelings that what I am writing about entails!

Juan GuillermoYou may still want to be “realistic,” and say that this is nothing but an exercise in fantasizing that creates wonderful scenarios.

And so it is! But I assure you it has turned to be simply wonderful to me!

If you try it, I would love to learn how it works for you.

Juan Guillermo is a conscious creator in Mexico who is happy to share his experiences with the law of attraction for the benefit of others.

  • April 11, 2016
  • Sophie says:

    I love this technique and use it myself. I gleaned it from Joe Vitale’s book The Remembering Process…but I like the idea of putting it all in a journal. As today is my birthday, I’m going to start a Future Journal today for the year ahead and see how it goes. 🙂

  • Jo says:

    This is great! I’ve been keeping a ‘future’ diary for some time now with wonderful results. Sometimes I marry it to my vision board by tucking choice pictures (as if cherished photographic snapshot mementos) between its pages.
    I find this sort of journaling most useful (immensely) when I find myself feeling out of alignment. When I feel really crummy or frustrated with the outer appearances of things (the seeming ‘what is’), that is when I turn to my future diary and employ Neville Goddard’s “I remember when…” method. I write in past tense from a future standpoint in which the present conflict has been resolved, but the “remember when” method allows me to be present with and exorcise all my negative feelings on the page. Instead of allowing self-sabotaging inner monologues or venting frustrations to other people, I purge it all in the diary. “I remember when everything felt so hopeless, when it seemed this day would never come….” “I remember how impossible it seemed that one day I would have___, and now I look back with tears of gratitude and wonder as my happiness has exceeded even my grandest imaginings.” I let myself feel those ugly feelings fully — in past tense — and then enter into and write out the feeling of relief and resolution (without concerning myself with the specifics of how it all came to pass).
    It has been effective and fast for me.

  • Mrs V says:

    I love reading these dairy creations. Its magic!
    I must admit that it does take me a little time to get into writing but once in the flow every single thing that I write comes to pass. Yeah I even got a tad too greedy with the penis size and ended up with a former porn star.
    I have learn’t a few lessons about writing my new reality is to write all the specifics. I once manifested a gorgeous fun guy to be with but he turned out to be a straight acting gay. He did tell me in the end… Another man after had multiple personality disorder with at least 3 personalities. You can say that I was surprised too LOL
    Dates and timelines don’t work for me so I just as I would do every day as if it has already happened.
    Some things takes hours and others can take 2 years or more. It depends when I am really to accept my goodies or if I am attached.

  • Sandi/ LV says:

    Elle, I don’t think you need to “go back to source” they were always with you, at least that’s how I feel. I just wasn’t listening very keenly to them. It took me awhile (which at the time seemed quite awhile to get back, I’m still working on it, I to was in a place that I gave me refuge, but was not my “dream” place.
    I just kept going, and looking for that “feel good” place some days the gremlns got me and other days I was successful. I cant tell you how many times I listened and cried and stomped my feet while listening to Abraham-Hicks they were my rock! my poor book “Ask and It Is Given has been thru the battle with me with so much highlighter it now weighs and extra five pounds. just try to find the best thoughts that you can for that moment, this isn’t your final destination this is just part of the process of getting there. Much love.

    • Elle says:

      Thank you so much, Sandi! You are right, Source is always there, I just turn my back
      Because I get so pissed off at bs going on around me and my vibe gets lowered. Thank you for your encouraging words. I deeply appreciate them, as I struggle with this topic.
      Love and light,

      • Sandi says:

        You are so welcome I’m glad I could help contact me anytime. But know “you’ve got this”

  • Sandi/ LV says:

    HI Nancy, I too use journaling as a tool for creating my desires, not so much in the future but in current time, I find it very relaxing and very enjoyable. I have been manifesting/creating my desires for a very long time, even prior to my knowing about LOA,
    I created a million dollar firm, a home and my dream auto. Then forgot to keep the creating current and got caught up with the day to day politics of the day. Lost everything and them went back to source and realized what I had/had not done with positive thought.
    Now back on track and coming back into my vortex of joy as I continue this journey. I now have another dream home and life and am enjoying on other intentions, have joy and trust in the Life Source and your power.

    • Jeannette says:

      Check you out – doing repeat performances, Sandi! lol Kudos to you for re-engaging your creative powers! 🙂

    • Elle says:

      Sandi, the same happened to me, except I haven’t been able to manifest the greatness I’ve had and enjoyed so much before. is it because I see something I don’t like, feel the negativity and get stuck and frustrated there? I think so. I see things in the neighborhood I live in, for example, that are truly bad and I know that I don’t belong here, and I also know that in order to move on out and up, I must make peace with where I am, but that is tough to do when the people around me are noisy, talk too loud, etc. how can I see these people in a different light and embrace them? Ok, that would be going to far, perhaps. How can I have peace here, where I am? Go back to Source and focus on peace? I’d love to go back to the vibe I once had!

  • Nancy says:

    This is what I’ve called my “Future Diary,” which I’ve done sporadically through the years. The challenge for me is to remain playful, and focusing on the feelings. I include some broad, quasi-realistic completed desires, but nothing so far out that my inner voice says, “And who do you think you’re kidding?!” The other challenge is remaining patient until whatever I’m focusing upon manifests, as Juan points out, in unexpected ways.

    • Jeannette says:

      I know what you mean, Nancy, about how a good journaling page can sometimes activate gremlins that aren’t down with it. And that’s a sign of our gap in belief, huh?
      You’re very wise to keep the practice playful with good feelings flowing. That makes a big difference! 🙂

    • JG. says:

      In my case, for some reason, this play with time -this combination of “will be/has been”- in my rain journaling, helps do away with that little muggle voice in my head that says: “But you realize this is not what is really happening now, right?”….

  • Amanda says:

    I would love it if someone would speak to doing this and staying out of the “hows”. Thanks bunches!

    • anonymous says:

      I’d love to hear this too! 🙂

    • JG. says:

      I am not a native English speaker, so I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say you’d want someone to ‘speak to doing this and stay out of the “hows”‘, but I hope this helps:
      In writing my “Journal of the Future”, I am not very concerned with “how” things are going to happen.
      What I do is write things like: “It is amazing that, for some time now, I’ve been sooo confortable in my skin! Good things come to me in such an easy and pleasant way, that I feel I live in magic all the time. I realize now that I used to look for contrast going back and forth. But contrast these days means going constantly from better to even better!” And so on….
      I rarely go into specifics. Like, if I write how amazing my surroundings are, it would be something like: “I am surprised to find myself living in a place like this, so perfect for me! So nice, confortable and full of Love!”
      Wheather this place is in a beach or a mountain, a city or the countryside, I leave that open -unless images of me happily on a beach come very naturally, for example.
      The amazing thing, and maybe the whole point of this exercise, is that it makes me feel great at the time I do it, allowing me to feel, now, the way I describe I am feeling in two years time.

      • Amanda says:

        This is perfect! And exactly what I wanted to know:-) Thanks, Juan, for clarifying with some examples. You’re the best!

      • Sandi says:

        JC I am somewhat “surprised”by your written remark in your journal that you are “surprised” about the place you are living? Did you not set that intention and expect it with deliberate creation?

        • JG. says:

          Dear Sandi:
          I usually state my intentions in terms of mental and emotional states. That leaves lots of room for Universe to fill in the blanks as what those states entail and for me to be surprised.
          Are the walls going to be yellow? Are they going to be red? Is there a garden?… All I know is I wish to be comfortable, happy and satisfied… And, in my experience, that means I will very probably be surprised as what will be manifested to support those feelings.

        • Sandi says:

          JG itjust shows how we all manifest so differently when I set an intention I am very precise and specific of my desires . It must/might be fun to be surprised

        • anonymous says:

          I find that sometimes, it’s fun to be specific and feel the joyful emotions associated with those specific desires. Other times it’s fun to leave room for a surprise and just focus on the general feelings. Both ways are good in my experience! I love just following what feels the best and most joyful 🙂

  • Janette says:

    Juan, this is how I’ve been doing pray rain journalling too!! I LOVE the way it anchors me to a version of my life that I love. But I haven’t been playing with time frames – I’ve always just done it with the date of one year ahead (eg 12/4/17)
    I’m definitely going to play more (because playfulness is ALWAYS good heheh)
    The reason I love this so much is that it’s a powerful way to rewire my brain, to expand its horizons of possibility.
    I’ll be honest, I haven’t used this technique for a while. You’ve inspired me to pick it up again!
    Thanks, Juan.

  • JG. says:

    Hi everybody!
    I hope the following may help clarify whatever loopholes my post has.
    The way this started is I bough a notebook, labeled it “Mi diario del futuro” (which in Spanish sounds great!) and began entries dated two years from now. (This lapse of time made sense to me, to mature everything I want to come to fruition).
    For example, today’s entry would be dated 11/04/2018, tomorrow’s 12/04/2018, etc. This way I place myself at that point in time, and write down my “present” experience, in “the future”, and “look back” at how it came to be.
    I have discovered that, this way, I do not feel I deny how I am now, but affirm how I will be in two years time and how I got there… And this feels both true and pleasurable, at the same time!
    As, with any diary, I do not have to go back to what I wrote -much more, I have found it helps me move on from whatever desires I may be dwelling on- but, from time to time, wonder how it will be when I reach my first entry in “real time”, and find how much it matches my situation.
    Meanwhile, I am having a ball!…

  • Sandi says:

    I get such joy from pray rain journaling sometimes I can’t wait to get started thank you Jeanette my only conflict is..,.if we are by teaching suppose to ask and then forget about it,is using this tool a contradiction ??

    • Jeannette says:

      If you truly can forget it – that’s a great way to let Universe do its magic while you’re off enjoying your life. But for those desires that you find yourself still thinking about, or wondering whether, if you’re mind keeps going back to it anyway, then journaling can be a way to make sure your mind visits the subject in a positive and empowering way. 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    Oh, I love this too:-) Another thing that’s helpful to the part of me who is uncomfortable with trying to identify with the reality I wish to experience is to remind myself that in the field of potential (or All That Is), there exists all probable realities. And one of these realities is the exact one I wish to inhabit/identify with. So using my imagination is just feeling into that reality which already exists.

    • Jeannette says:

      Amanda, that’s one of my favorites, too! Reminding myself, this already exists on some level. It’s already a fact “somewhere.” So it’s not a matter of if it could happen – it already has. The only question is whether I can find that frequency. And practice makes perfect!
      Thanks for sharing this – I’m really glad you posted it here! 🙂

  • anonymous says:

    I loved reading this Juan! Thanks for sharing your technique. 🙂
    Throughout the day, I love to fantasize about having the things I want. Whenever there’s a free moment, or even when I have a lot of downtime, I love to simply bask in my imagination, really feeling and sensing my dream life. I dream about my mate, my career, financial abundance, being really happy, and just little moments of my life with all of those wonderful things. Fantasizing often feels really fun and playful, and it’s something that has always come very naturally to me.
    I also like to make Pinterest boards of things I love! Many of my boards include things I’d like to experience in the future. It’s a fun way to connect with the feelings of having them already and just enjoying their presence, even if I don’t have them physically.

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