Judging Ozzy's Judgment

ozzy.jpgOkay, LOA gurus and Survivor fans, if Ozzy was so confident about his position for winning this season, why was he voted off this week?

I posted recently about how Ali’s confidence and ability to “pre-claim” her title as Biggest Loser brought her the ultimate win despite intense competition.
So why didn’t it work for Ozzy?  Although we didn’t hear Ozzy say similarly empowering things, it was clear he liked his chances for winning.  (Some even say he got a little cocky.)
I’d like to hear your call on the play from an LOA perspective.
I personally think Ozzy shot himself in the foot by being in heavy judgment of those who turned on him.  (Remember how ruthless he was to Ami when he heard she plotted to oust him?)  Not to mention how he didn’t honor his word (he guaranteed to spare Jason if he’d step down from the challenge, and later had no qualms about voting for him).
Those two qualities: habit of judgment and lack of integrity with one’s word can be showstoppers.  Doesn’t mean we can’t manifest if we are judgmental and careless with our word (since most of are to a certain degree), it just means those manifestations aren’t likely to include confetti, applause and a gifted million bucks!  Yepper, Ozzy manifested himself a seat right on that jury.
(Am I judging Ozzy for his judgment?  ha – probably!)
But it’s a good example to see where we aren’t honoring our word, and where we can release judgment of something or someone.  There’s certain plenty of opportunity for practice, huh?
Although I’m sad to see Ozzy go (he’s gorgeous to look at and an amazing athlete), I have to admit Jason’s naievete is charming.  I don’t hold out much hope for James being able to dodge the inevitable darts coming his way from the ladies, although that doesn’t hurt my feelings as much as it would have before I saw him go back on his “word” to Jason.
Wait a minute, am I doing it again?  lol
Well, the good news is the first step of releasing judgment is realizing we’re doing it.  So I guess I’m on the right track.  And the last thing I want to do is judge myself for judging.  That would be an ugly spiral to engage.  (Am I doing it again, or is that just discernment?)
There is an important distinction to be made between discernment and judgment.  Don’t get tripped up on discerning, which is harmless and usually helpful.
PS – I think Cirie’s the smartest player left, although we all know it isn’t necessarily smarts that wins the million.  What does guarantee the win?  We know this:  The vibe.  We can’t outsmart the vibe!

  • April 19, 2008
  • Paul, I love how you checked for discernment vs. judgment! Very cool!
    I also love the concept of your “vibrational footprint.” Wow, huh? That deserves a post all on its own.
    Because we know even the “littlest” things we do have an impact on the planet.
    Your insight on the “permission” deal with Russ is right on. (Did I communicate that in my post or are you extremely intuitive?) I’m hereby shifting my thoughts of “permission” to “partnering.” Nice change. Thanks for that, Paul!! Next I’m off to release fears of the tax man wanting to see all my receipts. hee hee
    Thank you, my friend! You are a treasure!!!

  • Paul says:

    I can imagine the interview scenes with the contestants when they “justify” and I have to say, when it plays in my mind, it makes me chuckle because it feels a little disingenuous. I’m with you and Wendy wondering how some of these people conduct themselves in their lives. (I just checked; nope, no emotional hook there, so I’m going to guess discernment rather than judgement.) I mean, after the first Survivor aired, everyone who auditioned for it knew about the (Jr. High School) political angle of the show and what they might have to do to win the prize. And, to use Abraham-speak, to have gotten cast, they must have focused on it and offered little resistance (i.e., accepted the political language) to their focus, so I’m guessing they may have had a lot of practise justifying previous lying/scheming/betrayals/what-have-you’s.
    It brings me back to Peregine John’s comment about being “impeccable” (I love that word!–and concept) with your words. Words, which are sounds, are vibrations too and one of the things that I remember from my studies is that waves (sound, light, feel-good-energy, etc.) will continue to travel outward from their source until they hit an obstacle. (It’s how scientists are able to study the edges of galaxies.)
    That would suggest that our words (as well as our vibe) are travelling out towards the edges of the galaxy. While many people are waking up to the impact of our “carbon footprint” these days, I’ve been paying a bit more attention to my “vibrational footprint.”
    By the way, I may have misread your post but I don’t think the pregnant foster dog story counts as lying. After all, you shared your remembered earlier experience; I doubt a skilled Survivor contestant would have acted so openly if it meant s/he would loose the prize.
    A bit off-topic: I don’t know you or Russ and am certainly not present when you have these discussions but I wonder if you are really “asking permission.” I know it feels that way to you. But I wonder if what’s really going on is you having this idea that you would love and would fulfill part of you but, as part of your relationship, you realize this idea will impact others around and you want to guage their feelings, etc. on this idea. I don’t know; it sounds more like “communicating” or “discussing” or whatever label might shift your vibe from “distasteful” to–I don’t know–maybe “relating” or “partnering” or whatever vibe is more pleasant for you.
    P.S. You only need to save all your receipts for an audit. Don’t attract one of those to you and you’re golden. 😉

  • I wondered the same thing, Wendy. (And I think, Paul, what I’m about to write is discernment, not judgment – although I could be wrong.)
    I was thinking how often the players justify their lies by saying “It’s just a game. It’s required. This isn’t real life.” Some even say it’s expected. You can’t win if you’re not willing to “play the game.”
    But, if you can justify it in a game for a million dollars, surely there are times in “real life” where being deceitful feels justified as well, right?
    And I say that as one who probably tells her share of lies as well. Let me think of one … hmm, I like how long this is taking me … but I can come up with one, I know … Wow, I’m going to have to go back a ways .. like maybe to last week! ha! Just thought of one! Actually, that doesn’t count. As I was asking Russ permission to bring home a pregnant foster dog for two weeks (to ask permission to do what I LOVE and LIVE FOR is really distasteful to me), he said of course I could do whatever I wanted, and then asked if I was really up to it. And I told him it was EASY PEASY!! I said this is the easiest fostering there ever was!! A MOM with the pups?! She does ALL the work for the first three weeks! There’s nothing for me to do but let her out for potty breaks! It’s the best gig ever!
    And as I was saying that I thought of the foster dog mom I had once who got an infection and couldn’t nurse – and that was when the pups were something like three days old – and I had to pay my boyfriend’s bills for a month and a half so he could take off work and do round the clock feedings. That wasn’t so easy peasy.
    But as I was telling Russ how easy peasy pregnant foster moms were, I thought of that story, and then told him that story. But I said that was a very big exception in a string of easy fosters.
    Oh!! I just thought of one!! oh boy. Yeah, I’m a big fat liar. It was on April 15th, if you know what I mean.
    Well, it wasn’t THAT big. But it counts. Who keeps all their receipts?!?!
    So much easier for me to stay out of judgment after doing Debbie Ford’s shadow work.
    So even though I may not LIKE them for backstabbing their buddy on national tv, I am not in judgment of it. But that might be a lie too. Let me think about that … Do I think it was WRONG of Parvati to betray Ozzy?
    Mmm, I can honestly say no. Mean, yes. Wrong … I know how that goes … me saying what’s right or wrong is getting in “God’s business.” I’m no one to judge. (Thank you Byron Katie.)
    Plus I don’t even believe that God judges.
    Typing this long post is easy for me to understand the appeal of Survivor holds for me. It’s fascinating to think about these things! For me, anyway. Especially in a dry, bug-free living room. lol
    Thanks for posting, Wendy!

  • Wendy says:

    “Junior High Politics On Islands” – hahaha! PERFECT name if there ever was one! 🙂
    Jeannette, oh I would have a tough time playing that game because I don’t think I could lie and scheme like they do. Some of them are masters at it (which makes you wonder how they conduct their personal lives…hmmm), and some are obviously terrible about it. I’ll leave it to the hardier folks. Not to mention I’m a complete wuss when it comes to bugs – and the things they have to eat during challenges…yech! No thanks. I’ll just watch from my dry, bug-free living room. LOL 🙂

  • Funny you would say that, Paul, because it turns out that one of my favorite clients – which I did not know this until last week – is a contender to be a future contestant. She’s very LOA savvy, and I thought that would give her a HUGE advantage in winning, as I don’t know how many of those folks are practicing conscious creation. (I’ve seen a few encouraging moments.)
    But she said she didn’t necessarily intend to win – just compete and have the Survivor experience.
    In researching for tomorrow’s ezine, I ran across a clip of a recent American Idol castoff interviewed on Ellen, where he said that he didn’t expect to win, but also didn’t think he’d get kicked off as quickly as he was.
    It does make you wonder what people expect as they enter these worlds, as well as how their vibes are affected as they’re put into play.
    Thanks for a thought-provoking post, Paul! You’re returning the favor you mentioned of me in your last sentence. 🙂

  • Paul says:

    Thanks for your explanations of Discerning vs. Judging. Before I could wrap my brain around that distinction, my mind wanted to wander down another thoughtway.
    First off, I should mention that I don’t watch reality shows (not a judgement at all) so I may be off base here but your recent posts got me thinking (Actually, almost all your posts do that; thank you!), especially your comment about the vibe guaranteeing the win. “What is the winning vibe for a show like Survivor?” I wondered.
    It struck me that the construct of a show like Survivor is just the opposite of what Abraham teaches. Abraham reminds us often of the abundance of this great world of ours. Survivor takes place in a world of limits and limitations. Allowing is such an important part of Abraham’s processes they wrote a book on it. To “allow” in the world of Survivor gave the winner the upper hand (in the first season, the only one I have direct knowledge of).
    I wonder where on the Abraham-Hicks emotional scale the contestants of these reality competition shows vibrate during the creation of the shows. I’m no expert but I would guess it’s much lower on the scale than where the participants of your blog are at or moving towards.
    These shows provide, for me, a wonderful insight into Deliberate Creation. The contestants have focused on the prize. Because they’ve lined up their vibes within the producers’ construct of the game, they deliberately create ample entertaining behaviour for the viewers. I wonder if it’s the contestant who has the most focus on the prize and the least resistance towards winning it that becomes the winner. Here, I’m out of my depth as I haven’t watched the shows but reading your post on Ozzy’s behaviour, I flashed on your post about Elliott Spitzer. It felt to me, from reading, like Ozzy had some resistance (“agro,” as Dave Trager described it, feels to me far from allowing and closer to resisting) and then ultimately manifested more resistance, eventually directed towards him.
    If you’ll allow me to wonder some more, I think it’s great that ultimately a bunch of people (this is–what?–Survivor 16 or something?) have been able to manifest the prize, even in a situation that didn’t encourage good vibes. Can you imagine what these people could really do for themselves with the freedom to move up that vibrational scale? I wonder what they’ve gone on to create for themselves after the shows have ended. Do you have any idea?
    Once again you’ve given me much to think about and to learn from.

  • Peregrine John says:

    Ah, but seeing it as Jr. High with full-grown hotties just makes it funnier! And, y’know, less irritating at times, which is why I’m still kind of watching. I’m a silly boy and see things in a silly way. …erm, not that that comes as a surprise or anything. For heaven’s sake, don’t take my goofy commentary seriously! Still, I think everyone agrees that shifting things to keep Ozzie on longer might have been good, no? :^D
    Universe, universe… dunno. Sometimes one, sometimes the other. It being both a general and proper noun at once gives me the flip-flops with capitalization. But you’re right: in that sentence it was definitely a personification, which needed the capital!
    (By the way, I love love love reading you, too. Which is also, by now, no huge surprise.)

  • John, as usual, you are making me laugh out loud!! Gosh, I love reading you!
    You are right. Again. And if you’ve spoiled my enjoyment of Survivor because now I think of it as junior high politics on the island, well, I’ll probably laugh again and be grateful to have Thursday nights back.
    Wise words, as you know, in that we can’t lie to the Universe.
    PS – how come Universe doesn’t get a capital with you?

  • Wendy, I didn’t realize it until you said so, but I agree that Ozzy probably wasn’t listening to those inner nudges.
    Remember when he was saying to Parvati – or Amanda was it? – “We’d have to be FOOLS not to vote Jason out now.”
    It was playing through his mind, wasn’t it?
    You know what else, Wendy? I’ve often thought about being impeccable with our word in the Survivor scenario. I don’t know how I’d handle that. I’ve seen others do it REALLY well, a few anyway.
    Maybe that’s why I’m watching Survivor instead of playing it. lol
    Thanks for your post, Wendy! A pleasure to hear your perspective, as always!

  • Peregrine John says:

    “Turning into a social game”? Good Lord, when was it ever anything else? If only it lived up to its name… or switched to a more accurate one; but “Junior High Politics On Islands” probably wouldn’t draw much of a viewing audience. Plus, if it actually had to do with survivor skills, Ozzie would be a shoe-in for at least the final 3. I tune in for the challenges (and eye candy, ok) and leave the rest many years behind me.
    But seriously, things like Ozzie’s arguably karmic difficulties remind me of one of Miguel Ruiz’ 4 Agreements, specifically: Be impeccable with your words.
    Took me forever to figure out what the heck that meant, since I don’t use the word “impeccable” in that way and he assumes his reader does, but once I worked it out I saw it everywhere and stay much, much closer to its ideal than before. It’s the outer appearance of an integrity that can only come from within. Without that congruence, only a great liar can make it believable; and no one can successfully lie to the universe.

  • Wendy says:

    Great post Jeannette! My take on this episode was that Ozzie didn’t listen to his instincts (inspired nudges!), and as a result allowed himself to be tricked! Before they went to tribal council, did you see that Ozzie had a sense that something was up? He started to feel suspicious, even though he didn’t know for sure what was going on. Then, during the council meeting, when Jeff asked if anyone had the hidden immunity idol, now was the time to play it – I swear I saw a flicker of uncertainty cross Ozzie’s face in that moment! Like something within him was screaming, “play it, play it!” — but he let his bravado take the driver’s seat.
    Even though Ozzie appeared to be very confident, I wonder how much of that outer macho shell hides a twinge of insecurity or uncertainty? We all have those doubts about ourselves and our capabilities – even if it’s only for a few seconds at a time. No one can say for sure except Ozzie what was going on in his mind, but I think that even a small flicker of doubt can manifest a player’s worst fear – elimination. Just like it can manifest our own worst fears if we shift our focus to them.
    Well, that was my perception of the whole thing anyway. And I agree with you, we’ve lost the best eye-candy the show had to offer (speaking from a female’s perspective, of course 😉 ).

  • That’s it, Paul! Yeah, that’s it. Judgment comes with resistance, whereas discernment still allows.
    My dad phoned (thanks, dad) to say the way he heard it was like this: judgment comes from the head whereas discernment comes from the heart.
    I’d never heard that before, but I like the simplicity in it.
    So if I were to alter my ice cream analogy – I can the discern the difference (and feel out my heart’s personal preference) between homosexuality and heterosexuality. Judgment is when I make someone wrong for their choice. Or even make ME wrong for my own choice.
    Or, I can discern the difference beween a terrorist and a pacifist. Judgment is when I blame the terrorist for his choice. Or myself for resorting to pacifist ways when I think the situation called for terrorist action.
    Man, this is interesting to me to realize how often I’m in judgment of myself.
    But realizing that is just like seeing the runway all lit up, showing us where our work is. 🙂

  • Paul says:

    OK, so lemme see if I got this right:
    So Discernment sounds like it’s a simply choice (based on whatever scale we’re using) and allowing the unchosen choice. Kind of like when Abraham uses the buffet metaphor: “I want this” but “I don’t want that”, right? If there are any feelings here (say, using your ice cream example), those feelings are basically focused on your preference, right? (You may LOVE Rocky Road and allow that other people may love the Burnt Almond Fudge that you don’t care for, for example?) It sounds like this is what Abraham describes as selecting from this world of contrasts. We get shown these contrasts, options, if you will, and we then get to ask and the Universe puts it into vibrational escrow for us. Am I following you so far?
    Where Judgement sounds broader and more emotionally charged, where the feelings extend beyond the actual choice to value of situation and the parties involved, etc. If I’m with you in this line of thought, then it feels to me like there’d be a lot of resistance (to use your example above), where you’re not allowing your boyfriend to have the sense of taste he has. So he becomes “lesser than,” you become resistant and nobody gets a good vibe?
    Am I close? Or am I just making it too complicated? (Thanks for bearing with me on this, folks)

  • Good question, Paul. This is where I wish my dad would actually write a comment instead of just read them, because he explains this better than I do.
    But the way I understand it: discerning is noticing the difference between two things, judging is making one right and one wrong.
    Example: I can discern the difference between rocky road and burnt almond fudge. (My crazy boyfriend can’t.)
    Knowing the difference between the two flavors is one thing (discernment); judging my boyfriend for not having a better sense and appreciation of ice cream is another (judging).
    And if that lame example doesn’t coax dad into making a post, nothing will. lol
    Good question, Paul! (Thanks for giving me the chance to elaborate on an important topic.)
    I invite you and others to post their explanations and understandings as well. I’m by no means an expert on this.

  • Dave!! Nice to see you here! I’m flattered!
    That’s true, huh – Ozzy gets credit for being a quick study (taking Yau Man’s lead on faking an immunity idol). Smart move – but it was a little distasteful to see the way he laughed at Jason for falling for it.
    Anyway, if it’s Parvati that takes home the money, I’ll be ticked. Kinda looks like it’s turning into a social game if the girls get James out … then it’s a matter of who makes the best friends, huh?
    Pretty fascinating study of human behavior, if you ask me. 🙂 Thanks for pitching in, Dave!!

  • Paul. says:

    Jeanette, could you please clear up for me the distinction between discernment and judging? I think I missed the actual difference.
    Thanks in advance for helping me learn from your post!

  • Dave Trager says:

    Yeah- I was judging ozzy for his judgmentally too- really liked the guy- but he did get kinda agro there lol. And the immunity idol was hilarious. But I think cirie or parvatti will get the mil. Poor James.. lol

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