Just One Thing

Many of us have a small fortune tied up in our library of self-help books, tapes, CDs and workbooks. In fact, last November a friend of mine inherited her aunt’s collection of personal development material – and what a collection it was!
She had everything – Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Mike Dooley, etc … it filled over a half dozen boxes! I imagined what an incredible person she must have been to have studied this powerful material. She must have been amazingly enlightened; spreading peace, love and joy all around, right?
Maybe not. My friend summed up her aunt’s life as “chronically unhappy in her marriage, frustrated with her weight, rarely got along with her kids, and never enjoyed her career.” Ahem!
What a perfect example of how it isn’t enough to read about making life change. You need to implement it! Incorporate what you learn! Put it to work! Let it change you!
So my tip to you this issue is to do one thing. Anything! Implement at least one idea or strategy you’ve read, heard or thought about recently that turned you on.
Create momentum, take a step to close the right gap, and let that action be the catalyst for more life change. Doing just one thing will put you further ahead on your path than reading about a hundred different things!
Goethe said it well: “Action has magic, power and grace.”

  • April 1, 2007
  • Victoria says:

    Dear Jeannette,
    Goodmorning, I hope you are well. This is just a note to say thank you for your post this morning regarding “over tipped”.
    For a few weeks now I have been reading everything I can on LOA and what I should and shouldn’t be doing and to be honest it was hard going. But I struggled on (and I mean STRUGGLED!). There was so much information that I thought to myself that I may not be able to do this. I was so worried about missing something out that I forgot to enjoy what I was doing.
    However this morning you put a smile on my face and helped me relaxed by letting us know that its ok for us not to do everything in one go!
    By the way, my eldest daughter who is in University came back home to live last week. I had been focusing on what I needed for the house and to my surprise the removal men gave me a lovely leather desk and side cabinet for nothing!! there wasn’t a mark on it. The same day I bought carpets for the living area and hall and stairway in a sale and guess what, he gave it to me after a little chat and laughter with a 1/3 off the sale price. My daughter is now taking loa a bit more seriously now since she has seen the change in my attitude to everything around me.
    I am so glad I stumbled onto your site, I am telling everyone who will listen to be about the little I know about loa and a few are starting to take a peek.
    Thank you and thanks to all of those who write on your blog you have given me so much useful information and help.
    Many rainbows to all of you.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Good for you, Phillis, for taking action with all that knowledge you’ve gained!! It takes courage to do so, and I congratulate you on that! woo hoo!

  • Phillis says:

    This is so true – I too have all those tapes, DVD’s, Books, etc. . . and had spent over 10 years looking, searching, not having — until now — I am moving, moving towards my true desires (my True North) and follow my heart and values. P.

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