Just What I Thought!

black-kitty.jpgThat’s what I said when my new foster kitty leapt up to tackle the “Serenity” card on the bulletin board.  “Just what I thought!”

When I picked him up last night from Humane Society along with two other orphans, the shelter workers warned, “Watch out, one of them is a terror.”
Really?  A twelve ounce terror?  Hard to believe.
But on the way home one tried breaking out of the carrier with an angry meow the entire trip.  That must be the one, I thought.  The other two kitties huddled together in the back of the carrier trying to get as far away from him as possible.  He even attacked the syringe I offered through a hole as entertainment.  Things that make you go hmmm ….
Once home he wasn’t any happier to be out of the carrier and in the cat tower.  He wasn’t even content when I gave him free rein in the office.  In fact, he didn’t stop complaining until he had the entire house to explore.
Which is when he hissed at every cat who came near him, and even those he approached on his own.  He jumped right in the middle of my snake plant, which never looked this bad – even after several other active litters.  Then he peed in the cat bed while I pleaded “no no no no no.”
Okay, so maybe he’s a terror after all.  I called the volunteer coordinator (my ex-boyfriend) and suggested maybe this little guy would do better with someone else.  (Actually, I was thinking the rest of us would do better if he were gone.)  He said he’d see what he could arrange.
I began justifying my wimp out call.  “He’ll destroy the office.  I can’t leave him loose in here – if I did he’d take down everything on the board and the bookshelves.  These two other kittens won’t get any peace.  And I can’t lock him up in the tower because he’ll cry the whole time.  And I can’t have that background noise for phone sessions.”
So this morning when this lonely little guy jumped up to take down the “Serenity” card from the bulletin board, the words that went through my head were, “Just what I thought!”

  • Just what I thought. 
  • I KNEW it. 
  • Told you so. 
  • That’s what I expected.
  • even “I always wondered …”

These phrases are tip-offs to where we use our creative power.  Because if it’s Just What We Thought, then we’ve obviously been flowing energy toward that manifestation, and that makes us responsible for it.
Not the Kitty of Terror.
That guy got labeled from the get-go and here he is just living up to his label.  As we think, so shall it be. 
I helped create this Terror – by thinking him to be one.
So when I returned him to hopefully a new foster home today, I asked my ex to please not use the words Terror or Monster with whoever handles him next.  How about “feisty” or “playfully active”?  Instead of justifying my returning him by explaining how awful he was, I told how he slept peacefully in my lap this morning next to one of the other kitties.  And that he’d probably just had a rough couple of days and was undoubtedly not himself, and that he’d make a great cat for someone who appreciated a “front and center” feline friend.
Which leads me to ask, who have you labeled in life?  Whether it’s our Nice Boss, Bitter Ex Wife, Inexperienced President or our Slow Student – check in on whether those labels serve or not.  Since it is as we think, let’s be sure we think something that takes us TOWARD what we want, rather than away from it.
(Says the girl who just returned her terror.)
Former terror, that is.  From now on, I’m thinking of him as the one who gets what he wants and brings smiles everywhere he goes.  Ah, that feels better!
I realized my thoughts also sabotaged me yesterday when my bank wouldn’t cash a check from one of my clients.  (“Just what I expected,” I realized while waiting for the teller to return – although it was too late to effectively turn it around.) 
These thoughts of ours – the whole world unfolds according to them!  Isn’t that fascinating?!  And fun?!  It sure can be when we learn how to play this game.
Would love to hear what you’ve been thinking repeatedly, and how labels are working (or not) in your life.  We all know awareness is the ticket – so let’s increase it here and now!

  • November 2, 2008
  • Gillian says:

    Yap, I am actually quite happy to share that the “Jakarta International School here” or “JIS” in Jakarta was Obama’s school as a child was mine as well, so I went to the same school as Obama, but at a different time as he is older than me, ha ha! Obama lived in Jakarta for quite some time, because when his American mother divorced his Kenyan father, she met an Indonesian Chinese in Hawaii and married him and moved to Indonesia with Obama and her new husband and lived here for some years. Obama also has a sister, who is half Indonesian. They share the same mother, but different fathers. Obama’s former house in Jakarta’s Menteng district is still in the news! Incredible!

  • Gillian, thanks for sharing your excitement with us! I think it’s incredibly cool that people outside the U.S. are enjoying this moment as well.
    It also shows how little I knew about our President Elect, because what you shared here was news to me!
    Thanks for keeping me updated. 🙂
    Much love!

  • Wise words, Gillian: “the worst labels are the ones we pose upon ourselves.”
    In fact, that makes me wonder what you might be thinking about yourself, Ms. Tee, to have an asshole of a Baby Daddy in your life. lol I only say that because I asked myself the other day what’s up with me that I have two ex boyfriends and one ex husband who don’t vote. How pathetic is that?! It made ME start to feel pathetic.
    So the judging and labeling all wears heavily, and eventually comes home to roost, doesn’t it?
    Here’s to new labels, if we have to resort to them at all. 😉
    Hey – I got a label I’m comfortable with: LOA Expert. ha!
    Maybe I’ll try Good Girlfriend on someday too, since I’ve denied myself that one from the getgo. Hmm. Food for thought.

  • Gillian says:

    Sorry, this may have nothing to do with this topic, but as I just saw Obama’s victory in the elections, I want to congratulate all Americans on their newly elected president. As this year is the year of the Rat, the Rat being the first animal to arrive at the Buddha’s calling, the year of the Rat always promises and signifies a new beginning, a new chapter. I am certain with Obama as your new leader, you will experience some great changes bringing America and the world to embark on a new a chapter and a brand new beginning with great promises and opportunity awaiting us. Here in Indonesia, in Jakarta specifically, where Obama spend some years as a child with his mother and Indonesian stepfather, his victory is celebrated with joy! Obama’s former house in one of Jakarta’s district has been on the news all the time, as well as Obama’s former school in Jakarta! Very interesting! So I congratulate Amerika on your new president and lets embark together on a new road towards a new beginning. Congratulations!

  • Ms. Tee says:

    Aww hell Jeanette! You’re right… I label my Baby Daddy as an asshole and he sure does confirm that label. I also label him a great Dad and he continually confirms that label. Maybe I’ll choose another label and see what happens.
    LOVE YA!

  • Gillian says:

    Labels really restricts, confines and narrows growth and development in all areas and is the main cause for our limiting beliefs and hence “limited” life experiences, though I must say that we all grew up with labels and prejudices and the worst labels are the ones we pose upon ourselves. As we pose subconscious labels on ourselves, we tend to put them on others. I guess thats where the old saying goes: “Love yourselves first.”

  • Isn’t it, though, Judi?! (“so good to link up with such wonderful, inspiration people”!)
    Thanks for being one of them, my friend! 🙂

  • Judi says:

    Hi Jeannette and all!
    Great topic.
    Must say thanks to Kristy for the quote that made my day – and I so need it now!!
    “I’m too blessed to be stressed” – Wow what a winner!!
    I seem to have an underlying level of the stuff – stress that is – most of the time. I’ve written this wonderful quote in my notebook and will post it all over the house.
    So good to link up with such wonderful, inspirational people here who always seem to have just the nugget to inspire at the right time.
    Love to all

  • Wow, what’s interesting to me about that, Michaela, is that the horse owner didn’t know the meaning of the name.


    Maybe it was the belief she got from the credible expert that helped change the vibe.

    Very interesting.

    Thanks for sharing this story, Michaela! You always bring interesting stuff to the table!

  • Michaela says:

    Jeannette, your “Kitty of Terror” reminds me of a story I once heard. A person had big problems with her horse – it was disobedient, behaving wild and crazy, even potentially dangerous. Then some famous horse expert came along and made her aware of the horse’s name – unfortunately I don’t remember it but it was something like “Storm” or “Wildcat” – you get it. Well, the horse owner chose a much more soft and friendly name for the animal and its behavior completely turned around, it became obedient and gentle. At least this is what the story tells us! 😉
    I guess there’s some logic in it – you could see the horse owner as affirming her horse to be “wild” and “stormy” every time she uses that name. This might be even more powerful than just thinking of a kitty being a terror because you even speak the word aloud.
    P.S.: I know a horse named Typhoon but he’s actually far from being “stormy” or dangerous. 🙂

  • Sonia, thanks for letting Sihem know there’s good local company here!! And Sihem, we’re sending good thoughts for you and Ranya.

    Cool to know we’re making the rounds on this planet, huh, everyone?! woo hoo!!

  • sonia says:

    to sihem bouzidi
    send me a mail. It will be fun to have someone as “crazy” as I am. sonia_fee@yahoo.fr

  • Sihem Bouzidi says:

    Jeannette: Thank you so much for your reply, boosting as expected :-)) Last night, unfortunately, my poor Ranya was disturbed by a stinking cold. I’ll let you know how our new mantra perform when she is ok.
    Sonia: Happy to meet you there too ! I didn’t thought LOA had at least two Tunisian proponents… thanks to Jeannette !! I would be glad you contact me in order to share our hobby.

  • Oh my gosh, Kate, kudos to you!! We’ve seen Cesar (Dog Whisperer) walk in someone’s house without judgment of a dog and within minutes (sometimes even seconds) he’s handling a totally different dog than the owners have known for years (sometimes).

    How cool for us to bring that same new energy to people, huh?

    Thanks for a great post!!

  • sonia says:

    hi Sihem! you’re not the only tunisian around here. I’m with you!!! and I’m delighted to meet you here!
    thanks for everything jeannette, your posts really enlighten my life.

  • This is great!! Labeling experience gets to be draining. I just wrote an article about Jane Bolte Taylor and her experience during her stroke and recovery, and now see that these preconceived judgments about experience are definitely left brain.
    I have labeled my dog Ulysses as aggressive to other dogs so consequently, have not gone to the park for over a year.
    Lately, I decided we need to go back and walk every day. I’ve been trying to change my attitude about his behavior. But now, after reading this, I think I will be more successful.
    He wants me to see him as the perfect boy that he really is, not as some sort of terror in a blond coat!!
    And everytime I drop these preconceived notions, he thanks me by looking adoringly in my direction, or by sitting on my foot!!!
    Dropping the labels and going with the flow is definitely a right brain exercise!!

  • If we’re going to have a label, Kristy, that’s gotta be a good one to have, right?! lol
    I like your friend’s status: “too blessed to be stressed.” May borrow that one myself.
    Thanks for pitching in and showing us the positive side of a label!

  • Kristy M says:

    ooh the first line meant to have an ‘lol’ or 🙂 in it… its a joke (pretty much everyone was labeled in my high school lol)

  • Kristy M says:

    “Labels” for me are so ‘high school’. I try not to label people anymore but I found myself labeled today
    I realized today in a rehearsal for school.. the director was not pleased with the scene and made it clear (I thought it went quite well for the most part haha!). I had said the wrong thing during rehearsal (because of nerves while he was critiqing us and people’s negative energy) and it made me sound dumb… then I tried my best to justify it.
    instead of get sad and cry, I laughed it off because I knew what I meant to say and that I knew my character and told it to a friend… her answer was “Who cares? You have the BEST attitude here about all this stuff” and we laughed it off together… and I know we’ll be amazing for the performance. Responding audiences always help everything
    and I realized my label is pretty much the “happy go lucky one”! which is not a very bad thing to have lol… and I realize now I let stuff “roll of my back” easily because I know where I’m going and I know I’ll be there in no time 🙂
    One of my friend’s facebook status said “I’m too blessed to be stressed” and I really like that 🙂

  • Wow – Sihem from Tunisia! What a privilege to have you reading and sharing your experiences here!! woo hoo!!
    Your baby who wakes up several times reminds me of something I picked up from one of my favorite clients last week … she said, “I am WIDELY known to be a good sleeper.”
    Those words were music to my ears! I want to be widely known as a good sleeper! I want to sleep through the night solidly and soundly!
    So I started borrowing that from her, and I’m working my way up to it.
    Here’s to both me and your sweet baby girl getting at least eight great sleep hours in every night. Woo hoo again! 🙂

  • El Baugher says:

    I just held up my end of a discussion about gay couples and adoption. Her angle was; Kids grow up confused with unrealistic ideas about being normal…and when a gay couple adopts and splits, who gets the kid? My angle was; I defy you to name one person who is “normal” and doesn’t have issues…. AND.. well… they would share custody like any other couple.
    It’s just your label that gay = wrong that makes you feel that children would be negatively affected. Love is love. People come out of “normal” childhoods and become serial killers. Then others come from nothing to do great things. People turn out the way they turn out because of the way they labeled their experiences through life, not because of the enviroment. People find babies in dumpsters….. I think those babies would’ve opted for the love of 2 mommies or daddies.
    I know this can be a hot button issue and it’s not my intent to start anything. I just happened to be talking about this not 5 minutes before this post came through. I did my best to state my opinion and let it go and not perpetuate an argument, but it’s so frustrating to see someone hold such strong hateful opinions that are only there because of a negative label. A label that’s irrational and unrealistic. *Sigh*

  • Sihem Bouzidi says:

    Hi Jeannette !
    It’s been a long time since I’ve first read your blog and I LOVE it ! All your posts are helpful with a refreshing sense of humour. You are definitely my best LOA blog and author, indeed !
    As for your this post, it has caught my attention as I’ve just realized that labelling may – no, must – be the reason why my 8-month baby girl has not slept a whole night at one stroke yet… Surely because every evening, when I feed her, I expect her to wake up several times. And you know what ? She wakes up several times ! Thanks to your story, I should (I will, that’s feeling better !) think of her as a baby who is able to sleep at least 8 hours in a row !!!
    Thanks for being there,
    Your loyal Tunisian reader (I think I’m the lonely Tunisian visitor of your blog, though I blogrolled your site on my own blog),
    PS: Sorry for my English, I’m a French native tongue…

  • Bonni, please don’t be embarrassed! First, because you’ve got lots of good company and two, you can be proud of your progress!

    I AM! 🙂

    Here’s to expecting good things to happen tomorrow.

    Thanks for posting, Bonni. I always love hearing from you!

  • El, I can relate.

    In fact, when Russ’ sister said (intending it derogatorily) that Obama was a Muslim, I said “He is NOT” and then I thought and what if he was?! What’s wrong with having a Muslim president?

    As if being Muslim was a bad thing in and of itself. I felt bad for even saying he wasn’t one, because that wasn’t the real issue at all.

    At least, not in my mind.

    So the label I’m feeling friction with now is ..well, it’s not racist .. what’s it called when someone is prejudiced and close-minded about other religions? Whatever it is, that’s how I think of her lately. Maybe it’s good I can’t think of a word for it so I don’t perpetuate the energy I’m flowing on it.

    Maybe I should stop talking about it, huh?

    ha. Yeah, maybe!

    At any rate, thanks for posting, El. This contrast we’re each experiencing is certainly launching some nice rockets of new desire, huh? lol

    I KNEW there was a positive side to it! ha

  • Kim Falconer says:

    El, nice words…
    Love is love. It’s that simple.
    I expect everyone sees it like this.
    🙂 Kim

  • bonni says:

    One thing I’ve learned for sure is that I always, always get what I expect. That sounds great, except that my expectations are often negative. I may SAY I want something one way, but I EXPECT it to be another, and guess what ends up happening?
    When I was younger, I thought I was terribly clever this way. I’d say stuff like “I told you it would be a fiasco! I was right!” and “I knew I wouldn’t get the job! I knew it all along!” and on and on like that. I thought I was clever because I could accurately predict how things would pan out.
    Kind of embarassing now that I think about that… 😉

  • Thanks for sharing your story of where you’re using a label that doesn’t serve, Kim. I’d be surprised if everyone reading this post of yours didn’t have their own example just like this.

    Readers already know several of mine, right? My triple virgo boyfriend; my fabulous clients; my (former) crackhead neighbor; my handsome service providers. Some serve me; some don’t.

    My first work is to start feeling better about sending that kitty back. I’m feeling AWFUL about it! Especially because last I checked in they were still trying to find someone to take him. ugh.

    Thanks for your positive thoughts, Kim! Knowing you’re on the job already makes me feel better. 🙂


  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette! I love visualizing that little baby wild cat! I love how brave he is, ready to explore a new and strange environment, claim the cat bed as his own by marking it, hissy fit anything and everyone ten times his size and say. He’s a survival machine who says, ‘I’m a front and center feline! Can you handle it?’
    What a great little guy! I bet he has a dynamite purr and will attract an awesome home.
    And, I’m grateful to him AND you for exemplifying those ‘under the radar’ thoughts about how things ‘just are.’
    My close friend has a new sweetie and she adores him. I don’t (which is probably a good thing!) but I found myself on auto pilot the other day telling a mutual friend what I thought of the guy. I said he I found him immature, manipulative, controlling and needy!
    What? I said that?
    You can imagine how much fun I have around him, constantly on the lookout for confirmation of those qualities I decided he had. (Qualities I clearly have myself and don’t care for!) Ridiculous!
    So I’m changing my story. I see, on second thought, that he has youthful enthusiasm, plays with manifesting in other people’s spaces and has a huge capacity for love and connection.
    I’m going to enjoy his company a whole lot more from now on! I’m going to enjoy my own company more too!
    Thank you for the reminder–and the wonderful kitty story. Please let us know how the brave little guy makes out. I am intending a great match for him!
    Warm wishes to all,

  • Oh, that one sounds familiar, Dawn! (The “I KNEW it!” phrase.) I should edit this post to include it on the list, as I’m sure others will relate to it as well!

    The beautiful part is knowing it – (ha) – since that’s what allows you to shift it.

    And how cool that you recognize an empowering phrase (“eye opening”) – that’s a cool manifestation, huh?

    Thanks for reading, and especially for posting, Dawn! Much appreciated, by me and everyone else reading. 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    Apparently I also say “eye-opening” often as well.

  • Dawn says:

    My eye-opener phrase is always, “I KNEW that was going to happen!” As soon as I say it, I know WHY it happened. I can’t think of any examples right now, but I know I say that often. I think I’ll keep that phrase but only use it on what I do want! Thanks, Jeannette! Another fabulous, eye-opening post … I KNEW it would be! ;o)

  • >