How To Know It Real

It’s a fabulous start in conscious creation to want something.

In fact, many times just wanting it allows it to pop into our experience (when we’re free of attachment or other contrary vibrations).

But for those things we really want – the things that seem like a big deal – often it’s the wanting that keeps us from having. Because those are different vibrations. (Wanting tells Universe it’s not here – we’re still “wanting” it.)

Indeed, there’s a range of vibrational signals we can engage when it comes to how we feel about our desire: needing, wanting, hoping, believing, expecting, knowing …

You likely know this from experience already – that knowing it is the strongest precursor to having it that we could activate.

Once you know something to be true, you are irresistible to Universe. It has to make it so. Anything less than ‘knowing’ gives the system wiggle room to hold out on you.

But once you know it, it’s a done deal. Universe can’t resist you. It’s too powerful an instruction.

Like the way I knew the renters hadn’t paid me yet. I knew it so well that I couldn’t see the money that had been there for two weeks.

As soon as I stopped knowing it, and started wondering it (after they insisted multiple times it was paid), I could see the money that had been there all along. As long as I knew otherwise, I couldn’t have it otherwise.

It’s also like the way I knew my ex to be a jerk. How could he be anything other than that for me when I knew it so well?

But I have learned to know helpful things

Like knowing I get clients. No matter what, I have clients. And also that I get paid. That’s one thing I know for sure. And that my work makes a difference. (All of which I practiced knowing on purpose.)

I also know that cats are scrappy. I know that my body knows what to do, and she’s doing a great job of it.

I’m pretty dialed in on knowing that I’m always okay. (I wondered briefly earlier this year, but usually that knowledge is nailed nicely in place.)

My point being that I learned how to know some helpful things. Those weren’t things that anyone else taught me. That knowledge came self-taught. And you can do the same …

You can know what you want.

I don’t mean that the way it might read. I don’t mean that it’s possible to get clear on your desire.

I mean it in the biblical sense. (Sort of.) You can know what you want. You can be so familiar with your desire, you can know it so well, so strongly, that it has to be.

Our opportunity as conscious creators is to know what we want so solidly that it’s required to manifest.

That’s one reason I’m such a fan of Neville Goddard’s work. His advice to “assume the wish fulfilled” is to be the person who already got what she/he wanted.

Yes, it all starts with wanting. (Well, it starts with “don’t-wanting,” but after that we switch to what we do want.) And sometimes that’s enough!

But for those occasions it isn’t manifesting just because we activated a little desire on the subject, that’s our cue to step up our vibration. For example, hoping is a good vibration. Abe says even just hoping will eventually “suck you into the vortex.”

If we doubt, though, or need, we’re going in an unhelpful vibrational direction.

It works exceptionally well when you take it to believing, and expecting, and ultimately knowing.

Your desire will likely manifest (or show progress) before you even embrace full knowledge of its existence in your life … but if you get to knowing before Universe has made it so, you can be sure that thing is on the docket for tomorrow. You can count on it. (But you wouldn’t count on it, because you already know it, right? You already logged it as a done deal.)

That’s how powerful it is to know something.

So how do we get to that vibrational state?

Practice, my friend. You know this.

  • You can practice placing yourself in the timeline where it’s already so.
  • You can practice seeing it happen in your mind’s eye.
  • You can practice the words that go with it.
  • You can practice the feeling of it.
  • You can be the person who already has it.
  • You can conduct yourself like this is something you know so certainly is coming that you’re preparing your life for its arrival.

You don’t wonder, you don’t doubt, you don’t even hope. You KNOW it.

That is a very sweet spot.

At least, it is when we’re knowing what we want, rather than knowing what we don’t want. (Which I’ve done plenty of.)

What’s the last thing you trained yourself into knowing? Like purposely knowing there was still time. Knowing there was a good reason. Knowing it was all going to work out.

I’d love for others to hear how you’re practicing “knowing things into reality” …

  • August 28, 2018
  • Danielle says:

    Love this blog post Jeannette! I know I will be retired with money coming out my ears before next Mother’s Day. I’m seeing myself riding with my girlfriend, after a fabulous champagne toast, on Mother’s Day week, ahhhhh!

  • kaybroger says:

    This is absolutely wonderful Jeanette. Really loved the fact that we have to live as though it already happened

  • Great post, thanks Jeanette! 🙂

    I know I’m feeling better and better every day. l know my man loves me. I know my dreams are coming true with ease and joy.

  • Ami says:

    At the beginning of July I decided that I was going to have my own bakery. You see I have been using my kitchen and I have outgrown the space . I decided I need my own space. I bake for the local farmer’s market. I was listening to my husband one day..he said I should get a prefab shed and make it into a bakery. I don’t think he thought I was listening..but I was! I decided tbat was a perfect solution! I ha e been visualizing and scripting daily. I also write a,gratitude journal almost daily. I looked into it and told my husband my plans on a Friday and He was on board with me by the following Monday! Woo Hoo! We had a tree taken down and then a pad was the next step..The pad is neing put in next week! Then I will be ordering the shed after that! My time line to have it complete is the end of next June! It’s in progress..and happened much faster than I ever expected! I will say rhat I have been allowing really well because I am not needing it..just want it! I have been drawing puctures of it, talking to close friends about present tense..and it’s all coming together! So happy!

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