The Language of Success

Speak the Language of SuccessOne of the best ways to create alignment to what we want is to speak it into being.

Or even better, speak it as if we already are it.

But if we don’t know the language of what it is to live our desire, that puts us at a disadvantage.

Let’s remedy that by learning the language of our success

What does your manifested desire sound like?  Do you know the words or phrases of it?

I’m talking about tapping into the inside lingo that those who are living it already use.  Those of us on the outside wanting in sound just like that – outsiders wanting in.

Let’s get on the inside of our dream by learning to speak its language.

For example …

Someone who is manifesting a move to Hawaii could enhance their alignment by speaking like a local resident.  They really do call it the “mainland” and they don’t say flip flops – they call them “slippahs.”  (Thanks to Linda for clueing me in there.)

Or if you were manifesting becoming a published author, you would be wise to know the process sounds something like this:

Agents ‘shop’ your manuscript.  It’s an mss or ‘manuscript’ until it’s sold.

In the U.S. they don’t shop to publishers but to ‘editors’ which is short for acquisitions editor (someone who ‘acquires’ for a ‘house’ (the publishing house). Are they acquiring your genre right now?
So a savvy author might say, “My agent knows just where to shop my new mss! She’s already pitched the idea to the editor and boy oh boy, wait till you hear what house they are from!  (A big one!)  At first I was worried the count was too high, but they have just revised their guidelines – upping the word-count to 100k! Woo hoo! I’m a perfect fit for them!

(Thanks to Kim Falconer for the inside look into that world!)

If you’re creating a world class speaking career, you would want to know your way around industry skills like inflections, pitch, and pace.  You’d be familiar with the business end like press kits, one sheets, demo DVDs, bookings, A/V equipment, fee schedules and such.

CEOs and investment bankers have their own language, as do professional athletes and happily married couples. Here’s what things might sound like at the beginning of the day for an actor:

“We’re ready for you in hair and makeup. Can we get a rehearsal? Your wardrobe is ready.”

Do you know the lingo of the wealthy?  That would be a helpful thing to know if you were attracting financial freedom and abundance.

When you speak the language of your desired success, that enhanced alignment cues your desire to manifest in 3D reality now.

If you’re in the know about some inside lingo, please share tips with us here.  I’m talking to those of you who successfully sell your art, who are thriving in your bodies, or traveling the globe at will, etc.  What’s the language you use that the rest of us don’t know?

However you tune in to it, have fun learning your language of success!  🙂

  • January 21, 2014
  • Sebastian says:

    I got this already, this is done. This is an affirmation I constantly tell myself to get into this state.

  • Amanda says:

    wonderful post! i took a job recently overseeing the installation of cabinets/radiators/etc. as well as reorganizing the home of a woman i’d met – and could see almost immediately that i’d taken on this job so i could learn what that life entailed. a housekeeper 3 days a week who also does marketing and runs errands/ and a personal assistant who keeps schedules/wraps gifts/etc. – and now me. but the most important thing, of course, is the ease with which this woman lives her life under the assumption that everything will be done well by people she likes and trusts. this is a great experience being exposed to a vibe that doesn’t include doubt or second-guessing.

  • Cassie says:

    Oh Jeannette I love this one big time! I’ve been playing with this. A few days ago we were talking about a Tesla ($90,000 car). Someone connected to my circle of friends has one. Since she has one she got invited to test drive the new Lamborghini. As we were having the conversation I was thinking to myself, this is exactly the kind of information “rolling in the dough biz girl” would know. I’m so glad I have this information. Yesterday, I pulled up behind a Tesla. Oh yeah! I knew I was behind a $90,000 car. Seems like the lingo of the wealthy 🙂

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