Laptop Mojo

laptopLast Christmas Russ gave me a new laptop that inspired me to switch to wireless internet.  In the eight months since then it’s been proven time and again that my laptop web connection vibe sucks, while Russ’ is quite reliable.

He can sit anywhere in the house with the laptop and get at least a decent connection, and usually a speedy one. 
I, on the other hand, am thrilled to get just a decent connection – which doesn’t happen often.  (Maybe a dozen times since purchase if I were generous with my recollection.)
One day I asked the Comcast tech guy about it.  He did some fiddling and found that the connection was great no matter where we went in the house to test it.  We sat on the couch together; visited the back porch together; lounged at the kitchen counter with it. 
I thought maybe his expert tweaking would now reverse my fortune.  Finally, I had a reason to believe and thus my laptop mojo would change!
But it only lasted a couple days.
Yesterday Russ was learning to edit videos for me, and visited YouTube in the process.  Ten minutes later I sat down at the same table, excited to post some new videos online, and couldn’t get a connection.  I couldn’t even get to Twitter to tweet my frustration about it.
“What the @$%?!,” I asked.
“Must be your vibe,” he said nonchalantly.
The good news is this: Russ now has a new laptop (gifted back to him since I associate it with deep frustration) and I cannot tell you how rewarding it was to hear him acknowledge the role energy plays in the results we get in life.
There is that satisfaction, at least.
One of these days when I’m ready to release whatever payoff this disconnection is offering me, I intend to write a follow-up post about how I changed my story and now have great connection with Russ’ laptop everywhere in the house. 
But that’ll be another day.
In the meantime, I’m wondering about what evidence you all might have of contrary vibes at work in the same household?  Would love to hear them if you care to share.

  • September 6, 2009
  • faada324 says:

    I thought I’d just help people who are trying to stop ageing
    there is a book called “the monk who sold his ferrari” about people who are living on earth currently over 200 years old in perfect health, every cell in your body will change every 6 months, Your beliefs create your personal reality, If you try to do anything with the intent to prove anything it wont work, stop ageing with the intent to prove someone that Law of attraction works then it wont work, to explain this would take too long if u want an expanation leave a reply

  • sue says:

    I love Dana’s intentions! Let’s face it, where always going to be surrounded by others and their beliefs ( a belief is just a thought you keep thinking -Abraham ) so it really doesn’t HAVE to effect us, unless we choose to let it.
    Can you imagine how huge an effect it will have on him as you continue to beat this fabulous new drum and all this awesomeness shows up all around you? We can only speak from our own experiences and I’m lovin speaking about mine, cause it’s getting better and better every day. We really can find something good about anything, and if we can’t someone near and dear to us can help.
    Life is spectacular………now there’s a belief!

  • Pure Potential says:

    hmmm…lately I find that if I intend something for a specific time frame, everything works well until the time is complete and voila, things don’t work well….my new timer so that I don’t spend 4 hours working on Sunday when I intend to work for 1.5 hours. Yesterday, the highlighter ran out of color after 55 minutes of editing. Must have set the ‘clock’ for a 5 minute warning!

  • Dana - Your Inspried Coach says:

    Oooooh, Diane! I just had this contrary vibe experience this weekend with my sweetie. I have set an intention to turn around my money vibe, and to be a debt-free millionaire. My intention clear away all of my gremlins, the beliefs I learned from my external teachers my entire life, and to educate myself and tap into my connection with divine wisdom so that I can decide, once and for all, my money beliefs and vibe and behave accordingly. I am beating a new drum and I am telling a new story.
    Along comes sweetie, the one who is usually the “we have plenty” guy. He likes to watch 20/20, Nightline, 60 minutes type shows. One of them was on and it was a story on how our grandparents didn’t live on credit and how they were poor and did without and we just need to learn to do without and toughen up. (I got up and left the room at that point…)
    So we sat down to dinner and what evolved from the course of the conversation was a comment from him that went something like, “Well, I would want to pay off all the debt but then keep it secret that it’s paid off, because there are people out there who would take advantage of the fact that you have no debt.”
    Hmmm…I had to question that further, because I recognized my own “former” vibe there. “What people? How would they take advantage?”
    “Well, for example, an employer wants to know you HAVE to come to work every week. If they know you work and you don’t really NEED the money, they can use that to their advantage and not give you raises or promotions or opportunities so that they can get you under their control. If you get ahead, you have to keep it from people so they don’t know you’re ahead of the game.”
    I’ll have to see how people respond to your Q&A topic when Jeannette posts it so I can decide how best to handle the mirroring of my former vibe back to me and how to keep flowing my new vibe and telling my new story in the face of that kind of challenge.
    Jeannette, this is a funny topic. I bet eHarmony does have a dimension in the 29 that has to do with VIBE, now do they?

  • Dana - Your Inspried Coach says:

    Without having read the contributions yet, I have to say…get an Apple Airport Extreme wireless device. I have had perfect connection every time on a PC. 🙂 Now I’ll go back and read what all the cool people have to say.

  • Tshombe says:

    Iyabo! What an inspired and inspiring post!
    I think you should send out that post in your next eNewsletter and/or Blog post.
    I’m going to have to read that again and again and really absorb it.
    You were channelling YOU, my friend.

  • Tshombe says:

    Jeanette, what a great post! I also initially felt as Kim articulated, that you didn’t really want the laptop.
    In fact, there seemed to be a sense of relief when you said “The good news is this: Russ now has a new laptop” and later you mentioned the future possibility of having “a great connection with Russ’ laptop.”
    I wonder if you ever perceived the laptop as yours and not Russ’?
    I also noticed your PS, giving Russ the credit for YOUR amazing manifestation!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    This would be a water dragon! They range from one to three feet long and are drawn to cat crackers and mirrors. 🙂

  • Debbie Lattuga says:

    I wouldn’t say we have contradictory vibes, but we are at different levels of LOA vibes. And for the longest time, I saw it as my ‘job’ to educate him.
    Of course, he was always very resistant. Then I was listening to Joe Vitale’s Secret Beyond the Secret and he was talking about taking full responsibility for your life. He explained that the LOA was always working, and whatever we experienced was the result of what we created.
    So, if I want to ‘fix’ my hubby, I have to do it inside me, not outside me.
    We had our first great conversation about LOA after that realization.

  • Oh, we have the contradictory computer vibes going on at our house, too 🙂 Our computer runs much faster and smoother for me than it does for my dh. I LOVE working on the computer, and he would love to be able to have nothing to do with the computer – he only uses it b/c he absolutely needs to for his work.
    It really is amazing to see how differently the same computer performs for 2 different people, LOL!

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    Wow Janette, relate to this, Des will say to me when I am cursing my computer etc-What would Michael- (mentor say now) don’t you just love them/
    Re mac- suggest you go to the free Mac classes and a friend of mine says one on one is so great. You have an Apple store in Salt Lake I think.
    The other thing I do is use Doreen Virtue method- walk away from it and call on Archangel Michael- amazing how the vibe changes
    I do love= “must be your vibes”

  • Toni says:

    Jeannette, I’m laughing out loud too, because my otherwise seemingly down-to-earth hubby keeps reminding me of MY vibes. Now, he’s never said he doesn’t believe in LOA, but he also hasn’t admitted to practicing it. Instead he kindly reminds me that I’m creating each and every funky little vibe going on. And to get my act together 🙂
    Great guy, your Russ. I love your stories of how you influence each other! 🙂

  • Kate says:

    This post made me laugh so hard as I SO have evidence of contrary household vibes playing out…. ahem, I live with my parents right now!
    For one my father has the funniest pet peeves. Things like, leaving caps off of things, or leaving things on the banisters. Well, as fate would have it these are things we all do in my family often. (Go dad for workin’ out the karma this go round! LOL) When we ask him why he has these peeves he says, “because things always get knocked over and I’m the one who always has to clean them up!” My response: “Poor you!” Nice story dad. Might wanna think about letting this one go!

  • Amy says:

    After following this blog, hearing Russ say “must be your vibe” was so awesome! I had a good laugh over that one! Good for him! And you!

  • Amy says:

    OK, here’s one. At my storefront, where I’ve been in business for two years, I have only been able to get two radio channels. Oldies, and the Spanish music channel. So, Oldies it is, all day, every day unless I have an Abe CD or something on. Often I find myself lamenting this fact to a customer, anyone who will listen. It’s not that I hate Oldies, but sheesh, I’d like some variety I tell folks.
    A month ago I started having a 16 year old daughter of a friend of mine come in on Saturday afternoons to help me out. Last Saturday, an hour or so after telling her my Oldies problem, the station just went to static. Hmm, I said, turning the tuner dial. Then, crystal clear, another station comes in, sort of soft pop music 80’s and newer. “Oh”, she says, “I love this station!” with that sweet, bubbly, young girl vibe of hers.
    So, there it was, all afternoon we had a new radio station. Which, I have not gotten back since.
    I, too, need to let this one go, and someday will.

  • That hit home, Kim. I spend enough time on the computer as it is – having a convenience that I know would lead to even more time on it is probably not in alignment with my deepest desires. lol
    PS – what are water dragons? They must be cool to have a name like that.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this post and these comments Diane and Iyabo! Definitely some channeling going on there! 🙂
    Jeannette, my first thought was, you didn’t want the laptop. Or maybe not THAT laptop or perhaps you didn’t want the thing that would change when you had online access. For me, I like writing and working in my study–the rest of my home is for other things, music, food, company, meditation, conversation, dance, reading, sleep. I don’t want to spread my muse/work all over the house. I like keeping it to my study. . .
    As for shared home vibes, I don’t live with any other humans. I share my space with felines and crows, water dragons and a zillion trees, flowers and shrubs. Think ‘Disney film’. I’m often smiled at, but rarely contradicted!
    x Kim

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    I absolutely love Russ!
    He is an amazing dude!
    Russ, you are my hero.
    Now, what did I just do?
    Well, I am the Jeanette in my household and Femi, my sweetie, is not quite as non-LOAish as Russ is but he knows the theory of LOA and then tries to tell me how I am not applying it and he is Mr. OCD and paranoia about everything!
    So, this is hilarious to me as I get to watch Russ step up to the plate!
    However, back to the post.
    Our hearts have electromagnetic energy! Do you not think that affects things?????? We do not like something or we anticipate a bad experience with something, our electromagnetic frequency changes and affects all things wireless among other things.
    What about schizophrenics that sometimes hear radio broadcasts in their head or TV broadcasts?
    Jeanette, how can you get in sync with technology and wifi and all that good stuff? You know this stuff backwards and forwards! Your electricity is fitzing out the wifi!
    This is what I know happens with couples: We say opposites attract but we are opposites of our partners but of the same coin. Relationships help us not get into extremes. So I am messy and he is Mr. Organized. So my mess annoys him and disorients him and his organization makes me feel claustrophobic and controlled.
    We are on the same coin of trying to control the inside with how we are relating to the outside with mess or with organization.
    Yet when I speak to him about it, his last intention is to control me. So I start to see that his organization is an expression of his soul, of his core. Then I feel soft hearted towards him and then I smile.
    I realize that him being organized in my space is him being comfortable and loving and wanting to share that part of his life with me. So life is good and I am happy and when I allow my space to get particularly messy and decide to channel his organization, I am actually truly making love to him. So I clean up and he is happy and he does not even know what I did that contributed to his happiness.
    So back to Russ.
    Make love to Russ, Jeanette by channeling Russ’s wifi vibe. Be Russ, the Wifi King of the planet and settle down with your amazing MAC and watch your own wifi vibe develop.
    So, here are my words of wisdom to the Good Vibe Community:
    If you want it and it feels far way, make love to it in your emotions and your mind and your heart and your whole body and channel it and you become it.
    Jeanette, I have never seen such an affirmation of Russ’s love for you as him saying, ever so nonchalantly, “It must be your vibe.”
    Do you realize what happened there? You are so inside of him, he is reflecting back to you what you have been to him all along.
    O boy, I just read over this and I am wondering what possessed me. I wonder who I am channeling now!
    Sweet, sweet love!

  • You are definitely lit up, my friend! What else are you doing with all this insight and energy? Can’t wait to find out!

  • Jeannette says:

    Thank you, Diane, for our next Q&A post! Great question for us to have fun with (and I’m sure many of us have experience with that, too)!
    PS – guess who’s posting from her laptop?! ha – Russ is in the vicinity, so he still gets credit for this connection, but it’s progress!

  • Diane says:

    Contrary vibes. I am constantly putting out those positive energies, while my partner is a ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy. For instance, I will say, “We have plenty of money to cover our bills and do all the things we’d like to do.” He’ll say, “but we don’t” or “I hope we have enough to cover that.” I am getting tired of saying “deflect” all the time in my head after he has said something to contradict my intention. How to I deal with this??? He says he’s only being logical.

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