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Man, I love my job! Couple of cool stories from my favorite clients today (shared with permission):
Tim wants to attend a seminar that costs $12,000. He just bought his dream house, so coming up with $12k felt like an uncomfortable stretch. So he asked the Universe to pay for it.
Days later he finds out he’s the recipient of a management award at work, which comes along with a cash gift of $12,000. You know what this smart aleck emailed me? “Well, that’s PRE-TAX, so it’s not really the full amount.” Funny guy you are, Tim.

He’s signed up for his course as of tonight. (Yay!)

Also tonight an email from a client who’s been intending for two weeks now that she’d meet someone new. Sharon was very specific about what she wanted in this guy. She tends to be shy and reticent in meeting new people, so this was a big goal for her.

A girlfriend took her to a club last night, where she immediately spotted Him. She knew it was Him as soon as she laid eyes on Him. He was everything she’d put on her list, as far as looks and demeanor went. She decided to channel Angelina Jolie for some extra sexy in her vibe. And since she didn’t want to have to approach him (it was too far out of her comfort zone), she intended he’d approach her.

Which he did. (Don’t you love it when that happens?!)

Long story short, they had a great time getting to know each other that night, and he asked her to call so they could meet up again. The next morning she discovered she’d entered his number with only nine digits in her phone. AARGH!! (Don’t you hate it when that happens?!)

She intends she’ll come up with the missing digit. Doesn’t happen.

She decides to skip class that night and exercise her manifesting muscle instead. She takes a cab to where he mentioned he was staying, and intends she’ll see him coming out of his hotel for dinner. (Now that’s FAITH to the 10th degree!) Cab pulls up and guess who’s walking out of the hotel? Him. Absolute perfect timing! He’s happy to see her, she gets his number, and she has a great little manifesting story to tell her coach.

I love it when that happens. : )

Fun side note: someone today told her she LOOKED like Angelina Jolie. (I’d love it if that ever happened.)

  • May 17, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Okay, Vanessa, I just read your comment on another post, and I’ve got an idea for you. It sounds like you might have a story going about how you aren’t able to manifest big things.

    That in itself is a manifestation. Right?

    “I can’t manifest anything but small stuff.”

    Universe hears that and answers accordingly. Can you hear the Universal Manager shouting to all the unlimited resources: “Don’t give Vanessa anything big! She only manifests small stuff!”

    You could maybe do with a new story, huh?

    I hear your gremlins kicking in on that one. “But, …” “You don’t understand …” etc.

    Try it out. Just for kicks. See what happens.

    Maybe a medium size something, just so those gremlins don’t sabotage you. What do you think?

  • Vanessa says:

    Wow! these little stories are such a great reminder that the LOA really does work (something I sometimes quetsion when I haven’t been able to manifest!)


  • Sonora. says:

    I love these! Thanks for sharing the good stuff, Jeannette!



  • Jeffri says:

    Very Cool! Very Inspiring!

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