Law of Attraction: A Complete System

Law of Attraction: A Complete SystemYesterday my facebook husband forwarded an article explaining why law of attraction isn’t enough to make the differences we want.

The author wrote that there are three schools of thought about creating success (mindset, action, and tools/techniques) and that most teachers focus only on one but we actually need all three to succeed.

He’s not the first one to say that LOA isn’t enough … that anyone who relies on the power of their thoughts to get what they want is sure to be disappointed.

I’ve also heard others say it’s all well and good to entertain positive thoughts, but you better get off your butt to make something happen or you’ll just be “wishing” forever.

(You may know an LOA guru or two who preaches the same thing – keep taking action, no matter what.)

And there are others who argue that even with LOA engaged, there are certain tools or techniques required to succeed.

(Perhaps you’ve heard an LOA teacher espouse a certain marketing strategy for growing your business or a particular diet to get healthy.)

Which just means it isn’t only muggles arguing that action and tools are required elements of the success formula.

Here’s what they don’t understand …

LOA is a complete system in itself.

It’s all we need to pay attention to. We don’t have to marry it up with anything else. It’s got everything we need in it.

We don’t have to try to fill in any gaps or close any loops. It knows what it’s doing!

I like how Bashar says it:

All you have to do is follow your highest excitement. Act on your joy to the best of your ability and when you can take no further action on that thing, then look around for the next exciting thing you have the greatest ability to take action on and do it.

Excitement is its own self contained kit and its own driving engine.

When you act on your excitement to the best of your ability every moment, you begin to experience synchronistically that the exciting thing you’re doing actually contains all of the things you need to consider. What it doesn’t contain you don’t need to consider.

It’s a self contained kit that always perpetuates more of the same and brings with it the things that are important for you to look at.

The reason that’s so is because when we get aligned to what we want (joy = alignment) the rest takes care of itself …

… the path will be revealed, like a red carpet rolling out before us (Abraham calls it the “downstream journey”). And all we have to do is take the next inspired step on our path. The right tools & resources reveal themselves; the ideal circumstances converge; the perfect players show up, and synchronicities rule the day.

It all works out once we get aligned and are vibrating what we want.

Here’s an example of how it works in the real world:

Once upon a time when I was still in the corporate work world, I was informed by management that if we salespeople didn’t turn our numbers around asap, we would all be out of jobs. (Our department was not rocking it, at that point.)

After that come-to-Jesus meeting, I decided to give up management’s method of trying to make this gig work (which was cold calling for prospects, giving formal presentations, etc.) and instead use my own style of magic.

I got out a new journal – a little notebook, actually. It was just two inches by three inches, with maybe 25 pages in it.

And on the first page I wrote about what I wanted as if it had already happened.

(This was the method I used to get aligned, aka pray rain journaling.)

I wrote: “Isn’t it great how prospects find me. How excited they are to hear about my product. What a great fit we are, and what great rapport we have. And how they can’t wait for me to implement it.”

After that alignment session (which just took a few minutes to write), I asked myself what sounded good next.

The answer was lunch!

I left the building for my favorite restaurant across the street, and had a delicious leisurely meal. Kicked my feet up on an extra chair at my outside table, and fed leftover pita bread to the sparrows. (This was my idea of a good time, and was a big switch from the hurried snacks I’d snarfed down in between prospecting calls at my cubicle.)

After about an hour and a half of goofing off at lunch, I asked myself, “Okay, what sounds good next?”

The answer surprised me – “go back to work.” But I did as inspired.

In the elevator, I meet a guy who asks what I do. I tell him I sell small business 401k plans.

He asks me to follow him to his office. I do.

He shows me his desk, covered with sales literature from 401k vendors.

“I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of this in weeks. Can you help me?”

Hell, yes, I can help him! I explain the ins and outs of all my competitors, everything he needs to know about everyone. We have a lovely conversation. (I really do like talking about 401k plans when I get a chance to.)

After about 15 minutes he stands up and walks me down the hall to introduce me to his HR Director. He informs this person that I am going to be implementing their 401k plan, so she should sign whatever I need her to sign.

He turns to me and asks, “How soon can you have that to us?”

And that was it. Virtually to a T it was what I’d just journaled about two hours prior, which at the time seemed like pure fantasy.

We’d been taught in training that in the best case scenario it’s a six week process to identify a prospect, set up a meeting, prepare a presentation, field objections, present a contract for consideration, etc. It just happened for me in a matter of minutes.

That’s the power of alignment.

And it didn’t require that I study closing techniques, or have slick power point slides. It didn’t require me to hustle and bustle my way through the day. In fact, I’d been doing that all along and gotten nowhere with it.

I’ve got a bunch of stories just like this one …

  • how I filled my coaching practice with perfect clients in three months
  • how I became a master certified coach
  • how I made enough passive income to fund my lifestyle
  • how I manifested $1000 in ten days just for fun
  • how I launched a summer of fun on my first online dating foray
  • how I manifested one of the ones after I decided I was in the mood for a keeper
  • how I got my foster dogs adopted after first learning the power of LOA …

Law of attraction is a complete system in itself.

Yes, I did things that I enjoyed (i.e. took inspired action). Yes, I likely engaged a few tools (like a website) along the way (when it was part of my inspiration).

But LOA isn’t something you have to combine with another method or strategy in order to create the success you want.

It includes everything that’s needed in order for you to get what you want.

Because once you get aligned, the rest takes care of itself.

So the next time you hear a guru who thinks they know what action you should take or tool you should use to get what you want, remember how the system works. The only tool or action required is the one of alignment. And only you know the best path to what you want, which is revealed once you get aligned (i.e. happy).

At least, that’s how I see it. We each get to play it however we prefer. 🙂

  • March 28, 2015
  • Akisha says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article! I am definitely going to do my best to get in alignment!

  • Thought says:

    i agree first off. i think that learning anything is a little more complicated than acting as a robot and implementing the new techniques. first you learn, then you understand and then you become, you change. i know the law of attraction works but id depends how you apply it.if you ‘feel it in your bones ‘ kind of thing then it works, if you just force yourself to the idea, but don’t embrace it, don’t become it, then it wont.i think part of it is being true to yourself, if you really believe something that is exciting, well you are going to feel different, act different and then action is natural, easy, you don’t even have to think about it because it is part of you. if you just bluntly tell yourself things are going to be better but it is a chore, then guess what. it’s not going to work.

  • Jeannette says:

    Evan, I’m basking in this abundance of praise you’re sending my way!
    Thanks for the encouragement that this work is hitting the mark. That means the world to hear – especially coming from you.
    And Cristina, it’s easy for me to forget when telling the stories that doing what feels good is an essential part of the formula. Even my first LOA project – scripting for my foster dog to get adopted – I often leave out the “feel good” action of retreating to bed for four days after a mini nervous breakdown in the backyard.
    But just like Barbara said, following that inner guidance – whether we call it “highest excitement” or higher self or intuition or whatever – it’s an important part of the process. Thanks for emphasizing that with your comment here.
    And thanks again, Evan, for your kind words. I’m still basking!! 🙂

  • Cristina says:

    Jeannette, this was such a helpful read (as always) – thanks so much for sharing your story! I read your pray rain journal book and I must’ve completely glossed over that whole post-alignment session ask yourself what’s next and listen to your intuition part! That just gave me so much clarity. I think I understand now why some of my manifesting appears so “random” – because sometimes I’ll do an alignment session and then right after, just fall back into worries, stress, etc. instead of listening to my intuition and going with it.
    Thanks sooooooooo much again for your perfect timing! 😉

  • Jeannette!
    This post is an example of why I consider you to be essential reading for anyone interested in the Law of Attraction. Others here mentioned your conviction. Which powers everything you do.
    I also appreciate how you bring your real-world experiences to light in your discussions. You are one of us! You are living in this realm as we are. As much as I appreciate Abraham — and I’m sure Bashar once I get a chance to delve more in that direction — I find your insights triply powerful. Because you are here living them out in our reality.
    You are my LOA avatar — and I’m sure this is true for many. For your humor, your spirit, your lay-it-on-the-line openness.
    Thank you for bringing me back to alignment! After a series of near-miraculous successes in the past year I had stumbled off the aligned path in the recent week or two. What fun that the message that grounded me again came from you.
    With phenomenal appreciation for all that you do, you wild and wondrous spirit!

  • Jeannette says:

    Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing that you’ve found value here. That’s my big intention for everyone who reads!
    Barbara, I’m delighted to hear your commitment to following your excitement! I think that’s good for all of us whenever one of us lives it.

  • Barbara says:

    Thank you for the reminder of how simple it all really is. As I’ve gotten better on my manifesting skills, I’ve noticed how I’ve become much less tolerant of other peoples’ marketing, promotional or pitches on ways to achieve success. I personally follow my inspired action and it has taken me to fun, exciting places so far! So I’m sticking with Bashar’s advice of following my excitement! I love the conviction of this post and everyone else’s comments, especially Joshua’s. Thank you all. Hugs, Barbara

  • Anonymous says:

    LOA is a process of continuous learning. This blog has been very helpful in understanding LOA and where we fall short in using its/our power. Thank you Jeanette.

  • Jeannette says:

    I agree, Debra Jo! It’s a wonderful system we’re working with, isn’t it?!

  • Debra Jo Bright says:

    WONDERFUL words of wisdom from Jeannette and Joshua. Inspired action, more fun, super success! It doesn’t get better than this!

  • Jeannette says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Ava. Thanks for reading, and for commenting!
    Tamsyn, I wondered if I should have elaborated on that. lol Or I should have just hyperlinked to the post I wrote about it:

  • Tamsyn says:

    Hi Jeannette! Thank you for this (always!) timely reminder…I absolutely adore it. Forgive my naiveté, but what is a facebook husband? No, that was not my only take-away from your post! Lol
    Warm regards, Tamsyn

  • Ava says:

    Thank you all, Joshua and Brenda and Jeanette…. I love it all and agree totally, loved the input from Joshua as it clarified to me that feeling good is just so important, and to put your attention there, always. Blessings to you all! Ava

  • Jeannette says:

    Yay for you, James!
    And Brenda, I’m so glad you can remind yourself of past successes to quiet that gremlin voice that thinks we better buckle down and do it right this time. lol

  • Brenda says:

    I really loved reading Joshua’s response, too! Thank you for sharing, Gary! 🙂 Good stuff!

  • Brenda says:

    I agree totally! I, too, have proof that the system is 100% complete. And, actually, in every case, any and all ‘action’ taken was out of complete and innocent delight and seemingly unrelated to that which I was focused on manifesting, e.g. going to a party, buying perfume, taking an inspired unscheduled coffee break were three separate inspired actions that resulted in three awesome jobs. Based on my action steps toward securing those jobs (none of which involved networking or even a resume), a muggle (or, like you say, even some LOA folks) would have predicted I’d be waiting forever.
    Love, love, love this post, Jeannette! Because when I stretch myself into manifesting something bigger, gremlins often caution, “Yeah, but ‘this’ time you’d better…”
    Thank you for stating the truth with such conviction! I’m keeping this post handy. 😉

  • JamesWestbrookGamer says:

    This pretty much summarizes my prom! And i agree completely!

  • Jeannette says:

    Gary, I was highlighting my favorite parts of what Joshua shared, and found I was highlighting virtually the whole thing! Love this!!
    Would love to spotlight this wisdom, which was so well said:
    “You will feel the fun, the joy, the excitement, the love, the relief, and the engagement of passion. This is how you know when to act. Until you feel this inspiration, there is no need to act at all. Any action, without inspiration is done without the benefit of the intelligence of the universe and is therefore coming from a limited perspective.”
    And also how Joshua shared that alignment is just feeling good.
    Thank you so much for chiming in on this one – these words are so helpful!

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Hi Jeanette, This is Joshua’s response:
    The Law of Attraction is a complete system in the way the Law of Gravity is a complete system. You do not need to do anything with the Law of Gravity, it takes care of itself.
    You have nothing you need to do. In fact, action often offsets what is needed because, from your limited perspective, you cannot know exactly what to do and when to do it. Your limited perspective does not allow you to see the whole picture. So you take action that you think is important, but there is no way for you to know.
    The higher perspective allows for the input of infinite intelligence. This perspective is far more advanced than you can know. It is as if you were at the top of a mountain looking down at the villagers in the tiny little town far below. You could see what was going on. You could see the avalanche or the rainfall or the invaders coming from a distance. But those in the tiny little village cannot see beyond the hills and mountain tops. Your inner self can see these things and the view allows for the perspective of higher intelligence.
    Your personal signal is always what is inspirational. You will feel the fun, the joy, the excitement, the love, the relief, and the engagement of passion. This is how you know when to act. Until you feel this inspiration, there is no need to act at all. Any action, without inspiration is done without the benefit of the intelligence of the universe and is therefore coming from a limited perspective. It is like doing something you think is right without having all the information you need to make the proper decision.
    The key aspect here is alignment. What does that mean? It simply means feeling good. That’s all. When you feel good, when you’re happy, when you’re calm and relaxed, you’re in alignment. You’re perfectly aligned with what is wanted, with your inner self, and with universal forces. From this emotional state of being, you will be inspired to act when action is needed to bring about the physical manifestation of your desire.
    If you are not feeling good, if you are worried, fearful, insecure, apprehensive, you are not aligned with what you want and therefore inspiration from your inner self will likely go unnoticed. Therefore, alignment (or feeling good) is the key component of manifestation.
    We are Joshua

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